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Our Historical Legacy

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
August 29, 2008

Barack ObamaLast night Barack Obama made history when he became the first African-American to be nominated to lead the Democratic Party for the presidency of the United States of America. On November 4, he will create history yet again by becoming the first black President of the United States.
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In Class with Hancock

By Biko Agozino
August 28, 2008

HancockI have just seen the box office hit movie, Hancock, with my two teenage sons and their 12 year old cousin. As usual, after seeing a movie with the kids, we engaged in debates about the representations and subtle messages in the movie. I asked the young men if they liked the film and they all agreed that it was a great film. I asked them what they liked about it and they said that Will Smith was the greatest superhero ever. Then they asked me if I liked the movie and I said no that I did not. Why not? They all asked in unison.
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Regional Integration

‘It’s a coalition of the willing’

By Andre Bagoo
Thursday, August 28 2008

PM Patrick ManningPRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday defended his moves to form a regional political union calling it “a coalition of the willing” and saying the current mechanisms of Caricom “are too slow” to achieve the urgent goal of regional integration.

In a move that will deepen concerns over the proposed political union between this country, Grenada, St Vincent and St Lucia and its relationship with Caricom, Manning told reporters that the existing mechanisms in Caricom would not allow economic integration to take place at the required pace given worldwide developments which threaten the future prosperity of the region.
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T&T Must Expedite Maritime Border With Grenada

By Stephen Kangal
August 27, 2008

Trinidad and TobagoT&T has a tradition in being tardy in establishing maritime boundaries with its neighbours until it was unilaterally hauled before a compulsory UN Arbitral Tribunal by Barbados, spent millions of pounds in the costly litigation and an unfair and punitive boundary was imposed on us. It took us seventeen years to conclude the 1990 Treaty with Venezuela and we have been in discussions on the subject with Barbados since 1989.
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Reject EPA as is

By George Alleyne
Wednesday, August 27 2008

TreatyThe Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) which is heavily slanted in favour of its drafters, the European Union (EU), and which the EU insists that the Caribbean agree to and sign by September 2, should be rejected and a completely new EPA drafted, which, genuinely, takes into account the social and economic interests of Caribbean nations.
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SACO’s Symphony Classics

SACO's Symphony Classics
SACO’s Symphony Classics in pictures

Caribbean athletes make us proud

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, August 24th 2008

Usain BoltTHE Beijing Olympics are coming to a close as I write on Friday morning. Having just savoured the world-record-breaking run of Team Jamaica (4 x 100M in 37.10 seconds) and seen the Trinidad and Tobago quartet win silver, I ask myself: what more can any ardent sports fan ask for? Oh, I felt for the Jamaican women’s relay team as the bane of baton-passing struck them out of sure-gold. I didn’t feel as hurt for the USA’s men’s and women’s teams that suffered a similar fate yesterday. I write that off to the braggadocio that has become the trademark of the Americans-until now.
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Usain Bolt wins the 100m and 200m Finals

August 16, 2008: Usain Bolt wins the 100m Final in Beijing and sets a new 9.69 world record

Lightning-fast Bolt wins Olympic 100m
Usain BoltBEIJING – Track and field needs a new hero. It got one Saturday night who can fly. In the most outrageous display of speed to ever burn across the Olympic Games, Usain Bolt of Jamaica rocketed to gold in winning the men’s 100m dash in 9.69 seconds — not only a new world record but the first time in the history of human beings a man has run the distance under 9.7 seconds without a significant tailwind.
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Raping the Patrimony of Central Trinidad

By Stephen Kangal
August 20, 2008

IndiansDharti Mata’s rich productive plains of Central Trinidad have suffered from yet another devastating blow to its hard earned agri- based patrimony. This follows upon the ill-advised and politically motivated cruel closure of the sugar industry of Caroni Ltd just when enviro-friendly sugar-cane -based ethanol emerged as the lucrative renewable fuel of the future.
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Rumors of War

By Michael De Gale
August 20, 2008

Young PeopleImmigration in the new global economy is a fact of life as wars, restlessness, employment and investment opportunities make it necessary for people to move. Attracted mainly by its new found wealth, T&T has become a particularly attractive destination for immigrants from across the globe. Evidence suggests that most of these immigrants are doing exceptionally well, establishing businesses and accessing supports from government and financial institutions that traditionally deny similar services to locals. As an immigrant myself, it is nice to feel welcome in your adopted home and be able to take advantage of the opportunities provided. What troubles me however, is that native born Trinbagonians on the lowest rung of the socio/economic ladder, continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel for opportunities while living in festering ghettos, not far removed from the days of slavery and indentureship.
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