Ramesh: Speaker upheld the Constitution

Ramesh: Speaker upheld the Constitution during motion on President By Renuka Singh October 26 2021 – guardian.co.tt Senior Counsel Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj has defended House Speaker Brigid Annisette-George’s handling of last Thursday’s motion by the Opposition to remove President Paula-Mae Weekes. While the Opposition clamoured for the motion to be debated and attacked Annissette-George for … Continue reading Ramesh: Speaker upheld the Constitution

Ramesh: Not so fast, Kamla

By Multimedia Desk May 20, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com FORMER Attorney General and senior counsel Ramesh Lawerence Maharaj on Wednesday issued a statement related to the position taken by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar that she has been vindicated by the letter issued by the Integrity Commission, which terminated its investigation into emailgate. Maharaj’s position is that … Continue reading Ramesh: Not so fast, Kamla

Rowley’s revival of Ramesh

By Suzanne Mills March 17, 2013 – newsday.co.tt It’s nigh impossible to gauge precisely what Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley hopes to accomplish by forming an alliance with his former foe, ex attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj. We can deduce from the evidence Maharaj’s raison d’etre — he was beaten roundly and soundly in the … Continue reading Rowley’s revival of Ramesh

Backing Bas …or Ramesh

By Raffique Shah December 20, 2009 trinidadandtobagonews.com/blog As a Christmas gift to my colleague of many, many moons ago, I am backing Basdeo Panday for leadership of the UNC in the upcoming party elections. I have taken this decision, not after long and hard examination of the issues at stake, or any analysis of the … Continue reading Backing Bas …or Ramesh

Unleashing Ramesh from The Panday Box

By Stephen Kangal December 14, 2007 In a crafty surgical strike designed to stem the upward political mobility of Winston Dookeran and political emergence of Anand Ramlogan, the master puppeteer has resurrected Ramesh from the proverbial political cemetery in which he interned him after the 18-18 tie, 2001 general elections. The predictably blind and politically … Continue reading Unleashing Ramesh from The Panday Box

The Public’s Right to Know

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe June 20, 2019 Almost invariably citizens elect a government with the expectation that it will act in their best interest. You allow them (the members of government) to go along their merry way with the tacit assumption that they realize their primary function is to serve rather than to be … Continue reading The Public’s Right to Know

Contradictions and Counterfactuals

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe February 08, 2018 “…a state could never have been born without surplus.” —Yanis Varoufakis PART 1 V. I. Lenin, revolutionary and philosopher, believed that contradictions are inherent in everything we do. He argued: “Dialectics in the proper sense is the study of contradictions in the very essence of objects.” Consider … Continue reading Contradictions and Counterfactuals

Abdicating One’s Responsibility

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe January 30, 2018 I am a bit stunned—ashamed is a better word—that the prime minister admits his inability to combat the most existential problem that faces our country. The prime minister declares: “I have noted the number of murders taking place and being reported in the newspaper daily…. I am … Continue reading Abdicating One’s Responsibility

$630,000 ‘wetting’ for Ian Alleyne

By Jada Loutoo December 12, 2015 – newsday.co.tt IT’S NOT alleged…it’s a fact. Ian Alleyne, host of the Crime Watch show which airs on CNC 3, has been ordered to pay $630,000 in damages to local contractor Junior Sammy and his son Shaun as well as the company Junior Sammy Contractors Ltd for defamation. The … Continue reading $630,000 ‘wetting’ for Ian Alleyne