The Monitoring and Evaluation Façade

By Stephen Kangal
January 21, 2008

Patrick ManningAll the three major but flippant proposals announced by PM Manning at the inaugural Regency Hyatt Chamber of Commerce $800 luncheon lacked thought, vision, investigative evaluation and an appreciation of the fundamentals of problem-solving.

These include his experimental ABC “play whe” lottery plans for crime fighting, his hanging proposal debacle and the duplication of monitoring and evaluation teams in each Ministry. Someone has to tell PM Manning, even if he does not listen, that he has to consult to avoid verbal insults to the native intelligence of Trinbagonians.
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Policing Crime In T&T

PoliceIn light of the escalating crime rate in Trinidad and Tobago, and the perceived impotence of the Police Service to arrest the situation, I want to once again bring up the idea of decentralization of the major law-enforcement bodies.

In order to have a potent crime fighting and crime preventing organization, that organization must have:
(1) the tools to fight and prevent crime,
(2) the infrastructure to house and operate from,
(3) the support of the justice system,
and more importantly the confidence and faith of the people they are employed to serve and protect.
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