State of Emergency Nothing to Do with Crime

By Gerry Kangalee
August 23, 2011 –

State of EmergencySo in the midst of the joint unions’ mobilising for the general strike, the government has declared a state of emergency under the guise of dealing with crime. It is clear that this latest desperate act by the PP government has nothing to do with reining in crime, but everything to do with beating back the rising tide of working class discontent. On July 21st the website of the National Workers Union published this article.

If you are declaring a state of emergency to deal with crime, you cannot just arrest and detain the identified bad boys. They are a dime a dozen and in terms of a criminal enterprise they are the labourers.

What about the financiers, drug lords, arms and cocaine importers, money launderers, those who invite the president to their functions, chair and sit on the boards of state enterprises and finance the political parties.

Why don’t they seize their assets, open their bank accounts and go through their business with a fine tooth comb. Of course they won’t because those who control the co-ercive force of the state, generally speaking, serve the interests of the fat cats and big business.

The government is taking an enormous gamble in attempting to bramble public opinion that its desperate attempt to emasculate constitutional rights is aimed at bringing crime under control. During the state of emergency all constitutional rights are suspended. The State can tell you when to go home; if you could lime; who to associate with; whether you can assemble, whether you can display dissent, whether you can express your opinion. In the quest to protect what they call your civil rights, they attack and forcibly remove those very rights.

If bad boys are arrested and cannot be brought to court for lack of evidence they have to be released after the emergency is over. Why have a curfew if you are hunting down the bad boys. It makes no sense and will in no way make that job easier.

When the Emergency comes to an end and the crime situation returns to normal, the government will have lost its last remaining shreds of credibility. What the Emergency will achieve is to validate the police hit squads that are already roaming the land. While the people in the so-called hotspot areas are already accustomed to having their constitutional rights violated on a daily basis by the police, a new section of people may learn the bitter lesson that the state which poses as the defender of constitutional rights is often the greatest violator of those rights as it plays its role as enforcer for the big shots, the employers and the capitalists.

The curfew puts low paid fast food and other workers under pressure. They will lose income when they have to work shorter hours in order to get home. Others who will lose income are vendors, taxi drivers. PH, pubs, clubs, show promoters. Art groups, steelbands etc. will find it difficult to rehearse. This has nothing to do with crime, but everything to do with breaking up the mobilisation toward the general strike.

The battle to suppress the working class is well and truly on. They try to choke and rob us so that the capitalists will not have to pay for the crisis that they engineered. Now they want to interfere with the rights and freedoms we have fought for and won since slavery and indentureship at great cost in terms of lives lost and struggles fought. We must make it clear that WE WILL NOT BE DRIVEN BACK TO THE PLANTATION.

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    1. Lie–“If you are declaring a state of emergency to deal with crime, you cannot just arrest and detain the identified bad boys”.–That is what state of emergencies are all about arresting the bad boys..
      Lie–“The curfew puts low paid fast food and other workers under pressure. They will lose income when they have to work shorter hours in order to get home”
      Rich and poor lose but the criminals also lose and the nation is better for it.
      Lie–“The battle to suppress the working class is well and truly on. They try to choke and rob us so that the capitalists will not have to pay for the crisis that they engineered.” That is old labour talk. The working class is always doing well and the government support them by giving them 5% at a time when most nations is world are downsizing.
      Lie–“What about the financiers, drug lords, arms and cocaine importers, money launderers, those who invite the president to their functions, chair and sit on the boards of state enterprises and finance the political parties.”
      If you have evidence send it to the police, you seem to know more about these people than most people do..

      1. my fellow citizen what country are you living in???. il start with letting you that any action taken to secure the nation of any country that withhold their constitutional rights especially in a country where the public confidence in the protective services are minimal to none, is never a “good idea” should not even be a concept. I am uncertain a to which economical literature u used as your research material but how in an indefinite SOE the rich and poor both suffer, when the working class is the driving force of our country, when the rich of the country have businesses and interest outside of this country to sustain them. A SOE is not a way to deal with crime my fellow learned citizen, it is used only for a time of war, natural disaster and/or the democracy of a country is threatened, not when better policing is all that is required. Oh and a for the big fish argument, if the big fish crimes perpetuates the “bad boys” and they come a diem a dozen, what happens when they are replaced by the several hundred others, and the big fish are still around to feed them. Food for thought my fellow learned citizen.

      2. Moomoo, I’m surprised that you can pry yourself away from Madam PM’s teets long enough to post your ignorant responses. Get off the crack; ever heard of fetal alcohol syndrome?

        1. Karibkween, I am disappointed in you, spreading such unnecessary hate. Dont you have anything better to write that such utter disrespectful trash. Already the government have arrested 117 criminals who came from the islands by the “boat”. I hope they look closely at their birth certificate and ID cards and do the right thing and deport them…I am fedup of the criminals in the nation. Karibkween please desist from such unnecessary slander..

          1. Mamoo, every descendant of an indenture, and of slavery arrived in T&T by “boat”.

            Your statement about “…criminals who came from the islands by the “boat”. I hope they look closely at their birth certificate and ID cards and do the right thing and deport them …” is obscenely out of order.

            It is yet another example of the rank ignorance and the triumphalist arrogance by people like you who have the temerity to declaim against “boat” people, ostensibly from other Caribbean islands like Grenada, etc.

            Your ignorance stems from your not knowing the bassic facts of how T&T, as well as other areas in the Caribbean like Guyana, was ‘settled’.

            In addition to the French tripling the numbers of slaves in T&T, arriving after the British admiral, Ralph Abercromby had defeated the Spanish in 1797.

            People from the ‘small islands’ like Grenada, for example Buzz Butler were the people who faced the alligators and macaweil snakes in Mayaro swamps, cut down ‘lathro’ in Tabaquite, farmed Moruga and and built Fyzabad thereby developing, not only roadways, and agriculture in T&T but also the oil and gas industries.

            In fact, after serving in WWI, and coming to Trinidad, one of Butler’s legs was badly damaged from being pinned under a concrete casement. His treatment spurred him to create labour unions in South.

            He, like other Black people had either volunteered to serve in the West India Regiment, serving even as slavess during the 18th century Napoleonic wars, or had been kidnapped by British Dragoons which usually swept at dawn through villages in Carriacou and in other West Indian islands, capturing young Black men, people like my wife’s grandfather, who were carted off as mules to do the heavy lifting and ditch-digging for British troops in WW!

            Many never returned, buried, if even accorded that, in unmarked graves in Europe, the Middle East and Kenya (putting down Kenyan revolts), and those who returned, shellshocked, were never given a pension nor treated for their health problems, but were discarded as vagrants, as ‘warahoun’ and as, “canaille” or vagabonds.

            Unlike other islands, many who voluntarily served British interests in the war were Bajans. For this reason, Britain allowed Bajans to be able to elect a Prime Minister before any other British colony, territory or dominion, including Canada.

            It is these same Bajans who, being among these West Indians during that war who also became the police forces in other West Indian Islands, including T&T.

            After Independence the bulk of the police, except up to the rank of Supt. etc., were of Bajan descent.

            It is these same “boat” people who built the roads, and dug the trenches and buttressing walls that pushed the sea out of where downtown Port of Spain, for example where Dockside, and even Independence Square now is.

            They dredged and walled the East Dry river through which the seasonal overflow from the Northern Range could then flow to the sea, and not swamp Port of Spain.

            Others also came on “boats” like the Fatal Razack, bringing indentured Indians from India.

            Bribed to come by being given land first tilled by the slaves; land denied to the slaves, these indentures would have descendants, infused with religious Varna credos that sanctify racism against Black-skinned people, and who wwould become the ubiquitous ignorant and the high-decibel arrogant declaimning against “boat” people from the “islands”.

            Today, the kith and kin of these late-arrival indentures, come, from by ‘boat’ fro Guyana, and fly by air from India getting automaatic “citizenship” to boost the Indian numbers so that no future Indian gov’t will have to rely on Black people supporting them to get elected.

            Finally, and in conclusion, there would be no Indian Arrival Day in T&T were it not for Emancipation Day, except that while Indians for the most part had a choice as indentured to come, the enslaved Africans had none.

            So, the next time you get that overwwhelming urge to swallow sh*t because you think it is sugar, do some reading if you can and some thinking if you can tolerte it, because were people like you around in the 19th century when the Black-skinned indentures were arriving from India in ‘boats’ like the Fatal Razack you would, in ignorance and arrogance, have also declaimed against them as ‘criminals’ coming in ‘boats’ to Trinidad, and in need of having their ID cards checked before deporting them back to India.

      3. The annual inflation rate in Trinidad and Tobago is approx. 14%, so that for a three year cycle the total inflation experienced by the all citizens is ~42%. A 5% salary range is not even 1/5 of the inflation we would have experienced over the past three years.
        I work for an organization that sacrificed salary increases in recessions gone by, and our salaries have never caught up with the market. Accepting as little as 5% is simply not a good precedent.

  1. No move by this PP Govt will please you people. Why dont you make some positive suggestion of how to deal with crime rather than only critize. Remember crime has involves everyone PNM too.

    1. i not a matter of hating on the PP, it is a matter of what makes sense, i, you and every other citizen in this country pay taxes and food tariffs etc.. daily to pay the Essential services, yet still we get no performance, and the government is basically telling the citizens ” hear nah we dont know what to do, and the police to incompetent to arrest criminals based on proper policing and investigation, so we gonna take away everybody constitutional rights so we could lock them up without due process, oh and allyuh rights witheld indefinitely eh, doh stress”. my fellow citizen its not about fighting down the PP, is making sure that they do not give us the six for nine the previous governments did and any intelligent common sense citizen would see that is exactly what they are doing.

    2. M.Ramp, you sound like a believer; sort of defeatist, like a disciple unable to be optimistic and defend the reasons why you first believed, but still a believer.

      Too much koolaid?

    3. Who cares about all this theoritical mumbo jumbo. You wish to stop crimes in T&T, then just ban Carnival, Pagwah, Diwali,Hosey, Indian Arrival Day, and Emancipation day celebrations, for some unmentionable period. Perhaps that is the plan Kangalee.
      Hey M. Rampersad, making suggestions is one thing , but who is prepared to listen. Here are a few to savor:-
      1.Fire your Canadian Commissioner of Police , along with his deputy English /Scotland Yard blokes , as crimes has escalated almost 100% since their arrival.
      2. Have the PP regime develop a jobs creation ,program , and likewise , get their feet off the backs of trained, ‘local law officials ,” who were handling crimes well enough , since their conniving imperial pals departed this country since 1962. I hope my emphasis was noted , and not dem ex military folks ,more conversant with looking good during Independence Day Parades,or worst yet, doing PR work to cover security missteps of his bosses.
      3. Have them start an people’s empowerment initiative, starting with land redistribution – away from the narrow tribes.
      4.Treat people of all races ,and ethnicities ,with the respect and dignity , they deserve , beyond mere useless words,and empty gestures.
      If that does not work , than invoke a self imposed ,vote of no confidence on her regime, and seek a fresh mandate from the people , as was subtly done by Patrick Manning, a few months ago.
      It appears from all indication that , many are possibly regretting past decisions made, in the distorted notion , that changes were coming.
      Sad, but who said nation building was going to be an easy journey?

    4. When a bandit points a gun to your head, robs, rapes, ransacks, does he enquire first what party you voted for?

    5. very good Rampersad, crime should not be a political thing but a nation’s responsibility.

    6. @ M.Rampersad positive suggestion you ask for what about RISMI she was never charge & you know what i talking about ,remind the AG about that!! FRAUD

  2. well said!!!! In Trinidad right now for 1 week and have to deal with this obvious corruption!! 1step forward, 2 steps back!! SAD!

  3. This article is a really about nothing, very unintelligent and less engaging. The writer is an anomyly because 11 deaths occured within a few days, the government knowns where the criminals are and they will be sending them to a cage before they kill themselves and others. But it is not unusual for this type of nonsensesical misguided type of writing to emerge from the bowels of ignorance. After all the best government for this writer appears to be the PNM.

    1. true mamoo, thank goodness for the P.N.M (Patrick No More), I am non political party, Let the P.M do her job……

  4. Sometimes when I read these comments it makes me sick to my stomach everything is about race, oyu dam fools we are all part of the same race the human race there is only one. What is fact is fact this Gov’t is in a mess i watch the Ag tonight and am totally ashamed he cant even carry on a civil conversation poor TNT

  5. I have been saying the exact thing. This is about staving off the General Strike, but it may bacfire since they would be giving even more support to the Unions now with this imposition. The State of Emergency will have to end some day.

    1. Williams again you people are quantifying life by how much you can get…Mo money all the time. The fact become blurred in this type of self interest. The fact is that the government made a big drug bust and the gangland people have been in a tizzy since. 11 murders in 24 hours and that does not require a state of emergency. Where does it end.

  6. Mr. Kangalee, A BIG THANK YOU FOR a brain that is working, thinking and oh so KNOWING. To the ignorant, you are not in bliss. Capitalism is very much alive and well in most parts of the Globe. Now, it will truly be nice if the people of TnT will get the message, the knowledge, take a stand and demand the TRUTH. These fat cats are only concerned with making their pockets fatter, money is what they glorify and adore, including their egos. They are not of the true spirit but that of an evil force. RECOGNIZE people and WAKE UP…paying attention and reading a book will help. See things for what they are and not what you want them to be. Mr. Kangalee, please ignore the catabolic energy from your critics.

  7. This writer seems to be struggling with the chains of race and party issues; Trinidad & Tobago has been on a crime watch for too long (just watching the crime escalate), Someone finally decide to try a strategy and boom all ignoramos and illiterate mouths open.
    And as far as the bad boys being a dime a dozen… so true, but the effort must be started some place; If you know who the Head men are why not pass on the info and the authorities will deal with them…..The bottom line is ” Even the dull and ignorant have their opinion”.

  8. Looking at some solutions:
    Let every law abiding citizens be armed and ready to protect themselves- Free to bear arms should not be suppressed by an elite few.
    Remove all violent intended Movies from TV and the Cinemas.
    Remove evolution from schools and teach these children that they were created to live and respect society, not animals.
    Loosen up the cash flow that is tied up by big businesses, Check out those violent Songs-via-dub and hip-hop.
    Stop the advertising about criminals on the news with their atrocities and what heinous crimes they committed as if they are heroes.
    Public servants elected to offices should serve the people not rule over by tyrannical draconian measures that did not even stem from our local parliamentary sittings.
    Let Law officers know that they are to uphold the law, they are not the law as some often think they are.If some of these miscreants cannot live in a civilized environment take measures among other nations and send them out somewhere in deserted lands to cultivate and developed for societies uses.
    Invite some of those hard-core human rights activist to come to T&T and walk the streets of some of these hot spot areas, then they would know what is human rights when they are trampled upon.
    Don’t have criminals sitting in prison living out of tax payers money breeding all types of orchestration against society. Use them and let society reap the benefits of well carried out justice.
    To much fear now in society, because the Supreme Ruler have been removed from our minds, the list can go on and on but we are to be the judges of ourselves in morals and religion. And stop deceiving ourselves to such.
    To do something comes from the power of the will-will to clean up our acts would follow by finding the one and right way may the Creator help us……

  9. To Mr. Gerry Kangalee: Which do you rather for the famailies?
    For the State to tell them when to go home or for the Criminals to tell them, you will never make it home to your love ones ever with an AK-47. Liberty is only possible when when there is some form of Social Order in the country.

    In Trinidad and Tobago, today, there is no “Social Order” so it is incumbent that the Government take action now to restore social order and our constitution rights of Liberty in the country.

    We should support the PM action on the advice of the National Security Council for the next fourteen days. Thank you! Mr.Kangalee

  10. Kangalee’s article is a good one and contains some valid points: particularly about ALL governments usually protecting the druglords… who are sometimes financiers of political parties from being arrested and charged appropriately. I also see the state of emergency as being used partially as a distraction from the trade unionist movement. However, as any typical Trinidadian who is accustomed with gunshots at night, waking up to murders, rapes and burlaries everyday in this country- I think if the government seizes a number of guns, curtails the gang movement (which is really out of hand…) and makes this country safer in any way…it is a Good thing! THERE HAVE BEEN NO REPORTED MURDERS SINCE SUNDAY! ISn’t that a great thing??? Human life should take precedence KAngalee.
    The Trade union cannot be silenced! They know that, we know that and the Government know this. Everyone will benefit from a reduction of crime, and the trade union can resume its struggle…I think KAngalee’s article should be more balanced…only then will it be effective.

  11. Here goes another clueless Trini , with his debased claims , and suggestions for national relief.
    “Let Law officers know that they are to uphold the law, they are not the law as some often think they are.”
    Can we rewind now that the Privy Council dust has settled,by those conniving ,London Law Lords Trini? So for example, can they arrest the Chief Justice Sharma,and put Airport Crook Basdeo behind bars for his dealings,or finally ,get some none taxpayers relief for Caroni workers , as a result of their HCU CEO shenanigans, and similar crooks of the world, or only seek to do their jobs by arresting poor , desperate low caste Indian criminals , from parts of Central, or such enclaves, and only dem crazy , lawless Afrikan Trins, from the Brazilian Favella like East West corridor hill?
    What is even worst folks , is that Trini might be someone of influence, that advises Queen K, and dem other square pegs ,in round holds, that are gleefully, desecrating our democracy, yes? We wish our citizens well, as they would need it.
    By the way, be careful Trini, as this is what easy guns in the hands of sex starved fringe lunatics , and culturally depraved ,savage ,barbarians, can produce.

    You said Trini, “Invite some of those hard-core human rights activist to come to T&T and walk the streets of some of these hot spot areas, then they would know what is human rights when they are trampled upon.”
    Sorry my friend ,but no one is coming to examine that over inflated foolishness , as the past genocidal claims , against Indo Trini brothers and sisters, Afrikan counterparts ,by opportunistic ,politically driven ,con artist Goopiesing , and similar others , is still leaving a dreadful taste in their mouth.
    So ridiculous was that PREPOSTEROUS claim.

    1. Hey Hey !!! here we have one with the clues !!! Don’t we see that some officers are on the wrong side of the law at times?
      Why always the small people have to suffer in this place. Not big shot making time. What about Hart and The Brian Lara Stadium affair. What’s the verdict? Well you might have some answers; as usual-
      Easy Gun my Foot !!! what your think have restrains in the American society at large still. People-Citizens have right to bear arms. This has kept down a lot of mishandling for so long period of its history.
      Hollywood has been eroding this rights of the people with constant violent projecting into the minds of individuals day in day out..
      Your criticism are not making sense, make better one nah? don’t continue to lam-blast and stifle others in their perspectives and views. this ain’t carrying we no where. If I talk about God you rising up against God, if I present some suggestion on the civic and secular views you rising up.
      You people need to view others and their views. what about your Claim????

  12. “Mamoo, every descendant of an indenture, and of slavery arrived in T&T by “boat”. –Neverdirty.

    Neverdirty I did not come to T&T by boat, I was born in Trinidad. That makes me a native of Trinidad, not of India, or any of the other islands.

    “Boat people” means those who came on wimp to T&T and decided that they were going to change the landscape of the land by engaging in criminal activities. They are generally misfit islanders whose sole purpose was to eat the fat of the land and advance PNM agenda. As you are probably not aware over 50,000 islanders came to T&T since independence, many of them find suitable employment but some of them decide that work was too hard and instead turn to criminal activities.

    They are the ones who must be sent back..Check ids birth certificate and passports, and if they were not born in T&T send them back…

  13. I am totally fed up of the racial, tribal, divisive politics practised in T&T as exemplified by the comments on this forum. We will never advance out of this hole we have dug for ourselves until we an look beyond the African, Indian, PNM, UNC puerile games that we like to play. “He hit meh first…Ah ent keeping yuh lash”

    Every administration points fingers at the previous one to lay blame for their inabilty to fulfil all the promises made on election platforms.Sick,sick,sick.

    No matter how good or sound an idea is, if it appears to be critical of the party that fills our trough, it is not sufficient to ignore it but it must be denounced, derided, dragged through the muck.

    Is it something about us as a society, a culture that hates heroes, (leh we look good to find some mud on he shoes” And my grandchildern are growing up and will inherit this. Shame!!!

  14. “I am totally fed up of the racial, tribal, divisive politics practised in T&T as exemplified by the comments on this forum.”Bushfire. I personally don’t have a clue as to what you are referring to when you make the above comment bushfire.
    Why is having frank discussions , as to what you, I, or any one else feels is the real problem in our country,considered divisive? Socially competitive,yet some say,misguided Trini -Indians , are merely-though often erroneously – seeing their fellow nationals ,who happen to be Afrikans, Chinese , European, Arabs , Jews , and Latinos , as the cause of all the problems in the country, while not prepared to take any responsibility for their own actions in it,and of course that is naturally sad, but is what development is all about.
    Africans, groan in reactions to the not too subtle, political motivated backlash ,they see ,as evidence by what many consider to be very ungrateful folks, that dominate the Indian PP camp, who in their -maybe correct- estimation,have thrived, much better , that any other place on earth they landed,and so , even if the former ,themselves were disgusted by what transpired for politics by their own Kinky head leaders.
    Don’t worry , for in typical Trini style , many will bear the pain until another election, and they would then do what’s necessary to rectify the situation.
    It is something they have done repeatedly in the past,for decades,and no amount of PR maneuvers, condemnations, or twisting of our constitution ,via illegal curfews, will change the result.
    Let democracy play itself out my friend, as we both for the moment ,enjoy life in the safe enclaves, just like V.S.Naipaul, and thousands that decided for all sorts of reasons, never to make T&T their home ever again.
    This is healthy. Just stay engage.
    For the record bushfire, racist , divided people ,do not sexually interact , without much prompting ,as we have done ,since 1962, so as to produce the diverse population that we are blessed with, yes?
    Trust me on that. What is it maybe 35% of the population that cannot fully determine ,as to what their exact race, and ethnicity might be? Just in case you , and political wonks , advisers, and suspect intellectual talking heads, are unaware, this is the real swing vote, that would determine the fortunes of future political aspirants.
    Once more bushfire,you should simply enjoy life -from afar- as played out ,in what I affectionately call, ‘Jambalaya/ Calaloo Nation,’ yes?
    I wish you well.

    1. Yea try becoming PRO for the Ministry of National Security- you look like you might have the solutions… and stop making other feel as if the point of view has no effect to the issue.
      To go check out that PRO position….

  15. How good and pleasant it must before their God and man.
    To see the unification of them Aryans
    As has been said already, let it be known.
    These are the children of them who, lynched our sons.

    Know all should understand why Kamla brought a white man to run the T&T police. She wanted someone who she was sure shared her cultural pre-dispositions relating to race.

    Black people in T&T, welcome to the renewal of the Middle Passage strategy. The Indian Drug Barons will not be touched, because the definition and pursuit of criminals under the current T&T administration is conditioned by ethnic relativity. Black people better wake up and adopt Malcolm X’s position, to wit, believing in the brotherhood of all men, but take a firm position against wasting brotherhood on those who refuse to practice it with us. Brotherhood is a two-way street.

    1. After independence we were ruled by PNM. This party oppresses it’s own hence the black power movement of 1970. Thank God for UNC who started GATE without a oil boom. Still no boom and free laptop for school children under the PP. As for Indian drug baron is UNC that hang one of the most notorious gangsters in the western hemisphere. PNM hang two persons of African ethnicity after two persons were killed in westmoorings. As for white man to run the police. What color is Hart and Oholoran. Is Kamla and the PP that liberating TT from PNM falsehood.

  16. Once more , spare me the idle talk guys, as this is not a decision as to who to play mas with come Carnival 2012.
    I have absolutely no patience for tribalistic hand wringing , and nostalgic mantras by closet PNM ,missing the stagnant politics as practiced by Hazel and her phony Christian husband. Where were Trini Afrikans , when the more astute amongst us , were loudly denouncing , while speaking out against accepting a Canadian ,fake expert , and the expense of competent locals, to run our service, or when we were calling Manning an obvious idiot ,for bringing in dem British blokes to hunt for kidnappers, spending billions on blimp, and cuddling his low end , gangsterish,Lavantille rogues, and vagabonds ?
    Well however, it’s water under the Caroni bridge now Keith Williams.
    If you donkey brayers are serious about T&T, there is therefore one simple way to repudiate the neo imperialist elite PP characters, and so ensure that their Euro Canadian massa , put his zandole tail, between his legs, and run back to Edmonton , or where ever snowfield , Maple leaf farm he emerged from , in that country ,that have benefited from the genocide of the red man.
    It is, to not support him in any form or fashion, Nuff said.
    Most importantly however , the real way to halt any suspected barbarians, that are aiming to destroy our hard earned democracy,and that would be to refuse to vote for them come next election.
    The bigger question is , who is to replace them with? The bumbling jokers ,led by Manning the clown , and Tobago despising, ideas deficient , cantankerous,yet misguided Rowley, or …..? Fill in the blanks.
    I do not necessarily believe that the alternative to the PP , is the PNM,but that’s just me. Love nation, and please find us some progressive, patriotic thinkers,yes?

  17. Trinidad and Tobago is in a political crisis and it is not the right time for that.The PM should look at the people around her,the fact is there are to much of your people own people around you and most of them are there not to support your goverment but for their own intrest.I think Trinidad and Tobago citizens love you but the people around you is going to hurt your political values.The anger in some of your people against the African is very deep,I can see the reason why you take a Canadian like my self to be in that position because you don’t trust your own citizens,who ever advise you to do such move really have something against Trinidad and Tobago finest like your self and others,it is an insult to your citizens there must be one of your own citizen for that job.The time has come to unite the people not to start a war on race,PNM and DLP over come that why is your PP party getting back there,is it for revenge or your people sold out to the crime activities for profit.I think the crime bosses are laughing all the way to the bank so as your PP cronies, you make histroy by being the first woman PM of TandT and I am very proud of that I am of African decend my roots is in George village Tableland where Imdian and African married and live in harmony,I hope you all feel me god bless TandT.

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