Plot was not real

Cops find no evidence to support plan to kill PM, Moonilal, AG, Sharma

By Akile Simon
January 07, 2012 –

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarTHE police investigation into allegations that 17 men were part of an alleged plot to assassinate Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and three Cabinet Ministers has been completed with no evidence to suggest the allegations were true.

The ministers identified in the alleged plot were Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma and Housing Minister Roodal Moonilal.

The probe, which was led by Supt John Daniel of the North Eastern Division, was wrapped up late last month and the file sent to Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs.
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Plot to Assassinate the Prime Minister
November 26, 2011

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  1. Is John Daniel the senior officer trying to get rid of sergeant Alexander a clean honest cop who assists Ian Alleyne in many narcotics and gun related operations?Should it be Special Branch and other intelligence agencis to determine the veracity of the plot?What if Mr. Daniel is another nasty corrupt pnm police?These questions must be answered first.

  2. I am referred to as an “ex-pat”;and, although this is true it troubled me that “someone or some group”; will conspire to assassinate the Prime Minister and members of her administration.Regardless of circumstances kudos to the people of T&T who always choose “the ballot” to elect or remove their government.My response to this horrible story was that “the wheels of justice turn very,very,very slowly,and either truth or falsity will surface” Thanks to Infinite Wisdom (God)that “falsity” had it’s mask removed. WHEW!

    1. Hey Swordfish, your comment would have some authenticity , if you were equally outraged when Abu Bakr, a Trini Afro Muslim ,and his bandit bunch, entered our Parliament, and attempted to murder, then PM ,Mr ANR Robinson- all with the tactic help of the local establishment, a la , religious , business, and political levels.
      Your concerns would lose it’s tinged of hypocrisy, if you too, were calling over the past two decades for an authentic independent Commission of Enquiry ,to get to the bottom of the despicable attempted Coup affair, that then threatened our thriving Democracy, both when present PM -Her Majesty Queen K-was a lofty AG in her Government , as well , as an obscure Backbench warmer , in the Opposition ULF/ UNC.
      This tendency of selective outrage in our resource ladened country, is one of many reasons, as to why, we are making one step forward, and ten backwards ,each time we wish to shift the meter along the part of much desired, ‘Sustainable Development.’
      Political witch hunts , phantom cries of discriminations , and unwarranted demonizing of the other, are all part of a sense of non patriotic , immoral evil , that needs to be eradicated from the souls , of a certain unmentionable segment of our population.
      Hopefully you are not part of that disgusting bunch – whether an opaque ex pat, or not.
      Luv Humanity!

      1. Sir:Thanks for your comments.Wiyh your permission the “coup” of which you speak (1990…..)was also a despicable attempt to overthrow the government.This incident was reported on television in Canada.I denounced this outrage;together with several “ex pats” from Jamaica,Barbados,etc.When Madam (KPB)became your Prime Minister (this I found out as I watched Larry King on TV)being the first woman to hold this office my interest in T&T politics escalated exponentially.Also,the internet existed,but not with the same accessibility as today.I am neutral,and when she won it’s then I became somewhat familiar with her “claim to fame” She is a lawyer;this I gathered about four months ago….Peace!

  3. The only question that we would be answering now(if we were a decent, cultured, FIRST WORLD) country and people is, when is the PM, AG, COP, National security Minister and National security Adviser handing in their resignations????

    COP leader on report that terror threat was not real:
    CONGRESS of the People leader, Prakash Ramadhar, said yesterday his party is worried over what he says are conflicting police reports on whether the alleged plot to assassinate Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar was real.

    …Gary: Govt acted on police info
    Responding to the issue from India, where he is currently accompanying the Prime Minister on a State visit to that country, security adviser to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Gary Griffith, said that it would have been irresponsible for the Government to dismiss the threats against the Prime Minister as well as members of the Cabinet.

    Gibbs confirms not enough evidence to lay charges in ‘plot’ to kill PM

    AG queries PNM-police link
    ATTORNEY General Anand Ramlogan yesterday asked if there were elements in the Police Service who are reporting to the Opposition People’s National Movement (PNM).

    Rowley: Gibbs must go
    OPPOSITION Leader, Dr Keith Rowley, yesterday called for the resignation, or the firing of Commissioner of Police (CoP), Dwayne Gibbs, for backing claims of a plot to kill Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, whose existence Rowley has denied. “The Commissioner of Police has outlived his usefulness in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Rowley.

    …Rowley calls for head of top cop

    Lawmen on assassination statement: Ramadhar must apologise
    The Police Social and Welfare Association is calling on Congress of the People (COP) leader Prakash Ramadhar to issue an apology for statements he made on the investigation of the plot to assassinate Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

    Plot shows up conflict within State security
    Egg will long remain on the faces of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and all the officials, political and other, who, last November, gambled their credibility on intelligence reports of the assassination plot. The Prime Minister herself and three Cabinet Ministers were said to be in the sights of the plotters.

  6. They praised the Police when they were arresting black people during the SOE, and wanted to reward them. They were not reporting to the PNM then. Now that the police has exposed Kamla’s and her ethnic posse’s attempt to create a climate to rationalise their dastardly plot to imprison and maybe eliminate black people, it becomes, they are reporting to the PNM.

    I don’t care, I will say it again. It is not an accident or coincidence that there is ethnic turmoil in Guyana, T&T and Fiji. It comes about because as soon as power comes into the hands of Indians, the leaders immediately revert to the kind of mindset and modus operandi that ushered in the caste system in India. Zebras cannot change their stripes, and these racists in T&T and of T&T cannot change their predispositions.

  7. Volney said ,”Rowley’s decision to use the report is hatched in political thuggery, debauchery and abuse of the power of office for the purpose of fuelling cheap politics and undermining public confidence in the Office of the Commissioner of Police, both of which are forbidden by the Standing Orders of the Police Service?”

    Really,cuz Volney, and is there some way we can revoke this imposter’s citizenship , and send him back to the land of de original iron lady , U Charles’s dirty rivers?
    Who is he to question the methodology the Opposition Leader decided to use,in effort to garner information ,then expose same to the general public ,as he deem fit ,since , in his estimation,it was in the national interest?
    Public Servants , have a higher, moral , patriotic duty , which starts with ‘only following lawful directives/ orders.’
    One cannot expect to lambase/ denegrate Public Servants , in one’s run up to power , begin neo tribal purges, on day one , once in power , yet expect 100% loyalty my friend.
    Was this the same guy , who stayed in his position as a High court judge ,for umpteen years, than after lengthy periods of prouting ,suddenly tendered his resignation on a Friday, only to campaigned for political office on a Tuesday, and eventually became a serving member of a new Government on Friday, after lambasting any, in our out of the judiciary ,he felt were his inferiors?
    Sould we question the levels of objectivity in some of his previous rulings in the run up to politicized forays?
    De temerity of him to think he and his kind ,can destroy , by besmerching the fine characters of two of ‘ah we boys,’ in one blow- a la CJ Archie, and Dr Rot.
    De audacity of these self serving creatures, who naively think they can diminish our ‘democratic brand ,’internationally ,as a law abiding, democratic nation , to that of some backward dung heap,fail state , that has to resort to criminal actions, to get rid of any leader? Such folly, and egoistic thinking. My people are too wise for that.
    They will take their actions at the ballot boxes guys.
    Ahhhh, just never thought that after Tony May , the day would come , when my country would go down this neo imperial part again, but the European adorers, are likewise in luv with their British style, expensive , usless , Privy Council.
    Say yes to justice, and a proud day it would soon be when we see the back of a certain Canadian security expert!

  8. Good point Neal. The question to ask is how many ‘Real Trinidadians’ are there in the parliament of this country? In this regard we must define ‘Trinidadian’ not necessarily by country of birth but by their allegiance, committment, will and service. If we are to analyse the news reports we get from the PMs trip to India, it would seem firstly that the trip although billed as ‘trade’ was for the most part a pilgrimage where most of the participants were privileged to embark on a mission (at government’s expense) to re-connect with their ‘grand mothers and grand fathers and grand uncles and grand aunts. We are as yet to be informed about what the real Indian people think about us in Trinidad and Tobago. We are inundated with news about the prime ministers’s tears and illustrious joys in meeting with her kith and kin. Thrown in for good measure we are told of the Transport minister’s arrangement to have air route arrangements with India and Caribbean Airlines. The truth about this trip was to attend GOPIO’s diaspora meeting which the Prime Minister and all her fellow trip goers used the opportunity for.

  9. “In this regard we must define ‘Trinidadian’ not necessarily by country of birth but by their allegiance.” kian
    Much apprechiative cuz kian, as patriotism demand that we find common grounds of understanding ,that can lead to nation building , and sustainable development. You also made an excellent comment above, and I concur.
    We too have evolve into a nation of immigrants, and that’s not a bad thing , but full alligance must remain the order,from Bajan Singing Francine to Volney.
    Irony ,of ironies,our own nationals are selectively banned from their lands, until ….., well put in the blanks as articulated by Brother Stokley.

    Now let me put my position on the table cuz kian , when it comes to ‘pilgrimages to the ancestrial lands, and racial /socio- cultural tribal pride.
    I have absolutely no problem with both , and even if this turn out after much examination to be one such , so be it , as the precedent was set before by Chief Patrick Manning, with his Afrikan forays.
    What I am principally concern with in the end , is what are the long term benefits for my country, and people.
    India according to globbal media pundits, is the technological hub of the world, so let me see what that mean in terms of T&T , via this assumed cross continental ,bridge building venture.
    Translation, India , along with China, claim to suddenly love T&T, and that’s good.
    We know they want our oil and gas , and that’s equally good , as long as we see the returns.
    Sing with me , and Nelo ,cuz Kian!

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