Blunder after plunder: Kamla discusses Reshmi, LifeSport and Vikings in odd Q&A

By Mr. Live Wire
Friday 31, July 2015 –

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar“Have you ever seen a TV show called Vikings?” Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar asked Dr Morgan Job, who was one of her three interviewers last night.

‘Vikings’, in case you don’t know, is an Irish-Canadian television drama that is not short of historical inaccuracies but big on sacking and plundering. It was a simpler time when tendering policy was usually “take what you can carry” and ship captains never asked to see CVs.

Mr Live Wire could say much more about that. But it would be too easy. And there were enough dead horses being whipped on air already last night.
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10 thoughts on “Blunder after plunder: Kamla discusses Reshmi, LifeSport and Vikings in odd Q&A”

  1. O for the good old days of PNM squandamania
    Chaguanas Corporation Administrative Complex—$10 million over-budget and 24 months’ delay; Chancery Lane—$300 million overrun, 24 months’ delay; Government campus, Legal Affairs Towers—$300 million over-budget and 18 months’ delay; International Waterfront—$1.3 billion over-budget and six months’ delay; Minister of Education Towers—$300 million over budget, 20 months’ delay; NAPA (PoS)—$234 million over-budget and 12 months overdue; NAPA (San Fernando)—$238 million over-budget and 30 months overdue; Beverly Hills—$106 million over-budget and 65 months’ delay; Brian Lara Stadium—$275 million final cost $1.1 billion. the Diplomatic Centre at the Prime Minister’s residence—$200 million over-budget and 5 months overdue.

  2. “The Reshmi Ramnarine SSA scandal, according to the Prime Minister, was a “flaw we took action on… within a day or two”

    The PNM has always been annoyed at Reshmi for several reasons. She was the one who exposed the PNM spy apparatus when Manning used the SSA to tap telephone lines of every prominent citizen including the President. Manning as the Chief Maco also used SAUTT as his personal spy agency.

    Reshmi was the only one with credibility and honesty to lead that agency until it was fully restructured. This made senior officers wet their pants because they knew the hammer was about to drop. Rowley became their mouth piece vociferously attacking a citizen of the Republic who could not defend herself. The boys in spy agency was mad at being exposed and they use the only available tool in their hands “a junior not suitably qualified to lead such an organisation”. Today there are still millions missing from the SSA slush funds unaccounted for and hidden possibly in secret bank accounts.. That money should be returned immediately.

    True to how the PNM treat Gene Miles they continue to hound this young lady. The writer of this blog needs to stop spewing PNM proganda from balisier house and explain why Rowley went into hiding from a debate that would have expose his lack of ability to lead anything. Rowley lead housing, Las Alturas was born and so to Landate. A complete expose’ in dishonesty at the highest level.

    The problem in this nation is NOT Reshmi as the PNM propaganda machine would have you believe. It is simply a party that lost its way and like a boat in the ocean cannot find its direction.

    Who want to follow such a party? Only the die hard loyalist.

  3. Another viewpoint:

    Clearly, the Prime Minister was well-prepared for the questions posed, articulating achievements of her administration including procurement legislation to treat with corruption, the Children’s Life Fund, education and a land and housing distribution scheme, amongst others.

    Unruffled and maintaining her calm, the Prime Minister deftly manoeuvred the controversial issues of Reshmi Ramnarine, corruption in her Government, the State of Emergency, LifeSport, misfeasance by her ministers, the challenges of being a woman in politics and the virtually rhetorical question of whether she smokes marijuana.

    Amongst the PM’s plans for the future are economic diversification, stiffer measures for fighting the scourge of crime and drugs, a Ministry of Defence, constitutional reform and campaign finance reform.

    It is unfortunate that Dr Rowley opted out of the proposed debate since he and Mrs Persad-Bissessar are the only two viable contenders for the prime ministerial throne. The flying sparks between leaders and their physical juxtaposition as they fielded questions from the moderators and the public on the burning issues of the day and particularly on their plans and proposals for the next electoral term would have been welcomed especially for floating voters who are issue-oriented.

  4. Let me say with all the PNM political wajangism Reshmi did not cost the tax payer any money. Yet that story resonates with the balisier brigade, so much so after 4 years they still get constipation thinking about it. It is mind boggling.

    Life sport was the brainchild of Anil Roberts, it was intended to help young black male ( Pnmites) stay away from gangs and drugs by getting them into sports. The original intent was to benefit youths who fell through the cracks after 40 years of PNM neglect and indifference to their pain. The prison population was and is high with these young men who cannot take the education. They find comfort and money in the gangs. Unfortunately due to poor management and weak oversight this program was exploited by the very people it came to rescue.

    The Prime Minister upon realizing what was happening fired the Minister and ordered an investigation into the matter. How is it the PM fault when criminals saw an opportunity and took advantage? The Minister was held responsible and as soon as the investigation is complete the government will go after the criminals to recover stolen money. It is the least tax payers should expect.
    Yet the PNM keep pointing to Life Sport as though the government corrupt. It is their own blasted supporters who are corrupt….

    1. “Life sport was the brainchild of Anil Roberts, it was intended to help young black male ( Pnmites) stay away from gangs and drugs by getting them into sports. “….Mamoo
      Even though I know what lies in the heart of your statements is your support and pledge for the UNC,it is still mind boggling to read the kind of callousness with which you guys make statements. It is only with a mindset like yours you can give us rationale for spending $400M for “little black boys” with a board headed and controlled by Hindus. I am sure you can make good sense of that Mamoo! Maybe you might tell us that the Hindu is better educated than them, so they are needed to control the spending since the young black male can’t count, eh Mamoo!

  5. What is going on at PPGPL?

    Three employees on suspension and the cost to date? $3.5M and counting !!!!

    Number Rate $/hr hrs Cost $TT
    Baker Inquiry 100000

    Chairman 1 8000 80 640000
    Attorney(s) 2 4000 80 640000
    Support Staff 2 200 80 32000
    Venue 100000
    Employees Coaching and Appearing before committee 5 300 16 24000

    Suspended Employees
    Attorneys 3 2000 80 480000
    Employees Salaries(Average) for 10 months 3 300 1600 1440000
    Total TT$3456,000

    Cost to date not including any negotiated settlement costs for separation. Is TT$ 6 M as a total unlikely. Go figure!!!!


    My oh my,and dat was close folks.l almost got a heart attack,when I glimpsed this headline.
    For a moment,I thought the Canadian based comedian Hameed,was about to recommend that the Nobel folks change the rules ,to name Jit Samaroo,as a Nobel Prize winner,since he,and not Winston Spree ,actually invented our( PP ignored) ,steel pan.
    Hey ,worst have occurred in La Trinity,am I right,or am I right?
    Look how Queen Karma,and her PP goons ,are taking credit for almost everything of worth, that took place ,in this once blessed land,over the past 53 years,since White conniving Massa ,was Kicked out ,hmmmm?

    On a more serious note,pray someone,anyone, tell me what exactly,is a 78 year old doing ,driving from Princess Town, to POS ,on a daily basis ,to go to work?
    Hey Kamla,just be aware,dat if a grain of hair is missing from this woman ,if and when she is found in Cumuto,Los Bajos,or Toco,two weeks hence,you will have to pay.
    RIP Mr Kablasing Snr.
    Your government,is the reason old folks ,like Mama Harris ,have to work this late in their Autumn years,sometimes juggling 3 jobs ,to make ends meet.
    Your government,is the reason, we ain’t have that PNM proposed, Rapid rail ,that was carded to go from Ecacas/Cedros ,to Chaguramas,all de way across to Mayaro -to Toco,and hopefully soon Tobago.

    One thing one can tell about these nepotistic bastards,whether it’s Basdeo Panday,his rum drinking amigo Patrick Manning,or protege Kamla,the only children they care about are their own.
    Fake Christian Manning ,didn’t give a rats behind about children,especially if they were poor,and came from neighborhoods such as Lavantille.
    As long as those two wayward boys of his were eating government food,along with clueless Hazel,he was ecstatic.
    As for Basdeo,well if there was any justice in T&T,then he would be wearing prison jumpers ,for accepting CLICO share holders savings ,under the guise of loans ,from his buddy Duprey,to educate dem two daughters of his-with no intention of paying same back.

    As Opposition leader,Basdeo was prepared to hold a parade,if he was to wake up one day,and every poor Indo Trini kid ,’South of de Caroni ,’was to be swallowed up in a devastating-Mexico styled- mudslide,and why? It would have given him a chance-fake victimologist that he is- to point fingers ,at Africans, for the plight of his people,while of course,ignoring his complicit role.
    As for Kamla? Well,her claim to fame ,as far as children ,was to parade across the globe ,with her miserable,runny nose grandson ,as cover for….ok….,and I ain’t have jail clothes,so someone smarter than the last ‘solo debating-journalist clown’ -who asked her ,with a straight face,if she was a weed head ,like disgraced ,Chief Dougla MP, Anil Roberts ,and expected an honest answer-can fill in de blanks.
    What do we have here folks? Less than 6 weeks to elections,and the woman is pulling all sorts of rabbits out of her hat,parroting one( pro children) ostentatious plan, after another,as to what she will do if miraculously reelected.
    Ain’t happening Auntie K!
    In de interim,let the record show ,that children fared much better,under the regimes of her 5 male predecessors.
    Yeah Kamla,you certainly have blood on your hands ,when it comes to social neglect of the elderly,females,and the unfortunate young-like these kids in question.

    Last I checked,T&T didn’t manufacture guns,but 250 ,out of the 251 murders for 2015,thus far ,have links to guns.
    Did anyone mention porous borders ,or OVP ships lately?
    How about recently hired ,corrupt Customs officials,who since they are asleep at the wheels,would allow a disgraced,female assaulting- PP MP ,and his 95 member entourage, to enter T&T airport, unchecked,or several party supporting business cronies,to bring in their containers,laden with poisonous drugs,and deadly,small arms weapons?
    ‘Where you at ,’Dr Rowley?
    We know,putting dem symbolic ducks in order.
    A word of caution,your Caranege,and Westmoring folks ,may like(wink,wink) ‘puppy dog tails, disguised as Peaking duck,’but other unmentionables,adore eating their local feathered friends,and ain’t care at what price,or -put differently- to what lengths they have to go to get them.
    Simply sleep with one eye open Doc!
    Long live the Republic of Toba…ooops ..lo siento,T&T,hmmmmm?

    I love this land, Y Tu?

  7. Neal:

    It is only after you had me chuckling, and more than once, that I realized you had been AWOL from the group.

    I’m glad you didn’t disappear into any sinkhole in NY.


  8. Im here Bro Yorouba Israelite,and thanks for looking out for yours truly. Trust me when I say ,that no amount of Zoo York sinkholes can keep me away,especially now ,that our symbolic La Trinity ship ,heads for the protruding rock,as 1.3 million blindly celebrate,the obvious failures,of their clueless female Siparia Kapitan.
    Simply doing a bit of observation from the sidelines,but nevertheless following the comments of both you,and fellow ,neo progressive/patriotic Global Humanist,more concern about the plight of others,than merely to elevate self,or indulge in time wasting revisionism.
    There is a lot at stake ,both at the domestic , and international front ,so keep up your good work,in trying to educate the masses.
    Remember,as you the sower ,goes out to sow,you never know,which fertile soil ,might allow that cast seed ,to germinate.
    While on the subject:-Hey Gypsy,now that you have been dumped ,like a putrid,undigested, post curry duck ,and Dalpuri/Bussup shut load,on the Caroni,or Manzanilla river bank,are you about to sing a sequel to dat anti George Chambers-sinking ship?
    Watch out for de toilet paper treatment,from savv Africans,disgust with bums like yourself,Wade-MBA -Mark,Errol -anti labor -Mack Loud,Makandal -Lavantille despising-Dagger,Tobago West- Dr rotund- Baker,and the other Tobago irrelevant traitor/Rowley hater Vannila.
    Delusional,self serving bastards!
    As for Winston extempo -Gerrycurl -Peters,perhaps ,finally got his epiphany it seems,but ‘a day late,and dollar short ,”me think.’
    Had his fangs firmly planned on de rear end of this woman ,with de angel smile, and devil heart,all these years ,and now after he had ensured that Chutney Soca ,has a bigger profile ,than our Steel pan art form / Panorama ,and everything Carnival related -in terms of governmental financial support,and global promotion-suddenly woke up ,crying his crocodile tears ,about lost monies ,and ingratitude of the neo triumphalist,Kamla led tribe.

    Keep de faith mi anigo!
    September 7th us a watershed day ,for our mismanaged/underachieving country!

  9. There is a lot at stake ,both at the domestic , and international front ,so keep up your good work,in trying to educate the masses.
    Remember,as you the sower ,goes out to sow,you never know,which fertile soil ,might allow that cast seed ,to germinate.

    That’s it right there. Without that thought I’d have given up a long time ago. Thanks for reminding me why I do what I do, knowing as I do so that I’m alienating just about every constituency out there.

    As to Gypsy, I was struck by his remark, “I feel to dance, I feel free” or words to that effect. Little does he know that that is the sign of a successful exorcism. He should find out who was praying for him, and go and give them personal thanks. Might be his sister.

    That will sound hokey to those who don’t know God. But that is the power of prayer, fervent prayer, of one who has no ulterior motive.

    A fervent and moving testimony also can avail much: see this video that seems to be going viral: He understands clearly what is at stake; we have a country to save.


    “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16)

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