Hold parents responsible

By Sean Douglas
October 22, 2010 – newsday.co.tt

ViolenceTHE Rape Crisis Society yesterday called on Government to pass laws to hold parents responsible for sexual offences done by their children. “Some of the perpetrators of these heinous sexual assaults are teenagers and thus are not liable for prosecution.”

The Society wrote to media houses to support the Evidence (Amendment) Bill 2010, under debate in the Senate, which makes it easier for victims of sexual abuse to testify in law-courts.

While the Bill stops a rape-defendant from challenging a rape victim for her late reporting or non-reporting of the offence to a sympathetic ear ahead of her police-complaint, the Society wants to see no statute of limitations for sexual offences. The Society revealed that most cases of incest, child sexual abuse and rape are committed by close acquaintances (including family members) of the victim. “In our 2009 Annual Report, acquaintances ranked first on our listing of perpetrators of incest and child sexual abuse (11 perpetrators),” said the Society. “The statistical data of rape cases of that same year revealed acquaintance rape ranked the highest, with 23 persons attending counselling”.

To further explain, the Society cited their 2008 Annual Report. “The degrees of relationship proximity between the perpetrator and the victim can influence the frequency and duration of sexual abuse. Close relationships are likely to involve frequent sexual encounters extending over a longer period of time.”

The 2008 report lamented that in such situations, the victim may also suffer emotional/psychological abuse as well as physical abuse as the perpetrator tries to reduce the likelihood of disclosure by the child.

The Society said rape violates not only a victim’s body but also her psychological and emotional well-being. “It sometimes takes years for some survivors to face up to this ordeal,” said the statement.

Surviving rape requires courage, determination and personal strength. “Time is also very important because the process of healing is just that — a process.” The Society said rape affects everyone, not just the survivor. “The family unit is forced to face an unbelievable and unnecessary level of stress,” said the statement. “The mental and physical health of the survivor must be looked after because there is always the possibility of becoming infected with sexually transmitted infections including HIV.”

The Society suggestions measures to counter rape. “It is important to establish the legal framework for dealing with the rapist but equally important that Health and Family Life Education be introduced in all educational institutions.

The Society would like to recommend that all survivors of rape, incest and child sexual abuse be offered counselling and the benefits explained in detail.” On Wednesday, six boys aged 15 to 16, were each granted bail of $85,000 for the alleged gang-rape of a 12 year-old girl from their secondary school.


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  1. Blessings, Parents are their children’s first teachers but the internet and cable television has replaced their roles.In light of the seriousness of said crime, these children involved need serious help. Some type of system must be in place to ensure this. I remember when the village helped in raising children. We need to go back to the time when you had love of self and those around you.

  2. If we are to get back to positive parenting, instead of just providing shelter and some food, is it not time to guarantee a salary that will allow a parent to hold only one job? Parents who have to work two jobs to make ends meet cannot also be good parents. Women who work in the hotel industry, work extremely long hours. They are there to serve breakfast at 7.30 AM and to serve dinner on the same day at 7.00PM. Their childen are lft unprotected. Some children spend up to three hours in their parents cars, going to and from school, and the older ones, who have time to get into crime and mischief, are unsupervised for hours at a time. A caring and educated society would do the following
    1. Have mandatory After School programs for children whose parents work late. A school is a safe place if there are adults to supervise activities. Parents can also help here, as well as retirees from the public service.
    2.Each student should be made to participate in at least one physical activity/sport. It burns up energy that could also be used for getting into trouble.
    3. Institute weekday curfews from 8.00 PM for all who are under 18. Children out after that time MUST be accompanied by a parent. Another adult would not do.(The 14 yrs old at Zen was accompanied by adults!)
    4. Encourage the formation of youth groups based on disusion of events and ideas in which teens can have a valid inputin naional affairs.

    5.Provide subsidized bus fares for children going to the library or museum on Saturdays.Return ticket not valid if not stamped by library people.

    6. Reconstruct community centers, where various kinds of cultural activities can take place. In my time, there were drama clubs, folk dancing groups, and so on.
    7.Encourage the police and army people to form counselling groups where teens with problems can find someone to talk to who can understand where they are coming from.
    8. Require of churches, temples and mosques,as part of the “free land ” they are always asking for, to open their doors to community programmes for youth, that does not include prosletysing.
    9.Provide tax incentives for apprenticeship schemes, for companies to employ an dtrain young people.

    It is a fact that those who feel that they are stakeholders ina society; do not try to destroy it.

    1. Message to Neal
      Read the above comment by Linda Edwards. Your time would be better spent coming up with specific, useful suggestions rather than ranting and raving about race as you wallow in your inferiority complex, blaming certain groups in T&T for your sorry and confused mental state.

  3. Hey Sean , let us quit this habit of sensationalizing of baby thugs , selective highlighting of some crimes in our country , and pandering politicians pushing more obnoxious regulations on our society , but instead encourage our law officials ,to enforce the laws that are already on the books , shall we?
    Do you and others know how many kids unlike the unlucky Central Goat , that are raped and abused ,in certain ‘protected enclaves’ of this country, by parents and other close relatives, but due to cultural sensitivities are instead ignored. Hey Mr Edmonton Canada Commissioner, time to get to work , and earn this exorbitant salary you are privilege to be getting from the grateful PP regime.
    You saw smoke hovering in ‘Sweet, Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country ,’ while vacationing on the Niagara and CN Tower, and thought it was a rain dance , huh?
    No my friend , we the oil / gas rich , and most sophisticated folks in the region , do not believe in such folly in our neck of the woods, as we are fully aware as to why the few remaining of our Red Prairie Indian , Long down silver, Sitting Bull/Pocahontas ,brothers and sisters,in the Land of the Maple Leaf, were relegated to paltry half drunks , post genocidal victims ,in their own stolen country, in similar fashion to our desperate Australian Aboriginal cousins.
    It was simply too much of that peace pipe, yes?

    1. Here you are in the middle of a serious debate on an issue which affect many families that have life long effects and again you are here babbling your useless rants.
      I am sure most people that read these comments are tired of your useless and misguided efforts of derailing every discussion.In short I believe a few good bull pestle my be what you need,at least it’s worth a try after all, it seems like everything else failed.

      1. “Here you are in the middle of a serious debate.” Let me see if I understand this Is this Morougamax character, as to what he deem serious debate. Each time an outrageous crime takes place in our country like for example, an illegal Guyanese immigrant parent in Aranguez, that smashed in the head of a kid , a step father in Central, that rape and murdered his 9 year old step daughter,or a jealous husband that decided if he cannot get his wife, he” kill her , then poison himself and three kids, with the gramazone ,he hides in the shed – only to have pandering politicians ,run to Parliamentarians, to create another useless piece of legislation, while doing absolutely nothing curb the social maladies within the country?

        1. Neal when are you going to express an original opinion,generated from your analysis and consideration of the information at hand.Instead you regurgitate the talking points of the NRA,O’Riley and other fringe elements in the US,believing the locals are unfamiliar with their agenda and message.You are a pot hound in a lion skin traipsing around with your ass exposed.
          You are the product of intellectual incest totally oblivious of your plight which is the source of your bigoted and hateful comments.You seem unable to break the chains of your mental slavery,as long as you harbor your hate you will never be free,and the truth is no one will care a damn.
          All of the crimes listed above is a result of the perpetrators lack of remorse or conscience and their willingness to exploit and violate others without considering the consequences of their actions should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
          You Neal have expressed those same tendencies except you advocate violence through your racist comments while hiding in your Brooklyn basement hoping that someone sharing your views carry out your tribal war which you are too chicken to do yourself.You exposed your yellow underbelly in every forum all of your comment are tainted with racism and hate you try to belittle others like you have done here again,showing your true nature which is due to your inferiority complex.
          This is not the Trinidad of the 70’s when you could walk up to an Indian and slap him and walk away,try that today and you will never wipe your ass yourself again.

          1. So what do we have here ‘pot telling kettle he bottom black,’ morougamax? My only warning to you and your selfish , tribalist kind is to “beware of a man with nothing to loose.” If since May 24th 2010,you and others of similar ilk developed this sudden love affair for this country as claimed ,then you’ll surely heed my warning.
            For the record, the folks that would become a threat to you ,do not need me to incite them , as your ‘progressive regime’ in power, and their supporting , ungrateful, elitist entities in the private sector, are doing a fine job already.

            Lord forgive this fool for he knows what he is saying, as he lacks the ability to differentiate between love and hatred. Does this clown think I would be spending my time driving on this here information highway , beseeching ,and cajoling my fellow nationals, to do the right thing, by sharing the spoils of our nation, if I did not care?
            Is there another driver on this here information highway that would fearlessly take a sledgehammer to the lofty image of leaders of all stripes , race, class, and shape , if I suspect that he or she does not have our nation’s interest at heart?
            The reason for this is clear, I have no allegiance to anyone, in or out of power, dead or alive, as I too was a victim of all , and remains a besiege immigrant in my own land of birth,due chiefly to the efforts of “de me, me ,geme, geme, dog with a bone, crowd”- if the hat fits pull the string , and strangle your self, cousin mouragamax, with the phony sobriquet.
            I wish you well, my friend.

  4. Solutions appear to be overwhelming, but many are right at our hands.

    The first is that our youth, those under 30, live in a cyber world. “The Death Of Childhood” by Paulson? is a good place to begin. Also, anyone wishing to understand their world must first become familiar at least with the following:

    a) facebook, twitter, etc. Once parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbours and other adult family weere the ones who socialized children into teenage years and adulthoood. From gthem we learned responsibility, having a sense of shame and thus a sense of consequence for our actions. Girls, especially, learnt from these a sense of self-confidence and values in societies in which pregnancy outside of wedlock was frowned upon.

    b) the videogames they play. One of these, Grand Theft Auto has been cited in court of law as influincing some youth convicted in a sensless crime spree in which several innocent passersby were beaten with clubs, chains and other weapons used in this game. Not only is this and others similar sold in malls all over the country, but children as young as five play these, some with irresponsible parents. Similar parents and adults allow children to see adult movies and the like.

    c) Pregnant mothers put their unborn in peril, and throughout their lives after birth, if the mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy. No amount is safe, and can induce Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), the results of which can be found on the internet. Because of this it is thought that 40% plus of prisoners in detention are victims of FASD.

    d) having a spiritual basis for understanding issuees of morality and of justice.

    e) having teachers whose expectations are higher for their students than are the students’ for themselves. When a student recognizes that he is learning things he never thought he could learn he will also practise self-discipline more often than not.

  5. Before we can consider holding parents responsible, we must first come to understand whether parents hold themselves responsible for their children’s behaviour in society! Most parents in T&T would put their “hand in fire” for their children! They would swear on a stack of Bible’s abou their children’s innocence.

    This is believe is the folly of our parents. How often have we seen parents at a court house or a crime scene where they proclaim their children’s innocence in the face of overwhelming evidence of wrong doing? No matter what their children do, they stand by their children!

    Parents don’t seem to put the same value on other people’s lives to that of their own. The only time these so called “parents” are visible is when their child(ren) get caught or shot. They crawl out from under the same rock their child came from to cast aspersions on those that seek justice.

    When children are wreaking havock in schools parents march down to the school and threaten, assault against the teachers. What message does this send to the chiidren about their conduct in society?

    Yes my people, we need to hold parents responsible, but first they need to see the importance being responsible for their own children. How do we need to do this? via education. Like in the States, Canada and other N/American countries, we need to get the parents involved from a young age. Hold meetings in schools for parents only and educate them, she the light so bright that they cannot help but feel the need to play a better part in their children’s lives.

  6. Harry Williamn,The Fearless TNT Republican!

    How could any member of Parliament and this Present Government know and read and hear about this vicious and so unnecessary taking by violence of this Dedicated Police officer’s life and feel comfortable to carry on with their lives as if nothing has happened?
    Folks, this is a very sad day in this country when they all carry on like nothing has happened as they all have become inured to the continued onslaught of the crime cancer upon our society and it seems they all have calculated that it is “NO BIG DEAL” just another dead body and those who ( if any at all) feel compelled to say something from a twinge of conscience or because it is the best possible political thing to say come out with the “usual expression of outrage. False outrage?..etc” and ,life goes on as they continue to march on their individual agendas of enrich themselves and their Party hacks and work feverishly towards winning the next general election?
    What about this Quote,” Acting Superintendent Joel Nedd, who was fatally shot by carjackers on Monday night, was a gentleman who was well respected by fellow officers. That was how senior officers described Nedd, 57, a policeman with more than 40 years service, who was months away from retirement at the time of his murder.” ???
    Do they care beyond the political “playbook rhetoric” ? You tell me because Acting Superintendent Joel Nedd and his family, like all of us decent and law abiding folks ( who do not have the luxury of Tax payers money providing us and our families personal Special branch protection 24 hours a day) were told by a woman named Kamla Persad Bissessar, back in July 2010 ,that we need not worry because Quote The Trinidad Guardian July 04,2010,”T&T is under lockdown!”
    Hours after the Government appointed Canadian Dwayne Gibbs as this country’s new Commissioner of Police a 24-hour lockdown has gone into effect throughout T&T. The announcement was made by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at the People’s Partnership Local Government launch at Mid Centre Mall on Friday.”
    I have to give the Prime Minister and Mr. Gibbs their due in this case. They were absolutely right when they said that.,”T&T is under lockdown!” because they were simply stating a fact there because we, the decent and upright folks in TNT,have been under “LOCK DOWN ” in our homes,cars,work places, business and every where we go for years now as the crime cancer selects us at random and consumes us in its seemingly unstoppable rampage against our citizens! yes we are on lock down hence the hapless officer was viciously gunned down for his very own vehicle which he paid for with his hard earned money as he gave his life work as a police officer in a extremely corrupted environment to protect us the best he could! “Lock down ?” madam Prime Minister?
    I know “blame the PNM”! No better still “Blame the victim! He should have taken the bus and not use his car so he could not have been carjacked!
    You and your Dwayne Gibbs and your tough talk and lock downs are meaningless to the criminals who have long grown accustomed and inured to the useless ranting and ravings of politicians! One criminal told me,” we are no different from the Politicians and the Judciary!They steal and rob with Pens and we steal and rob with guns! That is the only difference between us!” Is the criminal wrong ? You tell me!
    I know this: My HARRY WILLIAMN Comprehensive Anti Crime Plan does not allow for the Prime Minister to get up on a podium and talk tough and “lock down TNT” ( which is in reality a useless strategy which hurts the average citizen and reduces TNT to a Somali Warlord like gun state ) and has nothing to show for it but a growing list of victims and the seeming police executions of some dim witted economically deprived Africans whose families cannot afford ,”Queen’s Counsel Andrew Mitchell and James Lewis QC.” ( like Steve and Ish of the PP,to investigate their deaths and a few nuts commenting of the express about “kill them etc” …no it does not allow for that but it Guarantees that in 18 Calendar Months TNT shall be restored to the peace and security of the 1950’s and the cancer of crime shall be burnt off the skin of this Great TNT.We owe that to this Police officer who gave forty years of his life to this country! We owe it to him and his family and to very single victim of the crime cancer in TNT for it is the least we can do for our TNT.
    I am angry and I have a right to be because we as a people do not deserve this crime cancer and we do not deserve a government that seems more concerned with “robber talk” and the importation of all things ‘foreign” from the Police service to the very educational tools ( HP Laptops? Please!)and a lame chicken and wounded duck Prime Minister that seems to think that an inordinate amount of traveling is equivalent to “GOVERNINING!”
    My question as I close is how long shall this go on? You tell me !

  7. I got to know then Instructor Corporal Nedd in 81, when as a 19 year old, I began my sojourn as a short pants, insignificant member, of the then Randolph Burroughs led, T&T ‘Boy & Gals in Blue Brigade,’ located in St James.
    As I recalled , he always had an amiable smile , was a kind, well liked ,fair,an helpful soul, who treated others -whether under his charge , or outside of it-with respect ,and dignity ,and I am absolutely certain, that he maintained similar,fine characteristics throughout the rest of his career, even up to the point in which he was murdered .
    You will be missed Superintendent Ned,hopefully his family would know how much he was appreciated by fellow officers , past and present, and may the ‘BlackSunGod’ rest his soul.
    Having said that, let me again antagonize ‘some o dem UNC /COP fanatics- and even shock a few progressives, that dared to put nation over tribe and support dem via the polls- with my following explanation,as to who I believe should be forced to accept full blame, for indirectly ending the life of this wonderful human being , that was a pillar ,in our law enforcement community.
    How about the leadership of this misguided PP government, along with their delusional handlers? From the day these characters assumed power, they have continually embarked on a politically driven ,demonization agenda , that was leveled against Public Servants, but more so directly at our hard working , and dedicated Police law enforcement officials.
    Their first course of action ,was the maneuver to bring in a bumbling foreigner ,with suspect credentials to assume the role of Commissioner,then publicly humiliated then Acting Commissioner, Mr Philbert, while repeatedly making stupid insidious, commentaries across the nation, about the incompetence of his men ,and women, that fought to keep our nation safe against overwhelming odds.
    What this did in essence ,was lower moral within the ranks, while it simultaneously lowered the image of this stellar organization in the eyes of not only the desperate ,and scared citizens across the nation, YEARNING for long overdue security , but also the criminal elements that viewed May 24th 2010 , as open season on any sector that appeared to be independent with no direct allegiance to political parties.
    As such, putting a bullet or two into a serving member , was viewed as almost inconsequential.
    Now folks , just pay close attention to the PR machinery media groveling ,and pretense of concern , as the crocodile of tears are publicly extracted .
    What a pathetic, and unwholesome bunch! Care to wake me up in 3 years , or less when another election becomes due,and this charade finally ends, yes?

  8. Neal how can I put this in simpler terms or layman’s terms so you can understand.
    I know nothing I or anyone say may change your views and behavior.You see your behavior and everyone Else’s is determined by two factors.

    1)The way you see the world.

    2)The way you see yourself.

    Since in some cases you have no control of the events and actions of others around us,it is the way we interpret and understand this information which determine our behavior.
    The way you see yourself is another thing.By your writings there are many indications that you may have been an abused child or had many hardships in your early years,with many unresolved issues which you have not yet worked out.
    This backlog of unresolved issues,I believe is the reason for your lashing out at the society from whence you came.
    Since you fail to see the lamp post in your own eye here you are pointing out the speck in others in order to find some sort of solace for your failed state.If you do not make peace with yourself you will be doomed to live a life in a state of constant anger.You will end up like Harry Williams,he is a perfect example of a person totally consumed by hatred and anger and now finds it impossible to assimilate into a normal society.

    You and Harry Williams are the remnant of an old era,the era of honorary white hood entrusted by the old British Colonialist,now is a time to develop your own identity, relinquish those old titles and leave those ghost of the past behind.Indians and Whites are not your enemies but fellow Trinidadians if you are indeed a Trinidadian.If you do not free yourself from your slave mentality it will cause your demise.Just look at Harry Williams and ask yourself why you have nothing and live like a refugee in a land of plenty when your people have been the Government for over 90% of it’s independence.

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