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AG exposes deep Govt bias

AG John Jeremie
AG John Jeremie
AG exposes deep Govt bias
If, according to AG John Jeremie, Prime Minister Patrick Manning stands vindicated by the Uff Report for his pursuit of the $10 million discrepancy on the Cleaver Heights housing project, by the same logic the Prime Minister and his entire Cabinet must be criminally negligent in failing to prevent the pillage of hundreds of millions of dollars on several construction projects undertaken by Udecott. Sadly, the Attorney General’s statement in the Parliament on Tuesday in laying the Uff Report only illustrated the deep bias held by the Government in the matters probed in the Uff enquiry.
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Discourse and diatribe

By Raffique Shah
September 27, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Raffique ShahIt is depressing, to say the least, watching men and women who hold high offices, eschew discourse in favour of diatribe as they engage each other in matters of national interest. The latest salvo fired by Attorney General John Jeremie as he responded to statements by the Law Association, is a case in point. Clearly, the AG believes he and his colleagues in government are being targeted by political opponents, which is why he must descend into the gutter to snipe at the “enemy”.
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