Adopting a Consultative Approach on Our Foreign Policy

By Stephen Kangal
July 09, 2010

Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Suruj RambachanFreshly minted Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Suruj Rambachan has appropriately initiated his public exposure at the helm of the Foreign Affairs Ministry by adopting a consultative, transparency and accountability-based strategy during his recent interaction with his staff, business, academic and civic society representatives at the Claxton Bay Cara Suites retreat.

Such an approach is consistent with the new people-centred, participatory governance modus operandi that underpins the People’s Partnership Administration Manifesto. It will inspire confidence and credibility in his fresh new collective approach to the process of formulating and determining the contours of our foreign relations. The nexus connecting foreign policy with the demands of our domestic development agenda including addressing the economic diversification imperative was effectively established during the exchanges at the retreat and will be accorded the requisite primacy in the list of foreign policy priorities.

It was clearly evidenced at the seminar that Minister Rambachan proposes to use his impressive background in the principles and practice of business management to reform and re-constitute the operating culture of his Ministry to that of a business with a human face. It will result in the effective mobilization and harnessing of the enormous high grade diverse human capital present at the Ministry that is schooled in the art and science of what he termed to be T&T’s new brand of “value-for-money” diplomacy.

The active participation, creative presentations and prescriptions for the way forward coming from the staff of the Institute of International Relations, the Chambers of Commerce from San Fernando, Chaguanas and Westmoorings as well from former T&T diplomats and business executives augur well for the forging of new frontiers and functional partnerships – backward and forward linkages – in prosecuting our trade expansion and foreign investment inflows agenda on the regional and international stages.

We must wish Minister Rambachan well in his new ministerial appointment.

6 thoughts on “Adopting a Consultative Approach on Our Foreign Policy”

  1. “Freshly minted”, “participatory governance”,”enormous high grade diverse human capital present at the Ministry”, “the Chambers of Commerce from San Fernando, Chaguanas and Westmoorings as well from former T&T diplomats and business executives augur well for the forging of new frontiers and functional partnerships”. I realize that most of what Kangal is saying is descriptive of what he hopes T&T would look like in his feeble mind. His imagination does not allow him to deal with the real world but one created by the euphoria of the PP winning an election.

  2. Come on T-Man , you are not saying I hope that Dooke’s point-men are not entitled to their political spoils as well? What’s that they already have an uncontrollable AG? If your assertion is however correct , then let’s just say Rambachan ,and future high end Diplomat Kangal, have their work cut out for them in trying to suddenly convince the already skeptical ,foreign business conglomerates ,that our country is now worth investing in, after years of government orchestrated genocide ,discrimination ,and hatred against certain segments of the subjugated sectors of the country. These folks might be better off working with Nigeria, Central Asia, and the Middle East, ehh T- Man?
    What did the wisest man of the Blacksungod King James Bible say in Proverbs 26:27?
    Ah yes, “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him” Hmmmmm!
    Just had a Guyanese tell me I can flush my passport down a toilet, as they soon might not need it anymore ,in the new spirit of regional corporation, they might soon be made a protectorate of our country.These are our brothers and sisters, I agree.

  3. What else is new about this ethnic ego masturbator. The concept that wrong and right good and bad is inseparable from the slants learned from cultural and religious myths and notions runs through every line, every syntax kangal produces. One only has to see the caption and they can determine the content of the piece. When you have become so predictable, the mirror becomes your audience.

    1. Kangal is right in talking about foreign policy. Now does T&T have a foreign policy? If so can someone show us that document. The US have a foreign policy. That foreign policy has result in the death of multiple millions.
      Here are my foreign policy convictions.

      (1) Foreign policy should focus on economic development. What that means is having an economic attache in the embassy whose main focus is to look for opportunities for T&T investments abroad. He must interpret foreign government policies in regards to economic develop. Further he must look for product development, that can be utilised.

      (2) Foreign policy should make connections with expats abroad. Develop a list of contacts. Make your presence known in foreign countries by being present at events that promote T&T. An example would be in Canada for instance, independence day is celebrated by have a “duck cook off”. This is something where the embassy can present an award, make a speech and exert influence. So in the event of natural disasters help can be quickly accessed because of established contacts.

      (3) Foreign policy should identify partnering nations in Agriculture, petroleum and other products that present possiblities for further co-operation.

      (4) Foreign policy should have a website set up specifically for the nation that they are in for expats to access information on passport, birth certificate etc. They may have this already but if not they should.

      (5) Foreign policy should market T&T abroad in the area of tourism by presenting information about Trinidad through brochures, vacation tours, and tourist guides. There are newspapers controlled and operated by locals in some of these nations. It will cost a few dollars to put ads in these newspapers promoting T&T.

      Anyways that is all for now.

    I wonder if a plan is afoot to deal with overwhelmed citizens struggling to survive in far off lands , while turning their psychologically traumatized teen agers into baby sitters, and indirect step parents?
    It’s a tragedy where ever it is done- forcing kids to be adults- from Matlot, Caranege , Chickland, Chase Village, or La Saiva, folks. Think about the children.
    Don’t worry CNN would catch on soon ,as they did with the King of Pop ,Grenadian com Trini ,alleged murdering doctor.

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