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They should have done the Percy ‘X’

Percy Villafana doing the Percy ‘X’

Percy Villafana doing the Percy ‘X’

By Andre Bagoo
Sunday, May 16 2010 – newsday.co.tt

WE ARE ALL familiar with the rough details of the incident involving 81-year-old pensioner Percy Villafana and Prime Minister Patrick Manning. But have people really analysed the significance of this incident properly?
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Election 2010: An Opportunity for Change

Election 2010

By Heru
May 03, 2010

Here is my blunt take on this upcoming election. Neither the UNC and their United Force of Change nor the PNM are truly convincing to me but that cannot stop me from taking steps now that would be part of a process to get improved governance. Doing nothing is not an option as it can encourage the wrongs that exist to continue and for non-doers to be also complicit in them. There is no way that we will be absolutely absolved from complicity in the wrongs of any government. We have to continually work at ebbing away our complicity by working towards improved governance which starts with people being honest and objective about what they want and how they go about getting it.
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