56 gang members arrested, says Commissioner Gibbs

PRESIDENT George Maxwell Richards has informed the Speaker of the House of Representatives Wade Mark of the reasons for his declaration of a nationwide state of emergency on Sunday, explaining that he took the decision to proclaim an emergency because of a recent upsurge in murder and gang-activity and the need for “more decisive and stronger action” in dealing with crime.

Curfew Everywhere
COMMISSIONER of Police Dwayne Gibbs yesterday stated that the entire country is under curfew restrictions during the specified period of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. This contradicts statements made by National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy and Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

Law Association: No such thing as ‘limited’ State of Emergency

Tobago not in crime ‘hot spot’
THE TOBAGO House of Assembly (THA) in a press release issued yesterday stated emphatically that the sister isle is not considered a crime ”hot spot” and as such is not affected by the 9 pm to 5 am curfew which is a feature of the state of emergency imposed as of last Sunday.

AG on calling of state of emergency: Clear and present danger

AG: Major crisis averted
THE state of emergency has successfully stopped a crisis which could have led to a major loss of life, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has said.

Curfew stops drug-trafficking ring
The state of emergency has averted a major crisis in relation to the drug trade and has stopped the entry of an estimated $100 million worth of drugs in the illicit market, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan said yesterday as the police and Defence Force announced the arrest of 121 persons in the space of 14 hours.

Parliament to debate state of emergency September 2

‘Wrong way to go’
Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley says the Government’s decision to implement a limited state of emergency was triggered by last Thursday’s killings in Jonestown, Arima, where four men were shot dead and three were injured by two gunmen.

Bonus for Govt, says Rowley
Government has gotten a “bonus” under the state of emergency of being able to throw a damper on trade union activity and on civil disturbance in areas where people are complaining about bad treatment by the Government, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday.

Rowley: PNM not supporting Govt ‘wrongdoing’
The declaration of the state of emergency is the beginning of a lot of bad days for Trinidad and Tobago, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday.

‘No industrial action can happen at this time’
NO form of industrial action can be taken during a state of emergency, National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy, has said.

Union leaders: We’re ready to be arrested

Labour movement gets new anthem
The trade union movement has a new anthem. The group, known for its singing and chanting at rallies, got some professional help from calypsonian D Original DeFosto Himself yesterday.

Emergency safeguards in place
The fears expressed in some quarters about the Government’s motives in calling the state of emergency—and the claims that the Government intends to use this period to crack down on dissent—are unjustified given the constitutional safeguards that are in place.

Curfew affects lifeguard’s hours

PSC members baffled by ‘belligerent’ AG

No ‘rubber-stamping’ by PSC
Rather than being “belligerent”, “unproductive” and “aggressive”, Government should be “appreciative” of the discretion used by the Police Service Commission (PSC) in making a retroactive appointment of Stephen Williams as Acting Commissioner of Police, a PSC source said yesterday.

Gibbs: My trip was approved
Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs says proper protocol was followed when he sought permission to leave this country on police business.

Opposition Leader: Gibbs’ absence from country just madness
Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley says the absence of Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs from the country during the institution of a limited state of emergency is “madness.”

PM not worried about country’s international image

State of emergency must yield results
FORMER government senator Dr Patrick Watson yesterday said that any short term losses in production in the country during the state of emergency can be regained once the population is confident that this measure has achieved the objectives it was supposed to.

Author and ex-journalist Raoul Pantin believes the state of emergency is a necessary move

Woodbrook residents can now sleep
Residents of Woodbrook, particularly Ariapita Avenue, yesterday welcomed the limited state of emergency, saying it brought much needed “peace” to the community.

Catholic Commission praises Govt
SUPPORT for Government’s decision to impose a State of Emergency has come from the Catholic Commission for Social Justice (CCSJ).

…Catholics back state of emergency

Muslim League supports emergency
THE Trinidad Muslim League (TML) yesterday expressed its support for the introduction of a limited state of emergency to deal with crime in the country.

56 gang members arrested, says Commissioner Gibbs

Gang leaders among 117 held
Fifty-six gang members were among 117 people arrested in operations by security forces between Tuesday night and yesterday morning, according to Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs.

Cops arrest 25 in hot spots

Chief Justice appoints three lawyers to Review Tribunal
Chief Justice Ivor Archie has advised that he has appointed three attorneys, two of whom are eminent Senior Counsel, to serve as members of the Review Tribunal established under the provisions of the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago and the Regulations governing the current State of Emergency.

Panday files writ claiming illegal detention of client
ATTORNEY and former Minister in the Ministry of National Security, Subhas Panday, has initiated legal action on behalf of a 31-year-old man who, it is alleged, is being detained under the Emergency Powers Regulations which governs the current State of Emergency.

‘Don’t be rude, Mr AG’
Ramlogan and Kalipersad in heated interview

Khafra Kambon: Emergency is no answer to crime
The images on the TV6 Crime Watch programme were disturbing, very disturbing. This was August 23, the United Nations Day International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, and thousands of households were watching a scene unfold on Nelson Street that, despite its bloodlessness, the absence of any visible police brutality, resonated violently in our souls, reminiscent of the Middle Passage and the slave plantation.

Residents: No guns seized
RESIDENTS of Nelson Street in Port-of-Spain are denying police claims of guns being found during Tuesday’s lock-down exercise at the housing units.

Forces must make most of emergency
As the State of Emergency continues, the country must now look forward to the security forces making rapid headway with the agenda items listed by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar: “the arrest and interrogation of key criminal elements, weapons confiscated and the disbanding of gangs.”

Proceed with caution
We have already stated that we are in support of the Government’s need to impose a state of emergency in the country. We believe that this action was necessary in order to control violent crime throughout the nation. Having said that, however, our approval and support is not to be assumed as blanket agreement for all that the Government has done, or appears to be doing, in their efforts to end the increasingly dangerous wave of crime.

25 nabbed in south raids
…residents claim police brutality

Guns and ammo seized
TWO firearms, five rounds of .38 and five rounds of .9 mm ammunition were recovered during a police exercise in New Grant over the weekend.

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  1. Good move by the police. The media will focus on the very few that should not have been arrested, as there will always be those who think being in a gang is a cool thing.

  2. OK Crabs here what is happening; what would become of the 56 members- get square meals sit in the shade and the wrong that was done were never corrected.
    Well Well where are the BLIMPS we need the BLIMPS out now-26,000,000 oh gad another fake and fool as usual.
    Them swat team climbing Coconut trees now, that sounds like some cool training..
    What is Gibbs real agenda doing down in Trinidad? is this guy connected to the realities of the situations.Gibbs must explain what he did in Brazil, the deputy should explain what he’s doing in Canada?
    Bo-boll BO boll- tricks and experiment….

  3. Review Tribunal ready to try detainee cases

    …We will be fair
    THE TRIBUNAL set up by Chief Justice Ivor Archie to review cases of persons detained under the emergency orders will act “independently and impartially”, tribunal chairman Gilbert Peterson SC assured yesterday ahead of a planned first meeting which is expected to take place today.

    …CJ names 3 lawyers to Review Tribunal

    Curfew orders valid
    THERE is no question over the validity of the curfew orders, Police Service Commission sources said yesterday, as members of the commission privately admitted that a controversial press release issued on Tuesday was badly drafted and its release badly timed because it created confusion in the minds of citizens over the curfew.

    Law Association: No limited emergency
    President of the Law Association, Dana Seetahal SC, has echoed the views of National Security Minister, John Sandy, that the entire country is under a state of emergency.

    Commissioner Misspoke
    COMMISSIONER of Police Dwayne Gibbs yesterday admitted that he misspoke when he stated that the entire country was under curfew restrictions from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. “My intent was to say the state of emergency was throughout Trinidad and Tobago, with of course specific areas that have been identified and published already in the newspapers as far as areas, already where curfews will be held.

    Gibbs to criminals: We’re coming after you

    US raises alarm
    The illegal trafficking of cocaine to the United States (US) from Trinidad and Tobago (TT) was one of the reasons which prompted Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, as head of the National Security Council, to ask President George Maxwell Richards to declare a state of emergency.

    Cops look out for criminal migration
    South-western police are on the lookout for possible migration of criminals from hot spots into areas not covered by the curfew.

    AG: Police net set for ‘big fish’
    Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has assured the public that “big fish” criminals are being targeted and caught by law enforcement officials during the state of emergency.

    …AG: We’re going after the ‘big fish’

    Emergency taking toll on workers’ pockets
    A cut in working hours and a loss of income are some of the negative effects people who work and live in hot spots face because the state of emergency.

    Gibbs: 115 gang members arrested

    32 charged under new Anti-Gang Act
    History was created yesterday when 32 Port-of-Spain residents became the first persons to appear in court charged with being gang members under the recently-passed Anti-Gang Act.

    30 held under gang law
    THIRTY MEN ranging in ages from 19 to 63 yesterday appeared in court charged with being in a gang under the Anti-Gang legislation, namely the Nelson Street and Picton Road gangs.

    Lawyer charged with breaking curfew
    THREE men, one an attorney, appeared before Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar yesterday charged with breaching the curfew contrary to the Emergency Powers Regulation Order, Section 3.

    …Lawyer reprimanded for breaking curfew

    State of emergency called to curb labour movement—Browne

    Rowley: Govt had other options
    OPPOSITION LEADER Dr Keith Rowley on Wednesday said Government could have used the wide powers available to it under the Anti-Gang Act to deal with a recent upsurge in criminal activity, instead of resorting to a state of emergency.

    NPTA, TTUTA support emergency
    STAKEHOLDERS in the education sector yesterday said they welcomed the state of emergency imposed by the State. President of the National Parent Teachers’ Association Zena Ramatali said it will not affect students.

    Volney on State of Emergency: Fifteen days not enough
    The 15-day State of Emergency is not enough time to effectively clamp down on the criminals, says Justice Minister Herbert Volney. He suggested that a timeframe of six weeks to three months was necessary, adding that this was a “small sacrifice” the people of this country would have to make so that law enforcement could hunt the criminals.

    Subhas calls for sittings in South
    Attorney and former minister in the Ministry of National Security Subhas Panday has written to Review Tribunal chairman Gilbert Peterson to have sittings in south Trinidad.

    Soldiers went on rampage
    RELATIVES of three Claxton Bay men, among them two brothers, are claiming brutality at the hands of soldiers who allegedly stormed two houses in the district during the early hours of yesterday morning in search of arms, ammunition and drugs.

    PM: More police stations
    CONSTRUCTION of 18 new police stations across the country has begun with the turning of the sod ceremony for a new $35 million facility to accommodate the Arima Police Station.

    $1,000 for all officers
    THE upcoming National Budget will provide for fire and prison officers to be given $1,000 special allowances, along with police and defence force officers, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said.

    Petrotrin: Operations at Pointe-a-Pierre back to normal

    Vincent Lasse new PTSC chairman

    I can’t issue warrants
    A magistrate said yesterday it was difficult to issue warrants to those failing to appear before the court, because of the curfew imposed during the 15-day State of Emergency.”

    Mother, daughter, neighbour on ‘weed’ charges

    Man, 26, stabbed to death during row with woman
    A 26-year-old Central man was stabbed to death yesterday. According to police, Kareem Alexander, of Carlsen Field, got into in an argument with a close female relative around 6 am.

    Armed bandits rob Digicel in Point

    Murder suspect held in central raid

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