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‘Ethnic cleansing’ of Whom in T&T?

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
July 19, 2009

DoctorsThe recent accusation by UNC’s Dr. Tim Gopeesingh of “ethnic cleansing” of Indian-Trinbagonian, not Indo-Trinbagonian, doctors at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital at the supposed hands of the PNM-Manning administration, smacks of an innocuous similarity of “reverse discrimination” by Euro-White Americans whenever African-Americans seem to make some modicum of socioeconomic progress.
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‘PoS General, an African hospital’

By Sean Douglas
July 18, 2009 –

Dr. Tim GopeesinghCARONI East MP Dr Tim Gopeesingh alleged an “ethnic cleansing” of Indo-Trinidadian doctors at Port-of-Spain General Hospital (PoSGH), but Leader of Government Business, Colm Imbert, dismissed these charges as “scandalous, false and outrageous.”

The heated exchange shook up a dull debate on the Emergency Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Personnel Bill 2009 as amended by the Senate.
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A conscience vote

By George Alleyne
July 15, 2009 –

Jack WarnerIssues of personal conscience with respect to policy positions held by two of the nation’s legislators — Independent Senator Gail Merhair and Opposition United National Congress Chaguanas West Member of Parliament, Austin “Jack” Warner — have dominated national public issues thinking within recent days. Senator Merhair, with respect not only to her support of the controversial Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, but the comments she made immediately prior to her casting of her vote, and Mr Warner’s voting in favour of Government’s Securities Bill 2009.
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Montano adds insult to Merhair’s injury

Guardian Editorial
Published: 12 Jul 2009 –

ParliamentSenator Gail Merhair injured the public interest not for voting, as an Independent, in support of the Government, but for the reasons she has given.

An Independent Senator is answerable to no constituency, no parliamentary whip, or to any party-line enforcer. Appointed in the President’s own, non-advised, wisdom, an own-way Independent Senator may pitch and roll indefinitely as a loose cannon aboard the ship of state.
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Dawn of a new era

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, July 12th 2009

PNMEVEN as this column appears in print today, there is a “unity rally” being held at Skinner Park in San Fernando. Its promoters have invited people of every political persuasion, even those who do not belong to any party, to attend. The rally, they say, is intended to send a strong message to the Patrick Manning Government that people are fed up with its high-handed form of governance.
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Unfair treatment

Newsday Editorial
Friday, July 10 2009

PM Patrick ManningWednesday’s decisions of the Appeal Court in upholding two crucial appeals, one against the quashing by the Prime Minister of a Foreign Affairs officer’s appointment to a position at the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission in London, the other against the PM’s vetoing of a promotion in the general public service, clearly followed the clumsy handling by the Prime Minister of both matters. As a result, the Appeal Court, in both cases comprising Chief Justice Ivor Archie, and Justices Margot Warner and Allan Mendonca, ruled that they were “unfairly treated.”
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Why the Privy Council?

By George Alleyne
July 08, 2009 –

PM Patrick ManningIt is as inexcusably absurd for the Office of the Prime Minister to have so much power under the Constitution with respect to the appointment of the Chief Justice, the Solicitor General and the Director of Public Prosecutions as it is for the Opposition to frustrate Trinidad and Tobago’s complete breakaway from having the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as this country’s final Court of Appeal.
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Unity, change and exchange

By Raffique Shah
July 05, 2009

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

PM Patrick ManningALTHOUGH I can’t afford the luxury of frequent travel abroad that some people do, I understand why they opt to spend time in other countries. It’s not that they don’t love their country, whatever its shortcomings. But they seek escape from the crime wave, look for respite from a runaway government that believes its mandate is to disrespect and disregard lesser mortals, especially those who voted it into power. Most of all, though, I suspect they wish to drown out the cacophony that assaults us from every direction, the ubiquitous call for “all those who oppose the wicked PNM Government to unite to remove Mr Manning from power.”
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EMA approval for smelter ‘illegal’

By Andre Bagoo
June 17, 2009 –

Aluminum Smelter PlantHIGH COURT Judge Justice Mira Dean-Armorer yesterday ruled the decision of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to grant approval for construction of the Alutrint smelter plant in La Brea was illegal and made in an “outrageous”, “irrational” and “procedurally irregular” manner.

Delivering judgment in a series of lawsuits challenging the EMA’s April 2007 granting of a certificate of environmental (CEC) to Alutrint, the judge found that the failure of the EMA to disclose to the public or consider a crucial report which analysed the cumulative impact of the smelter plant alongside a now under-construction power plant as well as a planned port facility had fatally tainted the process used in approving plans for the plant.
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Father, forgive them not…

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, May 10th 2009

The Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago“There is one trait in the character of a leader that above all things, really counts-being straight. No amount of ability, knowledge or cunning can ever make up for not being straight. Once those under him find out that a commander is absolutely straight in all his dealings with them, and free himself from the slightest trait of self-interest they will love him trust him, work for him, follow him-and should the occasion arise, die for him”

—Basilisk Talks on Leadership, extracted from the “little red book” of Sandhurst, Serve to Lead.
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