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Adventure partially to hell and back through the Cumaca Forest

By Charlene De Gale
September 07, 2008

HikingEver hiked in drenching rain, knee high mud, with impending landslides looming overhead and crossing swelling rivers to the Cumaca Caves, literally hidden in the Cumaca Forest in Valencia, Trinidad? Not too long ago, maybe just last year, I went through it all and when I thought I’d never go back in that neck of the woods, on August 15th 2008, I was back! This time not to the caves but to do several compulsory visits to farmers whose estates go far beyond the distance of the caves!
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Obama, McCain avoid America’s core problems

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, September 7th 2008

Obama, McCainThe world is virtually under siege with problems, caused in the main by man’s misuse and abuse of Earth’s resources. Three hurricanes in the Caribbean at one time; flooding in parts India, the worst in 60 years; drought in Africa and Australia, the worst in living memory; and, of course, the two polar ice-caps melting faster than the proverbial sno-cone-in-the-sun. Global bee population is declining to frightening levels, raising questions about plant pollination, hence declining food supplies. Marine life, much of which, besides its ecological importance, serves as food for man, is disappearing in huge swathes of the oceans.
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