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Jack Crossing: from Corridor to Caroni

By Tony Fraser
March 28, 2012 – guardian.co.tt

Jack WarnerAustin “Jack” Warner has made the crossing over the political, ethnic, racial and geographic Rubicon—from the east-west corridor to Caroni—and has done so in spectacular fashion. Without the endorsement of the hierarchy of the United National Congress, indeed, against its wishes, Warner sauntered into the heartland of the UNC to capture the chairmanship of the party and by an extraordinarily wide margin—12,695 to 656 votes.
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The case for a local police commissioner

Acting Commissioner of Police James Philbert

Acting Commissioner of Police James Philbert

By Tony Fraser
June 23, 2010 – guardian.co.tt

Finding a new Commissioner of Police is not merely about recruiting the man with the right skills-set and experience, and if that individual be a foreigner then so be it. A Commissioner of Police is one of the principal officers of the State, at the helm of the main institution of national security. Having a national in that position is about the society demonstrating the capacity to govern itself 48 years after having achieved political independence. If the argument is that there is no one within the service with the capacity to successfully perform the job of commissioner, that would be an indictment not only on the senior officers in the service but on the political and administrative managers of the service over the period 1962 to the present.
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Manning—A creature of Dr Williams’ PNM

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning (Centre)

By Tony Fraser
June 02, 2010 – guardian.co.tt

Can the hierarchy of the People’s National Movement, comprising the General Council, the Screening Committee, and the cabinet be considered completely free of the responsibility of allowing Manning to pursue his imperial designs?
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