Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need To Know

A perilous excursion into the distant past, starting seven whole weeks ago

By Alexander Cockburn, counterpunch.org

As the tv networks give unlimited airtime to Israel’s apologists, the message rolls out that no nation, least of all Israel, can permit bombardment or armed incursion across its borders without retaliation.

The guiding rule in this tsunami of drivel is that the viewers should be denied the slightest access to any historical context, or indeed to anything that happened prior to June 28, which was when the capture of an Israeli soldier and the killing of two others by Hamas hit the headlines, followed soon thereafter by an attack by a unit of Hezbollah’s fighters.
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Race and Politics in TnT

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu

For some time now, certain groups and individuals have bandied about the notion, albeit accusation, that they have been the victims/targets of racial discrimination and racial victimization by the PNM government.

However, while there may or may not be any evidence to build a prima facie case of discrimination and/or victimization, any racial connotation in either scenario is a colossal non sequitur.
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A Headbutt On Racism

By Michael De Gale

Zidane's HeadbuttThe world gasped when Zinedine Zidane landed a devastating head butt squarely in the chest of Marco Materazzi during the final match of the 2006 World Cup game in Germany. What no one witnessed at that time was the psychological violence unleashed on Zidane, coloured athletes in every sport throughout their professional careers and peoples of colour the world over on a daily basis. Zidane’s head butt was not the source; it was the effect of racist behaviour that has been allowed to fester in professional sports and in society as a whole. It was a reaction to the cancer of racism that eats away at the moral fabric of societies, putting a strain on human relations and rendering harmonious co-existence among human beings virtually impossible.
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A New Type of Criminal Is Emerging

By Linda E. Edwards

The Laventille Hills east Port of Spain area earned a reputation, deservedly or not, for high crime against persons, drug involvement, gangs, knife fights and shootings and so on, and for years, army and police units have focused on east Port of Spain in an attempt to stamp out “crime”. People are still dying there at a high rate, higher than the norm for the country. Central however, is emerging as the SEX crime capital of the country, for crimes against children.
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Making Paleau with Politics

By Michael De Gale

Historically, coalition Governments are not known for their longevity. This is mostly due to competing ideologies and hugely inflated egos that inevitably collide. However, I believe that men and women of conscience, good intentions and integrity could make any coalition work. The recently created Democratic National Alliance (DNA), forged from the leftovers of otherwise insignificant parties has the potential to form an effective coalition if it contains the right ingredients. In culinary terms, it must be a political paleau or a callaloo if you prefer. As Trinbigonians, we all enjoy paleau and callaloo if prepared with love and all the essential ingredients are present – hot pepper and all.
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Congratulations Soca Warriors!

Soca Warriors Celebration in Pictures
Soca Warriors Celebration in Pictures

TriniView.com Staff Article

The Hasely Crawford Stadium was filled with thousands of supporters from all over the country to officially congratulate the Trinidad and Tobago football team, the Soca Warriors, on their World Cup efforts. Trinidad and Tobago was unable to make it to the second round of the World Cup football competition after being defeated by Paraguay, but they were successful in entering the annals of history as the smallest country to ever qualify for this competition. It was for this reason that the entire nation was proud: win, lose or draw.
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