Whither India?

By Raffique Shah
May 25, 2014

Raffique ShahWith Narendra Modi taking office as Prime Minister of India following a convincing victory in the month-long general elections, the world’s largest parliamentary democracy, India, stands at critical crossroads.

The close to 200 million voters who propelled the controversial Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to power comprise in the main Hindu nationalists who see the country as Hindu first, anything else afterwards. But they were not the decisive elements that drove the Indian National Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty out of power in a humiliating rout.

The tipping of the scales can be credited to two main blocks of voters who deserted Congress and other alternatives (the AAP, BSP) in favour of the BJP. First, young, educated and semi-educated electors who rejected Rahul Gandhi’s Congress because of overwhelming charges of corruption and the decline in economic growth in the past two years that threatened their upward mobility.

And tens of millions of more mature voters did likewise for similar reasons, but more so because they believed that Modi has the savvy to restore economic growth, hence prosperity, and solve the numerous problems that bedevil the country.

Except for the BJP and RSS fundamentalists, the vast majority of Indians are comfortable with the secular state they have lived in since independence in 1947, credit for which must go to Mahatma Gandhi and Jawarharlal Nehru. It is far from perfect—communal violence erupts every so often, mainly between Hindus and Muslims and among castes. But it works.

Now, however, there are questions over New Delhi’s future directions.

Modi’s BJP won an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha, capturing 282 of 543 seats. The once-powerful Congress Party was reduced to rubble with a mere 44 seats, and several other parties shared the remaining spoils.

While the numbers suggest a decisive victory for the fundamentalist leader, they could be very deceptive. The BJP rode to power on 31 per cent of the overall votes cast in elections that saw a record highest turnout of 66 per cent of 814 million registered voters.

In other words, although Modi is the man of the moment, two out of every three electors did not vote for him or his party.

Without doubt, if he is to survive the first year in office, his priority must be resuscitating the economy.

In a well-executed campaign, the 63-year old former Gujarat chief minister focussed heavily on the ailing economy and how he would improve the lives of the people. He entered the elections with good credentials to pursue this line and to convince voters.

In Gujarat, he had presided over unprecedented economic activity, attracting local and foreign investors, stimulating growth.

Not surprisingly, stocks on the main exchanges in India rallied when Modi’s victory was sealed.

The big question is, can Modi transplant his successes in Gujarat to the national stage? The slowdown in economic growth is not singular to India. All the other BRICS countries have experienced similar declines or stagnation. Attracting foreign investment is a challenge for most countries, Trinidad and Tobago no exception.

Over the past few years, the little (in a relative sense) that we have attracted has gone almost exclusively into the upstream energy sector. While India is richly endowed with minerals (not much gas and oil), there are serious environmental concerns over their exploitation.

Also, because of its societal structures, while its domestic consumer base is expanding (cellphones have penetrated the most remote districts), it is nowhere close to China’s.

The biggest question mark that hovers over Modi, however, is the RSS (I shan’t spell out the lengthy name) baggage that he brings with him. The RSS is a Nazi-type organisation that was formed back in the 1920s, During the partitioning of India-Pakistan in 1947 (for which I’ve always blamed Mohammed Jinnah and the British), RSS “soldiers” committed the worst atrocities against Muslims.

Nathuram Godse, an RSS “soldier”, assassinated Mahatma Gandhi in 1948. He was without remorse during his trial, and accused Gandhi of “pandering to the minorities”.

As a boy, Narendra Modi was a foot soldier of the RSS, moving up through the ranks, eventually taking a frontline position in its political arm, the BJP. In 1992, he was a key activist when some 200,000 Hindus attacked and destroyed the Babri Masjid, which was said to be located on the site in Ayodhya where Lord Rama was born. In that attack, many Muslims were massacred.

More recently, in 2002, as chief minister of Gujarat, Modi all but supervised the savage murders of hundreds of Muslims in a small town in that state. Indeed, he was so implicated in that he was lucky not to be among the scores charged (and convicted) with murder. One of his top aides who might well be a minister in his government, Amit Shah (!!!), has three murder charges pending.

This extremist background, the equivalent of the Islamic Taliban, maybe even the repugnant Boko Haram, is what bothers me—and a whole lot of people—about Modi. He has never renounced the RSS or repented for the massacres that occurred under his watch.

Which is why I ask, with Modi and his associates at the helm, whither India?

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  1. India will continue to be a nation in good standing internationally as long as there is no known atrocities committed. There is some retraction in the growth prospects of countries within the BRICS alliance but that is due to economics and a new interest in the MINT alliance which is a subset of BRICS. Countries with conflicts that can be traced to hundreds of years in the making will not wake up one day to solve or make peace. The younger generation will have to go beyond where the older generation has been and learn to make amends and to enlighten their detractors that they are serious in forming coalitions and finding new ways to combat past racial, ethnics and regional animosities.

  2. So in essence Uncle Shah , what you are attempting to say is that India , just like it’s equally confused , nuclear obsessed , hegemonic rivaling cousin Pakistan, has continued the defeatist act, of taking one step forward , and 10 backwards-all the while fooling themselves, that they were emerging powers.
    The sad reality is that closet theocracies , such as India , Pakistan, and Israel, are kidding themselves into thinking that they were , and are relevant , to major powers, because of something they possess from within, that is so noble , and desired.
    The phony democracy ideals , they try so desperately to promote, for outside consumption, deceive few , but their own gullible citizen , still willing to remain subjugated , by self serving , religious , political , and military elites run amok.
    If there was no China ,India, and Pakistan , would be left to themselves to continue murdering each other,in cross tribal Hindustani /Islamist , clan fighting. During the ugly Cold War period, America , and the USSR, did not play these two via proxy wars , because they cared about The Taj Mahal, or Afghanistan.Every power play act was linked to encroaching China.
    If Israel was located in say Asia ,the North Pole, or Mars, as opposed to the Middle East-where European Crusading nations, still have a hard on for destroying Muslims kingdoms, revenge for Suliaman the Magnificent ,who had the audacity , to try and conquer all Europe, and force feed them Islam-then neither America , or the rest of Europe , would be remotely interested in their fortunes.
    Just keeping it real.

     “Attracting foreign investment is a challenge for most countries, Trinidad and Tobago no exception.” Nice point Uncle Shah, but you failed to elaborate,on the real reasons for such major challenges,and reticence , and here I lay them out, since for obvious reasons , both countries , are suffering the same problem.
    1. Corruption of the highest magnitude , and a dysfunctional court system , too scared to effectively function , due to political interference/ intimidation.
    If you can pluck a guy off the bench , thrust him into politics, then dump him , when some non elected upstart lawyer, turn AG , is the culprit, for faulty legislation, then , I don’t know what else is interference.
    Translation-There are folks who get into power , with one motive only, and that is to use their political office ,as a means to an end .In this case , personal aggrandizement. Correct, T&T, and India have that in common.
    You cannot instill confidence in foreign investors, if they detect , that white color crooks , and bandits , are free to roam, after plundering , with no price to pay.
    2.Foreign investors , are concern about long term benefits. If Politicians, and their handlers , are building a climate of whereby baiting the poor, and cuddling the rich,that can spell long term trouble.
    If they encourage clear cut, partisan ,neo tribal games , that’s a likely combustible ,situation, which can explore one day. Both India , and T&T, possess clear evidence of this.
    3.Leaders cannot develop, schizophrenic approaches ,to developmental policies. Change of government ,should not mean ,scrapping a program,or project, beneficial to a country,or not honoring , legally binding contract commitments,since , the previous regime might get credit.Not a confidence builder. T&T ,from 2010 to 2014 provides tons of such examples.
    India obviously, will beat T&T out every time , as it has something we don’t have here. Close to a billion people , more than half , who are desperate , and poor , as they struggle for survival , under the poverty line, while a small elite , put the squeeze on them. Translation – cheap , exploitable labor force.Corrupt politicians , who would allow foreign conglomerates , to defy safety , and environmental regulations , which can have long term harmful effect.Trust me when I say, there have been many more , just like this 1984 catastrophic event, but sadly,when the lives of the poor , are unimportant, their fate , in the hands of foreign , and domestic powerful , will be of less concern.Like Uncle Shah, I too am not optimistic about India peace , security, and economic future , under this rabid , ultra nationalist new regimes.We wish them well.


    Trinidad , in contrast , has a fairly literate , yet small population , where citizens , are aware of their rights.
    Not certain if our T&T leaders, as a collective , possess, what former US President George Herbert Bush called ,”The Vision Thing,” and so one cannot expect too much , when it comes to the rival parties, re our future direction.
    There are a host of ways , countries , rich like ours , can earn money , and be a regional game changer.We must decide what we want as a people.This is difficult , for a tribally fractured country, not so challenging , for a cohesive NATION-which we ain’t as yet.
    In a few months time , many citizens, would happily exercise another important right, just like India just did. We will see how that plays out, for foreign investors , and our local population alike.
    Nice article Uncle Shah, a wonderful shift away from many of our common story lines.Gives us a chance to reflect on how fortunate we are here, in this twin island paradises-laden as it is with numerous challenges.
    Patriotism is the key!

  3. Modi must be given an opportunity to set the economic agenda, that I am sure from his Gujarat experience will be no problem. He is a very hard working man.
    The social agenda is what bothers people because the BJP is known for fanning the flames of religious division. The RSS has been know to arbitrarily detain people and interrogate them to find out about religious association. They have been known to put in place strong anti conversion laws. In some states requiring government approval for baptism etc.
    The BJP like the PNM of the 60s have a mob type mentality when it comes to leadership in the villages. Their way or the highway. Interesting days ahead in the world’s largest democracy.

    1. “The BJP like the PNM of the 60s have a mob type mentality when it comes to leadership in the villages. “…..Mamoo
      Do you care to explain or expand your statement? Maybe there is something that you know that most of us are ignorant about. You caught my fancy with this one and whilst I would like to reply responsibly there is need to know exactly what you are talking about. So, would you do me a favor and expand? Thanks!

      1. Obviously you have not lived in the era of PNM hooliganism. During that era especially around election time these mobs used to walk the streets and beat up anyone who did not look like a PNM supporter. Just ask your grandpa.

        1. Mamoo, elaborate!. You just made a statement and you want people to believe what you are saying. I find your statement preposterous just as the charge that African people were taking Indian men wives and terrorizing them so they had to seek asylum in Canada. I hear you and Moonilal making charges and PNM hooliganism and racism which are yet to be substantiated and I’m calling on you to be specific so that it can be validated. Whenever I write, I do provide more than enough substance for my opinions and I’m calling on you to do the same, it is this same charge that was put to Manning and obviously he never wanted to be called ‘racist’ so he responded stupidly. You are now trying to do same with Rowley and I’m calling you out. Put up or shut up!

  4. Good points Mamboo.Nationalism ain’t a bad thing, if tempered , with some moderation.Now that this party has assumed power, hopefully,prudence / pragmatism, would play into their actions, for if not…..?
    This victory is ,as we say on the streets, ‘that much needed ,breath of fresh air,’India urgently needs now, as it go through it’s transition, beyond exonomic stagnation, and political disquiet.
    Though obviously an honest man himself , it seems as if corruption , from too many political colleagues , and high officials ,might have taken , some of the shine , off the progressive Sikh PM,Mr Singh’s, more positive achievements.


    I am however happy to see , the feisty, independent minded , Social activist female Sikh , in Maneka Gandhi ,on board. I expect good things from her, now ,and beyond. Don’t be surprise to see her , or son, as PM one day.


    Anyone who can give Her Royal Neo -imperial Highness , Mama Indira ,the middle finger ,then move on , to chart her own course, is our kind of gal.


    Let Congress I,Italianio , caretaker Princess Sonia,sit around and quibble , as she tries to get Rajiv two kids coronated , only to be eventually murdered, like Grandma, Dad, and Uncle Sunjay.
    India would do fine , even under this radical Hindu nationalist party. Most folks , are prepared to accept their fate , in life -good , bad , or ugly,though it may be.Thank you very much we are a nuclear power ,and better yet,Bollywood , generate more dollars , that decadent Hollywood, or Nigeria’s Nollywood.
    As for T&T?Well….as my late, extremely wise , Tobago Granny, used to say,”dat’s a horse of a different color.”
    Just wish our Malika Panday, had such spunk .
    Give papa Baz the middle finger , build a house in Never Dirty Morvant.Start an empowerment foundation on the Beetham,or better yet , adopt an African kid , from Chad.
    However,it won’t happen, and so ….no real positive political future.
    I wish her well, and so does Mamboo.
    Long live democracy!

  5. The biggest question mark that hovers over Modi, however, is the RSS (I shan’t spell out the lengthy name) baggage that he brings with him. The RSS is a Nazi-type organisation that was formed back in the 1920s, During the partitioning of India-Pakistan in 1947 (for which I’ve always blamed Mohammed Jinnah and the British), RSS “soldiers” committed the worst atrocities against Muslims.

    Nathuram Godse, an RSS “soldier”, assassinated Mahatma Gandhi in 1948. He was without remorse during his trial, and accused Gandhi of “pandering to the minorities”.

    As a boy, Narendra Modi was a foot soldier of the RSS, moving up through the ranks, eventually taking a frontline position in its political arm, the BJP. In 1992, he was a key activist when some 200,000 Hindus attacked and destroyed the Babri Masjid, which was said to be located on the site in Ayodhya where Lord Rama was born. In that attack, many Muslims were massacred.

    More recently, in 2002, as chief minister of Gujarat, Modi all but supervised the savage murders of hundreds of Muslims in a small town in that state. Indeed, he was so implicated in that he was lucky not to be among the scores charged (and convicted) with murder. One of his top aides who might well be a minister in his government, Amit Shah (!!!), has three murder charges pending.

    This extremist background, the equivalent of the Islamic Taliban, maybe even the repugnant Boko Haram, is what bothers me—and a whole lot of people—about Modi. He has never renounced the RSS or repented for the massacres that occurred under his watch.

    I always find the automation with which people like Mamoo and TMan are prepared to forget allegations and actions of politicians and leaders who share their ethnicity to be very vindicating. Vindicating because it assures me that I am on the right track in my analysis and examination of their positions and mindsets. That I am not off the mark when point out things in their postulations that bespeaks of mindsets inundated with the Orwellian equal and more equal animal farm porcine logic.

    I wonder how many of them are attached secretly or publicly members of the RSS, the Asian replica of Nazism. I know for a fact that about 3/4 of the Indian Ministers in Government of Guyana have such attachment, and would not be surprised if anything near that percentage is replicated in T&T. So as we pursue this holy grail of a pluralistic democracy, let us not carelessly and in a laissez faire manner ignore relationships that are inimical that worthy goal. We do so at our own peril, and it is better be forewarned and prepared, than to be deceived and faced with uprooting a negative that has had time to become entrenched.

    Yes, My friend Neal, like you I luv our Trini people, all kinds of them, and hunger for the dawning of real democracy. But at the same time, I will keep my eyes open to all of the possible scenarios that can turn that up on its head. One Love.

  6. This early school poem ,in part help reinforced my love for our T&T, and why even with much of the frustration, I refuse to loose hope, in our people.
    All the Seas Were One Sea

    ‘If all the seas were one sea*,What a great sea that would be!And if all the trees were one tree,What a great tree that would be!And if all the axes were one axe,What a great axe that would be!And if all the men were one man,What a great man he would be!And if the great man took the great axe,And cut down the great tree,And let it fall into the great sea,What a splish splash that would be!’
    Diversity can be a good, where wise leaders exist.
    Part of the reasons for conflicts , in many societies , is failure by many ,to take some time to learn of ‘the other.’What exactly is shaping the thoughts processes? What are the fears , and concerns , of our foes, strange looking sometimes immigrant neighbors,and friends alike, and how can my understanding of such, help us both survive, and prosper peacefully?
    Would China be a force today ,without the disgraced Richard ‘I am not a Crook ,’ Nixon , ping pong diplomacy overtures?
    Would China be a force without Chairman Mao, then the patient pragmatist ,Deng Shao Ping? Where would India be , after the demise of Mama Indira, and her two sons , if there was no Sonia , an outsider to many? Where would India be economically, if she did not defy reality, and push a Dr Singh to become, that country’s first Sikh PM? Which ethnic clan murdered Mama Indira again? Maybe India needs a few Right wing ,neo Fascist zealots, to carve a new identity. Maybe it might pave the way, for an eventual new voice , and influence in Maneka Gandhi.Did I add , she is a strong fiercely independent Sikh,who prior to reading Uncle Shah’s article , I did not even know , had existed. Political animal, that I am ,I’m intrigued when ever there is change , be it Trinidad ,Deli, Cairo,Tel Aviv,Congo ,Zimbabwe,Syria, America, or hopefully soon- Tobago, and why? It’s the way of a Globalist.

    Trust me when I say Bro.Rodwell Patton,that ‘you are preaching to the converted,’here.I concur , that the “holy gale of pluralistic democracy ,”as far as T&T goes , will remain a myth, since one major tribe in the the equation , will always subscribe to the naive, yet misguided notion ,that they are superior beings- irrespective of how poor , desperate,debased,and suffering they themselves- with few exceptions -might well be.
    You are also correct in your speculations, that just like their Guyanese cousins, there might be members of our society,that are connected to radical, neo Facist elements of their homeland India- and don’t you dare forget ,Pakistan as well.
    That nostalgia, pride, and yearning to be connected with their motherland ,is quite understandable, for our brothers , and sisters from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and counting.
    The reasons for this is easy to explain. Unlike Africans, and our almost extinct ,indigenous population,they all came to T&T ,via VOLUNTARY immigration. In addition , there is a sense of pride that these various people possess, for their homeland, that is almost alien , when it comes to Africans-and that too is understandable, even if not appreciated.
    I am an idealist myself , but the pragmatist within , would tell me that I have to coexist, and adapt to this prevailing reality Bro BP.
    I cannot force another race , tribe , or ethnic group to like mine, or to adore me ,as an individual.
    Who am I , to tell an Indian PM , and her government ,to do everything in her power to elevate the lives of struggling Africans, in Lavantille , Beetham, Morvant, Mt Hope, Caranege , Belmont Gonzales , and Tobago, when African leaders gave these folks , that looked like them, the symbolic middle finger, for decades?
    Nigeria, Sudan, Congo,Angola, Bostwana, Namibia, Serria Leon,Ghana, Gabon, Liberia, Algeria, Libya,South Africa,Uganda, and Zimbabwe, to name a few, have more natural resources, than all of Asia , or the Middle East, put together, and yet , what do we hear of daily?
    More importantly, who is to be blamed, and how will it change?
    Asia, the Middle East ,and we can throw in South America, all experienced ,evil , mayhem, and pillage , at the hands of White Europeans , and yet, if we fast forward , to 2014, the cries , and prevailing , Continental social dysfunctions, appear to emanate from one place. Global Africans, are struggling , many are been oppressed, and exploited by folks who look just like they are, while other ethnic groupings, and races thrive , and are making efforts , to elevate their own.
    How does this change Bro RP?
    It was the late , globally renowned Trini African ,Stokley Carmichael, who once said, “Before a group can enter the open society, it must first close ranks.”
    Others in T&T, and across the globe , have closed ranks, in furtherance of their self intrrest.African folks , are even scared to sit on one table , and honestly discuss problems, much less, strive to find ways to rectify them.
    The time for action is now.
    If one man , ANR Robinson Robinson ,can plant a seed , so as to ensure some semblance of global justice is obtained, for traumatized, world citizens via the ICC, then the same can be done , to elevate African folks, starting in T&T.
    It is not,Bro RP, that people should remain insular , and not collaborate /join in solidarity,or form alliances ,with others , in efforts to achieve useful ends-and no I am not accusing you of thinking, that such was the case.
    However, both at the macro, and micro levels,smart people, the world over , have always done, what was necessary, to further their own,self interest.
    It is however incumbent on those leaders who assume those roles , to understand their moral obligations, to stick to the cause, while reexamining ,their real motives, for venturing down such often thankless – part ways.
    Prudent , big picture activism , is the key for me Bro JP.
    ‘The other,’ must be molded/cajoled/ enticed/ and encouraged, into appreciating , that his ,or her interests, is inextricably tied up, in our collective struggles, and hopefully ,combined success.
    A continent , cannot fully develop, if it is still hurting from centuries of lost , and pain from rape/plunder, of both resources, and people.
    If Jews via Zionism , and hard core activism,can parley , their victimhood, into a international , win/win brand , so can global Africans.
    If Asians, both domestic, and international , of all persuasions, can carve out their own niche , en route to success, it ain’t too late , for Africans to do likewise.
    There is work to be done.
    One important ingredient in this equation, is SELF LOVE.
    A thirsty ,Scarlet Ibis , or Cocrico bird, can eventually get a sip of water from the jar,if that is his end game. He won’t, if he throws the container to the ground , and spill its entire contents.The trick for him if savvy ,is to repeatedly place , tiny pebbles within-thus raising the level of the liquid, so that it’s beak , can reach.


    Don’t get it twisted , T&T, for since independence,more people , have died in Asia, and Africa, than our population , multiplied, by 100.
    To love the homeland is fine ,and dandy, but as Dr Hollis Liverpool reminded us,”is right here you would find your identity.”
    Patriotism , ain’t a half bad , idealist desire.
    Since we are all tied in some fashion to each other , in this diverse island paradise,I say –
    Let’s make it happen people!

  7. “The Defence Force at some point in time in the future will have to contemplate the idea, the notion, of being able to do independent operations given the fact that the Police Service is so stretched — with its resources on the streets, in the communities and so on – that we have to treat with how we more effectively engage borders (including) those rural areas,” he said. This is quoted to have been said by the Commander of the Defence Force, Ken Maharaj. I find the contemplation of such an engagement very disturbing as one with close knowledge of the enactment of the Defence Act in an independent Trinidad and Tobago. It was never the intention of the framers or the legislators to allow the Defence Force to act as a pseudo police force under any circumstances. We may assist, complement or engage in operational activities in conduction with the police but amending the Defence Act to be a part of the police service is political suicide and opening a gate to allowing the Defence to get into the dirty politics of this country. Any attempt to bring this legislation to fruition should be defeated at all cost. The Defence Force is the last bastion of maintaining civility and peace but that must be accomplished by the now stated means available and not altering it to suit political apprehensions or expediency. I suggest my fellow brothers in arms use every means at their disposal to defeat such proposal. I know and understand the worry about crime and criminal activities. If there is an institution to be altered to deal with these new realities, then revamp the police service to meet those needs, but PLEASE DONT MESS AROUND WITH THE DEFENCE FORCE in that way. My hope is that those who may have some familiarity with the subject matter please speak up now!

    1. Kian while you have a point about the DF doing police, there is a point when the end justify the means. We have no external eneny to worry about. We have total lawlessness in the East West corridor. We need the protective service in the streets. All the crap about framers did not plan it that way is baloney. Safety of the citizen is primary. They need to either take half the soldiers and convert them to police. Have them patrolling the streets. Right now Brooklyn, NY is a safer place than TT. Police all over Brooklyn. Day and night. 0 degrees. 90 degrees. Our house is burning and we argue wether we should use river water or salt water?

      1. Brilliant, I believe that you just answered your own question when you stated “Right now Brooklyn, NY is a safer place than TT. Police all over Brooklyn. Day and night. 0 degrees. 90 degrees. ” Man responsible? Guilliani, I don’t like his politics but he did a fine job managing the resources of the city to get the best and brightest minds to fight the crime in the city – simple! What you state is concerns that I myself I’m worried about but it is the Police’s responsibility to come up with the solutions. I am totally against Ken Maharaj using military guns to shoot up civilians committing crime. You said “any means necessary”, our famous Randolph Burroughs sometimes provided nefarious means to fight and in many instances he was successful, but I caution in so doing you have to look at the origin of crime, if you only look at or consider the physical participants then, no amount of “Randy Burroughs” will solve the crime problem.

  8. Yeah Kian , first we had punch drunk ,Tin Pan Griffy, talking about purchasing armored cars to fight crimes in Lavantille , Toco, Never dirty, and Beetham, and now this .
    That hand picked Kamla kid, who cannot run his own department , but is now prancing around , like a constipated , St James Tom cat in heat, since he was given a bigger portfolio, due to the political demise , of Weedhead, gang cuddling ,Anil Roberts. Go figure!
    This is what happens when you have trained guys hanging around , with absolutely nothing to do Kian.Si, independence day parades , don’t count.
    There is no war , or threats from anyone ,&even if there were , Papa America, would be welcome to come, and protect her oil/gas interest.
    Your PM is idly boasting about finishing all the PP projects , by 2015.Let’s hope , this ain’t one.
    Smart people know , you can playfully pull the tails of docile Sande Grande/ Bacolet donkey , or Caroni Water buffalo, but not a starving Bengal Tiger, or Ferocious African lion.Yet this stupid obsession , and military flirtations continues, by this regime, and now parroted by one of their grateful minions, from Thetron.
    Let them go ahead, for they’ll live to regret it.
    Ain’t it sad, that every tin pan soldier in this country, who have 6 or less criminal justice credits to his name , suddenly thinks ,he is a law enforcement guru,with high IQ, for security affairs, and can solve crimes.
    Next on the agenda -once they are emboldened? I’ll tell you.Every tin pan soldier , who did a few courses in Political Science ,or Constitutional law , while in the Sandhurst , School of the Americas,or Westpoint Coup Schools , will think ,he can be the next PM, and walla! Pakistan, Nigeria, and Burma , ain’t have nada on us.
    Not surprisingly, by then ,Kamla , Basdeo, Uncle Shah, the entire cabal,local phony intellectuals,and country leaching Trini tribal , business entity, will in turn ,escape to Canada , Britain,Australia,or Switzerland, as they flee, from the mess , they help create.
    Its the way the cookie crumbles , Kian.
    Let’s wish them well!

  9. Neal, these guys are getting scary! To top this, I read where that Penal lawyer named Anand Ramlogan is adding his two cents to Ken Maharaj’s insidious suggestion to give the military police powers. Look, I have ten years of service invested in the development of the Defence Force and the men who penned the Defence Force were politically neutral and were scholars in military law, I would be dammned if a two-bit locally promoted ‘Trini general’ were allowed to change the tenets of the institution to suit the likes of a two-bit Attorney General like Ramlogan etal. The constitution is more than a precious document. The precept of its existence is not for a politician to like or dislike, it is not meant to be tampered with just because there are ineptitude by the those chosen to govern and see a way for them to use it to further political and militarial gains. The Defence Act is meant to protect me, you, the UNC, the PNM and any and every minion that walk the land. Ken Maharaj does not have the qualifications to make such a judgement and neither does Ramlogan. Neal, you are correct in asserting that should there be external aggressions that are beyond our control, the US, Canada and other friends will come on our side to protect us. These two-bit army generals who want power to go into our neighborhoods with armored cars to show how powerful they are must be stopped right now. They need to shelve those narcissistic ideas about gaining power and don’t try fooling anyone with their foolishness. My brothers in the Police Service should not be fooled either! If allowed to happen, it would be the perfect scenario for KPB, Anand, Moonie, Griffy and others to use them for pure political gain. Never happen!

    1. It is for this reason , you must shout aloud with me Bro Kian – De Guyanarization of T&T , must never be allowed to take place!
      Translation – one term in office , and back to the political wilderness , for another 15 years. There is only so much harm they can do in the next few months , they hold political sway.
      Basdeo Panday ,named a Military guy ,as his Minister of National Security head, and if I am not mistaken ,assumed the role himself.
      So did Manning, and now your Auntie K ,who has made the mistake , not once, but twice. Clueless Sandy,and now ,Mr Tin pan Griffy , himself- big on words , but low in substance , one might add. P
      The military for good reasons , since 1970 , was placed in the political dog house. Once the Islamist goon, Lennox Phillip, aka Yasin Abu Bakr came on the scene ,and almost destroyed our Democracy,they got a new leash on life.
      Many of these characters , or as Uncle Shah , wish to refer to them ,as his “brothers in arms,” will do what ever they can ,to see even more power come the way of the Tethron boys.
      The irony ain’t lost on us the politically astute , that it is another member of the tribe who his behind the move presently.
      Ummmmm, power , by any means necessary , Kian?

      Our Founding Fathers, did not wrestle this land away from conniving White Massa Britiannia , then preserve it in tact ,for decades , only that we should lie on our backs , like socially comatose idiots , so that basic rights ,are scuttled , under the guidance of ,self loathing ,non patriots.
      Nation building can be a difficult proposition ,Bro Kain. Stay vigilant!

  10. Neal and Kian. Why we have the damn DF for then. We have crimninals creating havoc. We the heall allyuh doh go a join the police force. We need more police and yes, better accountability of the police. While all ah we fiddle we thumb, some criminal looking to thief you car?

    1. Brilliant, your question appears to be an honest one and your concerns equally honest but engaging the Defence Force personnel as pseudo policemen is not the answer to our crime problem. We, as a nation operate from the reading of the constitution which supercedes all common laws and designates departments of our governments to perform certain functions. For example, if frigates were to circle Cedros and Icacas and decided they want to take it over, I would expect our beloved General Kennrick Maharaj of the Defence Force to immediately gather his boys (the Army) and be the first in line of fire to chase them out, or hold them in check until we get help. If he cannot complete that mission, it would be his fault because he commands the authority to be combat ready. If money is being laundered using our casinos as the gateway and nothing is being done, that is the responsibility of the police. If gangs operate without check and crime is rampant without cessation, then the police is responsible, simple. How we do that is another matter. Management of resources is not as simple as giving the task to manage only to those whom you personally like, when you that it subverts the effects of what you are trying to achieve. I can’t tell the police how to do their work but I can say this policing is not simply about uniforms, guns and detection. The range is far beyond simplicity that might involve the use of land, sea, air, underground, clandestine, drugs, narcotics, policing of laws, logistics, criminality and a host of many, many areas of life that laws cover. If the police fails in that respect, then you blame them or get somebody who is smart enough to know how to use the machinery of policing.
      Ken Maharaj does not possess a magic wand nor the do the men under his command and that is the long and short of it.

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