Jack sorry for missing Parliament: I was in prison

By Carolyn Kissoon
May 29, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

Jack WarnerPOLITICAL Leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) and Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner turned up for the 1.30p.m sitting of Parliament today and apologised for being absent on Wednesday. “I was in prison” he said.

He made the statement before the Prime Minister question and answer segment in the Parliament. Warner was the lone politician on the Opposition beach. Members of the Peoples National Movement (PNM) are boycotting the Parliament as a result of the suspension of Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

Warner said, “Before I ask my questions I want to crave your indulgence just to say that I was not here on Wednesday last because I was in prison. I was in prison, Mr Speaker, for charges I know nothing about. I know nothing about.”

Warner said he had worked hard for Trinidad and Tobago. “At the end of the day, I have worked for this country fearlessly and I will continue to do so as a good patriot. Nothing I have done either locally or internationally can in anyway impugn my character,” he said.

Warner also thanked the deputy Commissioner of Prisons and officials at the prison for their “kind treatment”.

Warner then went on to pose questions to the Ministers.
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  1. PM: Jack never funded UNC
    PRIME Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday denied that the United National Congress (UNC) received any financing from Independent Liberal Party (ILP) leader and former FIFA vice-president, Austin Jack Warner, when he was a member of that party.

  2. We continue to allow foreigners to destroy our sovereignty of state. We do not dare do that in North America, THAT’S TREASON THERE. The truth of this attack of JAW is hidden in plain sight. In USA it is felt that they do not need mechanical robots anymore as they can interfere with the functioning of the brain to get you to see things their way and stop you from thinking and using your common sense. It is a new type of torture or brain washing. And they target your leaders. They invite them to meetings of the mind over time and send them back to dictate to you. Just like in the USA their plan is to create a police state after a period in which crime becomes seemingly unsolvable. We have to elect a different kind of leader among us, home grown, home trained. We have to take off the blinds from our eyes. This PP government have shown in so many ways they KNOW NOT HOW TO GOVERN. They are clones or puppets put there by the USA. This JAW affair is just a test to determine what they are doing is or is not working. Our embassies world wide are filled with persons who do not have a clue on how to protect our citizens living there. They are BIG JOKERS operating there and a complete waste of our tax monies. BOOOKSO is just one of them. And of course our NEW AG was brain washed or trained there. In our country we have foreigners for years operating our industrial plants killing people using very poor operating procedures with cheap untested obsolete equipment. And these plants are managed by UNCLE TOM LOCALS. In a plant where I worked for years I can recall one operator killed two people and injured several changing a procedure to profit the company ….from in the middle of the night and blew way part of the plant. Tringen 11 was built with 70 million USD missing by Peter Grace under Northern Construction with a 250 million dollar USD loan we paid. 70 million USD went missing from IFC in New York. Why the same US AG authority do not go after IFC to find out where that money went. Is it because JAW is a BLACK MAN FROM A THIRD WORLD NATION? I want the same US Marshalls to come to my home and I will give them some evidence of this. This is the reason for SECTION 34. Our media is boo and we must change this. JAW you can come ask me for this evidence. The Tringen 11 project was closed by the IFC bank in December 1988 after a whole year of explosions and failures due to CHEAPNESS in the commissioning process that failed repeatedly. Ironically the same person who was part of the team passing the design is now the President. YES HE IS PROTECTING SOMEBODY’S ARSE. BUT AS I SAY OUR MEDIA IS BOOO. Not one police officer would come to the plant to investigate any criminal matter. Poor equipment was bought in and installed and the plant was run to its design limits repeatedly and there were many explosions over time. Yes the worst on stream time factors are in THE Trinidad OPERATED PLANTS FOR YEARS where the most untested equipment reside. And of course the cheapest priced feedstocks are commonplace here as well. THIS IS WHY THEY WILL NEVER EVER REVEAL THE PRICES TO US. I would know and was told that if I ever revealed anything I would immediately be placed on the breadline. I had no friends in Point Lisas for my ideals. OWTU under Mac was a total waste of time. Our local authorities would turn a blind eye to all the deaths by murder or manslaughter occurring there over time. On many occasions was set up for death. I was eventually injured and paid little benefits for my many internal injures for life. OF COURSE I GOT NO SEVERANCE BENEFIT FOR OVER 25 YEARS SERVICE. The foreigner who now runs the plant operates out of Brussels. And billions in our profits are laundered there. I DO NOT HAVE TO TELL YOU WHO ARE THE REAL RACISTS IN THE WORLD DO I? AMOCO stole over $600 Billion USD from us and no USA authority investigated the laundering of this money. The same exact thing in much greater proportions was done in neighbouring Venezuela until Chavez retaliated. W R Grace under Peter Grace was not paying US taxes for years (was the THE UNTOUCHABLE CHIEF TECHNICAL ADVISOR TO PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN until around the building of the Tringen 11 plant when he was before the SUPREME COURT there for TAX Evasion matters and of course freed) when he still owned and ran FEDCHEM and got away with it. This is trillions of USD we talking about. BUT JAW IS A BLACK MAN WHO DID NOT ALLOW A SECOND WORLD CUP IN USA. A world cup means trillions of USD to any country. This sport is not even popular in USD. They did us the same disservice when we were trying to promote T20 in The Caribbean some years ago. AND OF COURSE THE FAMOUS GAME AGAINST THE USA IN THE 80s with THE DONALD TRUMP score in Trinidad. YES we sold out our people’s dreams for some of us to make millions. YES OUR ENEMIES ARE LIVING AMONG US IN PLAIN SIGHT. NEVERTHELESS IF you are not American you are nobody and the laws mean different things to different persons there. Of course the WHITES and UNCLE TOMS (like Crosby) are above the law. In plain truth and in plain sight the WHITES and BLACKS face different laws there and elsewhere. THE USA are the big bullies of the world. THEY ALWAYS WERE. THE WORLD IS FOR THEM ALONE. They can go almost anywhere in the world and kill or war with anybody UNJUSTLY and the UN are speechless. IRAQ and SYRIA are the truths of that in plain sight. And of course the ENEMY OF YOUR ENEMY IS YOUR BEST FRIEND as they are now saying and THEY USE ISIS TO FORCE THE IRAQI PEOPLE TO FIGHT WAR THE WAY THEY WANT WITH NO CASUALTIES TO THE USA. HEAVEN HELP US ALL.

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