Soca Warriors Caused Me a Nightmare

By Stephen Kangal
February 18, 2009

Soca WarriorsThose tired-looking and lethargic T&T Soca Stars played as if they were in the twilight zone of their career in San Salvador. They were a disorganized and uncoordinated outfit, lacking- in- both team spirit and fight bunch of footballers as if belonging to the Eddie Hart League. Mind you they had just returned from an expensive exposure to best soccer training facilities in Argentina at enormous expense to the tax-payers of this country.

There was no sustained, pre-rehearsed build up to their play. They were unable to control and retain possession of the ball for long periods of play and to distribute it effectively. They lacked the clinical precision in their passing that characterized the Salvadoreans.

The uncoordinated defence system lacked fight and determination in the face of the onslaught from San Salvador ten minutes from the end. They were going through the motions without any concern or patriotism for the image of T&T. They were a bunch of spoilt mercenaries (case before the English Arbitration) and opportunists who never gave a thought about their thousands of devoted supporters back home.

In the second half the San Salvadoreans mounted a Red Indian/Apache-style crescendo of raids in the T&T half. Our defence was hapless, indifferent and flat-footed. They had no counter-attack nor pre-determined technical strategy to get back the ball in the half of the home team.

The entire technical team ought to be given the pink slip and sent packing.
We cannot pay for such mediocrity.

These sockeye worriers caused me nightmare on Thursday night last.

3 thoughts on “Soca Warriors Caused Me a Nightmare”

  1. It is sad that at this day and age we still acting lick children, you need to support your team in a positive way and give constructive remakes to help motive your team . Stuff like this is an insult not only to the team but to a nation of people. So on that note as a real trini will say , if you have nothing positive to say then shut you dame big mmmmmOouth!!!!!!!

  2. How can you say positive things about your most favorite soccer team if for every game the play is the same old recurring stories. Such like poor defending and failing to finish of plays. I like what Latapy is about to do, bring back Marvin Andrews, Cyd Gray and some of the last world cup squad. We need that can of experience on the field , I forget to mention hard workers like Avery John and Brent Sancho. We cannot afford to take chances on local base players now even though they may be young and the future of our SOCA WARRIORS we just have to win to stay alive. The youth have 4 years to show there quality for the next world cup. Soca Warriors i think you have the team to beat the opposition, all you have to do is play smart, keep the pressure and performance, have fun keep positive and also pray

  3. i love my soca worriers they will be always champion in my book.keep up the good work guys with hard word and substantial experience you will achieve your goals.

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