Giving It All Away

By Michael De Gale
January 29, 2008

Natural GasThe caption in the business section of the Trinidad Guardian 24/01/08 read, “Petro-Canada excited over T&T gas find”. The article referred to the recent discovery of between 0.6 – 1.3 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas. I’m not a geologist, but that strikes me as a significant amount of natural gas regardless of how it is measured. Petro-Canada is reported to have said that the local gas discovery is among the “more significant” of its international exploration successes. What’s more, this find is the first of a four well program and according to company officials, “…the discovery validates our exploration model and further success on the block could lead to a material development”. I am not sure what the term “material development” means but I am willing to wager a bet that the mother load is yet to be discovered.
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Wasting our money behind ‘bumsees’

by Raffique Shah
January 27, 2008

Trinidad Carnival 2005LISTENING to today’s masquerade band leaders clamour for the Government to “run more money” my thoughts fall back on yesterday’s greats-George Bailey, Harold Saldenah, Cito Velasquez, Irwin McWilliams, the Harts and the Lee Heungs, to name a handful. These creative geniuses, forerunners to Wayne Berkeley and Peter Minshall, presented generations of Trinidadians and Tobagonians with Carnival spectacles that remain forever etched in the minds of those who were fortunate to see them parade in the city.
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The Archie Factor in the Impeachment of CJ Sharma

By Stephen Kangal
January 26, 2008

Sat SharmaThe relentless, insatiable and unmitigated fixation harboured by PM Manning in scraping the barrel for even the most tendentious and lack of a prime facie basis for wanting to disgrace and impeach former CJ Sharma as well as the rapidity of the process to effect the current appointment (done deal?) must surely lead citizens to inquire whether that whole sordid unnecessary chapter that blemished our political history in perpetuity was not a deliberately orchestrated political conspiracy engineered to remove CJ Sharma and enthrone Mr. Justice Ivor Archie in the first place.

When the Prime Minister gave CJ Sharma the ultimatum to resign or face criminal prosecution whom did he have in mind to fill the vacancy that would have occurred? At a time when the President is seeking re-appointment he is clearly susceptible to manipulation from Whitehall. He was manipulated to appoint three PNM activists as independent senators in the new Senate.
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Chief Justice Ivor Archie

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
January 24, 2008

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

C J Ivor ArchieAs the fellars on the block would say, “Panday is real head!” Commenting on Ivor Archie’s elevation to that of Chief Justice, Panday proclaimed that he had “advised the President that he should have advertised the post in the Caribbean and the Commonwealth so he could have had a wide pool from which he could have selected the best person.” Strange as it may seem, that thought never occurred to Panday when President A. N. R. Robinson announced the appointment of Satnarine Sharma as the seventh Chief Justice of the republic.
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Recession Shadows

Wednesday, January 23 2008

Financial ComplexMonday’s rapid fall of stock indices internationally, provoked by a severe and lingering contraction of the United States economy, the world’s largest consumer market, has seen the lengthening of recession shadows over, not only the US, but Europe and Asia as well. In line will be Latin America and Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean as the US economy, troubled by a pronounced slow down in housing unit starts urged on by a credit squeeze and a fall off in jobs and, consequently, earnings, has not given any indication of righting itself.
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The Monitoring and Evaluation Façade

By Stephen Kangal
January 21, 2008

Patrick ManningAll the three major but flippant proposals announced by PM Manning at the inaugural Regency Hyatt Chamber of Commerce $800 luncheon lacked thought, vision, investigative evaluation and an appreciation of the fundamentals of problem-solving.

These include his experimental ABC “play whe” lottery plans for crime fighting, his hanging proposal debacle and the duplication of monitoring and evaluation teams in each Ministry. Someone has to tell PM Manning, even if he does not listen, that he has to consult to avoid verbal insults to the native intelligence of Trinbagonians.
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Policing Crime In T&T

PoliceIn light of the escalating crime rate in Trinidad and Tobago, and the perceived impotence of the Police Service to arrest the situation, I want to once again bring up the idea of decentralization of the major law-enforcement bodies.

In order to have a potent crime fighting and crime preventing organization, that organization must have:
(1) the tools to fight and prevent crime,
(2) the infrastructure to house and operate from,
(3) the support of the justice system,
and more importantly the confidence and faith of the people they are employed to serve and protect.
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Torture, then hang ’em high

By Raffique Shah
January 20, 2008

hang 'em highNow that Prime Minister Patrick Manning has declared his latest plan to curb crime-hang ’em high-I must advise him of a sinister measure he can add for special effect. The PM knows I am among those who oppose capital punishment, although, shamefully, I must admit to having looked in the other direction as Dole Chadee and his gang were strung up under hangman Ramesh Maharaj’s watch. Now I urge the PM to torture the SoBs before putting the noose around their necks.
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Keeping PNM’s Commandments

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
January 17, 2008

PNMA week ago Louis Lee Sing broke two of the most sacred of PNM’s commandments: thou shall not speak evil of the political leader in public; and thou shall not speak evil of the party in public. It’s alright to speak your truth about the political leader and the party behind closed doors; it’s quite another matter to air negative views in public.
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Chambers wasn’t ‘duncy’ after all

Dr. Kwame Nantambu
January 16, 2008

George ChambersAs Calypsonians put the final touches on their compositions for C2K8, it is apropos to relegate to the ash heap of TnT’s political history, the notion that has been bandied about by some Calypsonians that as Prime Minister of TnT, George Chambers was “duncy.” The fact of the matter is that such a notion is not rooted in historical/factual reality but rather in mythology and facetious fiction.
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