Daily Archive for September 5th, 2008

Stephen Rwangyezi Speaks

Stephen RwangyeziThe Ugandan cultural group Ndere recently completed a very successful tour to Trinidad and Tobago as part of this country’s Emancipation celebrations. The term ‘ndere’ means flute, and this name appropriately captures the richness of the Ndere experience. The troupe was founded by Stephen Rwangyezi in 1984 to promote and develop African culture and arts, rekindle African pride, and to organize, develop and enable the artistically talented but socially disadvantaged young people to better their lives and realize their ambitions. Theirs is a mission to rekindle the sense of self, pride and confidence among Ugandans which were shattered by colonialism that branded every African cultural practice as evil, primitive, shameful, and backward.

In this interview, Stephen Rwangyezi shares his perspectives on a range of issues, including African/Ugandan culture, the contribution of the African ethos to world civilization, the debilitating effects of Slavery and Colonialism, and his visit to Trinidad and Tobago.
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