Dawn of a new era

By Raffique Shah
Sunday, July 12th 2009


PNMEVEN as this column appears in print today, there is a “unity rally” being held at Skinner Park in San Fernando. Its promoters have invited people of every political persuasion, even those who do not belong to any party, to attend. The rally, they say, is intended to send a strong message to the Patrick Manning Government that people are fed up with its high-handed form of governance.

It also seeks to demonstrate that the majority of the population, PNM supporters among them, are poised to kick the ruling party out of power if general elections were called tomorrow.

I don’t think there is much debate among political observers and analysts that the ruling party is currently at its nadir in terms of popular support. Mr Manning, like most self-deluded politicians, believes otherwise. The recent PNM family day held in Tacarigua saw a few thousand people dressed in party T-shirts having a whale of a time.

That many, if not most, of them were “bussed” to the fete did not matter. Some may have even been coerced into attending. When the shady characters who control URP order their serfs to do something, and I mean anything, legal or illegal, the latter would be very brave or very stupid to disobey unlawful commands.

Mr Manning would argue correctly that all political parties operate on a rent-a-crowd basis nowadays. Except for devotees to the respective leaders who would lend support without any quid pro quo (well, mostly), those on the periphery demand incentives-the ubiquitous “jersey”, air-conditioned buses to transport them to and fro, food, drinks and most of all entertainment, not from the leaders, many of whom are great comedy acts, but by costly DJs. The sad aspect of this decline in political ethics is that it is encouraged by parties who want to “look good” at every meeting, whether it’s a cottage meeting or huge central rally.

So I have no doubt that the PNM has lost ground, even among its core supporters, because of its failure to attend to their basic needs, embracing instead prestige projects that have no impact on the quality of lives of the masses.

Only last week a main road in Mr Manning’s constituency collapsed while a contractor worked on it, cutting off San Fernando from Princes Town, except via circuitous routes. While Colm Imbert dreams of super-highways, autobahns and rapid rail, too many roads that service ordinary citizens are falling apart.

There is no maintenance programme in place, not for roads, not for buildings like the Hall of Justice, and not for the new multi-storied structures now being built.

Having outlined every reason why the PNM should be booted out of power, I return to the central question: how can the proponents of unity achieve this? The opposition parties believe if they all come together, if they field one slate of candidates against the ruling party, they would demolish the PNM at the polls.

That is another pipe dream. It is common knowledge, and there is an abundance of empirical evidence to support this, that once Mr Basdeo Panday is involved in any such move, it is doomed to fail. Panday piously preaches unity on every platform he mounts. But in the very next breath he spits venom at his opponents. So those who genuinely believe unity is the road to removal of the PNM from power must also know once they achieve their goal, the cobra in Mr Panday comes to the fore, paralysing or destroying his new enemies, the very people who helped him remove the PNM.

In short order, unity is transformed into disunity, maybe utter chaos, leaving those who worked hard to remove what they thought was their common enemy to stand in their shoes and wonder. “Where did we go wrong?” they would ask. I would respond, “From the beginning!”

You do not build a sustainable alternative on the sole ground of hatred for a ruling party. The reason the PNM has remained in power for so long, for Mr Manning to return from a 33-3 licking and regain power in five years, is because the PNM has a strong foundation and defined policies and programmes, however flawed the latter may be. It is why the party can spurn alliances, even when it’s down and out.

Those who want to remove the party from power must disabuse their minds of unity initiatives. They must be prepared to build credible alternatives to the PNM. That takes time. It calls for “hardwuk”, as Lloyd Best used to say. In order to win over the majority of voters, the new party must present policies and programmes with goals that are attainable, yet different to anything we have had over the past 50 years.

Promises that are hollow will fool no one. People need to be convinced that the new party can give them good governance with built-in checks and balances that make them part of the decision making.

They want to chart their own future, have inputs in major decisions that would impact on their lives. The day of the maximum leader is over. The dawn of a new era, a new leader, one who makes people count as people (you know what I mean!), has arrived.

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23 thoughts on “Dawn of a new era”

  1. Mr. Shah, this one of the best comments in a very long time. We always admire you sir and we hope that the great lord guide and protect you to continue the good job you are doing. we totally agree that PANDAY IS THE DESTROYER OF UNITY.

    Glenn Rajaram

  2. Firstly i voted for the COP last elections for chnage [not against Panday]. All those who are calling for the rejection of Panday are making the very same mistake Panday himself made and continus to make ie. the exclusion of others. We need to find a formulae that will deal with all eventualities. By excluding panday you are excluding the grass root of trinidad and tobago[which cuts across all ethnic religious and racial groups]. Surely the new party to be born cannot be seen and cannot be a middle class only and run entity.. ps. Prakask Ramadhar you need to set up sir and lead or through your hat into the ring to lead this new entity…

  3. I too was at that T- shirt flaunting , tassa playing, bacchanal time , everything is fine as usual PNM Tacarigua rally ,where ardent fans paid homage to their party ,and it was a sight to behold. The coup de gras , was to see the PM make his grand entrance led by brilliant and fine sounding Tassa drummers ,and gyrating dancers , marching resplendent across the dusty savannah, against a beautiful sunset backdrop , and a chorus of ecstatic , frolicking , people. He pounced on the stage like someone half his age , followed by his supportive government fellows , raised his hands and demanded silence , and roared through the mike , “long live the PNM,” and “only dey could give you a Sports Day like this, as dey are the only united party in the land.” The folks on Venus planet are still attempting to recover from the loud sound of the cheers that gushed out from the lungs of the screaming masses . Well, what can one say , the cynic in us can blame it on globalization , or resignation to fate by co opted masses.
    The recent election in big brother America that enabled a once skinny Hawaiian, half white kid to come to power for example proved that the guy with the ability to raise the most money ,was able to convince more that he was the rightful heir to the political capitalist throne , as opposed to a political dynasty led by a self serving ultra feminist , and an experienced ,status quo, national political and military icon, chiefly hell-bent on driving in the Indy 500 Race with a donkey cart , or a raggedy 1949 Ford diesel bus.
    That’s like you Uncle Shah -heavens forbid- trying to still be competitive in the new technologically driven , media business environment , while somehow demanding of every journalist in the department that all computers and internet services be eradicated in preference for the more reliable typewriters you were used to back in the days as Editor of the T&T Mirror along with Rasta friend Keith Shepherd.
    It just won’t work, and you obviously are smart enough to recognize that, but not these new overpaid political advisors. For all their failures and deficiencies, the PNM has mastered the art of knowing how to win friends and influence alleged enemies. Their repeated fortunes in the polls had absolutely nothing to do with electoral frauds, gerrymandering accusations, or similar craps that are unfairly flaunted about for fan base consumptions, and we all know it.
    If that was the case , King Obama just like he did recently for Ghana/Africa , might have made Guyana , or Jamaica his first entry point in the English speaking Caribbean to support his democratic mantra , and not sweet T&T aka Rainbow country – to the tune of 100 million at our taxpayers expense.
    It’s just a thought ,but perhaps Uncle Shah it might just be time for us to collaborate on a book or program entitled ‘The Art of Politics,’ as a spin off from one of our favorite authors Sun Tzu’s Art of War , for folks in our land are in dire need of guidance.
    I am already putting pen to paper to chronicle the words of wisdom from one of the wisest ladies that ever lived as she would often admonished me while I was growing up in her usual irritating fashion that “ I like to play the fool , to make foolish people feel that dey wise .” What a gem , and well worth inculcating by some of our confused ,more pronounced political pundits in and out of power , and across academia.
    Once more an excellent and thoughtful article , as you have honestly laid out the challenges that confronts us as we continue to build a nation where divergent issues, interest, and problems ,can be articulated and addressed hopefully to the satisfaction of all. It begins with frank, ‘no holds bared discussions,’ followed by non emotional approaches aimed at solutions.
    One of the unfortunate scenarios in our country , is the fact that well intentioned folks are trying to do the impossible by being what I like to refer to as ‘ half pregnant.’ It ain’t happening in our life time dear friends. You either want to jealously guard whole scale everything that’s British ,rigidly adhere to other foreign ideas and ideologies complicit European and North American Professors taught us, or instead revert to pragmatism by creating organizations and systems that meet our national needs.
    Disagree anyone? then ask Mr. Panday and former President Uncle Robie what went wrong in 1986 , and why the Bengal Tiger told him to take his ‘First amongst Equal’ Westminster styled useless two Tobago seats along with his Ken Gordon ‘paid the piper’ Senatorial pick , and do you know what with it . Like the late Doc did for Federation power hungry Yardees, Robie quickly learned what Couva styled New Math in that 10 from 36 = 0 , when he Robbie tried to rule the country as if Queen Elizabeth 11 and him were first cousins ,after the political marriage of convenience NAR Alliance benefited from bourgeois Karl, and brother Humphrey’s Sou Sou Lands efforts.
    The fact of the matter is that Uncle Panday ‘ain’t disappearing’ from the political scene simply because some might choose to despise him. He definitely is a force to be reckoned with , has a strong supportive base , and is concerned about his own political/ historical legacy in much the same way like let’s say Cuba’s Fidel Castro is , or closer to home ,Guyana’s Chedi Jagan were.
    How do you deal with him? Here is an novel idea, one might suggest . First , find out what our senior statesman Mr. P really desire. Take the initiative if he is shy , and scrap this almost certain politically driven corruption case that perennially lurks above him by either burning the DPP files, or make the prosecutors Ambassadors to China or Poland to get them out of the fray. Promote and give all the Police witnesses honorable discharges to quiet them once and for all . Push a move for reform of our political system by making our Presidential post an elected one. This would be a perfect fit for Mr. Panday to ease into, then the UNC can be encourage to implement a serious purge of the party of destructive political elements , as progressives will then come to the fore to form alliances, and coalitions where necessary bring huge long term dividends .
    Win / win , is the only final outcome , and we can embrace this dawn of a new era, where new leaders can emerge to make “people count as people , ” as suggested. Uhmmm! It is said by a much acclaimed Indian nationalist called Mahatma Gandhi , that “Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking.” Now as we all know, outside of Carnival this is uncharted territory for us, but perhaps the best is yet to come, as the clichés goes.
    Yours truly our sometimes naïve, idealistic, optimist, who still enjoys complying with granny’s advice of “playing the fool……”

  4. By excluding panday you are excluding the grass root of trinidad and tobago[which cuts across all ethnic religious and racial groups

    Absolute rubbish. Since when has Basdeo Panday been a leader of grass root groups that cuts across all racial and ethnic lines.

    You guys just really love to insult the intelligence of people in this twin island Republic don’t you? Basdeo Panday is a corrupt and racist fool. Support him for all I care, but please do not present him to people as a leader of grass roots blacks. What utter nonsense.

  5. It appears that the “unity” they seek is to kick the PNM out of power. The last time that happened there was chaos in the aftermath of that “win” and there is no telling that any future “unity to kick out the PNM” will result in any thing good either. What we need is a good document that prioritizes the pressing issues that affect the everyday lives of the people with sound plans on how to address and resolve them systematically. It seems to me that the intentions of the united must first be to serve the people of T&T and they must be ready to form a govt that can relate to the people and be serious about it. They must be able to convince people that their intention is NOT to “defeat” but to “form” a government of the people and for the people.

  6. I AM A PANDAY AND UNC SUPPORTER.now that thats been said,we got two choice manning or not?i say not cause look around and you would see why anything else would be better ,lets pick the better of the two evils and that could only be panday..if not quit copmplaining cause we fail to act.

  7. To be “anti” something, is not necessarily to be “for” anything. Panday and Dooks sat on that platform, in Woodford Square, in 1986, and succeeded in fooling the people. When Panday’s troupe of Parliamentarians viited the US during his last administration, there was not an African Trinidadian in the group_ Carlos John and my old acquaintance Mervyn Assam were there, but the man in the street thought Trinidad and Tobago was some part of the Indian Ocean area.The PNM party looks like the people. Always did. Go back to 1956 and look at the pictures.People ent stupid.That is the mistake Panday keeps making. Tell me one thing he ever did for TnT, not for Panday, but for Country.And foolish me thought we were trying to wipe out corruption.

  8. Don’t you wish that there were more fearless, vibrant ,progressives folks in sweet T&T politics today like Independent Senator Merhair that are able to push back and stand up to pressures exerted by old schooled thinkers on both sides of the so called divide.
    I certainly agreed with the sentiments of Uncle Shah’s that a new era has dawn, and would just like to add this example as a manifestation of such. http://www.trinidadexpress.com/index.pl/article_news?id=161503970
    I was just watching Justice Sotomayor confirmation hearings , and although the situation are un related , I feel somewhat compelled to make a comparison as we see the commonality and borderline male chauvinism rule.
    It is so refreshing to see another independent woman defend her past decisions and opinions even if others that claim to be more informed think that she was incorrect in the first place. In our neck of the woods however, it is not lost on the astute amongst us that elite folks who still proclaim to be national leaders, and often lead the cries against alleged institutional and personal discrimination, are always willing to use every means at their disposal to muzzle women when ever possible ,both in the home and public places – unless of course, it involves their own?

  9. Independent thinking people have private sources of income. They can’t be fired by anybody. Old pensioners and the wealthy are quite inependent.Think about that.

  10. Very well then, so let the foolish charade continue, as the timid , powerless , young ,and poor sit on the sidelines and ponder as to when they too can get wealthy, independent, and if lucky, old someday in this socially disjointed society.
    I too enjoy seeing minority neo-colonial political elite gurus ,along with conveniently placed global agents ,run roughshod over the masses they pretend to care about. It is fun to watch them push their respective narrow agendas, while doing every thing possible to ensure that their own largesse remains intact , and the desperate majority of the masses remain at the bottom of the barrel and wonder when they too can one day share a piece of the country’s vast economic pie.
    One thing I am confident about is this, history is on the side of the oppressed, for someday soon hopefully ,true consciousness would envelop, and radical action would of necessity take place to rectify the out of kilter state of affairs.
    The following was said in Matthew 5:30 of the stolen ‘Black Sun God Bible’ :- “And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.” I’ll add that “let’s beware of a man , with nothing to loose.”
    Preach Michael

  11. LINDA EDWARDS wrote:

    “When Panday’s troupe of Parliamentarians viited the US during his last administration, there was not an African Trinidadian in the group_ Carlos John and my old acquaintance Mervyn Assam were there, but the man in the street thought Trinidad and Tobago was some part of the Indian Ocean area.”

    So? What’s wrong with that? His government was democratically elected by the people.
    The present government was also elected by the people. It has a predominantly African “face” and there is nothing wrong with that also.
    One of the realities of T&T is the emergence of Indos as the largest ethnic group in T&T and the insistence of their rights as they also are beginning to dominate the professions.

  12. T- Man do you care to tell us when was the last authentic census conducted in our country? You seem to take almost sadistic pleasures in repeatedly emphasizing this point of Indo Trinis dominance in terms of numbers over other members of the population- not forgeting the mixed ethnicities.
    It is interesting to see you try to hit the good lady Ms. L out of the ballpark as it were, by justifying Uncle Panday’s actions when his party ‘ruled the roost.’ You are correct , it’s his right to take a 500 member contingent to the USA on our country’s business ,and only have perhaps 2 members of that entourage that did not look like him, or for that matter have them relegated to bag carriers , and low end insignificant aids for thoes that he must have considered as the more important members.
    Some perhaps correctly, tend to think that Mr Panday’s – beginning with this and other similar acts- might have hurt irreparably any future chances of his party ever assuming power in this country that is so cosmopolitan as ours.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t there a sentiment that was subtly expressed most likely from on high , to all and sundry , that “ this is our time,” and it was hard luck for any who did not like or agree with a deliberate ‘affirmative action like’ policy that was aimed at rectifying any perceived historical imbalances through out the public service-irrespective on how undeserving ,or un qualified the recipients of such rewards?
    Is might be just me ,but something tells me that the world might soon start to look at our country as a very immature and vastly backward nation for all its claims of growth , literacy and progress.
    It’s almost comical to see this almost child ‘selective obsessions,’ by political leaders and ardent fans led by the likes of T-Man , that are solely concern with seeing who has more of the country’s spoils than the other. It is in this context we should start to look at long neglected ,and much needed comprehensive land reforms, skewed immigration policies that progressive Barbados has the guts to take lead on in their country , long delayed CCJ normalizations and support, and public symposiums on regional integrations to assess pros and cons.

  13. T-Man you conveniently left off half of that comment. I know however, that others read all that I writee. I invite you again to look at pictures of the parliaments from 1956 on, and see what the PNM stands for, as against the other mutations who change name but not policies.

  14. I agree that the PNM has made serious efforts to be inclusive and has tried over the years to present a cosmopolitan, national front.I also believe that Panday and his troupe have not been as aggressive, organized and progressive as the PNM and that is why they form the fractured Opposition.

  15. I AM A PANDAY AND UNC SUPPORTER.now that thats been said,we got two choice manning or not?i say not cause look around and you would see why anything else would be better ,lets pick the better of the two evils and that could only be panday..if not quit copmplaining cause we fail to act

    For me it will be Manning a thousand times over Panday and the UNC. Like I said, Panday’s views, opinions and judgement are products of an ethnic prism. In fact his going back into power in Trinidad and Tobago will herald problems the likes of which have not been seen yet. If Panday ever wins another election I will go home and campaign for an administrative division of the country, so he would rule those whose egos are sated by what they know he represents.

  16. As long as I am alive , I would never ever work another civil servant job in my country. Just cannot serve folks that beat me up through the years and still want me to implement their policies if and when they assume power. It ain’t happening. Butler and George Weeks are probably turning over in their graves. Did all the former Trade Union pitbulls followed the lead of the tooteless Senator Wade Mark, and can people still strike, and protest in our country?
    I might however be tempted to be a part of the local chapter of ‘Transparency International,’ while sitting as a high end board member of one of our numerous local Fortune 500 companies that was known to leech on our country over time , while investing little of substance , and siphoning all their cash to foreign banks under the guise of students loans for yuppie kids in Oxbridge and Boston University. http://www.transparency.org/
    I often found it to be highly disgusting to hear some of these selfish influential bourgeois, that greedily demanded nonexistent government jobs for every returning, -often inexperienced- families and croonies, but did absolutely nothing to encourage diversity hiring practices amongst their respective local companies for other qualified young tribal members of Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country.
    As a progressive myself , I can be tempted to throw some support to the UNC, on two conditions. First, Mr. P must do everything feasible to destroy any political future of his two ungrateful former deputies he once pretended to admire. I can never trust a man , that lacks sound principles, and could care less if he is “ our Black Jesus who art in heaven .” Ramesh spent his entire life pretending to care about Human Rights as it affects the suffering masses, and has done more flip flop on the subject in his spotty political life hence , than our world famous Prince Lara ’s accumulation of fours in his record breaking Test scores over the years .
    As for Jack Sprat Warner the recently converted Tassa drummer from Chaguanas, I would prefer to help spring the neck Golden Grove old thief criminal from custody , and put him in charge of our Central Bank any day ,than this phony character, for all his stellar career at FIFA . How can we trust these men that conveniently dump Uncle Bas their boss, simply because the man felt that his daughter was a more worthy successor to his UNC throne when he departs , and so in true Eric William style told them that as far as his party and policy decisions ,“when I speak ,no dram dog bark?”
    Let Ramesh push for the hangman noose for his treacherous client Abu Backer the ex mounted Branch cop and Imam, and Jack pack his Carpetbags and try and run for an unsafe seat any where along the East West corridor , then we can talk.

    Secondly, Mr. P must settle this ‘hanging Chad’ leadership issue once and for all, long before the much delayed ,and eagerly anticipated corruption trial commenced. As much as I want my country to start to beat out regional , and global leaders such as Jamaica , Nigeria , Antigua , and Zimbabwe on important issues , there is one first it must not commit. I am referring to the first country in the entire English speaking Commonwealth to ever convict a sitting PM while he is in office and have him dragged away to serve time with common , low fife illiterate criminals primarily from John, John, Caranege, Movant , Lavantille, , and Bagatelle Rd Diego Martin. Heavens forbid. Perhaps I’ll reserve this vote for the time.

  17. Ruel daniels wrote:

    “For me it will be Manning a thousand times over Panday and the UNC. Like I said, Panday’s views, opinions and judgement are products of an ethnic prism”.
    There is no doubt that Panday is a “fundamentalist” Hindu who does not realize that his day is over.He made some phoney attempts to integrate when he was PM and realized that he could not be successful in T&T without embracing the Port of spain elite.However, Manning, by his actions has demonstrated that he is no better.

  18. “Panday is a “fundamentalist” Hindu who does not realize that his day is over….he could not be successful in T&T without embracing the Port of Spain elite.”
    When would this guy along with others of similar mindset ever put blame where it deserves and not look for a causal effect from outside?
    Talk about an apologist,T-Man ,Panday’s failures had absolutely nothing to do with any Port of Spain elite as you claim , as they were never a threat to anyone especially him ,as long as they could make their money , play gulf ,send all their dollars abroad , and continue their stings of orgies along the Westmooring shores on million dollar ,expensive yachts unmolested – as others could in their neck of the woods across the country.
    Nepotism, cronyism, and uncontrollable greed were the issues, as such; the party is bound to suffer since he refuses to give up any semblance of power. No more foxes would be allowed again into that political henhouse with a people that refused to remain comatose forever.

  19. True, but you have to realize that Panday and the UNC did not lose the election(18-18). It was the first time in the history of the Commonwealth that a party which did not lose an election was removed from office.
    The replacement , on spiritual and moral grounds, has turned out to be the most corrupt government in the history of T&T.

  20. I can see your point re the election tie , and hence the unyielding animosity by many that fervently believe that they were jilted from obtaining what they felt was rightfully theirs- even if was tied 18-18, and the chances of a 3rd election was foolish to even contemplate.
    The more learned political pundits amongst us would perhaps say that Uncle B had this coming from ‘Ah we buoy aka De Castaria Kid,’ due to his 86 back stabbing jig and dance , don‘t you agree?. Politics 101 Machiavellian styled and all – revenge being a dish ,that’s best eaten when cold – if you catch my drift.
    As to your second point on governmental corruption, forgive me if I come across as naive , but are you saying that there are overriding evidence to substantiate this claim , and our illustrious Police and DPP Office are so well entrenched in the pockets of the ‘PNM kiss butt machinery,’ that no one can bring forth a charge to send any of these jokers to jail?
    I hope that you are not implying that they are bias , even corrupt as well ,or selective in who they go after, are you? We are good British colonial peons , and public servants are expected to be above politics, last time I recalled. This neglect does that augurs well for our objective media, one would think. They would not allow this ‘fly’ to go unnoticed , for all we seem to be hearing about is Uncle P’s infamous airport scandal and nothing else. That’s almost sacriligious.
    Finally, the Alliance did not work in 86, and coalitions globally can be sometimes tenuous – Israel is a fine example- but these are the fact that precipitated everything T-Man and must be addressed. “Under the leadership of Mr. Panday the UNC went on to win the 2000 election but internal strife in the party forced another election in 2001 which resulted in a tie between the UNC and the PNM. That December, President A.N.R. Robinson awarded the PNM the post of Government of Trinidad and Tobago.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basdeo_Panday
    Collectively, this guy has more enemies than Lucifer ,his fallen angels from heaven ,along with Hitler , abu Backer and Osama Bin Laden, and this does not make for a sound political future. Perhaps it’s just time for him to cut his losses, accept his stellar national role in history , simply take a side, so as to become a behind the scene elder statesman , and kingmaker, agreed?
    Please inform him however that baby brothers, or favorite daughters won’t cut it with the hungry FIFA financial guru com Chaguanas MP , or our much adored Human Rights legal advocate from Tacarigua, hmmm? The latter did too much probono work through the years while saving his hide from a Careara real estate cell ,to be embarrassed in such blatant fashion , one would think.

  21. Dear Mr. Shah:

    This is just a thought. I once interviewed Mr Panday sometime between 1990 and 1995 when he was visiting featured speaker at the National Union of Public Workers General Assembly, Barbados. Just before asking Mr. panday his own thought on the issue of longevity and the reign of politicians , I (perhaps foolishly) expressed my enthusiasm for President Nyere of Tanzania because he refused to continue to stand for election on account of his age and his faith in the young to lead themselves in a world that belonged to them more than to him.

    Mr. Panday waxed eloquent, as they does say, about how he definately do not believe in dying with his boots on. In other words, he too expressed great admiration for that act of Mr Nyere’s.

    Just a thought.


  22. Cousin Marge DKG you must recognize that you are touching a nerve here when you speak of Neyere . I honestly believe that this was perhaps the wisest African leader that ever lived . Had some of these neocolonial jokers in the Virgin Continent followed his lead and admonitions China today , would have noting on them as far as global power influence , as he was from the same mindset of Mao in terms of pushing for the empowerment of rual and grassroots. Today instead Africans are running around like headless chickens begging for alms and loans forgiveness , dependent on fading talent less Hollywood celebrities to push noble social agendas on their behalf, while being reprimanded by King Obama the elite political guru and global savior ,for their general sub par governmental performances , corrupt, and predilection for creating failed states across the continent.
    What an embarrassment indeed! No wonder 99.5 % of all Africans that escaped the continent are promoting their European , Asian and where possible Eskimo ancestries over any thing conceivable African.
    The problem with the political semi dictator dinosaur Uncle P and his UNC fiefdom is that he is a true South Asian styled leader and neo colonialist all wrap up in one. Nepotistic blood runs through his veins, and monarchical tendencies are part of his DNA from his many youthful days of eating bad English foods while trying to make up his mind as to possible career choice of an actor or Trade union activist.
    He would obviously prefer to die a happy man with the Scottish grandkids next to him when he is able to hand over the political throne of succession to daughter Mekela .
    What a waste of a political legacy. It kind of reminds one of an aged boxer that cannot recognize when his prime is over ,and so would fight on until some obscure non- entity gives him a low blow and end everything much to the anger of even his loyal backyard dog . It might rather be a case of him emulating some of our African prince of power that feels insulated from criminal prosecution for misdeeds -during their reign- due to the fact that they still hold some semblance of power , and can threaten to change the Constitution to suite their own narrow , tribal / cronyism interest.
    We can say it once , twice and now it is worth repeating again. Such sly foxes would never again be allowed back into the symbolic national hen house to hold political power , as long as it is constructed the way it is.
    Unfortunately , for this new “unity rally” party , they too cannot assume power as long as they cannot convince the ardent UNC fan base to run as far away as possible from the Couva Emperor, and join the progressive bandwagon.

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