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UNC internals: theatre of the absurd

By Raffique Shah
March 25, 2012

Raffique ShahI LEARNED a lesson in political morality — surely an oxymoron — at the politically tender age of 35. It came from the Machiavellian master himself, Basdeo Panday. Panday and I, along with George Weekes, Joe Young and others, had founded the United Labour Front back in 1976, when I was 30 years old. Within two years, Bas would “mash up” the organically integrated dream party when a number of us took what we thought were principled positions on fundamental issues, details of which are well documented.
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Pre-Conditions of Value-For-Money Diplomacy

By Stephen Kangal
September 26, 2010

Stephen KangalDuring his sprited Budget response to the opening salvo statement made by the Leader of the Opposition, the Honourable Keith Rowley, Foreign Minister the Hon. Dr. Suruj Rambachan posited emphatically that the Partnership Government has as its pivotal and overriding mission the conduct and achievement of what he termed value-for-money diplomacy (VMD). That new modus operandi /paradigm shift in our traditional foreign policy configuration, if it is to be seriously configured and undertaken, must be commended.
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Adopting a Consultative Approach on Our Foreign Policy

By Stephen Kangal
July 09, 2010

Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Suruj RambachanFreshly minted Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Suruj Rambachan has appropriately initiated his public exposure at the helm of the Foreign Affairs Ministry by adopting a consultative, transparency and accountability-based strategy during his recent interaction with his staff, business, academic and civic society representatives at the Claxton Bay Cara Suites retreat.
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