Chandresh Sharma Resigns

March 31, 2014

Chandresh SharmaStatement by the Honourable Prime Minister, Kamla Persad- Bissessar, SC, on the revocation of the appointment of Honourable Minister of Tourism, Chandresh Sharma

I have advised the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency, Anthony Carmona, of the decision to revoke the appointment of the Honourable Minister of Tourism, Chandresh Sharma.

This advice follows my decision to accept the resignation earlier submitted by Minister Sharma.

There has been some discussion on the number of times changes have been made in my Cabinet. I say that is a measurement of my commitment to maintaining the high ideals upon which we were elected.

I am not swayed by any other consideration other than that which is right and honourable. Each member of my administration must be mindful that we are held to different, higher standards than ever before, even by those who are our most bitter critics.

There is no privileged escape, no allowance for arrogance, no forgiveness for indiscretion. Those days are gone, such compromise has expired. The responsible leadership which we promised to usher in a dawn of a new era is the new political currency.

My leadership isn’t formed in the mould of loud and angry politicians who feel that shouting and attacking everything is the best way to be heard. But my decisions and policies speak even louder of who I am and what I expect of those around me in government.

The government is stronger than ever because of the tough decisions taken and the population can breathe easier today, confident in the knowledge that value based leadership will never be compromised.

I take this opportunity to recognize Minister Sharma’s contributions and service to the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago.

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  1. Media Statement
    DATE: 31ST MARCH 2014

    I have always said that my entry into public office is about service to the people not about me. Some say it is a thankless task, but for me each day brings a level of satisfaction that is immeasurable.

    I have served my country faithfully and selflessly for close to two decades. During this entire period my personal life has never been the subject of public discourse. I am not the story, the work I do is the full account of who I happen to be.

    I acknowledge, however, that public life comes with a level of scrutiny and expectation that does not allow for consideration of your version of events.

    With the stories swirling around on my personal life even seeking to clarify the issues through statements will undoubtedly be countered by others. So that is not an option.

    I will not allow these allegations to detract from the good work of the government nor to sully the name of my party. Anything I attempt to say on the matter will only serve to feed the issue.

    It is therefore with a heavy heart but a light spirit of commitment to my country and recognition of the burden of responsibility I hold as a Minister of Government that I offer the Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, my unreserved resignation.

    I will continue privately to clear my name in the interest of justice. No further public statement on matters pertaining to the alleged incident will be made as it is entirely a matter for my attorneys to handle.

    I wish to take the opportunity to thank my constituents for reposing their faith in me and to pledge to continue serving them, I express my heartfelt gratitude as well to my Cabinet colleagues and others for their words of encouragement and understanding, and to the Honourable Prime Minister for providing me the opportunity to have served the nation.

    I am a firm believer in karma and trust that the future will work itself out through the life I have lived, the judgement of which I leave ultimately to God. Thank you all.

    Chandresh Sharma, MP
    31st March 2014

    Chandresh Sharma wife, Mary Ann Lau, has kicked him out
    Tourism Minister Chandresh Sharma wife, Mary Ann Lau, has kicked him out of the family’s home over an alleged adulterous relationship involving several women, including a former beauty queen. Close friends of the Minister say that Sharma has to play “Spiderman” to get into his Keate Street, San Fernando house, forcing the mother of three to send him a legal letter dated November 11, 2013 by attorney Devi Ramnarine for him to vacate the house on or before January 2, 2014. In the letter, Attorney Ramnarine of the law firm, Ramnarine & Persad of Lewis Street, San Fernando addressed to his Office, Government Quarters, Unity Court Fyzabad, stated; “we act on behalf of Mrs. Mary Ann Lau, your lawful spouse of Keate Street, San Fernando. We are instructed by our client that the marriage between you has broken down irretrievably due mainly to your persistent and serial adultery.

  3. (Ccn Tvnews) Sacha Singh says confronting Sharma with his alleged extra-marital child may not have been the best thing to do.

    She says, “That’s not my fight and I was wrong for doing that. However, what I got was: he was able to acknowledge the child and, hopefully, lend some financial support in the future.
    “It was not to provoke him. It was to show him: Is this what it is? Because you’re lying to me.”

    Singh feels that her stance against the abuse she faced does not warrant the hate she has been getting from UNC supporters who have been circulating some racy pictures that she once took.

    Singh says, “I am humbly and respectfully asking our Honorable Prime Minister to, please, as a woman herself, not to condone the constant posting of these pictures and the further defamation of my character.”


    (Ccn Tvnews) Sacha Singh on Sharma’s resignation: That is the only honorable thing he’s done since I met him over a year ago.

    Singh “begs” the PM to help stop UNC supporters from posting her “private” pics and “slandering” her.

    She says, “I plead to her and reach out to her and beg of her to help me with the UNC supporters who are saying that I am responsible for this.”

    She adds, “Stop posting up my pictures and slandering my character like that. It was for my personal use. I still plead with her for that, as a woman and our prime minister.”

  4. Replaced ministers to date include:

    • Verna St Rose-Greaves, Gender Affairs
    • Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, Health Minister
    • Herbert Volney, Justice Minister
    • Collin Partap, National Security Minister
    • Mary King, Planning Minister
    • Jamal Mohammed, Communication Minister
    • Christlyn Moore, Justice Minister
    • John Sandy, National Security Minister
    • Jack Warner, Works and Transport; National Security
    • Nicole Dyer-Griffith, Communications Minister
    • Subhas Panday, National Security
    • Nan Ramgoolam, Public Administration
    • Glenn Ramadharsingh, Minister of the People and Social Development
    • Chandresh Sharma, Tourism Minister

  5. dis kind of bachanal i does stay far from ..but leh meh try to undesstand mis sacha, ,so d minister lie and say d child is not he own .. mis sacha go and bring the woman and d 12 year old child to confront d lieing minister making a big scean in a public place to booth …d minister try to walk of but sacha refuse to stop so .. paw ! slap !! She fall down ..bacahnal done …the other woman lucky she did not get a slap too.. why.. for allowing sheself and she 12 year old child to get caught up in mis sacha and she bs.NOW ..before all ya cut off meh head .. SERIOUSLY …i DO NOT ACCEPT NO MAN BEATING OR HITTING ON WOMAN ah feel real strong about dat … but ya know what dis come like ? it sounds some thing like dis.. mss sacha hit d man and d man buss ah slap back in she ass and she gone running bawling ..oh god ..oh god he hit meh .. remember ah say ah dont condone man hittig woman…d moral of this story is miss sacha Please keep your little ass out of big people business you with d man and d child he have 12 years ago long long before you came along is none of your dam businnes ..suppose when ya fall down and hit ya head “according to you” ya ..dead .. ya would of died for shit ..

  6. Wow ….almost every Ministry took a hit with the heaviest being that of National Security which is right under her very nose or wing. We also know that the Ministry of Education is filled with issues of race, non performance, nepotism, scandal, lack of modern day educational systems, sex and pregnancies even in the under aged, dishonesty and lies, disrespect and the list goes on … (like father like son issues) etc. Of course that Minister is above the law. And we must not forget about the AG and the section 34 fiasco and the many other issues regarding him. For a lady PM, her Ministers cannot control their sexual cravings too well. Nevertheless regarding the 18 who lost their Ministerial posts in four short years 2010-2014, it does tell a story about her failings as a government. With endless trips of no significant change to the well being of our country, 110 murders in just three months of 2014 (January to March) and no job growth I take this opportunity to request that the Honourable Prime Minister, Kamla Persad- Bissessar, SC now call a General Election so that we can restart our economy which came to a stop under her reign.

    1. Jerry Colin Hussain, you are totally misinformed. Check your facts before mouthing off like the raging bull, Rowley.

      IMF report APRIL 3

      Trinidad and Tobago is experiencing more robust growth after several years of sub-par performance, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said.

      “With the end of maintenance-related outages in the energy sector, we project the economy will grow around 2.5 per cent in 2014, after growing around 1.5 per cent in 2013. The non-energy sector was fairly buoyant in 2013, which we anticipate will continue to be the case in 2014,” the Fund said in a statement Wednesday, following the completion of its annual Article IV consultation mission to Trinidad and Tobago, led by Elie Canetti, from March 18-April 1.

      “The country’s external position remains healthy, with external reserves at US$10.0 billion, while the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund’s assets continue to grow. Serious data deficiencies hinder a more complete assessment of balance of payments developments, but our best estimate is that the current account surplus should continue to be in double digits (as a percentage of gross domestic product or GDP) in 2014, thanks to a strong rebound in energy exports from 2013. However, there are signs that the growth of imports, notably automobiles, may be picking up…The mission welcomes the government’s efforts to significantly reduce or eliminate arrears on energy subsidies, VAT refunds and to suppliers,” the IMF said.

        1. or like dooks who takes tax monies from the poor and give to the rich from the treasury….

  7. Imagine our tax monies illegally acquired on projects by the government are being used to pay off bribes relating to their wrong doings so they have contaminated our justice system. No witness statement; no jail time. I was victim to this so I know how it works. North America is where they go to learn all the tricks of the trade. I still saying God doh sleep. These recalcitrant minorities that come of the Calcutta ship will one day be tamed.

  8. “..I take this opportunity to request that the Honourable Prime Minister, Kamla Persad- Bissessar, SC now call a General Election so that we can restart our economy!” JC Hussain

    Sorry buddy, but that, and a flying Water Buffalo, over socially neglected crime haven , Brazilian like favala Lavantille,with Kamla pulling it’s tail, all dressed in a colorful Bikini, coupled with a Nigerian Ibo, head scarfs, you will never see, in this lifetime, but maybe the next.
    Let me break it down for you my friend. There are numerous political idiots, scattered, all across, our T&T..but more than 90% of them, emerged from, and will continue so to do , from within the ranks of ‘Kinky Head Nation.’Just keeping it real.
    Who would hold a national election , por ejemplo,2 years before it is due , anywhere across Hwe Majesty Queen Liz2,Commonwealth-when the opposition is in disarry?You bet, an arrogant , delusional African.
    Who would hold on to power, with a political seat, even if due to his debilitating illness,he is too weak ,to take the oath, much less vote , and or, make important contributions in our Parliament that can be elp the nation. His vonstituency, and Party?You bet, a vindictive African.
    Who would wait until the political party is finally poised ,to get at the joggular, Auntie Kamla , and her confused political bunch,but would instead then,launch her power grab run-much to the delight of the Cabral?
    Yep, you bet, these Trini Africans again.
    Kamla , and Brown Triumphalist Nation, might be many unwholesome things mi amigo, but stupidity, ain’t one.They know what they are doing, for every more is calculated.

    Ok, now tell me something ‘Sistaz Kim,’would you be as cavilar, in your attitude towards the plight of these two women ,and the unfortunate, illegitimate 12 year old kid, if these were East Asian Trinis , or more so Immigrants?
    Yes we know , you guys are the civilize ones , who follow the hilt,your inner Confucius mind set, and only pursue peace , and economic prosperity, goals.
    You, and others -led by ‘the association-‘ also take care of your own , and hence the reasons, the only raving ,mentally challenge ,deranged maniacs , we can see at St Anns , or any where on the streets of T&T, are of the Afro/Indo Trini persuasion-nunca ,an East Asian
    Sorry my friend, but this attempt of humor ,fell flat.
    I for one do not give a hoot, as to this woman’s motives, or the seeming ,foolhardiness of her ploys , to get this political bozo attention!
    The fact that we are having a debate, about a taboo subject, which might help save Anti K’s fleadging legacy, while bring a smile to the face of Mama Verna St Rose ,is a start.
    I love it!
    Hope the tribe ain’t get her , before she gives evidence, sink her Pundit.
    Luv Humanity People, and forget de tribe! That goes for you too Kim.Sorry, for it’s only Africans who possess tribes.

  9. neal you must be mistaking me for Jerry or TMan who give a rats ass about your long, very very long over kill reply on everything, every dam day .. well i dont ..stay in your lane please. just to clarify my response was not meant to be funny but direct.where does race come in ? who d hell care bout race in dis ? only you.stupidity and dottishness has no race or tribes. you better double up on your meds,lately the amount of crap in your response has drastically increase and clearly your level of understanding has decreased ..IMENSELY … STEUUUPPSSSSS.

  10. “Trinidad and Tobago is experiencing more robust growth…..the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said …..Non oil energy sector ?”
    Only a fool from the 3rd World , will publicly sing high praise, for the IMF , or view same,as some bastion of objectivity towards struggling states, from the Global South,and since I know for a fact, that you ain’t no fool ,then the question for you is , what medication are you on?
    So what you are saying T-Man, amidst all your over the top stats, and high praises,is that our economy is doing well, in spite of your beloved PP government’s action?
    The reason I am asking is that not only I but very view of the now disgusted voters are yet to see coherent , win/win economic policy or initiative , that can bring some benefits to us as a nation.
    Please do not tell me it was simply due to the presence of Auntie K ,and her big wig Economist ,turn Central Bank Governor ,and now Foreign Minister, that our energy sector began flourishing?
    This woman alone, together with her ‘eat ah fooder sister,’has escaped on more Foreign , shopping spree trips , than all our predecessors combined -with, very little to show for her efforts.
    No folks ,this comedian , did not refer to a non oil energy sector in our T&T? Let me guess where that is T-Man, Siparia, Couva, Chagurnas, Erin, or is it Aranguez?
    Here is the reality .In a thriving democracy and two bit idiot can win elections.As for Political stewardship?
    Well, as my late , Tobago Granny would often say’ dats a horse of a different color,’eeeeehhh?
    With citizens like you mi amigo, or your out of control, female abusing Ministers, who needs friends?

  11. I’ve said it once , twice , three times , but it’s worth repeating folks.’De person, who can make me hate this place , ain’t born yet!’Not even you Kim , in all your phony outrage! Talk about overkill!
    Ohhhohh, so our Lil Kim ,do possess a lil bit oh spunk in her , ehh? Aye aye , quoting TV Judge now aren’t we Lil Kim ?”Stay in your lane!” Luv it. None of that subservient foolishness, too common, by docile women in her tribe ,ummm?
    Sorry, race ain’t matter to her, when it comes to T&T, aka Rainbow Country.
    Let me guess ,you had a boyfriend from Central or is it Never dirty Movant, who was a ‘….’? Enough Neal!
    Tell dat to the Nigerian immigrant, or Jamaican , trying to open up a rum shop, resturant, in prime locals across T&T, like the 4000 plus , that have suddenly flourished ,are operated, and manned ,by the vast array of non English speaking cousins of yours , ‘Sistaz Kim.’
    Ahhhh, dis is certainly refreshing cyber banter .Our Sistaz Kim thinks she has the ‘cohones,’to take on yours truly.
    Some say , she should heed her own advice , and “stay in your lane.”
    This is bare knuckles , cyber jousting time , my Chica, and are you ready dor that.
    Ok Kim, now go get your perm on, and stay away from the salt water , ehh?
    No, I am not convinced that a real Kim who can seriously trace her family tree back to Seoul, or Pyongyang ,would have so much spunk, and no I have no intention ,of having tea with you , or any of your law abiding pals , from the hood ,anytime soon , at Eddy Jon Eateries, in upper St Babbs , Gun toting lane , Gonzales.Just kidding!
    I luv this land.

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