Hart back in T&T

Former executive chairman of Udecott, Calder Hart
Former executive chairman of Udecott, Calder Hart
Former UDeCOTT chairman flies in
Former UDeCOTT executive chairman Calder Hart was asked to return to Trinidad and Tobago by the State to answer questions related to his testimony during the Uff Commission of Enquiry.

Hart plays ‘peekaboo’ in Cascade with media
Former Urban Development Corporation of T&T (Udecott) executive chairman, Calder Hart, peeped out at members of the media through the sliding glass doors of his front porch at his Cascade home around 1 pm yesterday.

Calder Hart is ‘hanging tough’
FORMER executive chairman of the Urban Development Corporation (Udecott) Calder Hart has been described by Udecott’s former deputy chairman Dr Krishna Bahadoorsingh as “hanging tough” in the face of adversity.


April 11, 2010

Hart back in T&T
Former executive chairman of the Urban Development Corporation of T&T (Udecott) John Calder Hart is back. Thirty five days after Hart resigned and fled the country, he quietly returned on American Airlines flight 1819 around 9.40 pm last night. He was in the company of fired Udecott chairman, Krishna Bahadoorsingh.

Psychic: He’ll make public appearance this week
Psychic Winston Ragoo last night said Hart will make a public appearance this week as the PNM kicks off its campaign.

Manning met Sunway four times
PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning met four times at his office with officials representing the Malaysian firm Sunway Construction Bhd, the company to which the award of a $368 million contract by Udecott has been linked to former Udecott executive chairman Calder Hart in an ongoing police investigation.

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  1. Cops still to talk with Hart

    Cops ready for Hart
    POLICE have contacted former Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) executive chairman Calder Hart to organise a meeting where they intend to question him about his testimony in the John Uff Commission of Enquiry, high-ranking police sources said yesterday.

    Cops make no contact with Hart

    Mr Hart must be made to account
    The return of Calder Hart to Trinidad after a period of respite in Florida that lasted more than a month provides the relevant agencies with an opportunity to question him on his stewardship of the Urban Development Corporation (Udecott).

  2. Step one. Hold his passports as a material witness.
    6Provide a $25,000 reward for anyone providing information on his attemts to subvert the government of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
    7. After trial, if he is found to hav e corruptly influenced any business dealings, and biding processes or having onspired with others to do so, strip him of his TnT citizenship and let him leave with the clothes on his back, knowin full well that his illgotten gains are stashed somewhere else.
    8.Use Interpol to help track his stolen millions.

  3. According to Newsday calling an election now allows the PM and the AG to do nothing.
    “There is an ongoing pretence that because the Uff Report has been sent to the DPP and the Acting Commissioner of Police, the issue has ended. However, there seems to be a slacking-off on the part of the police with regard to their investigations into Hart and Udecott. Having searched the offices of Udecott, Sunway, and others, all seems quiet now. Apparently the police needed to search Hart’s home, but according to the AG “did not need to talk to him.”
    Ms Edwards’ bold plan as stated above is logical but wishful thinking,since the calling of an election now freezes the entire affair. Why do you think Hart returned to Trinidad?

  4. A successful smokescreen?
    Among the questions as to why Prime Minister Patrick Manning chose to dissolve Parliament and call an election was the Uff factor. It was clear that the Uff Report would disgrace Manning and the PNM if it was debated in Parliament. And, because it would have featured heavily in the Opposition’s No Confidence Motion against Manning, many believed that some sitting PNM Members may even have supported the motion.

    While that may have been wishful thinking, there is no doubt that Manning and the PNM would have had to respond to findings of the Uff Report, and indeed to the questions of a rampant opposition. And Manning himself acknowledged this, when he said that the Opposition were out to “slander him” in the debate. So he sought the “protection” of having the vote of no confidence debated in public meetings, where his “battery of lawyers” would be waiting to issue what the legal fraternity call “muzzling writs.”

  5. Very laudable suggestions Ms. L, and ones that I am in total agreement with. The biggest impediment to development in most countries in the Global South ,is that of corruption, whether committed by foreigners ,or greedy , country loathing locals working in collusion with such social miscreants. I agree ,lock him up and throw away the key if we can. If it means that half the country’s political and business leaders are brought down with him so much the better- pardon me as I rest down my eight beer while writing this response.
    Won’t it be ironic as to what might become the eventual outcome of this affair,looking at past trends? Remember ‘dem’ mighty, anachronistic ,London Law Lords, that our country haters adore so much , because they stupidly believe that these conniving Europeans ,are way smarter , honest, and competent, than any our able bodied well paid -with T&T fast depleting oil and gas dollars -Caribbean Judges?
    Suppose they decide to throw a bone of judicial relief to one of their beloved Canadian Industrial North cousins, wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on the wall to see the looks on the faces of these selective outraged phonies, when such a judgement is made? Yes the same folks who were ecstatic that our honest Chief Justice got a pass for his misdeeds , and Panday got his temporary reprieve , and possible future pass if legal brief of his British trained daughter is convincing enough for his defense , and Abu Bakr got heavens knows what.I can see where granted a chance , some might attempt to drown each of these austere senior legal fellows off the Thames river for such travesty of justice , agreed?
    Sometimes I get so disgusted with this crazy , underachieving country, that I often wonder if I can still sell my useless citizenship to any of our more desperate Guyanese South American cousins , still fleeing their country so as to learn spanish in cosmopolitan Trinidad ,or to prospective ,invading Nigerians alleged doctors , unable to share the precious oil wealth that is daily sucked away by foreign oil conglomerates en route to Swiss Bank accounts,for their typical tyrannical,greedy,selfish politicians?
    But then I could be wrong, and justice might be served, for think of the fall out, HCU heads , jail for dem, Basdeo Panday and wife , jail for dem, re issuance of charges against the old CJ , then jail for him. In short a level playing field.
    Now you know why I despise non patriotic ,elites , no matter their ethnic stripe , or political affiliation.
    Hey enough of this ‘blogerspheric fantasy trip,’ we have an important election masquerade party to attend, yes?
    The last time someone that looked like Uncle Hart got convicted for a crime in our country, as you claimed Queen Victoria ,was in charge of our country , and he was trying to steal from her majesty, and I think Father of the Nation Eric William’s parents were not even born as yet.
    Let’s keep them honest.

  6. Cops view Hart’s documents
    Officers of the Anti Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) led by Snr Supt Terry Young spent several hours yesterday perusing documents and viewing information on computers seized from the home of former Udecott executive chairman Calder Hart.

  7. They way we treat crooks like him, is NAtional Self HAte at its worst. Abu BAkr at least had a following who were angry at corruption. HArt’s following is in Malaysia. I want him tried in the Square, by our UWI law students, with a jury of the poor, as stated before. In many countrieds, including some in Europe, he would have been summarily executed by a hit squad.

    e bend over backwards to be fear and doing that, makes the blood rush to our heads, and we are paralysed.

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