Rowley’s revival of Ramesh

By Suzanne Mills
March 17, 2013 –

Keith Rowley and Ramesh Lawrence MaharajIt’s nigh impossible to gauge precisely what Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley hopes to accomplish by forming an alliance with his former foe, ex attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj.

We can deduce from the evidence Maharaj’s raison d’etre — he was beaten roundly and soundly in the 2010 UNC leadership race by Kamla Persad-Bissessar and likely pique has moved him to join forces with the Opposition to dismantle her regime. By teaming up with Rowley and the PNM, he is guaranteed a political platform, an additional opportunity to maintain a high profile and to bash the government, and possibly another shot at a seat in the parliament.

But what does the PNM gain by cozying up to Maharaj who has no party, no supporters to bring to the table? Maharaj led a team of lawyers who assisted the opposition NNP in Grenada; he is a member of the legal team for the Highway Re-Route Movement and a relentless and vocal opponent of this government, so perhaps Dr Rowley is of the belief that Maharaj can help him with opposition strategy. Or maybe Maharaj is considered a feather in the Balisier hat-an ex UNC criticising the UNC and attempting to split the coalition is possibly seen as a prize. However, is the PNM prepared to pay the political price his assistance will demand? Are PNM members content with the Ramesh/Rowley union?
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  1. I am not sure this article speaks to anything thats worth serious commentary. Its speculative at best and rife with conjecture. Its political speculation does not give enough information that warrants serious consideration either. The idea of Ramesh and Rowley on the same political platform makes for intriquing comments because they belonged to opposite ideologies and parties but isn’t that what politics all about? Jack Warner was PNM as well as many who are participants in the current government. Politics is all about timing and opportunity. Outside of its hardcore adherents most people believe that this PP administration will not be accorded a second term. Furthermore, its politics has brought and continues to bring the country’s reputation lower and lower. There is almost no area in which this government has enhanced its standing and performance. You have an AG who has spent more in less than three years than the past three administrations combined with no positive results. There is a PM who seems at odds with public perception on all important matters and a minister of national security who neither believes in obeying law or adhering to accepted standards of public behavior. He would sully the character of private citizens only to make a political point. Somehow, he has carved a reputation as a hardworking minister without actually accomplishing much or having anything in terms of achievements to show for it. Talk is abundant with nor real performance that could constitute “success”. Those three main characters plus a bumbling leader of the COP and the loss of clout in Tobago makes the PP a question mark for continued governance. What they have effectually done is create opportunities for those who have proven records. This is the opening that makes it possible for Ramesh to comeback and present himself as a credible former AG and statesman. He makes for interesting times ahead with all of the neophytes parading as political heavyweights.

  2. Hey Suzzane,quite a refreshing article , but more to the facts, Auntie Kamla ain’t as popular ,as you ,and similar media gurus, naively think, is she? Some , maybe correctly think , that only two years into power,her political star is fading, as the novelty of having a female PM ,has since diminished considerably,for quite some time now, si?
    Those folks ,with a brain, and or objective , non pandering thinkers,are beginning to pay close attention , by looking beyond the sweet smiles, subliminal ,neo spiritual philosophizing mantras,towards her policies , and recognizing that she ain’t nada more than a closet Basdeo – who essentially was equally loud on rhetorics,and low on substance, but big on pushing de neo tribal ,” dis is our time,”agenda,ennnt?
    You too might draw similar conclusions, if you weren’t this busy trying to replace ,one time objective journalist ,Andy Johnson, as Chief PP spokesperson, and or apologist , for cronyism, as well as ,cuddling not too closeted criminals, in and out of power, Si?
    As to your point of Dr Rowley being no Patrick Manning? I hope that you are indeed correct, as no one worth his salt ,across the entire Commonwealth ,should not be stupid enough ,to follow a political leader ,with over 4 decades in politics, yet foolish , and worst yet ,arrogant enough ,to call early elections , way in advance , on two occasions,when there was no need to, and thus resulting in him repeatedly loosing to two , empty suits/political lightweights- Good riddance, and thank you very much for notting , Patrick , you clueless ,neo – nepotistic bozo.
    You do have a point however ,as to the frivolity of the good doctor , now teaming up with de immoral ,Ramesh Lawrence Maraj .I share your view that is is nada more than ‘an exercise in futility,’but again , this might be more an indictment , or more so ,de folly of geologists, such as Patrick , and now Rowley ,dabbling in politics.
    What a pathetic state of affairs , my country is being drag into ,as real / concrete , sustainable development, is placed on the back burner, non transparency, in politics, and economic affairs, remains’s the norm, purges of our public service , continue unabated, and unequal playing field justice ,is advanced, all under the cloak of political drastractions, media posturing , and reactionary thinking,Si?
    Many , much wiser than yours truly , is lamenting this sad reality ,which is , that this might eventually force our socially comatose people ,to endure ,four more years ,under de PP regime, and our country go on to win the unwholesome prize of being the regional laughing stock,and worst yet,’ CARICOM underachievement , el supremo.’
    I wish my people well! They’ll need it, as we enter de slippery slope , of Tethron military boys, and gals , with powers of arrest, while unable to even spell ,’rules of evidence,’and oh AfroBuddahSunGod , please have mercy on our souls ,if you care,and or dare!
    Just kidding people- or so some would like to think!

  3. “The idea of Ramesh and Rowley on the same political platform makes for intriquing comments because they belonged to opposite ideologies and parties but isn’t that what politics all about?”

    Do you really believe that there are differences in the ideologies of the political parties in T&T?
    I see no differences, except the role of race in government. This is why it does not matter which government or PM is in power. Their economic agendas are the same and their budgetary emphasis is simply to divide the spoils of oil and gas.
    Has there ever been a competent, efficient and moral government in T&T, one free of corruption and patronage?
    Has the reputation of T&T ever been internationally above scrutiny?
    All UN indexes on almost all country evaluations show T&T struggling on the lower ends. It has always been that way. This is not new.

  4. Ramesh is a none entity, UNC membership sees him as the main reason why Bas lost the election and Manning assumed power. UNC supporters have never forgiven Ram for this, most see him as a political opportunist a man who lives for himself. He is the indian version of Karl Hudson Phillips a man nobody trusted. Having said that Rowley knows he cannot win anything without Indian support and so he has been trying to find people who could soften his image politically. It is a tough road ahead for Keith most Trinis see the PNM as mainly a Port of Spain base party. Keith is gambling on Ramesh and it is a bet he would lose but he have to “try ah ting”..,

    1. Mamoo, it is quite interesting that people who support the UNC only see “good” in the performance of the PP regardless of a Reshmi, Section 34, SAUT, Ish & Steve or any other “mistakes”.
      I can have a conversation with a diehard but one who fail to acknowledge wrongs they see no wrong hear no wrong or read no wrong. To get to that point where you blaspheme a party that held power for the most of 50 years and have not done anything close to those stated is by any account arrogance. KAMLA GAINED POWER NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS GREAT OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT it is precisely that being fed up with the politics people rightfully thought that having a female for the first time would have made a difference. Her history is replete with “mistakes” (for the want of a better word), and please dont ask me to go into it because they are too many to mention. You seem to forget the corruption of the previous UNC where many people were jailed in the US (justice served). While we are still awaiting trials here in Trinidad. Your credibility is not sound on morality.

      1. All new government make a few bad decisions the thousands of good decisions conveniently ignored. Here are some good decisions by the Manning administration (1) appoint Calder Hart a foreigner to several state chairmanship positions, there millions disappear making its way into the US and Malaysia. What did Reshmi do to deserve your continued character assassination ? Calder was freed by the DPP because of insufficient evidence. A foreigner freed after stealing millions, a Trini abused by you and the brothers. Explain to me Reshmi crime Kian or are you more stupid than Rowley?

        Section 34 was supported by the Opposition. Ish, Steve, Fergusion continue to have their matter languish in court over 10 years. In the mean time Abu Bakr a good friend of your buddy Manning despite being responsible for the death of Trinis and the start of the kidnapping campaign continues to walk free. The DPP gave him a free pass…

        I could go on but the independent gate keeper letting the brudders out Kian. I am sure you agree with him.

  5. Let me see if I can decipher this pre adolescent logic , as articulated by El Provocature in Chief , in Cuz Mamboo. I promised to give up on him , but what de heck, it’s a slow news day , on Trini Center Ntion.he said, “Rowley knows he can’t win anything without Indian support and so he is trying to find people to soften his image politically?”
    Oh huh yes, so Ramesh is the savior, that can to soften the Rottwiler’s / Mson Hall Wajang ,rough image ,Mmboo. I almost forgot that Eric Williams , Chambers ,and Patrick Manning, with their POS based PNM ,only won 80 out of the past 84 national elections,because of electorial corruption , not because they had INdian support from the likes of Kamal/ Sham Mohammed, Linda BAboolal, or Errol Mahabir, and many others.
    Oh , and by de way ,Auntie Kamla, and Papa Basdeo , with their chifly Central based ULF/ UNC , did not necessarily need Afrikan support, at anytime , for their eventual victories, for they could rely on Brooklyn, and Toronto dual citizens votes to….?
    “Ramesh is the Indian version of Karl Hudson Phillip, a man nobody trusted?” Oh yes, Karl likewise spent his entire life , since leaving Law School , as an anti Capital Punishment advocate, then once he assumed power , together with his boss Panday ,embarked on a policy of state execution/ murder of chiefly lower classs prisoners, – one of which ,so happened to be a client, that many legal luminaries believe ,could have implicated him , if allowed to talk.
    The next thing you would be telling us is that Basdeo, and Ramesh, were out of Prliament,on that fateful day ,when our Tobago Prime Minister ANR ,was shot in the knees, by pro Islamist goons, because their Spritual leader Sat Maraj, told them to respectively ,take a vacation,to Toco, and Grenada ,huh?
    Yeah , we know ,up next, you will say dat ,Karl was hated because he too was an immoral AG , who had a criminal like Yasin Abu Bakr as a client, and spent his entire time in , and out of office ,trying to protect , until it was no longer expedient.
    Oh, and just in case we forgot, our former PM! and President ,ANR Robinson ,had to suffer the indignity of not having a Commission of Enquiry conducted by both Basdeo, and the Sando fake Christian Patrick Mnning- the eventual Prime Ministers -simply because , he loved to eat Crab , and Dumpling oil downs, as opposed to curry Cascado , Baigan ,rice , and dal, huh?
    Listen carefully Mamboo, for the noise you are hearing in the background , ain’t Ramesh , per se, but dem former ONR ,and or ,now , extremely disgruntled ,COP blokes,who are disgusted at the fact that they remain second fiddle ,in present PP alliance-Foreign Minister , or AG post , not withstanding. Me think, it’s ‘Her Majestick Queen K,’ who “…has a tough road ahead,”ennnt First , David Abdulah , and heaven’s knows , whose next!
    Luv Humanity people!

    1. The vibe that I am picking up is that Neal, Kian et all are having real difficulties accepting the new realities in T&T.

      1. TMan, and what are these new realities?

        That there is a racial difference in leadership … but with the same brazen corruption in which blind loyalty is to be valued more than honour?

        And partisans over-eager to belt out undeserving praises where corrective condemnation is more apt?

        You should be ashamed of yourself, patriotic as you otherwise appear to be.


  6. Jury out on benefits of alliance between Rowley and Ramesh
    There would be a lot of people—even in the PNM— who would feel uncomfortable about an alliance between former UNC attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and PNM leader Keith Rowley and some will have concerns whether a political alliance of convenience would be best for T&T, says former public service head Reginald Dumas.

    1. Rowley knows he needs to soften his image by having someone like Ramesh at his side. He needs to at least attract some Indians and Douglas to the party. Eric had Kamal securing the Moslem vote and Errol securing the Presbyterian vote.

      Ramesh is a man with a huge ego and one can expect him to provide the intelligence that the PNM needs to make Aunty Kamla look bad. The only thing Ramesh will attract though is the media and that will take the shine off Rowley to which his core supporters may become disenchanted.

      My advice to Rowley is to build a relationship with Count Dracula he will sell his soul for a morsel of meat. He is a man who have an axe to grind against the current administration. You can use him but beware he may use you. The Ramlee accord can go anywhere. He has shown that he can succeed as he did in Grenada and the CLICO affair. But what is politics without some excitement.

      1. Quit sounding like you were born 10 years ago T- Man , which we certainly know you ain’t. As Cuz Kain ask in milder language ,what de hell ,new realities , are you referring to ? We have been down this road before remember?We call it the NAR alliance ,and the diabolical Basdeo , with Suraj, Ramnath, Dookie, Sudama , and not too subtle Abu collaboration, led to a shot in my PM’s knees, Si?
        It is ‘you allzs,’who seem to be finally coming to the new realities, and here it is . No single race , can ever win an election in a multiracial society like ours – they never did , or ever can! The UNC , is the same party ideologically as the PNM,So don’t get me started.
        Yeah Mamboo ,Errol Mahabir was a Christian, oooooohhh, and yes , I am Sat Maraj outside son ,he made with a Caranege socialite. Give me a break!

  7. The old people used to say “Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise”. To even have a discussion with some of these PP political apologists on this blogosphere is not only mindboggling but also a complete waste of time and brain cells, they see the politics of the day through a prism of Indian nationalism and as such the conversation degenerates into racial diatribe, every so-called mis-step is explained away with PNM did do that too, was this not the government which came to power promising a new day and new political paradigm.

  8. Let me see if I can be a little plainer to TMan and Mamoo. In order to give this present PPP some amount of decency, they have to appear to make the PNM look bad. After all the PNM never had such issues as the ship full of sniff……… waiting for the owner to call at PLIPDECO, They never circumvented the law and process to save their political donors, they never fired experienced security officials and replaced them with a desk clerk, they never took the foreign service professional and replaced them with friends and family, they never took their brothers and sisters on expensive foreign trips and paid them and called them nurses in attendance, they never had idiotic AGs, they never destroyed the security apparatus that were purchased for millions and sold for thousands, they never tried to treat the population as fools, they never used race to get any particular individuals the top jobs, they never used the state enterprises to staff with only those who looked like them, they never locked up competent public servants in the mad house, they never used the soe to lock up thousands of people of ONE RACE to show that they are competent, they never used their office to say people are planning to overthrow and kill their PM then locked them up and never charged them, they never used their office to elevate a culture (which I must is deserving of praise) to that of the national culture only because it belonged to their culture, they never used politics to elevate their standing in Carnival to bring along people who otherwise never participated, they never used their office to promote religion that is not Christian in nature, they never used paganism to replaced the godliness of the people. Of course they feel that because paganism promotes millions of gods does not mean that christendom is happy with that. It is this logic that Mamoo and TMan are afraid will raise to the fore in people’s minds that they continue to villify the PNM without actually naming the the goodly acts of their beloved PPP. The devil always promise things in order to be accepted and given credence over things that are good and godly. Remember in the bible, Satan tried to lure Christ by offering him the world. Paganism is trying to do the same thing in Trinidad today. Ramesh is a Christian, we know and understand his gods the God that TMan and Mamoo worhip and many and can use them to renew their spiritual outlook to wash their hands of any wrong doing. Ramesh and Rowley worship the same god and therefore are brothers in Christ. It all boils down to “in order for you to look good you have to make me look bad”. Nuff said!.

    1. Religion have nothing to do with it, in the PP there are Muslims, Hindus, Christians and atheist. That is simply a reflection of the nation. There are a large percentage of Indians who are Christians and many of them are pastors. The PNM did nothing to appeal to them, many supported Manning because they believe he would improved the nation but with a lack of will criminals took over the nation causing a terrible sense of betrayal. What Manning did was unthinkable he supported a known terrorist giving him quarries in exchange for kidnappings and extortion from indian businesses. Manning acted out of his tribal DNA instead of ushering a golden era of co-operation amongst the people.

      Rowley’s only hope is for the PP to unravel and fall into the pit of self deprecation, which by the way is slowly happening as is the nature of political parties in power.
      Once the image of the PP is tarnish he stands a chance. Anything is possible in politics, the COP/UNC alliance shows signs of weakness and could fall apart. However, Rowley have to attract more Indians to the party or it would remain a minority party or the long haul.

    2. Kian my friend, I suggest that you settle down, rethink what you are saying because you are better than that. You have proven yourself with your sober and intelligent commentary.
      This piece by you has hit rock bottom.

    3. I am just wondering how you know which Gods or God I worship.
      What I do know is that Ramesh was baptised in the Presbyterian church as a young man because he wanted to teach in a Presbyterian school, That’s when he adopted the Christian middle name Lawerence,and placed Hundism on the back burner. His Christian name was given to him by the late Rev.Albert Baldeo.Many of us were in church that day.
      Many of these UNC types straddle the religions for political and career mobility.

  9. Ok , T- Man , and your provocateur Siamese twin brother Mambo,watch your mouth now, and leave Cuz Kian alone, as de grounds ‘you allzs ,’ are threading on ,is holy .I know he does not need me to defend him , but I will nevertheless,being a fellow progressive patriot ,and such , that I am.Oh , and yes, I agree with the sentiments expressed ,that his comments are usually sober, and intelligent, or put differently- ‘spot on,’and this ain’t no exception- thank you very much.
    Seriously guys , as Tom Hanks said in the popular motive Apollo , years ago,”Huston we have a problem!”

    Ain’t it fair to say that our T&T has a serious problem ,that needs rectification, and more to the point ,our seemingly overwhelmed leadership folks , de la PP Administration, ain’t have a clue , as to how to fix it.
    Then , ‘wait a Cotton picking moment ,’guys, $700 Million lost by Petrotrin ,in 7 days, and we have Uncle Errol McLeod , as a high end ,government Minister? Butler, and De Grand Lion ,George Weeks , must be turning over in their respective graves, si? Uncle Obama , and dem oil starve Yanks are wetting their beds in fear , trying to figure out where T&T , is at when it comes to economic viability.,175114.html

    However Kian ,as to the direct subject at hand, now let me admit in de interest of full disclosure , that I ,like many astute ,T&T ,political observers , ain’t no big fan of Uncle Ramesh Lawrence Maraj- more so , from a moral/ ethical standpoint , in my case-but I am beginning to wonder why de Mamboos, and T- Man, of the world ,are really worried / bent out of shape , about possible alliances ,between him , and De Mason Hall Kid / Rothwiller – in Dr Rowley?
    They publicly claim ,it ain’t a good fit- for them both , and yet the persistant whining. Do you smell a rat?
    David Abdullah , and his labor fraction gone ,Labor Guru , Uncle Errol Mc Cloud , looking , like a Boy Scout 12 year old , in a Clico, or worst yet ,HCU per trail meeting,with our independent minded , and very professional DPP, disgruntled COP folks ,foaming at the mouth, especially since they missed out another fat cat post for Dookie , in the form de la Presidency , and counting.
    ‘Me think,’that Uncle Rowley , just like me , had an extremely wise , Tobago Granny , who taught him also , how to ” play dead to catch cobeaux alive ,” Si?

    Sing with me Kian , “Captain de ship is sinking,……Captain de seas are rough…we gas tank nearly empty….!” Oooooops , Lo Siento , Wrong song!
    ‘Her Majestick , Queen K ,’ got this- or so many fanatic( like T-Man / Mamboo )claim.

    I luv this land folks, and ain’t life – especially in de sun-muy magnifico!

    1. “with our independent minded , and very professional DPP,”
      What kind of American weed are you smoking?
      This DPP is a PNM Manning appointee, incompetent and partisan.
      He is slow in his investigations and decisions, many of which are questionable.

  10. Rowley realizes that he can only become PM if he forms a coalition, but once again he is choosing a lame duck, Ramesh.
    In 2007 the PNM won the Election with 290,000 votes. In 2010 the PNM received 285,000 votes and lost against the PP with a 70% voter turnout.PNM diehards will always be PNM diehards.
    This is why the PNM is so desperate to break up the PP government.

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