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Against public opinion

By Raffique Shah
March 09, 2008

Manning And The JetWhen the furore over government owning an executive jet first erupted last year, I was among the very few persons who saw nothing wrong with it, and I wrote as much. I argued then that the Prime Minister could be likened to the CEO of an oil rich country, except that his responsibilities were far greater, and that right here in Trinidad and Tobago there were several conglomerates that owned such aircraft. Indeed, across the world, most governments own, or have assigned to them, aircraft ranging from small executive jets to huge jumbo-jets.
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Travel expert blasts Manning’s jet purchase

By Vernon Khelawan
Saturday 9th March, 2008

Manning And The JetAn air travel expert, involved in the Caribbean air transport business for many years, has questioned the absence of a feasibility study preceding the decision to enter the jet leasing industry.

To date the question remains unanswered, although Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert in a post-Cabinet briefing tried in vain to deflect the question.

The minister had spoken two days before about a feasibility study relative to the inauguration of a fast ferry service in the southern Caribbean.
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Manning And The Jet

By Heru
March 04, 2008

Manning And The JetUnder different conditions I could have supported the idea of the Prime Minister having a private jet at his disposal but not in this climate of increase crime, widespread traffic jams, double digit inflation and increases in the cost of essential services.

Patrick Manning denied that his government was interested in purchasing a private jet from Bombardier in 2006 after he and several of his ministers went for a test ride in one to Antigua. I am of the view that Patrick Manning only put his desire for a private jet on hold because the move was unpopular so close to an election, especially after the story broke that Bombardier was also bidding for the $20 billion rapid rail project. The conflict of interest together with the general unpopularity of using taxpayers’ funds to purchase a private jet for his use could have cost him dearly. Now that he has secured another five years in office, he intends to pursue his desire for a private jet to accompany the new Prime Minister’s mansion.
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Why Are We Giving Away Trinidad & Tobago?

Natural GasEDITOR: It has long been known, that our greatest resources have been given to big business or prominent men from all over the world, especially the United States. However, this didn’t hit home until I was looking up Oil Fields to see who own them. And, under the United States I found Tobago listed as “In Development.” It is amazing to see and hear of corrupt people at home, but I am disgusted by these people and can’t hold back any longer. Our natural resources belong to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, and not to outsiders. Why should the people of Trinidad & Tobago get the smaller percentage?
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Ketching De’ Demon Early

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
February 15, 2008

ProstateOskie vex too bad. Friday morning, first thing, he wake me up to complain, “Why you put ma name in de papers?”

“Well friend, Ah didn’t really put yo’ name in de papers. I was writing an article and I felt our conversation best personified your resistance to my letting the public know about this dreadful disease among black men.”
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Putting Yo’ Business in the Street

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
February 01, 2008

San Fernando General Hospital“Yo mean yo’ had to tell de whole world yo’ business,” that is what Oskie, my good friend, asked when he read that I had “advertised” my sickness in the Trinidad Guardian.

Feeling that my friend was trying to dis’ me, I responded: “I did not advertise my sickness nor were I looking for sympathy. I just felt that I could use my sickness to warn others about a disease that is devastating to black men. After all, Lloyd Best, Kwame Toure and Terry Joseph died from the disease. If I could do something to help others I would be contributing to a good cause.”
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Manning Eliminating the Rowley Threat

Patrick ManningRumour has it that Prime Minister Patrick Manning has eliminated from his Cabinet all members who had once supported Dr. Keith Rowley for leadership of the PNM.

Rumour has it that Manning was in favor of the corruption charges against Rowley sticking, thereby allowing a convincing reason to get rid of him, while ensuring that he is no leadership threat in the future. Although the charges did not stick, Manning would be looking for other ways to achieve his goal. Meanwhile, Manning is eliminating Rowley’s former and current supporters.
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