Mayor Tim Kee Set to Resign

Tim Kee caves in

By Corey Connelly
February 14, 2016 –

Raymond Tim KeeBowing to mounting pressure, both at home and abroad, over his recent controversial statements about the death of Japanese national, Asami Nagakiya, Raymond Tim Kee yesterday signalled his intention to resign as Mayor of Portof- Spain.

Tim Kee did not officially say when he would demit office, but Sunday Newsday understands that the mayor is expected to formally tender his resignation tomorrow during an emergency session of the Port-of-Spain City Corporation.

After more than two years in office, Tim Kee gave notice of his decision to resign in a four paragraph statement, which was issued to media houses around 4.30 pm yesterday.
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Tim Kee to resign

By Rhonda Krystal Rambally, Sascha Wilson and Shaliza Hassanali
February 14, 2016 –

Port-of-Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee is expected to tender his resignation tomorrow.

His decision comes one day after scores of concerned citizens and human rights activists staged a protest at Woodford Square in Port-of-Spain, calling for him to resign over comments he made on the discovery of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya’s body at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Wednesday.

In a statement issued yesterday on the Port-of-Spain City Corporation letterhead, Tim Kee stated that he noted the continued outrage and hurt over statements attributed to him.
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Tim Kee calls it a day

By Michelle Loubon
February 13, 2016 –

EMBATTLED Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee has decided to resign.

“I will call (that) George,” he told the Sunday Express during a brief phone interview yesterday.

Tim Kee has had to contend with an online petition, the Opposition, women’s rights activists and outraged protesters calling for his resignation since his comments about women’s Carnival behaviour this week.

His comments were in response to questions about the discovery of the body of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Ash Wednesday.

Nagakiya, 30, was still wearing her Legacy band costume when Port of Spain Corporation workers discovered her body. An autopsy on Thursday indicated she had been strangled.
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Mayor Tim Kee Set to Resign


I have noted the continued outrage and hurt over statements attributed to me. I deeply regret the consequences of these statements, and I apologise unreservedly to those who have been affected. I consider the reaction has been sufficient to cause damage to the Office of the Mayor of Port of Spain, which any holder of this office should be concerned to protect at all costs.

It is in these circumstances, why I intend to call an emergency meeting of Council, and render my resignation as Mayor, and as an Alderman.

It is important for me to point out as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, a man and a father, that I reiterate my unreserved respect for women, and in fact for all people, regardless of their race, gender or religion.

It is hoped that with this decision, the Office of the Mayor is now protected, my unreserved apology accepted by my fellow citizens, and that the focus can now be placed fully on solving the murder of a visitor to our shores.

Raymond Tim Kee


8 thoughts on “Mayor Tim Kee Set to Resign”


    From: Office of the Leader of the Opposition

    Opposition Leader Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, today hailed civil society groups and associated individuals who, after days of activism compelled Mr. Raymond Tim Kee to offer, albeit belatedly, an unequivocal apology for his reckless and offensive comments following the tragic death of Asumi Nagakiya, as well as to declare his intention to resign as Mayor.

    “This is a true victory of the people and I heartily commend the principled men and women who took up this struggle and spoke out against Mr. Tim Kee’s vile sentiments, for their courage, perseverance and commitment.

    The Opposition fully endorsed and supported these efforts, demanding that Mr. Tim Kee apologise and lobbying for his dismissal as Mayor

    This also serves as a lesson to Dr. Keith Rowley and his Government, that they cannot callously dismiss the voice of the people, since true power lies in the collective will of the citizens of this great nation.”


    Former justice minister calls for gender policy
    Chrislyn: I feel at risk, afraid of Tim Kee

    Former justice minister in the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led People’s Partnership administration, Chrislyn Moore has called for a gender mainstreaming policy across all Government ministries.

  2. When the international media is here, you have to just make press statements and that way the truth good or bad will be there. Kee should have known better, this nation have passed the stage of blaming women for all of society ills.


    From: Office of the Leader of the Opposition”

    What Tim Kee has shown Kamla, is class. As you have correctly stated is your wise choice of words “true power lies in the collective will of the citizens of this great nation.”

    This is what statesmen do when they fall short in responding with dignity and valor when the voices of the people is heard and respected. But unfortunately Kamla, you were a disaster when you had the said responsibility to respond when “the collective will of the citizens of this great nation” called on you to rid yourself of Anand Ramlogan, Reshmi Ramnarine and a host of other characters who made the People’s Partnership Government a laughing stock to the outside world. You, yourself is credited with the phrase “the voice of the people, is the voice of God”. Yet, when the people spoke, your response is to take to the courts to overturn their voices. You are in fact a hypocrite Kamla, because you use the principles of western democratic traditions to judges others, whilst when you have the same opportunity to act in like manner you NEVER exercised the principles you now trumpet. It is so called leaders like you that make a mockery of our ethics and principled traditions.

  4. As much as I applaud the statesmanship displayed by Mayor Tim Kee, offering to resign in the face of the barrage of criticisms leveled at him, I felt that resignation is far too severe an action to warrant a response to the politically motivated cries about his mistake. However, one should take heed, especially those whose politics of hate generated the cries, that in the Western ideals of governance and responsibility, he has demonstrated a mature act of receding his position as mayor, even when such sacrifice was not warranted. I think his act is a mature demonstration of what decent politics should be like, unlike the nepotism, greed and graft of the now Opposition Leader, who spearheaded the worst form of democracy that this country has ever seen since it’s birth. It is a lesson she should be guided by and not the knee-jerk aim to dismantle the government elected by the people.

    1. Kian,
      The PNM and Tim Kee, will come to regret this move…if they aren’t wise and have already…this type of behaviour…whites, light skins et al coming out in public home and abroad to ‘rock d boat’ until somebody fall in the shark filled waters is not to be tolerated…do not give in…this is why USA NEVER negotiates with terrorists as a policy…once you give in, they will keep doing it as a ‘milking’ strategy…now they will copy hese behaviours….where were all these straight haired ” human activists ” for the murders of the twp school boys?? It is T&T’s true underbelly of racism rearing its ugly head…it manifests itself here in a geunuine concern and admiration ONLY for victims who look a certain way….a true third
      world community…no DAMN shame..if the PNM does not stand
      strong it will fLl hard with these obno xious, selfish, boldfaced racists.
      On another note…the uncoppmshoukd have quit while it seemed to be ahead in this issue….WHO THE HELL chrislyn moore trying to fool?? She feigns fear of Tim Kee?? Whuch is more credible? Walking down a dark alley during carnival and bumping in to Chrislyn Moore or Raymond Tim Kee….ask anyone…i would be afriad of someone who reminds me of a carnival character come to life….like a MOKO JUMBIE for example…!!

  5. Alyssa, I agree wholeheartedly with your summation. This is only the beginning. There is no decency in the Opposition politics of Trinidad and Tobago. When blood hounds are hot in pursuits of their preys, they do not take time to sit and ponder on how the meat of their carcasses will taste. They will keep pursuing until their masters call them off. The best barometer to understand the mood of the Opposition in this country, is the media. Some of the proponents of opposition politics are conspicuous while others use events such as the Japanese woman’s murder to advance their evil intentions. Take, for example, this event is about crime, right? Then, if it is, why has the media focussed so intently on the misspoken words of the mayor?
    What have they done to effectively discuss the brutal crime committed on a visitor to this country? Do we need to see some idiot’s backside in London to stress on the misspoken words of the mayor, so that he would resign? What theories has the media advanced on the crime that has been committed? What is the value of the media’s focus on Tim Kee? – ROWLEY!!!!! (MY ANSWER).
    Why doe3s the media so readily print any and every utterance of the Opposition Leader? Does she impart wisdom with her utterances? Are there lessons to be learned when she chose to set her vitriol on “the PNM”? These and other serious notations come to mind and for the life of me, I don’t understand why ordinary citizens fall prey to these nuances. It is all P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S, Opposition politics to be exact. These people don’t give a damn about the young lady who was just murdered. Tell me, what value do we get out of the input by Kadisha Amin? None, these people are using the media to sell dirty politics – that is all it is nothing more. It is my hope, that the Prime Minister will see it for what it is and do not allow himself to be taken-in by the insidious concerns of those on the sidelines, using the occasion of this young lady’s demise for their own political gains. We must also call out the media for being all-too-ready to oblige this invidious avenue to vent their evil intentions.
    As Trinidadians, we should all be concerned about what happened to this young lady. It is a sure sign that crime, in all its dimensions are too frequent and copious for us to rest our comfort on, but our best partner to circumvent that is the media.
    They have instead chosen to promote one path to our future – the opposition politics of hate, division and rupture of our society.
    To many, it may not be as obvious as I have elucidated it but trust me, it is there in full bloom and it shows too. What institutions of our country can we honestly say we have confidence in after five years and three months of Kamla Persad Bissessar? Do we have confidence in the Courts? Do we have confidence in the media? Do we have confidence in the medical profession? do we have confidence in the Police? Do we have confidence in the Public Service? Do we have confidence in the Integrity Commission? Do we have confidence in the Presidency? Do we have confidence in the Parliamentary System? Do we have confidence in the system of Justice? Do we have confidence in the health system? For me personally, there is only one segment of our administration that shows a glimmer of hope and that is the Office of the DPP. That is the ONLY office that has shown some degree of independence and credibility and lends itself to be called independent. And that is a sad state of affairs and that to my mind is where the media wants us to follow. SAD! SAD! SAD! May God help this country. My prediction is that this girl’s murder will continue to haunt us down a destructive and unreturnable path.

      1. Thanks my brother. We live in troubled times and it is a time when we ought to identify and corroborate our knowledge to understand what we are dealing with in our midst.

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