Sat blames Dian’s death on ‘anger’ in T&T

By Kim Boodram
January 15, 2014 –

Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, Satnarayan MaharajSatnarayan Maharaj, secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), yesterday blamed the death of Pennywise stores heiress, Dian Paladee, at the hands of her former husband, on an “anger” that has settled on the country.

Maharaj, a friend of the Paladee family, was at the time addressing a celebration and Hindu ‘satsang” (prayer) for the slain teacher, at El Dorado Hindu Primary School, where she taught.

He stated further that there exists today a section of the population that is not from the land, which does not understand local culture.

Maharaj, who earlier said that he was not making a “political” statement, said another attempt is being made to illegally overthrow the Government.

“A quarter of the people in this land are not born in Trinidad,” he said.

“They don’t understand the evolution of the culture. When we say ‘no, remain in Jamaica’, they say ‘we will stop buying your soft drinks’. So we have no authority. People are coming in here who do not understand the culture, the various religions and the various ethnic groups and how we have lived together for 168 years. The end product is Dian Paladee.”

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3 thoughts on “Sat blames Dian’s death on ‘anger’ in T&T”

  1. The Culture of the marriage institution is at the bottom low. Trini Culture has been vamped by Foreign Elements!! Is only Drama and Movie Scripts blowing across the Land now.
    Gone were the days that parents had a say in the Family. The father as Head (Patriarch)and The mother as (Matriarch) Banning their bellies and Making things go right.Grandpas and Grandmas used to be great mediators between Pa and Ma.The Children them had somebody to turn to.
    But now, all this has been completely eroded by the Modernist Mechanism. Right in the living room, false values and false ideals taking over the Youths, TV, Computer, and High Tech. Nothing is wrong with these Gadgets!but when these Gadgets start controlling and Mimicking our values and way of Life. some form of Control should be placed in operation by Parents.
    Remember Parents that government cannot solve this Moral and Religious ZERO that has come upon us. But I would say to Government that You do have a part to play in the Nations interests. You think if Children were brought up with strong Moral values and Strong Religious values they would turn to weak beggarly things as Drugs and False Vice.
    But I guess we as Parents don’t have this strength in ourselves, much less to pass it on to our Children. This calls for Deep Reflection, Serious consideration and Urgent Response from every one at large. Teem Players!!! The family were Structured as a Unit, when This Unit is broken all would fall down. This is what is happening all around.
    While everybody looking to blame somebody for their failures, this approach cannot fix the problem. Is these SOAP OPERAS that is destroying people them right inside the house. These Crime ridden Movies, Violent Songs, and the list can go on and on.
    To be placed in offices as The Public guardians means a lot.The one’s who breeding these things is not feeding on it, just like the Junk Foods,those who making it, not feeding on it. Anger and frustration always come as the point of an Exit. If you cannot Exit at the right direction, you looking for somebody to take it out on.
    CONJUGAL Relationships is for mature People, when relationships grows Stronger, this leads into marriages, fostering of Children, A bulwark- a UNIT.When People get into CONJUGAL Relationships, Affection begins to flow. When someone affection is deeply tied up in someone, and this someone looks for a easy way out of the relationship, this creates the dead end.
    Lashing out, anger, rage, most of the time it leads to sudden death and violence. Because people feel trampled upon. Courtship and marriage is a serious thing. This is not only a Contract, that can easily be broken. This is the trap that many are getting involved in. With the dead end in View.
    False ideals, False views as to who and what you are. The LA LA Land Episodes and Fake Songs have done a serious injustice to a lot of Folks.Marriages made upon False Values as Low Morals and Low Spirituality, seldom last.
    This is what we are confronted with all around. The Moralist and the Spiritual Minded are the one who should come to the Front.We need this…

    1. The comment by Sat is somewhat prejudiced. What happened to Dian was due to domestic violence, and had nothing to do with the influx of foreigners who do not understand our culture. If this is true, then what can be said about the migration of many to a variety of countries, especially North America and England. Can the severity of crime be solely blamed on them too?

      Unless one is blind and deaf, it should be apparent that evil has taken over the universe; T&T is not exempt. More and more men’s minds are warped with evil due to the easy access of guns and drugs. With the advent of media technology that was intended to make our lives simpler, has also, created for many an outlet of immorality.

      Not harping on religion, but there is one Book that has not and does not simplify the truth: We are living in the last days of earth’s history. If this is a lie, then sooner or later we will wipe out one another.

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