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Fear for our future

By Raffique Shah
January 07, 2012

Raffique ShahWITHIN recent times, I’ve had an uneasy feeling that this country is drifting around aimlessly. I sense that in the economic turbulence that has gripped much of the world, we have let go of the rudder of the ship of state, and cast our fate to the wind and the rough seas without even trying to steer a course to safety.
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Trade Union Leaders Need to Chill

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
November 01, 2010

PSA ProtestLess than one year has elapsed and now one sees that trade union leaders and others are pointing their acerbic artillery at the newly-elected People’s Partnership (PP) government. Indeed, such action is totally unwarranted, unwise and un-Trinbagonian, to say the least.

The powers that be in these unions/associations need to realize and understand very clearly that the mammoth, outstanding sums of money owed to them are the wicked/vindictive legacy of the former PNM government under Patrick Manning.
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Riding into the valley of death

By Raffique Shah
October 31, 2010

Raffique ShahTHERE are few reasons why the People’s Partnership Government should portray itself as a victim of circumstances the way the NAR did in 1986. Back then, Ray Robinson and his “party of parties” inherited an almost empty treasury. The George Chambers government had faced declining oil prices from OPEC-driven “highs” in 1973-77 to “lows” by the time Chambers assumed power in 1981.
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Wage Rage

Newsday Editorial
October 28 2010 – newsday.co.tt

President of the PSA Watson DukeANY responsible person is likely to be torn in his sentiment towards the wage talks between the Government and the Public Services Association (PSA) for members of the Public Service.

On one hand the Government’s offer of 0-0-1 percent for the past three years respectively is quite startling, alarming and really impractical for workers who have seen no freeze in the prices they daily face over the same three-year period.
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Truly a national insurance ‘scheme’

By Raffique Shah
October 10, 2010

CLICO BailoutNOT surprisingly, many Clico and CIB depositors were not excited over my column of last week. I thought I was being generous to those whose savings now seem to be “jumping up in steelband”. I referred to them as thrifty people. And I, too, would be ticked off if my savings, as small as they are, were threatened through the manipulations of corporate bandits.
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PM’s statement on Clico

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarPRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bisssessar announced that Government will establish a commission of inquiry to find who and what were responsible for the fiasco at CL Financial subsidiaries Clico, British American and Clico Investment Bank. Below is the Prime Minister’s full statement in the House of Representatives on Friday:
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Financial advice from ‘Layman Brother’

By Raffique Shah
October 03, 2010

TrinidadiansI HAVE never seen a million dollars in my life. The only time I gaped at big money—was it US$20 million?—was when the then high-flying “Sir” Allen Stanford stormed the hallowed Lord’s cricket ground in London, bearing 20-20 prize money in what appeared to be a huge casket. Most appropriate, in hindsight, since shortly thereafter “Sir Allen” ended up in leg-irons in some US jail that may yet prove to be his final resting place.
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Pre-Conditions of Value-For-Money Diplomacy

By Stephen Kangal
September 26, 2010

Stephen KangalDuring his sprited Budget response to the opening salvo statement made by the Leader of the Opposition, the Honourable Keith Rowley, Foreign Minister the Hon. Dr. Suruj Rambachan posited emphatically that the Partnership Government has as its pivotal and overriding mission the conduct and achievement of what he termed value-for-money diplomacy (VMD). That new modus operandi /paradigm shift in our traditional foreign policy configuration, if it is to be seriously configured and undertaken, must be commended.
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Sources for Funding the Budget Deficit

By Stephen Kangal
September 11, 2010

Finance Minister Winston DookeranNever in the annals of the political and parliamentary history of national budgeting in T&T has such a delicately balanced, radically reforming, investment stimulating and confidence building 2010-11 fiscal package been accepted and lauded by so many across the country. This consultative-based, people’s budget was truly a national and grass-roots event with almost everyone except for a few misguided and bazodee PNM MP’s giving Finance Minister Dookeran the thumbs up approval.
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State of the Economy

By Derren Joseph
July 20, 2010

Financial ComplexGenerally speaking, I often raise an eye brow when commentators use broad brush strokes to describe the somewhat intricate picture that is our economy. A picture made all the more interesting by the challenges facing the global economy in general. For my part, I try hard to appreciate the views of both sides of the fence—those who speak positively of the economy and those who do not. On one hand, it is hard to dispute that compared to many so called developed nations, and many of our neighbours in the region, we are doing relatively well. Looking at the charts available online, our public debt as a percentage of GDP is less than our Caribbean neighbours, our friends in North America (US and Canada) and even much of Western Europe. Our import cover is about 12 months when the international benchmark is 3 months.
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