Wet brown paper could cut Jack

By Raffique Shah
August 02, 2015

Raffique ShahIN days of old here in Trinidad, people one or two generations ahead of mine used an adage, “when yuh crooked, wet brown paper could cut you”.

The word “crooked” in that context usually meant “a run of bad luck”, although in the instant case of Jack Warner, to whom it now applies, it could be a double-entendre. And if wet brown paper could cut you, then you were really deep in the doo-doo.

The saying came to mind when, last Thursday, Warner suffered a proverbial double-whammy, back-to-back blows that reduced him to a blighted “bobolee”.

First, in a ruling against him in a libel suit filed by his one-time pal, ex-AG Anand Ramlogan, the judge ordered that he pay damages and costs amounting to close to $0.9 million—small change for the wealthy former football emperor, but another huge blow to his ego and his credibility.

Then, before he could absorb that shocker, the entire membership of the Tobago arm of his party announced that they had resigned from the ILP in disgust.

If you examine it carefully, you will note that following his brief burst of glory in 2013, when he put a licking on Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the UNC in the 2013 Chaguanas West by-election, then scored well in the local government elections shortly afterwards, Jack all but fell over a precipice, hurtling into a karmic abyss.

On the eve of the general election next month, he provides at best comic relief in a campaign that is long on entertainment and short on the issues, or at worst (for him) fodder for litigation based on wild allegations he feels compelled to “reveal” on a weekly basis, which is the only reason why “maccocious” Trinis pay attention to him.

With extradition proceedings bearing down on him like a freight train, and overfed rats deserting his sinking pirogue by the scores, Jack’s future looks dimmer than a five-watt light bulb, grimmer than the gallows being greased to accommodate another neck.

Sure, he uses bravado to give the appearance that he is at ease: I ‘ent going nowhere for another fifteen years, which, given our legal system, is possible.

But in his heart he knows that judgment day in the USA is a-coming, and all the evidence tell him that the many mouths he fed caviar and lobster and champagne are now poised to bite him, that the wallets he fattened with ill-gotten dollars mean nothing, such is the ingratitude, the cannibalistic conventions of politics.

Because it matters not whether the PNM or the UNC wins the election, neither party wants him to remain here unveiling cheques that implicate a cross-section of public officials as having benefited from dubiously sourced money, not to add slandering from Prime Minister to crook as he struggles for survival in the quicksand of poetic justice.

Looking more like a poor-me-one than the dancing queen-maker who strutted and “skanked” on Partnership platforms across the country in 2010 to wild adulation from hordes of supporters, Jack is today a shadow of himself. No more can he attract the thousands he did until 2013, or the tens of thousands who had re-christened him a latter-day Rama as he rode the high tide into the corridors of power from whence he urinated and defecated on anyone who dared to disagree with the Queen.

Jack’s fall from grace evokes pity mostly among those who had seen through his fake-Teflon coating long before he sought to transform his success in world football and FIFA into political capital in Trinidad and Tobago. We knew the fella was bad news before Basdeo Panday embraced him in the UNC, before he became the cornerstone of Kamla’s Partnership in 2010, before he was appointed by the ruling party to some of the highest, most sensitive offices in the power structure.

As his friends of yesterday kick him when he is down, it is we who have a sense of humanity who must rescue him.

My two-cents advice to Jack is that he leave this cussed country where they are never done talking about the primacy of man, but where they grind men (and women) into the dust when you so much as disagree with them.

Go voluntarily to the USA, plea bargain with the FBI (sink Blatter’s backside!) and the Department of Justice, do time in the relative comfort of US jails, and you may return to your homeland older, battered, but alive.

And who knows?—you may even enjoy the pleasure of seeing some of the ingrates who milked you serve time in the dank dungeons of Trinidad jails, if, by some fluke, this nation’s justice system is revolutionised to reflect true justice.

You never know.

44 thoughts on “Wet brown paper could cut Jack”

  1. Good analysis of the Jack*ss who lives up to his name. Jumping and braying all over the nation. The analysis ignores the Jack/Rowley nexus born out of tribalistic fellowship. Remember the ” enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Rowley went to Parliament no less than 22 times demanding Jack resignation. Immediately upon being kicked out of his high position like a true lover Rowley was there waiting for him. They started an affair to remember.

    It is my suspicion that emailgate originated from the Jack*ss files. About a month after Jack was fired Rowley came waving emailgate in Parliament. He obviously lied about having it in his possession for 6 months. Recently Jack talked about the joint found at the PM house in a washroom, Rowley stepped in demanded a probe to which CoP responded to his request. Why did he not probe Landate? Then the $8 million bribe for Section 34, Rowley pounced on that and demanded a probe, the CoP responded and started another probe. Mr Volney who was the line minister at the time said he was fully responsible for section 34. This Opposition Leader is forever on a fishing expedition.m

    It will be a great day when the PM puts the Jack*ss back in the crib. She has declared an avalanche of defamation lawsuits post election…we look forward to that… Yes Jack continues to mystify all…

    1. Mamoo,

      Please stop deflecting with that pitiful Jack Warner/Keith Rowley argument. It is highly hypocritical, since Jack Warner was a cornerstone of the People’s Partnership not too long ago and Rowley was on the attack against Mr. Warner at that juncture

      Lest you forget:




      This hypocrisy reeks to high heaven, and you are fooling no one.

      Continue to deflect and parry (but symbolic blows will be landed nevertheless), but only the most gullible, sycophantic and tribalistic of UNC supporters will buy your tripe wholesale.

      1. No deflection from the Warner/UNC relationship. However, the UNC have moved on Warner still in the past. I highlighted the current relationship with the PNM that is largely ignored by media. Dr. Rowley allowed Mr Warner Opposition time during question period and even supported his no confidence motions and that was less than 3 months ago.

        1. Your argument is still quite tenuous and very unconvincing, and is again a poor attempt to get Dr. Rowley involved in the aftermath of Mr. Warner’s messy divorce from the Partnership.

          Mrs. Persad-Bissessar and her PP colleagues are trying to get Dr. Rowley drawn into this war of words between Mr. Warner and the Partnership. It is very transparent, and again, only the most gullible and sycophantic of government sympathizers would fail to see through their poorly executed ruse.

          What is most damning and shows a horrible lack of judgement on the part of the Partnership is that it chose to associate with Mr. Jack Warner in the first place. Corruption allegations and suspicions of impropriety have dogged him for years.

          This was nothing new to me and to most people who have followed Mr. Warner’s football career in FIFA. When I had barely hit puberty, I have been hearing about the alleged crookedness of Jack Warner and I am in my thirties now.

          This is the sort of man whom the UNC chose to become involved with:


          This would be very amusing if your disingenuous attempts to link Mr. Warner with Dr. Rowley were not so pathetic and based on political expediency.

          Again, most people with common sense will see right through this nonsense.

          1. Allegations are just that, he who accuses must prove. Right now Warner is still innocent until proven guilty. Keith Rowley is supporting him so he must believe Warner is innocent.
            (1) Marijuana allegations, Rowley picked up on that and demanded and investigation. The police obliged.
            (2) Warner accused the PM of receiving $8 million in bribes. Rowley picked up on that and demanded an investigation. The investigation is on.

            It is clear to me Rowley and Warner are peas in a pod.

          2. Okay Mamoo, keep shifting the goal posts in your disingenuous game.

            Please be careful not to dribble on yourself as you speak out of both sides of your mouth….

    2. Yeah but one thing JAW proved is that UNC is all about raking in the dollars IN THEIR PARTY. THEY DO NOT CARE HOW IT COMES AND WHETHER BY EMAILGATE. JAW or JUST PLAIN ISH and SECTION 34.

  2. The adage that has some biblical connections is ‘what is sown in the dark will come to light’ has more connection here. It is foolhardy that Jack makes wild statements on political platforms without checking out supportive evidence, he will be taken to the cleaners by Ramlogan, Moonilal et al. In fact he should take some lessons from John Humphrey who was a master in how much he says on a political platform.

    It is Panday who brought out Warner into the political arena. It is Warner who chose to join up with Kamla in getting rid of Panday from the party that he brought into existence. It is Warner that gave Panday a free ride to South Africa to meet with the legendary Mandela when he was alive. It was Kamla who give Rowley a free ride to South Africa for Mandela’s funeral.

    It is not only Jack is the bobolee, it is all of us, especially; when we are fed with the ‘No Rowley campaign’ by the UNC. It is amazing how we forget so easily and get swept away with emotions during campaign times forgetting how Manning referred to Rowley as a raging bull in Parliament.

    1. ” It is foolhardy that Jack makes wild statements on political platforms without checking out supportive evidence”…….Loyal Trini
      It is evident to all that you are supportive of the UNC. Be that as it may, you do sometimes make very objective and valid points in your conversations but the above quote must be taken with a grain of salt. The Marijuana found in Kamla’s house was true, wasn’t it? Who made us aware of it first, was it the media? No. It was Jack. The house in St Augustine where he lodged and supported Kamla, was it truth or fiction? It was truth, wasn’t it? All of the cashed checques paid to different individuals of the government, was that accusation or fact? It was fact, wasn’t it? On the other hand, the charge that Kamla took $8.3M from Ish and Steve to free them from extradition? Is that true or false. Given its penchant for sending letters of protocol to anyone who dare to say anything about them, it is interesting to see that Kamla is yet to make such a move against Jack, it that is False, partly false or there is a tint of false to it. The fact of the matter is that the matters to which Ramlogan and Faaqz won their cases were strictly technical and not necessarily a straight case of truth or falsehood.

      1. “The Marijuana found in Kamla’s house was true, wasn’t it? Who made us aware of it first, was it the media? No. It was Jack”.

        You mean you have not figured out yet that Jack was responsible for “finding” it? Everyone in T&T already know that! But not tonight.

      2. When Warner together with Panday and Ramesh was referring to Kamla as a drunk prior to the 2010 elections as well as he was stating the documented evidence and files he had on her, was that fact or fiction? When he linked up with Kamla and became the National Security Minister, would you agree that politics do make strange bed fellows? Is that fact or fiction? Finding marijuana on a window ledge, stange, would you not say? When Kamla resided in a home in Tunapuna temporarily as it was taking a toll on her travelling from South to he POS office was it not a UNC supporter that made his house available, Jack did not find lodging for her. No sooner her home was referred to as a 6M dollar home and Manning had files on that, what became of this episode? Fact or Fiction?

        I support issues and make connections with individuals. Seeing that you label me as a UNC supporter you seem to be obsessed with who I support. I admire Kamla because as a woman and a leader she took on the might of her opponents including some media houses gracefully and simultaneously the population can see the infrastructural development that has and is taking place in the length and breadth of this island.

        Sprangalang (Dennis Hall) and I grew up together and maybe this clip might summarize West Indian culture at it’s best in your submission. Fact or Fiction?

  3. First, in a ruling against him in a libel suit filed by his one-time pal, ex-AG Anand Ramlogan, the judge ordered that he pay damages and costs amounting to close to $0.9 million—small change for the wealthy former football emperor, but another huge blow to his ego and his credibility.

    I don’t know about his ego, but as to credibility, I don’t think this judgement puts any dent in it.

    If I had to judge between Ramlogan and Warner as to credibility, Ramlogan would lose every time.

    In the instant case, Warner was repeating what Ramlogan himself told him. Either that was a lie or it was the truth. But evidently Warner didn’t capture the boast on tape in this instance, and so couldn’t prove it in court. Hence his defeat.

    But by the nature of the proceeding, the court could make no finding either as to whether Ramlogan did in fact say what Warner could not prove, or as to whether he in fact owned all the properties claimed. How could that be proved, when part of what was in contention was that the properties were in others’ names

    1. (continuing unfinished post…)

      How could that be proved, when part of what was in contention was that the properties were in others’ names?

      But in most of Warner’s expose’s, he actually cites documentary evidence to back them up.

      This gives him high credibility imo. It is just that he could not prove in this instance, with documentary evidence, that which he claimed.

      I hold no brief for Jack Warner, and my previous postings regarding him and his, yes ill-gotten wealth, will attest. That said, I doubt that he has committed any crime that the U.S. could legitimately prove in their own courts.

      I remember the big scandal in the States, when it was revealed that the fellow that ran the United Way charity was taking 95% of all donations for himself and his staff, and donating in turn only 5% to the charities that they were supposed to be benefiting. Big scandal at the time.

      But strictly speaking, there was no crime. Who is to argue what is an appropriate salary for a corporate CEO, or the CEO of a charity or non-profit?

      FIFA was doing something similar, taking from such as Adidas, Coca Cola and various governments, mounting big events, while taking a huge percentage for themselves, and contributing minor shares to the development of football in poor countries. FIFA gains to its executives were ill-gotten, certainly.

      But if Warner is guilty, then the fellows that ran the United Way must also be found guilty.

      The additional irony is of course Section 34. If Ish and Steve were the beneficiaries of custom-made law to allow them “legally” to escape accountability for the crimes for which their accomplices were convicted, then it is a rank hypocrisy for this government to be going after him as they are.

      Warner must seek redemption from God, no doubt. Tnat is a fearsome prospect. But at the same time, God is a merciful God, and Warner may well quicker find mercy in God’s court, than before a court of rank hypocrites, whether here or in the U.S.

      God actually gave David such a choice, when he erred in numbering Israel against God’s will. David wisely chose to submit himself to God’s hand, rather than to be chastised through the hand of man.

      There may well be a lesson there for Jack Warner.

      In any case, I pray he finds the redemption he seeks, and admits at least as to culpability in the sight of God.


      “As the partridge sitteth on eggs, and hatcheth them not; so he that getteth riches, and not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool.” (Jeremiah 17:11)

      1. Yoruba from Africa says—
        “The additional irony is of course Section 34. If Ish and Steve were the beneficiaries of custom-made law to allow them “legally” to escape accountability for the crimes for which their accomplices were convicted, then it is a rank hypocrisy for this government to be going after him as they are.”

        Ish and Steve was release by a letter given on their behalf by the then PNM attorney General Mr. John Jeremie. No they were not release by Section 34 which is now a null and void law. It was made null and void the minute it was brought to the attention of Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar. She immediately acted and the rest is history.

        Yoruba from Africa you are sadly a victim of PNM propaganda. The PNM as a party has told a lot of lies and unfortunately it is repeated by its “PNM till ah die” followers.

        Here is the truth:
        (1) Section 34 was supported by the PNM in Parliament as well as in the Senate. In the Hansard Mr Imbert said the 10 years should be reduce to 7 years for a case to prosecuted.
        (2) The line Minister Mr. Volney took full responsibility for Section 34. It was his baby. For that he was fired. He had to apologise to former AG Ramlogan for trying to say he was responsible. This happened after the former AG sued him. He publicly declare that it was his idea for early proclamation.

        My personal view is that Section 34 was a good law, thousands of prisoner languishing in the remand yard would have been freed. They are victims of the PNM propaganda machine that is comical at best. If ever there was a party that should have supported and they did Section 34 it is the PNM. Many of the prisoners languishing in prison are poor black men who cannot afford good lawyers etc.

        1. Mamoo:

          Your arguments are limp as usual. They are also dishonest. They will fool no one who followed the Section 34 matter, including the debate in the House, as I did.


          “When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever” (Psalm 92:7)

    2. Jack has no credibility left.
      The authenticity of Jack’s “tapes” is similar to the famous emails presented by Rowdy….totally false.
      Jack’s weekly revelations have dried up.His accusations are being dismantled one by one in the courts.No one is listening anymore.
      There are many more lawsuits coming to refute Jack’s desperate attempts to slander people.
      What do you really know about Ramlogan? Maybe you have the evidence of his ownership of several houses?
      Most of the negatives against Ramlogan is PNM propaganda, designed to take revenge for his blunt, uncouth attacks against their establishment figures.

      1. This is only a short list: Check the Express.

        The PNM and its operatives have been having a field day spreading lies and more lies in the hope that some will stick. It is based on the well known axiom that if one tells a lie often enough, it becomes a fact—at least for a while.

        History is replete with lies that took on the character of fact. From the 1600s up to 1834, the year of emancipation, blacks were incorrectly seen as inferior to whites. Indentureship was based on the alleged superiority of Europeans over Asians.

        So devastating are the lingering effects of slavery that years ago Bob Marley called for deliverance from mental slavery which still afflicted many descendants of victims of that evil.

        One lie that has been making the rounds on talk shows and PNM platforms is the People’s Partnership Government has spent over $400 billion since taking office. Speakers on PNM platforms would repeat that figure as if it were gospel and based on extensive research.

        Truth is that no more than $288.1 billion was spent by the Government since 2010.

        In 2010/11, expenditure was $49.1 billion; a year later $54 billion. In 2012/13, it was $58.4 billion, followed by $61.4 billion the following year. In 2014/15, expenditure allocations were $64.7 billion, making for a grand total of $288.1 billion.

        PNM spokespersons would question how that fabricated $400 billion was spent, conveniently forgetting that over 75 per cent of the Government’s expenditure went into public sector wages and emoluments and transfers to State enterprises.

        They also conveniently forgot that significant sums were expended on settling over 130 wage negotiations, a further $20 billion and more on dealing with both the CLICO and HCU crises and an additional $9 billion to settle outstanding sums owed to contractors by the previous PNM government.

        If the PNM can’t do simple arithmetic, how can they be expected to run the country?

        Only a blind person would not see the significant infrastructural development which has taken place since 2010. Included in this massive development are roads like the Valencia by-pass and Point Fortin highway, HDC houses, children’s and teaching hospitals including the completion of the long awaited Tobago hospital, an oncology centre, new and modernised police stations, an Olympic size swimming pool and cycling velodrome, 150 schools and Early Childhood Centres, Costaatt campuses in Sangre Grande and Chaguanas and a UWI campus in Debe.

        But the greatest lie was Emailgate.

        Here we had the Opposition Leader receiving unsigned and uncorroborated e-mails in his mail-box alleging conspiracy to murder a journalist on the part of the Prime Minister. Without any due diligence, he brings this information to the Parliament.

        In the months following his disclosure, thousands of column centimetres of newspaper coverage were devoted to the issue. The PM was falsely accused, tried and declared guilty in the court of public opinion.

        When the dust settled, the country learned that no such e-mails were sent from the Prime Minister’s e-mail address.

        One would have thought in a normal country this would be the end of the matter. Not in this PNM T&T.

        Despite this fact of the non-existence of the e-mails, many PNM surrogates continue to hold an unexplainable, strange and frankly very disturbing view that facts notwithstanding, the lies in the false e-mails may be explained by looking “beyond the four square walls of the evidence”.

        I am told that there is a saying: common sense beats book sense any day. We need many doses of common sense.

        Remember the PNM lie about a “Calcutta ship”? Well, this lie which I am told made the rounds at PNM cottage meetings in the last THA election campaign, stated that Tobagonians would, if they voted for the Partnership, lose their lands and properties to occupants of an imaginary ship coming from Trinidad.

        The Opposition Leader has never satisfactorily denounced the Calcutta ship statement and its author.

        And what about coded statements that the Prime Minister is doing everything in her power to declare a state of emergency so as to postpone the general elections scheduled for September 7? The recent prison break and leaked Special Branch memo on the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen are seen as proof.

        No wonder at the recent televised leader’s discussion, Isha Wells asked the Prime Minister if she smoked “weed”. This no doubt is a result of an unfortunate accusation which has all the tell-tale signs of the Sadiq Baksh hoax but which provides fodder for the PNM spin machine.

        This elections should have been about a choice between two leaders with two visions for taking us forward.

        In the absence of a plan and a vision; the PNM seems more adept in the art of deception.

  4. @ Mamoo:

    Please stop the discourtesy of referring to me as “Yoruba from Africa”. I call myself “Yoruba Israelite”. Please do me the courtesy of referring to me accordingly.

    In the interest of maintaining the decorum of the group, I appeal to the Moderator to enforce these simple courtesies. I really have no patience with puerile discourtesies resorted to in an attempt to stiffen otherwise flaccid arguments.

    As to the substantive matter, I repeat: I have followed the Section 34 matter with some closeness, *including* (but not limited to) the debate in the House.

    Your claims in this matter are dishonest, and will fool no one who has followed the issue.

    You would be well advised to heed the admonition you have cited from Isaiah 5:20.


    “When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever” (Psalm 92:7)

    1. Yoruba is a tribe from Africa are you denying your African heritage, Yoruba from Africa?
      One of my best friend a man who was involved in the 1970s black power movement was Yoruba. We were great friends. He was very proud of his African heritage.

      1. Mamoo:

        You are obtuse and tiresome as usual. I would not have “Yoruba” in my handle if I were in any way ashamed of my Yoruba heritage.

        I do however advance, through that handle, a truth that may not be known to many, namely that the Yoruba are, in part, of the seedline of Jacob: we are some of us (not all) Israelites of the Book.

        When you refer to me as “Yoruba from Africa”, you appeal to an Indian racist prejudice against all things African, and seek thereby to diminish my contributions as emanating from an unworthy prejudice similar to yours.

        I reject that and resent it. Like most of my conscious brethren, I am far above that sort of petty (and ignorant) prejudice that diminishes your people far more than mine.

        You seek also to diminish my connection to this country, Trinidad, in which I was born. That too I very much resent.

        My first forebears in this land came to this country in 1815, two or three generations before the Fatel Razack. (Prior to that, they had been slaves in the U.S., and took up arms to fight for freedom as enlisted soldiers in the Corps of Colonial Marines. Therefore, my forebears had been brought to the West perhaps as much as 200 years prior to that.)

        Therefore, I very much resent a Johhny-come-lately such as yourself, saying anything that would tend to alienate me from this land in which my people have laboured far longer than yours.

        In any case, whatever the “doosra” you think you are cleverly bowling, it is a discourtesy to make a mockery of someone else’s handle. And I thank you for desisting.


        “But it came to pass, that when Sanballat heard that we builded the wall, he was wroth, and took great indignation, and mocked the Jews” (Nehemiah 4:1)

        1. “Therefore, I very much resent a Johhny-come-lately such as yourself, saying anything that would tend to alienate me from this land in which my people have laboured far longer than yours.”

          I am 5th generation Trini not an import from Africa then the United States. The slave population in Trinidad was small. Imports came from America and other Caribbean islands. With them came a lot of racist ideas. This racist ideas were borne out of their interactions with the White man which was very painful and negative. Then their suspicions of other ethnicities extrapolated on the Indian population.

          There are merely 35,000,000 Yorubas. Many of them are slaughtered each day in Africa. There are 1,120,000,000 Indians in the world today. Do the math Yoruba from Africa your tribe is on its way out, mines ain’t going anywhere soon. Please show some respect. I find you very disrespectful.
          “Whom God bless no man can curse”.

  5. Mahatma Gandhi did state in his autobiography that ‘politics and religion are inseparable. We have seen many leaders e.g., to name a few Sithole, Paisley, Makarios, etc. men of the cloth that took a position to do something positive for their kinsfolk, sometimes controversial positions. To be specific
    Yoruba is a major tribe in Nigeria just as Ibo and Hausa.

    The greatest thing on this earth is a person’s name and one would go at lengths to defend their name and rightly so. Can we maintain some decorum on this site, whereby we fellow Caribbean people can educate one another and refrain from discrediting one another on this site? I know that Yoruba Israelite stayed away from this forum for some time before coming back. I trust we all can maintain our beliefs and values without tarnishing one’s heritage to the point of vilifying.

    All of us are unique and we are all different and this is why our forefathers categorize ourselves by shires, castes, tribes etc. We need to forge ahead to work for a collective good and elevate ourselves into excellence rather than precipitating ourselves into decadence by dwelling in the past.

  6. I agree with the comments you made, Loyal Trini. We must be respectful to the other commentators. Let agree to disagree and when we disagree we must do so agreeably.
    Kiam and Sally are two persons we should emulate. They are respectful, factual and logical.
    This is a forum for us to share our views and to learn from each other. To me, this is like an internet Woodford Square.

  7. To all commentators favorable to the U.N.C. On the morning of August 8, The P.N.M and I.L.P will get enough votes and seats to defeat the U.N.C

  8. Speaking in an editorial piece on this morning’s Express, in an attempt to put some sense (and possible spin) into the resignation of Express Reporter Ankia Gumbs, Sunity Maharaj, whom I have have deep respect for, said this (in part), “This was also a reporter who had withstood public haranguing by a Government minister, accusing her of a high-priced lifestyle seemingly beyond her means.” While in itself not saying anything of specific note, there is a kind of irony which suggests that the reporter in question could be “bait” for the fisherman’s hook.
    We live in highly political times where we have lost our innocence about how people are propelled into high office and how the mighty falls. And this is the significance under which Anika Gumbs has played herself into our politics. Judging solely by what has been made public there is nothing to suggest that Anika Gumbs have been through “trauma” as most might possibly conceive the meaning of the word. But the timing of her story, her resignation from the Express, her so-called trauma, he perceived ‘high life-style’ and the incitement to catch-a-fish is enough to suggest that M-O-N-E-Y, yes money may have played a great part in this whole scenario. During the last general election, there was a female blogger who carried a similar name “Anita”. On this here same blog, she boasted incessantly, stating that she lived in North Carolina and had two children for Patrick Manning. After several months of this, one day she appeared on the local newspapers, parading herself as the mother of Patrick Manning’s children. After thorough investigations in the matter, it was found that ‘Anita’ was lying and telling a falsehood. Now, in most civilized countries such accusations carry a heavy criminal penalty, but in our own sweet Trinidad and Tobago such “juicy” stories are used for political “red meat”.
    The circumstances surrounding Anika’s expose obviously suggests that it is risky, very risky for her future as a serious journalist or worse yet, leading any kind of decent life after this episode of high political stakes. If victorious in the quest for political milage, she might be offered a high position in the administration but if that effort fails, Anika’s future will also fail, no matter where she goes. We have a very long history of this kind of exposes and I am sure that when the dust settles, she would question herself about what she did. A writer once said “ANYTHING MONEY CAN BUY IS CHEAP”. In these political times there is an avalanche of money flying around and looking for the next best thing to put political dirt on opponents. One of the casualties of this kind of wanton spending is the media, whether it be print, TV, video, social media, gossip or otherwise. When this election is through, the hope is that the ones with the deepest pockets would have triumphed over their opponents, and this appears to be what is at stake and is most troubling about this story. So far, what has been made public does NOT, I repeat NOT appear TO BE A CASE OF TRAUMA. There is hardly a case in political history to reveal that a man running for high office would advertently accost a female report, suggesting sexual advances. If a reporter had such experiences, why would she go back to the same source ‘A-L-O-N-E’ to meet her would be attacker? Why would she go back opening her fly to entice the accused? Why would she make such claims in the middle of a highly contested election? It is appropriate to wonder who is paying her for such stories, especially where it appears by untrained eyes that there are some inconsistencies in the story. This story should not be left in the library of the so-called “NORowley” campaign chest, it should be pursued in it’s entirety and resolved to unmask the culprit or culprits of such character assasination of a would be prime minster. There is no room in our society. Compete at all costs but competing to destroy one’s family life is another. That has gone beyond the decency of anyone seeking to represent us in the annals of government. We want articulate, intelligent, diplomatic, honest, country-loving and hard working people to sit in the corridors of power. Not sleaky and unworthy characters that use money to further their devious plans for themselves and their friends. As for Anika, if it turns out that her exploits were for monetary gains, she can be assured that whether it be $10M, $15M or $20M, it would never be enough for her to regain ‘her name’ that I am sure she had worked tirelessly to preserve.
    At this moment, if it is true she has lost her innocence and conversely if it is not true she has lost innocence and a life worthy of imitation. May God Bless the Anitas and Anikas of this world and hope that we have less of them in public life.

    1. This response by Kian is a classic example of the use of dangerous speculation and unfounded accusation in which the PNM has been involved in during the campaign.
      Without an iota of evidence the conspiracy creator, Kian, has woven a tale of deceit,bribery and character assassination without blinking an eye.
      He condemns a government minister, accuses Anita Gumbs of “playing politics”,compares the actions of Ms. Gumbs to another impostor named Anita,questions the trauma experienced by the reporter,and implies that the UNC is somehow involved.
      He goes as far as concluding that ” if it is true she has lost her innocence and conversely if it is not true she has lost innocence and a life worthy of imitation”.Wow!
      Once again, a classic example of the strategy being employed by the Opposition to sully the reputation of the government and any causalities on the way.
      The Gumbs matter is between Rowley and Ms. Gumbs. It has nothing to do with the government. If at any time a conspiracy is revealed involving the UNC or the PP, then those involved should feel the full brunt of the law and the voters.Until such time , let’s zip our lips and avoid idle and dangerous speculation…. a pastime of Trinis.

      1. TMan, I have finally arrived at a conclusion into what operates in your mind, when you choose to be critical of what I, Neal, Yoruba, Sally, Rodwell or anyone whom you determine is NOT your kind writes – you deem us your enemy. In competing for the ‘higher ground’ in a conversation, one must first understand what the writer is saying, then base your reply or criticism on what was said. You are apparently weak on contextual form that is why you see me condemning a minister with dangerous speculation and all the other ills that you so much despise. Let us start with your first critique: “This response by Kian is a classic example of the use of dangerous speculation and unfounded accusation in which the PNM has been involved in during the campaign.” Firstly, let me re-iterate for the umpteenth time (and I say this with all honesty), no one has NEVER asked me, nor have I been approached to write my blogs. If you want to continue saying that the sentiments I usually express falls in line with the examples set by the PNM then that is fine with me – I’m in good company. But in this reply, I shall deal with your obviously flawed understanding of comprehension. It would appear that the money your father spent in sending you to school in the U.K was not well spent on a proper education because you lack proper comprehension skills. (1) “This response by Kian is a classic example of the use of dangerous speculation”. In case you did not notice, TMan this story is ALL about speculation – maybe somewhere IN IT, you have information that WE ARE NOT AWARE and if you do, then let us know otherwise but if nothing changes – then speculation is what this whole story is about. Is it dangerous because in your mind “a PNM” wrote it? If that is true – then I can understand your use of the word “classic”. Classic by UNC standard, is when they cannot match what is being said by whom they oppose, so it becomes “classic”. Please explain to the audience your use of the word “dangerous” or “dangerous speculation”. When one chooses to come into the public domain and exposes her sexual exploits and more explicitly accuses the Leader of the Opposition, she is in fact inviting speculation. If that makes it “dangerous” (to suit your use of the word) then so be it. Let me ask you TMan (since you choose to come in the defense of Ms Gumbs), do you know what the true story is? If you don’t then stop using empty words like dangerous, classic, speculation if you don’t understand their true meanings. The point here TMan, is Ms Gumbs story THAT WE ARE AWARE OF (at this time) has many loopholes before it can reach the credibility standard. I understand from the UNC perspective anything that is written, said or speculated about Dr. Rowley becomes FACT in the minds of the UNC mindset. But please TMAN, DO NOT associate your “PNM inspired” thinking to my blog which you replied to. Please and plead with you to do so, read and re-read my blog – do you see or read the word UNC int it? Did I say that the UNC did anything? Did I say the minister did anything? You see TMan, it is YOUR speculation that have driven you to accusation not mine. Like I said again, there is nothing in this story that keeps one away from speculation but your comprehension is so poor, that you even have me condemning a government minister. When you re-read what I wrote you would actually see that I was quoting Sunity Maharaj. Not as you “speculated” that I was condemning the minister (whomever that minister was). So please TMan, I definitely don’t mind debating, but please I beg of you, when you quote me, be sure you are contextually correct. I know that because I come from a different tribe it is difficult for you to understand my thinking but if you want to be coherent you must first understand content.

        1. On the facts in evidence — the resignation letter, its timing, the dates of the encounters in question relative to the date of the resignation, the Government contract of which Sunshine is alleging she is a beneficiary, the pattern of corruption of which this regime is imo guilty, and the clear “get Rowley” election campaign strategy — the most credible reading of the situation is that Ms. Gumbs has been paid off.

          It must be a substantial sum, because this will effectively ruin her career.

          The “trauma” of which she speaks is not a credible characterization of what transpired. Yes I can believe Rowley was attracted to her sexually. She is a good-looking woman. Given the tattoo — the proverbial “tramp stamp” — she was sporting, I can well believe that Rowley, in the typical T&T male manner, might have made suggestive remarks to her. But the idea that this could amount to “trauma” is laughable.

          I am not supporting Rowley in this kind of behaviour however. If he puts his trust in God, as he says, then he ought to keep his suggestive banter for his wife, and leave other men’s wives off-limits.

          May God have mercy on both miscreants in this matter. And may Keith Rowley, as Prime Minister in waiting, confess every sin of which he is guilty before God, and dedicate himself first and foremost to serving Him as the child of God he is. Only then can he really begin to put this country on the right track.

          In the meantime, both these miscreants need our prayers. As for the bigger miscreants behind it all, I fear they literally “cannot hear” Yeshua’s word.


          “Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:43-44)

          1. Kian,

            If he had studied mathematics or law, he would know that “argumentum ad absurdum” is a form of mathematical (also rhetorical) proof, which far from being absurd, proves a matter by showing the *contrary* to be absurd.

            He would also know that “argumentum ad hominem” has its place, certainly in a case of sexual harassment. And certainly if we seek to prove a match to prophecy.

            “Ad nauseam” (to loathing) is a term that alludes to no form of argument, rather only to the emotional state generated by listening to someone else’s discourse on some subject. My response to that is the T&T expression: “who vex, lorse!”

            I regret that Tman is driven to vexation. That certainly is not my intent. Though I regret it, I do not apologize, and would suggest only that he “grow a pair”, and not give in to such emotion. Sally, in her eloquent and level way, is a good example of engaging one’s opponent in a respectful way and without emotion.

            As always, the only question is what is True. Yeshua’s example is the one to follow. Stand humbly on Truth. Speak plainly the Truth. Let no hate or vexation enter, rather compassion and mercy. On the cross, Yeshua fanously said, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

            That applies here as well. But in this case, what also applies is Yeshua’s rebuke to those (in particular, Edomite) sons of Abraham, that literally could not hear His Word. They crucified Him, because they are the ones who are implacable, and dangerous, in their hate.

            Nevertheless, we are admonished not to hate an Edomite, for “he is thy brother”. So in that spirit I remain undeterred by the Latin malapropisms.

            As to Rowley and Gumbs, I may revert with more commentary. I’ve also been given some information about the “Aryans”, and God willing, will revert.

            May the Most High have mercy on all who come humbly before him on their face and knees in prayer, repenting their sins before Him, and in the name of Yeshua. May we the “Negro”, who number most prominently among His chosen people, come into ever more of the truth that shall make us free.


  9. Having read the things that Ms.Gumbs wrote concerning her visits to Dr. Rowley’s home I ask the following questions:
    1.Why were these revelations made now during an election campaign when the alledged incidents occured earlier this year?
    2.If you percieved that you were harassed, why did you return after the first visit? Why didn’t you conduct the other interviews in a public place like your office?
    I ask these questions to determine the validity of what you wrote.

    1. 1. Why would Rowley make a claim that there is a hit on his life the same day the matter was reported for an investigation?
      2. Why would a Parliamentarian invite and receive a female reporter to his house for an interview rather than using his public office?

      Let the lawyers interpret statements and actions on both sides at the right institution, in the meantime it is vox populi in the public forum.

    1. Yeshua was driven to vexation when he admonished those who showed no respect to the temple by tossing merchandise and hardware outside of the temple i.e., selling goods in the place of worship. Maybe we can compare this to some parties and bazaars that are held in some church properties today. The defense maybe exitus acta probat.

      Yet he always showed compassion to all, as he said to love Him, you need to love your fellow beings. That’s all fellow beings. Deus Vobiscum.

    2. “Impressed by Yarouba wisdom?”Tman.
      Hey Yoruba Israelite ,let the sly ,disingenuous Tman know ,dat you ain’t falling for his flattery,for you too did( elite ) High school Literature,which included Geoffrey Chaucer-Canterbury Tales -De cock and the fox.

      On a more serious note folks,let me ask,where de hell did we get these idiots, that are masquerading around our nation,as lofty politicians?
      This Monilal fella ,is dumber than a Caroni water ox-if such exist.
      What do we have here ,but yet another ugly,self hating,African broad ,claiming to be an objective journalists,while simultaneously on the PP payroll,made an outrageous allegation ,against the PM in waiting ,Dr Keith Rowley,but he in turn ,must go and do a lie detector test ,to prove that she is telling the truth?
      What folly!
      Why don’t you Monnilal not demand that the weasel ,ae are stuck with -for a few more weeks-call Kamla ,not do repeated tests, to prove what substance has her appearing drunk in public,over the past 5 years,isn’t water,or mint cigarettes?

      Why don’t she subject herself to be interviewed by real journalists,who won’t throw soft ball questions at her?
      Here are a few such ,we would have liked to get a response :-Are you a dope fien? How do you explain away ,that a young ,handsome ,male neighbor of yours was able to acquire several PP government contracts,denied to more qualified others?
      Is is just a neighbor,your boy toy,or blackmailer?
      Is it a fact, that your government,would like to pass a bill ,supporting recreational marijuana use, in T&T,and if so ,why?
      If these political clowns naively think ,they can continually denigrate African leaders,and heroes,then come September 7 th ,African voters,would line up to vote the UNC/PP end mass, tell them perish the thought.
      Ain’t happening.
      Long live the Republic of Toba..,ooops lo siento ,T&T.

        1. “I want to tell you that this is a journalist who every Sunday was chasing down from Anand Ramlogan to Roodal Moonilal to Kamla Persad-Bissessar. “Chasing all over the country to write about all kinds of things. This is no friend of the UNC who raised serious issues concerning the conduct of a man who wants to be prime minister, where she suggested that this fella just can’t keep his clothes on. “If you have an allegation that somebody is trying to hurt you, injure you, threaten you, take it to the police properly.” ……Moonilal
          It is unfortunate that in this point in time that we have public officials with the character of that clown called Moonilal. What voters should remember not only do we elect people to run a government, we also elect people to represent our international interests as well. The people with whom they interact are not fools or easily persuaded by ‘old talk’ or tom-foolery.
          They are people who study their subjects thoroughly ND ARE VERSED in the matters that they represent their country in. This government has put a lot of square pegs in round holes as far as appointments goes, so it is no wonder, when we are on the international stage, we are seen in the lights of “Alice in Wonderland”.
          Where are the officials who speak of upliftment of our people? Where are the politicians who represent steadiness and upward mobility? Where are the politicians who have the people’s interest at heart?
          Where is the fourth estate to represent our interests?
          Why is the media bombarding us with every single second of the day with advertisements that are ONLY IN THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE WHO PAY FOR IT? why? why? why?
          after fighting in traffic to get home, have a shower and sit back to see what happened in our country today are we bombarded with nauseating advertisements that only serves the interests of a few? This in itself is a form of abuse. Why can’t the media reserve some times of the day for political advertisement and gimmickry? This would give us a break from the monotony of having to be subjected to political abuse when we too have our own problems and would much prefer
          to sit back, look at what is happening around us, allow ourselves to be our own analysts and not have clowns like Moonilal use our space and bombard us with his puerile sentiments. We are a more intelligent people.
          Why has the Prime Minister given us such a longer and tedious period of nonsensical shenanigans. We are the ones who are suffering because we are really NOT BEING INFORMED BY THESE CLOWNS, we are in fact being subjected to their dirty and nasty politics that is being cleansed by the money they pay for it. It is true that we can turn off our TV, but if we go to the radio, we will also have to turn off that too, When you read the newspapers, we are bombarded with every other page of political advertisements too. Should we consider not looking at TV, not listening to radio, not reading the papers and when driving not looking at the advertisements too? This is total madness and total abuse by those with the money to bombRD US WITH THEIR WISEHES AND HAVE OUR OWN HAPPINESS SUBDUED. ARE,NT WE ENTITLED TO SOME KIND OF PEACE OF MIND TOO? We not all fools in this country, enough is enough and there should be rules in place to monitor the avalanche of advertisements that if intended to inform has become annoying and abusive. My mother always said to us as kids, “too much of one thing is good for nothing” and I’m afraid that that is exactly what we are experiencing with these nauseating ads. What Moonilal did not tell us is that Sugar Aloes was once an enemy of the UNC, but the UNC was able to buy him. Crazy was once an enemy of the UNC but the UNC was able to buy him. Are we just supposed to be fools listening to these clowns and just absurd all the foolishness they tell us? For now my questions are – why can’t I look at my tv in peace (understanding that commercials are necessary but not interrupting? Why can’t I listen to my radio in peace understanding the same? Why can’t I read the newspapers without having to skip every other page? THIS IS ABUSE BY ANY STANDARD!

  10. Thanks for all the kind remarks.

    I take none of it personally. I view my contributions to this blog as part of a ministry to wake up my people — we the “Negro” — that we come to know the truth that shall make us free.

    Any wisdom on display in that regard is due to the Most High, on whose Word — as given us through Moses and the Prophets, and Yeshua and the Apostles — I rely.

    Therefore, I try to leave my ego rigorously to one side. That way, I fall prey neither to flattery, nor to discouragement.

    Let the enemy have an avenue of escape, whether to blow smoke and shout invective, or to blow smoke along with soap bubbles. The thing is that I will not be deterred, relying only on the indulgence of the moderator.

    I have some more to add about the topics we have been discussing. But not this minute.

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and protect the innocent in the matters unfolding before us. And may He continue to reveal ever more of the Truth that shall make (sic) us free.


    Here is a “white boy” that is starting to get it, though he is still wrong on a few things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCw860EdG-w

  11. Shah when I first read your piece I told myself ‘I need not respond to this rubbish’. But to be honest I did not think you would stoop so low on the eve of an election. You are now really showing your UNC strips. JAW’s case(s) or legal matters as most journalists will argue are simply allegations and at this time has to be left alone re judgement. And so most of these journalists would say lets leave this alone until due process is completed. But Shah is it that you just could not resist the money? Yes this is the only likely conclusion … a paycheck. All the legal proceedings against JAW so far remain unresolved until a legal process to follow is completed. Perhaps you are privy to information we do not have. We also know the justice system is prone to UNC case advancements over other cases resulting a extremely swift judgments. But Shah does not need to question this. You know I missed the Special Correspondents of the past so much. Why because whenever you read their reporting you would get so much supporting evidence it wowed you. But then Shah you are free in this time to rub anyone’s name in all the mud you want without a fair court process with APPEALS. So am I free to conclude you got something in return. But then things ain’t really changed in Trinidad. The Gene Miles stories are still with us. And of course bad government still prevails. The kPB government is so reeked with corruption in every governmental agency that when you try to match the monies they spent in just 5 years (we time come)including the JAW monies you just cannot see the returns. It is so impossible to see physically the hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars in developmental projects under their watch. Yet you Shah who ONCE produced an image of fighting for the society and their woos blemished over time by bad government apparently has turned. I always taught that the other two left you holding the bag back in the 70s but you have me wondering NOW Shah …perhaps I was wrong. Your true colors are beginning to show. You are clearly not a patriot …you must be another gold digger or perhaps a bounty hunter. My religion tells me all the time that your sins follow you to your grave. unless you bow down before the Lord over time and ask Him to rid you of them and therefore all your life you have to scrub these sins so that you go back to the Lord as pure as whence you came into this world. Shah this is why we all suffer. Ideally as you age you grow wiser as your creator expects and so like the little old HOLY lady that walks into church on a Sunday you ask your Lord what He wants of you. WE SERVE HIM, NOT OUR POCKETS, Shah. There is no other life in this sad world Shah. We copy everything in North America which is the biggest con job in the world, today. And yes you have a choice being a con artist using the Lord`s talent in you or serving the Master. Both actions have consequences. You spit on JAW now but someone in time to come will spit on you, Shah.

  12. So my fellow progressive Cuz Jerry H,is taking off the gloves ,in efforts, to pummel the jaws of our Uncle Shah ,who he thinks is attempting to give us,…..ummmmmm…. ‘ah 6 for a 9,’as we like to say on the streets,ehhh?

    Hey Bro Yoruba Israelite,no need for me to tell you,but stay strong!

    We have a moral obligation ,to play a role ,in trying to make a difference,in this ‘neo Hobbisan world ,’dat is becoming more & more -“nasty ,brutish,and short,”si?
    Pay attention to the narrative here,folks.
    All of a sudden,we are hearing ,that this fake Christian /white color bandit is a Manning pal-as if such means squat.


    Remember the other criminal ,Pro UNC miscreant ,Harry Harinarine,who walked away like ah thief in de night,after siphoning away millions of Caroni Rice paddy/Sugar workers savings ,from the HCU,to expand his billion dollar Florida estate?
    We know dey claimed ,he too, use to schmooze with PNM blokes -but who cares?
    The question remains,was he ever ,even charged?
    The things we have to endure,as a nation ,is beyond incredible!
    Somewhere out there, in La La land ,Mama Britannia ,is having a good laugh,for she knew what she was up to,when she bungled dem slaves ,and indentured subjects together.
    The great grand pickenies ,of both tribes ,have grown up,and are seemingly wrecking havoc on our underachieving T&T ,with little relief in sight,since de socio political will ,so to do ,is lacking, huh?
    Well,we must coexist,and find a way forward,out of this morass,and why?
    Here is de big secret:-
    We are stuck with each other!!
    Keep de faith people!

    Long live the Republic of Tobag….oooops ,lo siento,T&T!
    I love this land,Y tu?

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