Deyalsingh: Sacha contracted to NP to clean glass

By Ria Taitt
April 04, 2014

Sacha SinghSacha Singh, the ex-girlfriend of former tourism minister Chandresh Sharma, has the contract to clean glass windows at National Petroleum (NP), St Joseph MP Terrence Deyalsingh revealed yesterday.

“Who is Sacha Singh? What glass she accustom cleansing?” Deyalsingh asked.

He was speaking in the debate on the Finance Bill in the House of Representatives.
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Opposition reveals Sacha’s $60,000 state contract

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Yvonne Baboolal

Businesswoman Sacha Singh, who is embroiled in assault allegations against her former boyfriend, MP Chandresh Sharma, got a $60,000 contract to clean windows at state-owned National Petroleum (NP) long before she met Sharma. Singh told the T&T Guardian she landed the job late in 2011 and she met Sharma in January 2013. “NP’s records would show that Affordable Window Wash Ltd cleaned their windows during 2011 and 2012.”

Singh’s “high-rise residential and commercial glass cleaning company” is based on Murray Street, Woodbrook. Asked how she got the contract, Singh, 30 a former Miss T&T/India, said it was advertised in the newspapers and her company tendered and sent in a quotation. She said it was “not even a contract, it was a one-time clean.”

She said her company cleaned NP’s windows from 2011 to 2012, beginning in October 2011, and payments would have come in early in 2012. Singh said all her companies are above board and that was why she went public with the Sharma issue. “I knew they would have put my companies under forensic analysis.” She said politicians should get their facts straight and focus on dealing with the nation’s business. Everyone was veering away from the real matter, the assault charge she brought against Sharma, she added.

Singh made the disclosures to the T&T Guardian yesterday evening shortly after Opposition MP Terrence Deyalsingh told the Lower House, “Sacha Singh has a contract to clean glass at NP.” He did not say explicitly whether this was the Sacha Singh involved in the Sharma matter.

“NP is once again embroiled (in corruption). Today we are hearing Sacha Singh has a contract to clean glass at NP. NP has become one of the most corrupt state-owned enterprises,” he said. “Who is Sacha Singh? And what glass is she accustomed cleaning?” Singh reported to the police that Sharma, former tourism minister, assaulted her in the carpark of Grand Bazaar on March 12. After mounting public pressure, Sharma, who is married with four children, resigned.

Singh has been receiving negative feedback for going public about her affair with a married man. Semi-nude pictures of her have been circulating on the Internet and she called on the Prime Minister to intervene to stop what she said was a smear campaign from the UNC camp.

5 thoughts on “Deyalsingh: Sacha contracted to NP to clean glass”

  1. This is a classic example of media propaganda fuelled by the snobbish comments of a Member of Parliament who should know better. His derogatory comments on Sasha Singh are typical, “who is Sasha Singh?” he asks. Who is Terry Deyalsingh?, I ask. The answer is quite simple. She is a young entrepreneurial woman who seeks out business opportunities and goes after them.
    There is absolutely no connection between her modest contract and her charges of assault against Sharma, whom she met years after the contract was awarded.
    The PNM once again raises corruption charges. Governments award contracts for work which must be done. The entrepreneurs
    in our society who mostly happen to be Indian seek out this work by researching opportunities in all government departments. Often, they start companies from scratch to tender for these contracts. Nothing is wrong with that. Every national of T&T is afforded these opportunities. Do not chastise those who are motivated and who aggressively seek out opportunities. The PNM makes the assumption that if you are awarded a contract and you are Indian, then you are UNC and you must be related to a government member, therefore there is corruption. Just look at Tobago and see the number of young Afro- Tobagonians who are doing well from THA contracts.

  2. Luv me some Terry Deyalsingh,and think that St Joseph , and his Party,is fortunate to have such an independent minded , unscripted , passionate person representing them.
    Go tell em Terry, and no, your accusation, and concerns are not far fetch.
    SADLY enough ,there is an ugly , cultural underbelly ,that continue to emanate primarily, from within the bowels of one group, that is destined to destroy us all, unless uprooted in some fashion.
    It is called CORRUPTION, and now you know why the first person to be fired by , Auntie K, aka, The Enabler in Chief , was Mrs King ,of Transparency International fame.
    Rising Star , Pundit Shama,a Trini Bramin in his own mind, capable of anything, since he had the Cabral, and Auntie K’s ears.
    This closet pervert ,might have publicly started dating the 30 year chick, recently , in estimation of some naive folks , but was certainly counseling her , among other things ,a long time-before she got this contract.
    Her public display ,suggest to us the more sophisticated mucho mas-
    It seems to say :-Hey , I got you by the balls buddy, since we both know every mole on each other bodies your body, and why? 15 years is a long time to hang out in a private chamber.

    Seriously though,I was waiting for T-Man the fraud, to try and bolster his pathetic argument, with some equally ridiculous/over de top point, and here it is:- “Just look at Tobago and see the number of young Afro- Tobagonians who are doing well from THA contracts.”
    So that was the business you had to do in Tobago huh, T-Man? Spying on the THA,and neglected Gonians, to see what percentage share the anti Calcutta views, of Tobago Sandy?
    Hang on a bit T Man first you then recently fired , MP Glen, but didn’t your head Guru ,Sat Maraj, give the edict , for all you Trini based party freaks, to avoid Tobago like the plague, since they had the temerity to push back those dake overtures, by ‘Her Majesstrick Queen K,’and her, Cabral controlled PP?
    These Unpatriotic bozos!
    I luv this land!

  3. Give me a break. I do not dispute that this young woman’s contract was not apportioned because of her relationship with the Minister, but the Idea that all contracts given out by the PP are given to qualified people who happen to be Indians who in turn hire black people is so damn paternalistic it makes one wish to vomit. That is why I warn Africans about the epistemology that shapes the thinking of you supremacist. So endemic is the bloody prejudice, so concertized is the cultural fusion between this hubristic prejudice your reality, that you expound it with the illusion that everyone will fall for it.

    The PP has an ethnic leadership whose ideology is an inheritance from the cultural and religious belief caste stratification social order. It has become abundantly clear that no amount of time away will change that in many of you. But you harbor an illusion that the reticence of the past that allowed the premise to flourish and grow into a concept that non acceptance of it by Africans is in itself racist will continue. Every day, every minute of the day African and other members of the T&T population are awakening to the horror that has been visited upon them by the last election. It will be corrected.

    1. If the “correction” of which you speak means that a PNM government will be elected, so be it. Do you think anything would change? To quote Neal, “nada”.
      It does not matter which party forms the government> It does matter who is the PM of T&T. The economic power bases in the society have already been long established and that is not going to change. To Neal, I am a participating national, yes even in Tobago, not a spy.


    “That is why I warn Africans about the epistemology that shapes the thinking of you supremacist.”Rodwell P
    If only Africans, not only in T&T, but globally can conjure up a similar epistemology, that can enhance togetherness, self love ,and success oriented , win/win , broad base entrepreneurial enterprises/initiatives, just think of the possibilities mi amigo.
    If those who have excelled, can recognize the benefits of reaching back , to push others forward,or lift them up where applicable, no amount of supremacist ideology ,can stop them, as a collective.
    For the record, many successful groups in the world today, were not always this way from the inception .At some point , there was some introspection, by their forward thinking middle class, and elites ,who then say -no mas . Let’s make something happen for our tribal brand!The Blueprint is there, mi amigo.
    Time to put our heads together to save T&T, by trying to encourage a new culture among African folks . It starts with self love!
    Two simple , yet loaded words.
    Prudent activism, and solidarity ,whose aims are to promote balanced self interest.
    The reality is, that like it or not , we are all stuck with each other , and are much better, as a cross tribal collective.Clearly defined endgames Bro RP, is the key to curbing exploitations , by de other, si?
    Long live the Republic of T&T!

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