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May 24 is Decision Day

PM Patrick Manning and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar

PNM Patrick Manning vs UNC Kamla Persad-Bissessar

T&T goes to polls in 38 days
T&T will go to the polls to elect a new Government in 38 days, on Monday May 24, 2010.

May 24 is decision day for the electorate of Trinidad and Tobago

Election bell!
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning yesterday named May 24 as 2010 General Election day in what he has ensured is to be one of the snappiest of snap elections.
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Collapse of Cohesive PNM Mismanagement

By Stephen Kangal
April 13, 2010

PM Patrick ManningIt is patently clear that the cohesive, disciplined but inept and groping-in-the-dark Manning Administration had all but collapsed under the increasing weight of his arrogant and errant ways, the secretive, non-transparent vandalisation of the public purse, astronomical exorbitantly priced politicization of the Public Service, its collision course with Trinbagonians and a concatenation of unfavourable events.
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Hart back in T&T

Former executive chairman of Udecott, Calder Hart

Former executive chairman of Udecott, Calder Hart

Former UDeCOTT chairman flies in
Former UDeCOTT executive chairman Calder Hart was asked to return to Trinidad and Tobago by the State to answer questions related to his testimony during the Uff Commission of Enquiry.

Hart plays ‘peekaboo’ in Cascade with media
Former Urban Development Corporation of T&T (Udecott) executive chairman, Calder Hart, peeped out at members of the media through the sliding glass doors of his front porch at his Cascade home around 1 pm yesterday.

Calder Hart is ‘hanging tough’
FORMER executive chairman of the Urban Development Corporation (Udecott) Calder Hart has been described by Udecott’s former deputy chairman Dr Krishna Bahadoorsingh as “hanging tough” in the face of adversity.
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Manning’s election gambit

By Raffique Shah
April 11, 2010

PM Patrick ManningFIRST, let’s cut the bull over Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s reasons for calling a mid-term general election. The United National Congress (UNC) motion of no-confidence in the PM, which he cited as one reason, was doomed to fail-unless he feared his own members voting against him. There was no cause for concern or unpleasant surprises.
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PM: I feel vindicated

Prime Minister Patrick Manning

Prime Minister Patrick Manning

‘I feel vindicated’
PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning feels “vindicated” by, the findings of the report of the Uff Commission of Inquiry into Udecott and the construction industry.

PM: I did it for the Opposition
PARLIAMENT was dissolved to prevent politicians from taking advantage of their parliamentary privilege to slander the name of the Government, as is normally the case in the build-up to an election, Prime Minister Patrick Manning said on Thursday night.

PM dares Opposition: ‘My lawyers ready for you’
PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning warned Opposition UNC MPs that they will not be protected by parliamentary privilege when they go on a public platform and say things which they planned to say in the debate on the no-confidence motion in him which was scheduled to take place yesterday in the House of Representatives.
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Parliament dissolved: When is Election?

Parliament dissolved: Election date to be announced

Parliament dissolved: Election date to be announced

Manning takes T&T to the polls again
Did PM move to pre-empt no-confidence motion?

Midnight dissolution of Parliament clears way for General Election

So When’s Election
BUCKLING under mounting pressure against his administration, Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday advised President George Maxwell Richards to dissolve the ninth Parliament, one day before an Opposition motion of no-confidence was scheduled to be debated in Parliament.
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BREAKING NEWS: Parliament to be dissolved at midnight


Prime Minister Patrick Manning

Prime Minister Patrick Manning

Election date to be announced

The news release from the Office of the prime minister, issued today, states:

In accordance with Section 68 of the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the Honourable Patrick Manning, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago today advised His Excellency, President George Maxwell Richards to dissolve the Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with effect from midnight, Thursday, April 8, 2010.

His Excellency, President George Maxwell Richards has issued the relevant Proclamation.
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AG exposes deep Govt bias

AG John Jeremie

AG John Jeremie

AG exposes deep Govt bias
If, according to AG John Jeremie, Prime Minister Patrick Manning stands vindicated by the Uff Report for his pursuit of the $10 million discrepancy on the Cleaver Heights housing project, by the same logic the Prime Minister and his entire Cabinet must be criminally negligent in failing to prevent the pillage of hundreds of millions of dollars on several construction projects undertaken by Udecott. Sadly, the Attorney General’s statement in the Parliament on Tuesday in laying the Uff Report only illustrated the deep bias held by the Government in the matters probed in the Uff enquiry.
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Manning should step down

By George Alleyne
April 07, 2010 –

PM Patrick ManningTwo things are clear. Political Leader of the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM), Prime Minister Patrick Manning, must step down and the Opposition United National Congress (UNC) and the Congress of the People (COP) are still light years away from any meaningful approach to political unity.
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UDeCOTT board fired

UDeCOTT board fired

UDeCOTT board fired

Udecott board fired
The Government is giving itself two weeks to reconstitute the board of directors of State-owned Urban Development Corporation of T&T (Udecott). Well-placed sources made this revelation last night, after the Government sacked the four remaining members of the old Calder Hart-led board.

AG to UDeCOTT board: You’re fired
In a statement to the Senate yesterday, Attorney General John Jeremie announced that there would be a ‘reconstituted’ UDeCOTT board-save for its recently appointed chairman Jearlean John- and thanked the outgoing members for their services.
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