Pre-Conditions of Value-For-Money Diplomacy

By Stephen Kangal
September 26, 2010

Stephen KangalDuring his sprited Budget response to the opening salvo statement made by the Leader of the Opposition, the Honourable Keith Rowley, Foreign Minister the Hon. Dr. Suruj Rambachan posited emphatically that the Partnership Government has as its pivotal and overriding mission the conduct and achievement of what he termed value-for-money diplomacy (VMD). That new modus operandi /paradigm shift in our traditional foreign policy configuration, if it is to be seriously configured and undertaken, must be commended.
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A house fit for a chief

By Anika Gumbs-Sandiford
September 26, 2010

Chief Justice Ivor ArchieThe million-dollar sale of the official Chief Justice residence more than a decade ago has come back to haunt the State. The decision has left taxpayers digging deep into their pockets forking out more than $54,000 a month to afford the super-grade housing a Chief Justice is entitled to. So, why was the home of the nation’s third highest office holder sold and not renovated? This is the burning unanswered question on the lips of many. Comprising 44,943 square feet of land (more than one acre) and located in the affluent neighbourhood of St Clair, the sprawling property was auctioned off for a bid of $7,001,000 just three days before Christmas in 1997. Real estate agent and chartered surveyor Afra Raymond valued the opulent property in today’s market at a whopping $31 million.
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Here today, gone tomorrow

By Raffique Shah
September 26, 2010

Brigadier Peter Joseph“So, I expect you to tear into (Herbert) Volney’s anatomy in your next column!” many of my readers chorused all of last week. People were itching for me—why me?—to go after the judge-turned-politician, the greatest intervention since, let’s say, mouth-organist Cutty Joseph. Or Hardeo Hardath, a PNM “crapaud” who opened his mouth in Parliament only when he yawned.
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