Injustice Sows Seeds of Terrorism

This picture shows a portion of the barrier being built by Israel in the West Bank. This part is in Abu Dis, close to the eastern part of Jerusalem.
This picture shows a portion of the barrier being built by Israel in the West Bank. This is close to the eastern part of Jerusalem.
By Raffique Shah
July 11, 2010

THOSE among us who keep abreast of international developments will have noted huge protest demonstrations in Israel most of last week. This kind of action is unusual. Small numbers of Israelis who oppose their government’s policies towards the Palestinians and atrocities committed by their military, hardly come out in the open for fear of their lives and liberty. Last week’s protests were not only big, but apparently supported by the state apparatus.

What was it all about? One Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, was captured by Hamas forces when the Israeli war machine rolled into the Gaza in 2006. During that invasion, the Israeli forces committed so many atrocities, even some of its soldiers spoke out openly against the inhumane way they went about that “war”. The lone Israeli soldier captured, Shalit has remained in Hamas’ hands ever since. He has appeared in several videos looking well and pleading with his government to secure his release.

Israel has agreed to Hamas’ demands for the release of 1,000 Palestinians held in its jails, in return for Shalit. What both sides cannot agree on is the list of Palestinians to be released. An estimated 7,500 Palestinians are currently being held in Israeli prisons. Indeed, if one adds Israel’s blockade of the Gaza, millions of Palestinians are “imprisoned” in their own country. But for two countries at the UN (the USA and Taiwan, I believe), all nations have called on Israel to lift the blockade which Prime Minister Netanyahu “eased” immediately before his meeting last week with President Obama.

Note I have not added into the gross-injustice-mix the seizure of Palestinian and neighbouring Arab nations’ lands, the diversion of water to Israel (hence its highly touted agricultural successes), and the establishment of Jewish settlements on the disputed lands.

Israel has flaunted its US-financed military prowess in the faces of the global community that demands a just Mid-East settlement so that the wider world may live in peace.

Make no mistake about it: for as long as there is no peace in that part of the world, acts of terrorism by militant Islamic groups like Al Qaeda and the Taliban will intensify. None of us is safe, not because these groups want to “Islamise” the world, but because of the glaring injustices the Palestinians are subjected to. Recently, Lebanon-based Sheik Nasrallah, who heads the Hezbollah movement, warned of a major war a-coming because of Israel’s recalcitrance.

Bear in mind Hezbollah put a licking on Israel in 2006, the first time Israeli forces suffered multiple deaths, destruction of its armour, and withdrawal of its soldiers across its border, some crying as they retreated. Oh, Israeli air-power levelled large chunks of Lebanon, including critical infrastructure like bridges, roads, housing, etc. But on the ground, which is where a war is won or lost, it fared badly.

Now, the drums of war can be heard again, this time with Iran being the prime target. The most powerful nations in the world, all of which already have huge arsenals of nuclear bombs and warheads, are intent on denying Iran the right to build nuclear power plants. Readers should note that Iran’s first considered nuclear power way back in the 1970s when the Shah was in power. It was backed solidly by the US then. So Israel must be allowed however many nuclear weapons it has failed to declare, but, even at the cost of war, Iran must be denied nuclear power.

These are the injustices that plague the world, the sources of conflict that cost inordinate loss of lives and destruction of infrastructure and property. More than that, they also make the entire world a more dangerous place for you and me. Because when people who harbour strong positions against injustice strike, they invariably do so blindly. Whatever target is “soft” will be attacked.

This discourse brings me back to what I raised two weeks ago in my column: while all men might have been created equal, some are more equal than others. I dealt with how America has always valued its citizens’ lives as being far more worthy than all others’. Here we have another case of Israel offering to release 1,000 prisoners for the return of one of its soldiers. Little wonder it could casually “imprison” an entire people in their own country, starve them, deny them water and an indifferent world allows them to get away with mass murder.

Briefly, I wish to put this in the Caribbean context. A few weeks ago, amidst much controversy and bloodletting, Jamaica bowed to the US demand for extradition of alleged drug baron “Dudus” Coke. Trinidad has long extradited alleged drug offenders to the USA to face trial and certain jail. We have also given them alleged terrorists who look more like geriatric jokers than mass killers.

In October 1976, a Cubana Airlines plane with 70-odd persons on board was blown up shortly after it left Barbados. Thanks to quick response by Barbados and Trinidad police, the two bombers were arrested in Trinidad. Their accomplices were later arrested elsewhere and they were tried and jailed in Venezuela. They mysteriously escaped. One, a CIA operative named Luis Posada, later turned up in Florida.

The US has repeatedly refused to extradite him to Venezuela. I ask: why should we extradite Ish and Steve, or anyone else, to the USA?

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  1. Raffique Shah: “The US has repeatedly refused to extradite him to Venezuela. I ask: why should we extradite Ish and Steve, or anyone else, to the USA?”

    So predictable, it’s not even entertaining..
    Big world Cup Sunday from South Africa today and this is the best Atheists (wink) can come up with to try and win hearts and minds? Not even a note on ‘Sgt. Major Gandhi’ life in South Africa? Maybe it has no relevance to T&T’s society..
    Still, no one can tell what life is like for Ish and Steve at Arouca prison’s infirmary … So much for ‘all men might have been created equal, some are more equal than others’.

  2. “The US has repeatedly refused to extradite him to Venezuela. I ask: why should we extradite Ish and Steve, or anyone else, to the USA?” I dont see why T&T should extradite these guys except for murder. Murder knows no boundaries. The length of time it took to prosecute and their suffering in prison should be taken into account. Any foreigner who is indicted in the US will be in jail for a long, long time. These businessmen brought in tourist dollars and provided gainful employment for Trinis. However, the public is thirsty for their blood and so anything done to release them will be seen as a failure to do right. They should be kept in prison for another 2 years and then release. There are however bigger fish to fry and the PP must do everything in their power to fry them. Some of the PNM ministers must he held to account for selling out the nation financially. Out of power does not mean out of jail…

  3. Now folks,aply this matrix to TnT and begin to understand that those in LAventille and other rabbit warren parts of our country, are trapped behind a wall,like the PAlestinians. Its an inisible wall of low expectations, criminal expectations and low levels of education offered to ” going nowhere ” people. They throw stones at the system. the state breaks down their houses, the n they get guns. Apply it also to soweto and the ghettoes of France/PAris whee lots of North African muslims, and you would begin to understand that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.
    I am so glad Raf. has a global perspective.I hope he will turn his attention to the fate of Sakineh Mohamadi Ashtiani, a woman of Iran facing death by public stoning or hanging in her country.All of God’s people, are people.

  4. For a moment I was on the verge of commending Uncle Shah , on a fair article , but came upon one of his conclusions, that “America has always valued its citizens’ lives as being far more worthy than all others.” Come on Uncle Shah ,you know better than that ,so why not revert to what the wisest lady dat ever lived ,referred to as “plain talk bad manners?” What you seriously mean is, ‘white America,..always value white citizens,’ yes? I know you ain’t loosing it, for your mind is shaper than a Trini 20 year old , or any of those comedians in the government , along with their so called experts handlers ,all put together.
    Tell that to dem thousands of pre WW11 Japanese American citizens , Roosevelt interned during the build up to Hiroshima , while Germans were allowed to sing Hi-el Hitler all across the South and Midwest , to morph into what we know today as the KKK, Militias, and Tea Party.
    How about the millions of African Americans ,still awaiting compensations in 2010 ,from the dominant majority , white ,power structure ,after decades of barbaric slavery, followed by lynching , subhuman living , incarcerations, and too numerous to mention , social deprivations, as they make way for successive invading immigrants to take their place? What’s that, African barbarians don’t count , since they were not even considered humans , until much later when laws were changed ,after they threatened to burn down half the country , like their crazy cousins in the Caribbean? Well , at least you did not respond by saying all is fine in the land of the free , since a kinky head African soul ,is shooting hoops in the White House.
    Now on the same subject , we in Sweet Sweet , T&T feel we are baby America , and wish to lock up every Tom , Dick , and Bridgelal , as well as reintroduce the death penalty like dem loving Yanks. Now America leadS the industrial world with it’s large prison population,think we should be a regional leader , and construct our own Prison Industrial Complex, seeing that jobs are so scarce?

    Speaking about death penalty ,when was the last time a millionaire experience the death penalty in that country, and if we wish to go that route , should we also take a page from lets say China , and put a few bullets in the back of the heads of criminal citizens, for some crimes that fall short of the death penalty , like say fraud , embezzlement ,corruptions, and ‘certain unmentionable acts’ against against the state?
    I just don’t feel good in my soul in giving Ish ,Steve, or any other big white color bandits ,a bye , on the grounds that the USA, supports, terrorism, genocide, unwholesome wars, and other 14th century behaviors. I agree with Madame L, it is good to get our rocks off on injustices across the globe , but let’s , in the spirit of ‘good for goose , good for de gander’ spirit,pull the beam from out of our own eyes ,and break down those -sometimes racially skewed – but more often , ‘social class walls,’ that prevails in our own society , emmmm? It is a more effective way to ‘take a serious bite out of crime ,’ than the introduction of ex Edmonton Police , and Tethron military retirees,and carry over Scotland Yard blokes, to control the entire security establishment, yes ?
    I stand corrected.

  5. My only comment on Neal’s piece is this:”Too much looking back on history is bad for a people with a future to build.” Prof. Phillip Sherlock, first Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies. He was white, and knew our bitter Caribbean history, but he also knew that along some roads “there be madness”. So people have to choose a path that allows them to be sane.
    Now, as an American citizen, by naturalization, I am entitled to the protections that the flag ensures. If I get robbed or mugged abroad,(heaven forbid, even in TnT where I am from) and I can make it to the US Embassy in that country or a neighboring one, I am guranteed a one way ticket to the nearest mainland port, courtesy of Uncle Sam. Now, the TnT government moved four medical students out of Georgia a couple of years back when the war broke out there in eastern Europe, but I am not sure whether they would have helped a simple vctim of crime stranded abroad. There is racism is the US, you cannot legislate people’s hearts, only their actions, but it IS a place that gives you opportunities that nowhere else provides- namely : a job,and if you apply yourself, you can rise to the top, no matter who your family is.Its a country of individuals. As my friend drom India says, you migrate to the US to get away from Indians and their constant efforts to asign you a caste.Every job I applied for as a young woman in TnT asked the question “Who is our father?”. In anger, I used to reply “he was an uneducated farmer, you would not have known him”. Later, the question becme “Are you related to those Edwards…” Same intent. Americans do not give a rat’s arse who your father was, or whether he married your moher(Mine did, and lived at home until he died). You make it on your own in this place.That is unlike any other place in the world, except CAnada perhaps, but Canada has issues with too many African originated people.

    1. In anger, I used to reply “he was an uneducated farmer, you would not have known him”. Later, the question becme “Are you related to those Edwards -Linda.

      The name Linda is of Spanish origin.In German it originated from the word “linde” meaning a lime tree. Edward is of British origin. So your name is essentially a slave name. Chosen perhaps by the person who owned your ancestors. Maybe Mr or Mrs Edwards. Now I would be repulsed if I was carrying the name of the people who oppressed my ancestors, and in a heart beat change it. Fortunately, for me I have a name that comes from my ancestors, so I feel a greater connection to my history. Now that is not to say that there is anything wrong with carrying the name of the oppressor because we live in a different era and all that slavery interposed on your ancestors is forgiven.

      1. There you go.. trying to tap into our resident teacher’s knowledge of the making of T&T. At least you could of say please..
        Maybe she might teach us the history of the Sando Market..
        Last time I was there, it had no signs stating it was a place where slaves would come to sell produce during slavery.. I could of count the merchants who looked like a slave in 1802 Trinidad on one hand. Wah deh call it… Changing Demographics?

  6. “You change your name from Chalkdusk to Pigmibous , so we could know dat you really Afro Conscious.”
    Black Identity Maestro.

    Well Madame L, you already chastise me for not being forward looking like you,with my negative , backward fixations on history, so what can I say to this more progressive rejoinder? Remember back in the good old family values days, both you and cousin khem occasionally boast about -when Trinis were not shooting each other out like the Wild , Wild West idiots, with their imported legalized ‘pistolaros’ all the way from Cumuto to Fizabad, Los Bajos , and back to La Canoe Santa Cruz?
    You might recall that they played a sport , we called cricket, where if you made a mistake and bowl a ‘full toss,’ to an opposing , ‘in form’ batsman like khem, then you had to take what you get , as he would knock you out of the ball park into the stands for six.
    I know , that you were living so long in ‘baseball/cowboy country’ Huston , and probably forgot what that is , but you are a historian, a good with research and such.
    I must say that you open yourself up for licks on this one Madame L, and cousin Khem did not hesitate to run up the score, en route to breaking Brian Lara’s record.
    The man does have a point with respect to these long cherished slave names we are stuck with, and he is right to be more proud than the kinky head , uncivilized savage fools that comprise half this nation , and has constantly aimed to dilute a more noble culture that he proudly cherishes.
    So where does that leave us khem, and should we all do like our respected roving Caribbean Ambassador , by changing our names in similar fashions, so that you and similar noble creatures can continue to laugh at us , as stupid mimics in search of an elusive lost culture? How about our kids , are they lost unless they choose to intermarry so as to lighten up the race,or do those face bleaching, and nose and lip jobs to look more caucasian like you more outstanding folks, or just love who we are warts and all- including these European names?
    But I digress , me , and my inquisitive self. Take it away Madam L. It’s time to sink a Yorker on cousin Kiem , and put him his place. Let him know that we are the resilient sons and daughters of Kings and Queens , that have survived all the barbarism that man has to offer, and will succeed one day.
    “You change you name from George Weeks to Wakamba, so we could know dat you serious but Black Power.”
    Sing Maestro, my Black Socrates Pioneering brother.

    Poor black folks , everybody hates dem, even God it seem, eh sista Emefu?

    1. So where does that leave us khem, and should we all do like our respected roving Caribbean Ambassador , by changing our names in similar fashions–Neal

      Neal if you read my piece I said to the end we live in a different era and people are entitled therefore to continue to use their slave name or change it. If they chose to continue using it I have NO problem with that. After all plantation history will continue well into the 21st history. As for our Caribbean Ambassador he is a mighty warrior for a better T&T. I think he made peace with himself and his identity, such was the impact of the black power movement of the 70’s. How could he continue to fight white oppression and still keep his slave name???? He acknowledge his identity, something that Linda may have a problem with…and since you have a problem with him Nealo… Think about the man in the white house, Barrack Hosein Obama. Is that a slave name??? You should be damn proud of your African & Africana history, something that Linda obviously is not proud of or proud enough of….

  7. I do not like to call people fools, but some of you are close.My mother’s people were white.They were the Eccles- two brothers who came to Trinidad along with the earliest British settlers. One, the businessman, stayed in Port-of-Spain, the other an Anglican priest went to what is now called Eccles Village, and the Ecclesville EC Church, near Hardbargain. My father’s family is descended from Mingo Edwards, who was given a last name that was pronounceable to the English on board the ship that freed them from GOING TO BE SLAVES IN THE USA. This was in 1812, during the war that continued between the British and Americans.They were settled as landed free men in Hardbargain and Williamsville in 1815 as part of the First West India Regiment. In West AFrica, one had a first name and a series of family names denoting whose you were.The British found this dificult, so they gave them names from the officers on the ship. My ancestor’s sister was named Minerva, and I found this out when I went to my sister’s funeral. She was the carrier of the ancestral name. Each of us has one, as well as a European name that recognizes my mother’s white ancestors. Capiche? (You could follow this up by checking the Amphy and Bashana Jackson story. They too are related to us. Next thing you would want to tell me is that Amphy and Bashana are not African names.Now my great aunt was named Sesay, and it took me until five yers ago to meet a West African with that same name., identical spelling.
    So, nobody is hitting me for six. No matther what they think they know.)

    1. I do not like to call people fools, but some of you are close.My mother’s people were white–Linda.

      Linda you are not a black woman, so stop trying to pass yourself off as one. You are the fool here trying to fool all of those who are foolable. In fact you are a Mulatto which denotes a person with one white parent and one black parent, or more broadly, a person of mixed black and white ancestry. So please try and stop attacking your white heritage as though it did you bad. People like you annoy people like me because you fit into my psychosis of those who are “fake”.

  8. Khem,let me repeat, I do not like to call people fools, but.. My president, Mr. Obama, is BlACK BECAUSE HE HAD AN AFRICAN FATHER AND A WHITE MOTHER.One teaspoon of the African blood makes you African. Africa claims all her children,including those of South India,the Andaman Islands, The Australian Aboriginees, as well as the people of Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

    Now, quit this nonsense and focus on some real issues. We have a nation to build that is only 48 years old and has massive problems.

    My family knows whom we are and whose we are. When we throw up a green-eyes blonde child, nobody goes into paroxyms. When we throw up one that looks totally Indian we do not bat an eye either. They are all Africans.All ours.

    1. They are all Africans.All ours.–Linda.

      Linda you remind me of my university days when I was studing the family. The question was ask as to what is the family and how is it defined. I found out to my amazement that everyone does not have the same view of the family. The Tax Department views the family differently from say the Statistics Department. The church views the family differently from the Gay movement. The various ethnic groups viewed the family differently. For instance Linda in
      India the family is viewed as mother/father/son/daughter/children/grandchildren and a host of relatives. In Europe the family is viewed as husband/wife/children. The point is that defining your ethnic heritage is simply your definition, not everyone’s definition. Barrack was seen by some as being too white. Prior to the U.S. election there was a debate going on in African American community as to who Obama really was.. Here is what someone wrote about Obama:-What is Obama’s ethnic background? I just read this week he is 50% white, 6.25% African and 63.75% Arabic.If this is true how can he claim to be African American and not Arab American?

  9. “defining your ethnic heritage is simply your definition, not everyone’s definition…to my amazement that everyone does not have the same view of the family.” Kiem is on to something here perhaps,for in America , black + white = black, a la 1% rule, while Brazil has 25 different categories of whites.
    Pay attention to the power structure Khem, whether USA, Holland , Espania ,Brazil, Israel, Africa, or Russia, Pakistan or India.
    With respect to America , it therefore explains why one of the country’s most adored Founding Fathers, in 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, the much lauded writer of “all men are created equal,” Constitution, could in the past continually rape,and impregnate ,his female slaves/ property , and two hundred years after ,the descendant offsprings from such a barbaric relationship, had to go to US courts, to get the recognition they deserves.
    The reality of the most revolting state of Africans ,in emerging industrial power Brazil ,might explain why many chose to see themselves as anything but Blacks. Now khem , who exactly is defining what , in the above cases?
    Is it Barrack Obama ,and the millions of Afro Americans of that country , who viewed him as Black, or the dominant power in control?
    Funny thing is, amidst all the stupid, ‘post racial,’media hyped debates, we forget why cousin O is not working on Wall Street, or living in Boston ,Connecticut ,Kansas , or similar enclaves with a blond hair,hazel eyed, psychologically traumatized white wife , as opposed to what he is doing today, sitting in the White House, with an intelligent Princeton / Harvard educated , pro family values, big butt ,kinky haired,well chiseled arms, authentic ,Mandingo Queen ,originally from the poor South Side of Chicago.
    Hey khem , it was the presence, and subtle self love indoctrinations, of life long mentor in Black Liberation Theology head guru advocate,Reverend Wright folks, that indirectly ensured the former, did not occur , as he instead filled the void , when his Barrack ,useless father escaped back to his harem in Kenya.
    How quickly we forget that the young Barrack ,like numerous others in similar situations – not of their own doing-suffered a sense of insecurity,due to racial identity crisis , and confusions, forcing him to escapist ,drug experimentations , until he was able to come to terms with who he was as a human being. Any social lessons for Sweet,Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country khem , since we cannot continually await a white expert to solve our problems?
    Please do not ever say, write another law, as our overwhelmed law enforcement officials ,cannot even deal with all they have to contend with presently,including directing congested traffic on the PBR.
    I promise Uncle Shah to put my two cents in as to the issue of terrorism , plus alleged genocides, and the reasons why it is destined to reoccur to even greater degrees ,across the global village- and might even reach our shores one day, if dishonest leaders are not careful.

    1. Neal the Western Media did a number on Africa and India. In Africa they highlighted the poor pot belled sick African child, the despot and his wastage of money, along with the many African ills. Positive African images are few and far between.
      India is no different, for years the Western Media propaganda machine focused on the starving, filthy Indians. Ignored were the fact that Indians were progressing at an incredible rate in the middle class ladder. As soon as American jobs began to disappear all of that changed.

      The point here is that Indians have always done what is right to help our black brothers and sisters, despite being consistently described as racist. Burnham, Manning, Amin amongst other viewed Indians as a threat. Fortunately, Mandela saw things differently and look where South Africa is now. So to MLK and to some extend Barrack Obama. If you are looking for enemies please don’t think that Indians are racist or hate people of color, it is stupid nonsensical and divisive. Identify your real enemy.

  10. Barack and Michele Obama know whose they are, and who they are. Now I have a Kenyan friend, married to a Vietnamese woman whose son looks like a young Barack Obama. When he went to Washington recently, he took pictures where the President has been, and he looke like a young Barack doing them. Yet his mother is a Vietnamese Chinese.
    The trouble with Non-African people is that they are always anxious to count everything in us, except that which we obviously claim. They did the same to explain how a West Indian like Derek Walott could be so brilliant- his white ancestors of course. No one admits that the engineers who built the pyramids at Giza and Kush, looked like us. Trust American movies for that. The people of southern Sudan- around Darfur, are the Kushite people. Same presumptions were made about Great Zimbabwe(if its magnificient, ancient ruins, it must have been done by Europeans).

    Ah fed-up of them asses.
    We count our dougla, half-white and half chinese family, as family. In fact we only deal with it if the children ask.

  11. You are totally correct here. Many Asians and South Asian Americans rationalized their support for Obama by latching on to the fifty percent of him which is White.

    1. Barrack was not supported because of his ethnicity TMan, he was supported because (1) People were tired of Bush, (2) The economy was in shables (3) Barrack proved to be intellegent, articulate and was able to connect with his audience easily (4) His educated white mother did everything to make him succeed while his Kenyan father disappeared only to show up once before his death.

      I would say that Barrack’s strongest influence in his formative years was his white mother who worked hard to educate and encourage him in formative years. He learn to rise above adversity. Now there is a lesson in this for all of us, even tribals as yourself Tman. And TMan if the Dems had placed a dumb African-American to run against Bush the results would have been different.

      1. To quote Aisha the Moor Queen: “Face like a woman what you couldn’t defend like a man” words she said to her son as he prepared for the fall of Al-Andalus to the barbaric Germanic hordes.

        Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., because he insulted his African mother by subjecting her to his half-caste progeny his Luo heritage will forever be supplanted by some fake Anglo-American heritage. Obama, Sr. is a descendent of the Luo, a people representing the most ancient DNA on the planet, who’s ancient home Sudan was known as Kush to invaders, these same Kushites who founded the nation of Khemet a name this poster obviously has no legitimate claim to.

  12. Every sane mother pushes her child.Michele Obama’s African American mother pushed her too, and she too went to a top law school and was once the mentor of her husband Barack( with one R). He is not a back room or a garage somewhere.His appeal was to the younger voters who could identify with his dream,plus the Democrats. My nephew was visiting from Trinidad in feb.of 2008 when Barack came to my town. I said to him, come with me and take the measure of this country’s next president. My little Tunisain protege, a veiled Muslim woman was near the stage, jumping up and down in sheer delight.People of every race brought their babies to see this phenomenal young man. His signature little run up on stage is now imitated by a lot of people. I would have voted for him purely on his ideas.I gave him another vote because now, my African American students could see what I was saying to them for more than twenty years. Learn to read, then no one can hold you back. He who masters book and thinking is a master. He shows them how.


    So how did his educated ‘white Muma’ prepare him for this khem? Was it by putting him on a plane and posting his black tail back to America into the arms of his white grandmother in Hawaii , so as to save him from cruel racial taunts by bare feet, hungry Muslim ‘Indonesians pickneys,’curious, and amused by a big nose kinky head ,half African kid?
    One must be honest and admit that clearly , the biggest tragedy that ever occurred to Global Africans, was a breakdown of the extended family , and more so,emasculation , and absence of the males in the family.
    Michelle to her credit, had the benefit of a father to learn about love, support, and respect for her eventual husband, as she saw it displayed in the home with her parents while growing up. It is instructive that during the campaign , hypocritical , phony ,white Americans -that are raising their racial ugly heads prominently now-were not threatened by him per se , but the radical Black Mama ,and former Sociology major. Hopefully she can still have some influence on him , so that he does not fizzle out as the Black Jimmy Carter.
    Don’t we wish the day would finally arrive when black folks like many others , would finally appreciate their roles , and prime responsibilities , first towards themselves , their race , and of course the rest of humanity, in that order?

    Keep him honest Michelle,for I find Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Michael Steel , and a host of slick , so called caring ,liberal ,black community political pimps , simply revolting. Hey this is grand old Americana , Land of the Free ,which ain’t my direct problem, but more importantly, what about my home country, ehh? Do our leaders plan to use and abuse their own , then point to white European colonialism, and their savage slavery, for the next 4000, years ,in explanation for our folks ghastly state, as others use , abuse , and misuse , while grabbing for all the scio economic spoils ,while still deceptively proclaiming ,how much they adore Sweet, Sweet, T&T aka Rainbow Country?

  14. Neal, give your fooloishness a rest young man. I am tired of your describing hair like mine as “kinky” it is simply curly.We love the skin we are in, and the hair that goes with it. KARIBQUEEN is also racist when you call someone a “halfcaste”. All human life began in the Great East African Rift valley, and that DNA is share by every person on the planet.A half breed would really have to be like a centaur. That is in Greek mythology. All humans are human and can interact sexually and produce fertile humans. Had we not been the same species,we would not have been able to. A donkey and a horse can produce a mule, which is barren.

    I would recommend that you two examine your motives for the invectives which you use so casually to try to put down one Khem, meanwhile all three hide behind pen names.

  15. I’ll ignore the racist comment since I already made a self-accusation in a prior response based on your criteria for racism. But to think true African hair is curly has to be the height of delusion. Have you tried runnning a comb through the hair of a Khoisan. I have bi/tri-racial hair and it definitely ain’t curly at the root. I think I remember you reccommending to another poster one of the various internet search engines, I suggest that you don’t use them enough. “Although uncommon a female mule can produce offspring when mated with either donkey or horse.” according to Wikipedia

    And in case you didn’t catch the latest scientific revelation, the genes of the Neandertal, once thought to be an evolutionary dead-end has been discovered in the DNA of Asians and Caucasians. As of this writing there is no proof (scientific evidence) that the Neandertal originated in Africa.

    If basing my posts on these facts makes me a racist then I gladly accept the label.

  16. Yes Madam L , we are aware of your pride as you make loving references of your Hazel eyes, and south Asian Indo blood mixtures that you are blessed with. The only difference between us my lady is that I am not too delusional , and is simply honestly articulating what many are afraid to public say in describing the African folks.
    Like George Lamming, I am very conformable ‘In the Castle of My Skin,’ and could care less , what any two bit fool,thinks about me, and my interpretations on any social phenomenon, as the choice is clear to all if perturb – ignore them ,stay in your lane, and keep driving along the information highway, while naively attempting to be globally adored, by self serving others. I wish you well.

  17. The hair of Africans is curly. The problem is your english understanding. Curly is akin to wooley, and that describes the hair of Africans. No other racial or ethnic group has curly hair, except through a mixture.

    The study said that Europeans and Asians have 1% to 4% of Neanderthal genes, and it is not present in Africans. That means that people inter bred with Neanderthals after they migrated from Africa. Europeans and Asians share a common branch in the human development tree, and many of the same prejudices nand intolerances.

    The only two institutionalised human supremacist cultural originated in India and Europe. One stratified society into Superior and inferior castes, and the other applied a similar cultural belief system in order to rationalized the enslavement of Africans and the domination of brown and black in the world. The fact that crowds in Indian cricket stadiums react to black players with the same racial slurs as whites in European soccer stadiums, is more a product of shared traditions than a concidence of crass behaviour.

    Some Indians, not all and maybe not most, like to describe blacks as monkeys which, considering the fact they worship a God in the image of a monkey, is an indication of how prejudice and ignorance runs hand in hand. Racism is not the product of a phenominal awakening. It is a product of historical cultural and religious belief systems.

    Where did we hear similar language before ? ” We will not interfere in the process for the naming of the COP , and no foreigner will be selected as suggested.” Umhmmmm!
    One things prospective voters from the lower echelons of society ,should be aware ofmoving forward , is the fact that ,any likely merging of these two educational institution , is not going to affect the families of elite components of any of the politicians , pertaining to both Houses of Parliament, their financial supporters, close advisers/ handlers, or cronies. They in contrast have the option to apply , be selected , and fully finance an educations in any foreign college or University .

    To think that it still remains a mystery as to why terrorism is flourishing across the globe.
    In a Political Terrorism class I once had a few Summers ago,John Gessasi my old radical , Jewish, Political Science Professor, would admonish us students to always pay attention to “who holds power,”when trying to understand alleged terrorism.

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