All of T&T Under State of Emergency

State of EmergencyAll of T&T under state of emergency—Minister
The state of emergency, and powers of the security agencies under this, applies to all of T&T and not only the six “hot spot areas”, according to National Security Minister John Sandy. He stressed that yesterday during a media briefing at the Ministry of National Security, Port-of-Spain. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Sunday night announced a “limited state of emergency” and a 9 pm to 5 am curfew in “hot spot” areas. Sandy said there had been a misconception that the state of emergency applies only to the six “hot spot” areas where the 9 pm to 5 am curfew was in force. Sandy said criminal elements who would want to “migrate” from “hot spot” areas to other parts of the country to avoid being nabbed, should be warned that the state of emergency applies all over T&T. He added: “So let it be known that the state of emergency exists in the entire country and the powers given to the police and the military exist in all areas of T&T.”

‘Invalid’ order saved by appointment of Acting CoP
As legal sources raised doubt over the validity of the Emergency Powers Curfew Order 2011 yesterday, the Police Service Commission (PSC) moved to remedy a potential problem by appointing Stephen Williams as acting Police Commissioner.

Where is Gibbs?

Top cops must explain absence from T&T—PSC

Debate on Emergency
PARLIAMENT is to meet in the coming days to debate the state of emergency declared on Sunday by President George Maxwell Richards, Government Chief Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal confirmed yesterday.

The President’s order

Cops lock down East PoS

Guns, ganja seized in east PoS; 22 held

…Cops, residents in standoff as 22 arrested

Police body urges lawmen to show restraint

Williams: Cops detain 4, seize guns, ammo in hot spots

…Four guns seized in Arima, Diego

…Guns, ammo found in five hot spots
Security forces recovered six guns and 825 rounds of ammunition from five “hot spots” on Monday, says acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams.

Daly: Govt won’t hang the Jack
Senior counsel Martin Daly said yesterday that while he was and still is in favour of the calling of a state of emergency, he had serious reservations about whether this Government was capable of making good use of it.

Gordon: Go after guns, gang leaders
Former Crime Committee head, Ken Gordon, has praised Government for implementing the State of Emergency in the battle against crime. He however expressed hope that it will be managed carefully with a lot of illegal guns being seized and gang leaders held.

Warner on state of emergency: Govt will not bend to criminals
The Government will not apologise for having the will to take the fight to the criminals says Works and Infrastructure Minister Jack Warner.

No interruption to road repairs—Jack
Works and Infrastructure Minister Jack Warner says road repairs in Pt Fortin and La Brea will not be affected by the limited state of emergency.

Public utilities work within curfew limits

Sick? Go straight to hospital
PERSONS with life-threatening medical emergencies who need to travel to medical facilities during curfew hours should head straight to those facilities, Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams said yesterday as the State warned against frivolous applications for curfew permits.

Heart attack? Dial for police

Keep police phone numbers at hand
Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan is advising citizens to keep the phone numbers of their nearest police station at hand in case of emergency.

Outside of curfew areas ‘Life goes on’
NATIONAL Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy and Attorney General Anand Ramlogan yesterday stated that persons living in communities in which there are no curfew restrictions are free to go about their business.

COP backs fight against crime
Congress of the People chairman Joseph Toney says the party “supports government’s decisive action to deal with the recent increase in murders in our country.”

Basdeo Panday: Govt acting on ‘vaps’
A knee-jerk reaction was how former prime minister Basdeo Panday described this country’s state of emergency, almost 48 hours after it was enforced.

ASJA backs curfew
One religious organisation has thrown its full support behind the limited state of emergency. Head of the Anjuman Sunnat-Ul-Jamaat Association, (ASJA) Yacoob Ali, however called for an extension to the curfew hours from 9 pm to 9.30 pm to facilitate Ramadan observances at certain mosques.

Ishmael: Muslims can pray at home
Chairman of the Muslim Social and Cultural Foundation Inshan Ishmael says it is not necessary to shift the curfew time beyond 9 pm to accommodate Ramadan prayers. While officials of the Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat (ASJA) and the Trinidad Muslim League (TML) have called for the time to be extended to 9.30 pm or even 10 pm, Ishmael expressed a different view.

Kamla: Gang wars looming
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has hinted at increased gang warfare with further reprisal killings between criminal gangs as one of the reasons behind Government’s imposition of a limited state of emergency.

PM: Gangs on the run
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said the first night of curfew under the limited state of emergency has resulted in crime ground to almost zero.

Bandits break curfew, stage armed robbery
TWO armed bandits on Monday night disobeyed the 9 pm to 5 am curfew and staged an armed robbery, beating their victim with a gun butt in the process.

Diego family robbed during curfew hours

Fireworks off says Sandy
The traditional Independence night fireworks has been cancelled due to the state of emergency curfew, according to National Security Minister John Sandy.

Embassies caution travellers to T&T

Transport Minister: No more flights will be cancelled at Piarco

Police post at Piarco for passes
Transport Minister clears the air

Curfew brings changes to ferry sailing times

CAL: It’s business as usual
CARIBBEAN Airlines will continue to operate on its regular schedule and pasengers arriving in Trinidad and Tobago during curfew hours can now acquire a pass at the airport.

No mass use of PBR
TRANSPORT MINISTER Devant Maharaj yesterday said Government is not considering opening up the Priority Bus Route (PBR) to the general public’s use in light of the curfew restrictions under the state of emergency which was imposed on Sunday.

School as normal
PREPARATIONS for opening of schools in the new term across the country on September 5 should not be affected by the curfew which is a feature of the state of emergency, Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh said yesterday.

Unions to work around curfew
The Government’s State of Emergency and curfew restrictions will curtail the plans by unions for community meetings. The joint trade union leaders called an emergency session yesterday at Cipriani Labour College, Valsayn, to “strategise” the plans going forward.

Curfew hits PoS business

Lee Sing fears ‘totalitarian’ state
HINTS of a totalitarian state are slowly creeping in, Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing has said. Lee Sing made the statement yesterday in response to the declaration of a State of Emergency…

Mixed reactions: peace for some; losses for others

ECA: Time has come for decisive action

Kambon: State of Emergency needs good strategy
A state of emergency has to be supported by a “well worked out” strategy since “terrible things can happen.”

Govt must work out lasting solution

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  1. Hope things get back to normal very soon.So people can get back to their regular schedule.And be safe, pray,pray.

  2. curfew is a desperate cover up the politicians not doing there job to protect the freedom and security of there people.they loose control because so many of them in the pockets of the criminals.deep in the pockets.

  3. you wouldnt have called a state of emergency if the government was doing there job.they let it get out of hand because those young gangsters are petty criminals they are not like and organize mafia.they killing and robbing for pennies,and they politicians that are on the take,are scared because they have no control over those knuckle heads wanna be gangsters.

  4. Crime should never be a matter that should be politicize, because it affects every individual in different ways but in one way or another it has it’s effect on everyone. I am baffled by the name calling and party-labelling when one has a different view of what they believe things ought to be like. Since we are all of different make-up we should be able to vent our feelings as we see fit, especially if we feel it would be beneficial to all and not a particular enclave of the population to enjoy advantages over other citizens of another part of the counhtry. This type of exchange should be ‘healthy’. We are not all party hacks or political hostages. Many of us feel the need to state our minds and in so we might ignite the roars who belive that critism of their leaders is an affront to them personally. This should not be because we should learn from each other and we should be able to individually discern what our leaders are doing and how we feel their actions affect the country. A ‘state of emergency’ is not in itself a bad thing but it should be done for the right reasons. It should NEVER be done for political upend because too many things can go wrong in the execution of orders emanating from Cabinet. This type of operation requires effective collaboration from many ‘essential’ departments of government and state sectors in order to succeed. It’s purpose must be clear and concise and we must be sure of the reason why we are giving up our liberties. If the purpose is not clear the outcome CANNOT be clear also. Given its significance, it is no wonder why so many people are apprehensive about the results of this operation. The Police should be number one in leading this operation, just as important should be the Army, Prisons, Fire, Medical services, Transportation, Information services, Supplies and other departs that must be supportive of the venture. The outcome MUST have political consequences that the government and or Opposition would have to face but the efforts for a success must not take these considerations into effect when making decisions.

  5. This move was long over due This Gov’t is doing something to clean up my home Trinidad & Tobago of which I am proud of Thanks to the Gov’t.

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