Searching for Our Truths

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe
May 31, 2021

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeThere is much that is silly about the back and forth between the prime minister and the leader of the opposition about who is to be blamed for the rising death rate the savage pandemic has inflicted upon the people of our country. Rowley says that the candlelight vigils “organized and paid for by the UNC is a major contributory factor in the spike of Covid infections,” whereas Persad-Bissessar claims that the 50,000 people who visited Tobago during Easter “on the Prime Minister’s invitation resulted in the outbreak” (Express, May 25).

Epidemiologist Avery Hinds claims neither is accurate. He says: “A number of factors have contributed to the spread” of Covid-19 (Express, May 27)

In spite of the mindless rhetorical sparing, the death toll continues to rise. There are now 21,987 Covid-19 cases and 440 Covid-19 deaths. Unemployment increases, poor people continue to suffer mentally and physically; imminent death threatens with surprising suddenness; femicide has risen to the point that it has drawn international attention, and young people remain adrift and dangerous. The government quibbles about nonsense as the society implodes.

Tuesday was the first-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd that sparked a worldwide movement that forced people to take another look at how racism and white supremacy continue to deny oppressed people their right to a better life. It spurred the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement to greater prominence and raised our awareness of the plight of oppressed people globally.

Some people have argued that the ascendency of the BLM movement increased awareness of the suffering of Palestinian people. Even New York Times changed the tone of its coverage of the Israeli-Palestine war while eighty members of Harvard University found the courage to support Palestinian liberation out of “an alleged suppression of support for Palestine within academia” (The Harvard Crimson, May 6).

In an article, “Economic Reform Crucial to Improve the Lives of Black Americans,” Taylor Nicole Rogers argued that since Floyd’s murder “America has re-evaluated discriminatory practices in the workplace and policing, in housing and health care policies, and even infrastructure repairs.” She questions whether those proposed changes “can meaningfully improve the lives of black people if economic reforms are not prioritized too” (Financial Times, May 25).

About a year ago, our prime minister created a Community Recovery Program under the leadership of Anthony Watkins to deal with the problems of people in the underprivileged areas who protested their living conditions under which they lived. In launching his initiative, he said: “I will not be dissuaded to change course from this [Recovery Plan] by anyone who feels it has to do with race, religion or geography…. We’ll resolve to make tomorrow a better day, not only for ourselves but also for those who live in communities like these” (Trinidad Guardian, July 2, 2020).

In December 2020 Minister Donna Cox declared that the social ills experienced in these underprivileged communities stemmed from “issues such as poor parenting, crime, poverty, lack of employment, and other environmental factors.” She said that the committee indicated that the solution to these problems lay in setting up “parenting skills workshops, [providing] counselling and psychological support, opportunities entrepreneurship,…and other programs designed to help, empower and transition out of poverty and vulnerability.”

Watkins confirmed this diagnosis by indicating that the Committee will focus on “Community pride and ownership, human development, social stability, and economic development” (, December 8, 2020).

Anyone listening to this mumbo-jumbo would have screamed that the answer to the problem lies in the provision of jobs and more jobs; that is, in the initiation of specific economic projects. Instead, a committee that was supposed to come up with practical solutions to long-standing problems of economic deprivation is reduced to a recitation of the sociological and psychological shortcomings of a seemingly defective people.

Then, in bright daylight, Torrance Mohammed, an outstanding citizen and inspirational artist, was murdered in a town in which he grew up and one he nourished spiritually and emotionally with his artistic gifts. San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello observed: “There are a lot of desperate people out there. There are a lot of hungry people out there as well” (Guardian, May 5); this statement sums up our state of being in the world.

As we contemplate our situation, we should remember that “Philosophy is essentially not possession of the truth, but a quest for the truth.” Political philosophy, a branch of philosophy, consists in “the attempt to replace opinion about the nature of political things by knowledge of the nature of political things” (Leo Strauss, “What Is Political Philosophy?”)

Keith Rowley is no more the possessor of the truth than Kamla Persad-Bissessar is the embodiment of lies. Each, in his and her own way, is striving to arrive at what is best for society. A society cannot be defined without reference to its purpose and none of us has the perfect answer to that question. Once we put aside the bombast, together we might be able to find a way out of our morass.

Let us be more humble and realize that we all bring our opinions to the public trough in search of truth. Let us treat all opinions as carefully as possible knowing that the quest for truth is more important than the certitude of having the truth. We cannot arrive at the truth if we think that everyone else is a stranger to the truth.

The prime minister was correct when he said that people in the underprivileged areas have the same ambitions, require the same services, and strive for peace and prosperity as all of us do.

These thoughts should guide us during these moments of uncertainty.

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  1. Epidemiologist Avery Hinds claims neither is accurate. He says: “A number of factors have contributed to the spread” of Covid-19 (Express, May 27)

    We live in the Information Age, information is flowing at a staggering pace. Today you can talk to people in space within a few minutes. Avery Hinds has mastered the art of speaking in “nuances”. The true PNM that he is one day it was Easter gathering caused the surge which can be scientifically justified, then he heard the PM blame a child brutally murdered for the spread and immediately changed his tune. PNMites are good at supporting each other even going to Hell together I dare say.

    The fact are the (1) borders are close, (2) variant came from Brazil, (3) people are careless (4) we not begging for vaccines (5) a young brutally murdered girl cause the surge.(from the PM) (6) Caribbean nations are giving vaccines that they citizens refused to TnT before it expires…(7) Avery Hinds is a PNM stooge (8) Poor people out of work set to thief or starve. The blight is slow but sure…stay locked in to escape it. Poverty will get you but at least you will be alive…

    Yes folks black man in charge …as the lil sister from Tobago boasted “we in charge now, deal with it”…yes yes we must all deal with it.

  2. In an interesting section of his article, “Searching for Our Truths”, Selwyn Cudjoe writes, “philosophy is essentially not possession of the truth but a quest for the truth.” Selwyn goes on to quote Leo Strauss from “What is Political Philosophy”: political philosophy, a branch of philosophy, consists of “the attempt to replace opinion about the nature of political things by knowledge of the nature of political things.” If you open the Pandora’s Box of Leo Strauss’s thought you never know what might fly out, but anyhow this is a good starting point for a discussion of our politics here. The first quotation describes the Socratic conception of philosophy; it is a quest, not a possession of the truth. The second describes Strauss conception of political philosophy. So we have to distinguish between philosophy and political philosophy. Notice Strauss claims that political philosophy is the attempt to replace “opinion” by “knowledge” of the nature of political things. The distinction between “opinion” and “knowledge” in classical philosophy is a distinction between opinion and truth. Why the contradiction, we may ask, philosophy is not possession of the truth, but political philosophy is capable of finding knowledge or truth. In fact it expresses the essential distinction between philosophy and political philosophy for Strauss and it allowed Strauss to apply Socratic skepticism to philosophy (we know only that we don’t know) while at the same time applying Aristotelian teleology to political philosophy. Remember modern science had excoriated Aristotelian teleology and in doing so threw out the entire Aristotelian political science project. In Aristotelian physics, the inanimate stone moves because teleologically it is moving with an end or purpose, inconceivable for modern science; for Strauss, human beings are different from inanimate objects we can investigate their purpose in doing things, their intentions, their agendas, i.e. their teleology. So by separating philosophy from political philosophy, Strauss was able to keep the modern scientific rejection of Aristotelian teleology in his philosophy, while inserting it in his political philosophy. While Socratic philosophy investigated the truth about the whole and confessed its ignorance about the truth of the whole, political philosophy was interested in what is good for the community, and here Socrates moves from opinion about what is good for the community to knowledge about what is good by investigating the purpose, the intentions and the agendas of those who profess opinions about that public good. And here is where we ought to apply Strauss’s understanding of political philosophy to what is going on here. If there is a well known legacy of Strauss it is his rejection of relativism and historicism. We cannot claim an equivalence between differing opinions, that of Dr. Rowley and opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. That would introduce a kind of relativism which Strauss would abhor. Strauss would never settle for a Hegelian historicism. Strauss claims to be able to go from opinion to knowledge in political philosophy by investigating motives, telos. Straussian political philosophy wants to know what your relationship to the public good is. And there is one dichotomy that it is gravely concerned with – are you doing something because of your interest in the public good, or are you simply interested in political power? That is the question Socrates was always asking, because going from opinion to knowledge meant unmasking the motives and agendas of whoever was stating that opinion. We have to go to their purpose, their agenda. The philosopher can be a true statesman because he or she has no interest in the trappings of political power. And this is where the opposition leader falls short. Her actions and statements seem to be a continuous undermining and sabotaging of the public good. It has been like that from ever since she became opposition leader in 2015. It has been one long history of sabotage and undermining. And it continues with the Covid situation. In the case of what started the surge, we may conclude almost like a Hegelian dialectic, thesis – the Tobago gathering started it; antithesis – the vigils started it; synthesis – every congregation of persons can start it, a nice Hegelian compromise, but is it precise enough? If we want to assess the Straussian worth of the politics of Dr. Rowley and the opposition leader, then the agenda of the opposition leader and the history of her political actions lead us to question her credibility, her motives, no matter what she says. Strauss’s Aristotelian teleology would condemn her for not being interested in the public good, but for just being interested in political power as the history of her words and deeds seem to suggest. That is what flies out of the Pandora’s Box of Strauss’s thought, so be careful when you open it.

    1. ” Keith Rowley is no more the possessor of truth, than kamla persad bissessar is the embodiment of lies. Each, in his or her own way, is striving to arrive at what is best for the society.”
      -Selwyn Cudjoe
      Honestly? After 5 years and 3 months of Kamla Persad-Bissessar being PM of T&T, Selwyn Cudjoe believes that woman is “…in her own way striving to arrive at what is best for society.”???

      Dr. Cudjoe has been an agent of the UNC, and indian politics for some time now. That’s fine, as that is his right. However, readers must understand that because of his conflict of interest, he cannot be taken seriously as an unbiased critic of social and political issues on behalf of african trinidadians. In fact, Selwyn is essentially a liberal, american voter who incidentally is african. That’s it. His loyalty is adjacent to the interests of africans at best. Always remember, he assissted in tearing down patrick manning when it suited him, and is a declared Kamla, UNC supporter. What type of character would support Kamla after detailing these scandals?

      Here is but a sample of what Dr. Cudjoe himself detailed within ONE year of kamla’s reign 2010-2011, and we’re being told that “…she is striving to arrive at what is best for society.” ?

      A People’s Partnership

      Indian (Hindu) Time Ah Come

      Peace and Love

      The Corrupting Influence of the People’s Partnership

      Kamla’s Casual Carelessness

  3. Trinidad & Tobago is a sick, dishonest and racist society! The indian controlled establishment media, “educated” class and so-called prominent persons, have taken a position that Kamla and the UNC are not to be held accountable for their behaviour, while the PNM and Dr. Rowley are hounded with unreasonable criticism, regardless of context…same formula as what they did to patrick manning 2001-2010! “…Any black government pong dem til dey leave!” Cro Cro
    It is clear that the COVID-19 outbreak is going to be used to attempt lynch the PNM. Who are they fooling? On what planet are racists and tyrants possible candidates for leadership because of errors in handling a specific situatuion? African trinidadians and their offspring will must understand the reality that they face. The indian community, led by Hindutva and modi fans, partnered with collaborating sellouts and other racist non-africans, have captured the media since 2000, and with an army of unprincipled, racist pseudo-journalists, are determined to fluff, sugarcoat and sanitize kamla and the UNC, while demonizing african leadership! Stop supporting these racist indian nationalist media! Stop buying their newspapers and create your own! But then again, when africans create media, they inevitably hire and put into power positions non-africans! How did the express go from Ken Gordon (NAR) to what it is today? How did morning edition go from julian rogers to fazeer mohammed? I would rather devant or roodlal host that programme than fazeer or sheila…it would be more honest and transparent on the purpose of that show. Look at the express…How did an african (ken gordon) run, media company end up being just another indian, unc stenographer institute? African trinidadians have been socialized as the social and political donkeys, THE ‘load’ bearers of “unity” politics in the racist society. It’s the job of african people, apparently, to be docile and “fair” by never seeking their own social, political and economic interests exclusively, but rather, making irrational “both sides” arguments when the UNC and the indian community are obviously at fault, and tempering their responses to indian racism via the UNC and otherwise.During kamla’s reign 2010-2015, the media shielded her and the UNC from criticism, while ceaselessly focusing on the then previous PNM government’s reign 2002-2010. However, since 2015 the UNC/PP ‘ scandalous racist reign is routinely swept under the rug while vehemently and disingenuously scraping the bottom of the barrel, to scandalize the PNM.Sick!

    This is the post UNC 1995 Era “Journalists”

    Horror in Sea Lots, Protests, Reporter Fired (read comments)

    Tobago Daily: Reporter Fired for Racial Facebook Statment

    1. Looks like Indians and UNC have total mind control over you. Bet you wake up in the morning saying “o gosh today I could become an Indian or better yet join the UNC”. Everybody today want to be an Indian. A Trini Indian tooo. What’s not to love, curry, doubles, roti, alloo pies etc.
      Hinduism has cast a spell over. Ugly people who don’t like themselves usually want to change race. Today I name you Inconvenient “Ramlal”…Welcome to Hinduvta… 101.

      1. Seems like you leave Kamla and turn to Renuka. As far as I know free speech still exist and agreeing with the “gist” of a statement is not a criminal act. For instant if you say Cudjoe is a fool and I say yeh boi, does that make me a criminal. I may have just reacted. It does not mean I have the same level of disdain as you.

        Free speech allows us to make fool of ourselves. I know I have said things without thinking as you have Inconvenient Ramlal. In fact you have said more things than I have….anyways to be clear I don’t agree with what was said but good to know you are now officially the blogging police…(smile). I hope you will be fair..

    2. According to Dr. Cudjoe, kamla “…is striving to arrive at what is bset for society.”

      BS! That woman’s actions can easily be interpreted otherwise. This is the danger of collaborators like Dr. Cudjoe, making excuses for and defending her behaviour. Even he admitted after publicly declaring support for kamla and UNC for the election last year, that the UNC’s campaign ads were racist against africans! And yet Dr. Cudjoe writes as if kamla and UNC are somehow genuine, good faith politicians. Who else but the political leader and management of an organization are to be held responsible, i.e socially, politically and economically “cancelled”, for the racist campaign ads of 2020 Dr. Cudjoe? Fast Forward to the covid-19 outbreak in T&T, the same person(s) that were never held responsible for a racist campaign, are being unfairly given the benefit of the doubt, which enables them to do this. Perpetual, unconditional, undeserved benefit of the doubt, and dishonest “both sides” spinning of specifically bad behaviour by the UNC, it’s ENTIRE leadership and supporters, are EMBOLDENING them to do this;

      UNC slams calls for extension of curfew, says poor people will suffer | Loop Trinidad & Tobago

      UNC opposes COVID-19 restrictions, suggests new plan | Loop Trinidad & Tobago

      Vasant Bharath: Why are bakeries allowed to open but not roti shops? | Loop Trinidad & Tobago

      Kamla: Allow non-essential workers to return to work | Loop Trinidad & Tobago

      The UNC support base is a unique type of unprincipled c-u-l-t, that takes these signals by the UNC as doctrine to disobey the covid-19 related instructions from the government at the risk of the wider society.

    1. When Dr. Cudjoe said something good about Sat Maharaj, you abused him on this site. Now I am so surprised that you quote his articles so liberally…hmmm

  4. ‘Watkins confirmed this diagnosis by indicating that the Committee will focus on “Community pride and ownership, human development, social stability, and economic development” (, December 8, 2020).’

    Is this the same Watkins who thought that Dr. Rowley’s ‘Revitalization’ plan for EPOS was a good idea… by destroying the ‘COMMUNITY’ that he was supposed to represent…

    ‘In the words of calypsonian Denyse Plummer, East Port of Spain residents “nah leaving!”
    This was what many of them said in response to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s advice to seize the opportunity to move from the area, if requested, to allow for the revitalisation of Port of Spain.’

    ‘Watkins: Revitalisation can help East PoS residents’

  5. Quoting Prof. Cudjoe (from his “Probe SEA Results” article just cited among others by Inconvenient Truth):

    Taking the bull by the horns, I called a colleague at William Patterson University in New Jersey who put me on to a statistician to whom I asked the following question:

    “17,327 students from 541 schools take an exam. One school has five standard five classes of approximately 25 students each. Some schools have several standard five classes that take the exam. Each class consists of approximately 25 students. Statistically, what are the chances of fourteen students from one of those classes being placed in the first 100 places in that exam?”

    He answered:

    “Bottom line I think it is safe to say that something untoward happened. a) unless this teacher is the most brilliant in the world; b) unless these 14 students are the most brilliant in the world; the chances are one trillion to one that some form of ‘cheating’ went on.

    I quote it not to make the obvious point, my, how Cudjoe has changed!, but to revert to the question at issue in that article: the statistical unlikelihood that indo pupils, year after year, would do so well as compared with Negro pupils. Here the quoted statistician opined that the chances were ONE TRILLION TO ONE that some form of cheating went on.

    I don’t know what assumptions the statistician made to arrive at that conclusion, nor those of a mathematician, also quoted in the article, that came to a similar conclusion. That article was written 10 years ago (in 2011). Nothing came of it — not surprisingly, since UNC was in charge.

    However, I was pleased to read Prof Theodore Lewis returning to that general theme in a recent article: Constitutional rights of black children and the predictable simulated outrage coming from one of the “other side”, one Dinesh Rambally: Disingenuous diatribe from Prof Lewis.

    As to the latter, I take the liberty of alleging that the outrage expressed is “simulated” because the strength of the evidence allows it. There is after all a trillion to one chance that cheating has been going on. This is what would have led to the outcome described by Lewis, as to the disparity in school placements in prestige schools, as between indo and Negro pupils. This in turn, has led predictably to a similar disparity at university level, exacerbated further by deliberate discrimination in admissions. In the case of the Medical School, this is more than an allegation, as one who ought to know — the late Prof Courtenay Bartholomew — wrote and complained abot it in an extensive series of articles in the print media about 10 years ago. If I remember correctly, he himself had been a founding faculty member of the Medical School, and lamented bitterly, but to no avail, as to what it had become. There too cheating was the obvious and likely hypothesis, and so maintained by an insider such as Prof Bartholomew. I believed him. I also believe the statistician and mathematician consulted in 2011 by Cudjoe. Certainly, the matter merited forensic investigation, there being all kinds of ways for the requisite cheating to be accomplished.

    The alternative would be to suggest the hypothesis that the indo pupil is that smart, and that the Negro pupil is that stupid. That hypothesis I do not entertain for a minute. For during the colonial period, Negro “bright boys” seemed to abound, along with indo ones. CLR James, Eric Williams, the aforementioned Courtenay Bartholomew, Willie Demas, Ellis Clarke, the Dumas fellow that was head of the Civil Service and writes for the paper, among many others, did us proud, in good proportion compared to the Rudranath Capildeo’s, the V. S. Naipauls, the Frank Rampersads, the Winston Mahabirs, etc. that did the indo population proud. There was then no trillion to one disparity between the performance of the two groups. Therefore, the kind of disparity we see today is not the working of equal opportunity merit. There is CHEATING at play.

    Yes, there are many see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil ones amongst us. They shy away from confronting the demon that clearly is at work. The former Education Minister, Anthony Garcia, regrettably seemed to be one of those. The present one, Gadsby-Dolly, seems to be made of sterner stuff. The only question is whether she is seized of the matter. Prime Minister Rowley is of the necessary personal mettle. The only question would be the political calculation whether to enter into the bruising political battle that woud be required to slay this dragon.

    The dragon to be slain is nothing else but UNC/SDMS hindutva ambition in this country. FEM Hosein (ca. 1925) stated it as if foregone indo destiny: to control Trinidad “in the field, in the shop, in the office”.

    That there is a plan seeking to achieve that ambition is not even any more a matter of speculation. The plan leaked about a week after the UNC lost the 2015 election. It was in the form of an anonymously circulated document entitled “Indian Policy”. A facsimile copy of it was printed on p. 11 of the Sunshine newspaper, Issue #123. The internet archive copy of that issue is no longer available. It is not hard to imagine why.

    It is in that document that we find the smoking gun that ought to trigger forensic investigation of what has gone on in the Education sector. For it is education that is key to grasping control of the commanding heights of the society: Law, Medicine, Engineering, the Civil Service, even the Police and Military. That much is explicitly stated in the “Indian Policy”. They care not about education per se; they care about “certification”. For it is certification that is the entry ticket to whatever the profession. The SEA pass to a prestige school is the first rung on that ladder. It is a simple logic: dominate the places in the prestige schools, then six years later, dominate the placements into higher education — Law, Medicine, Engg., Management, Accounting, etc. The poor Negro, led by see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil politicians, and betrayed, sad to say, by such as Prof. Cudjoe, are relegated to the trades, at best. FEM Hosein’s 1925 boast would have been fulfilled. Prof Bartholomew would be spinning in his grave, and Eric Williams’s admonition that the future of the country lay in the book-bags of its students would have been fulfilled, but in a perverse way that he certainly did not intend — the way of hindutva, not the way of “here ev’ry creed and race”.

    That is the specter that now stares us in the face as a society. This is clear from the school placement statistics outlined by Prof Lewis.

    That is the statement of the problem. As an engineer by training, I look for solutions. It is the same for every profession. The only difference among them is the rigor adhered to in the search. I fear that in this instance, if the politicians cannot fashion the necessary solution, the solution will be forced upon all of us in another way. As to that, there is plenty of precedent in human history.

    Be that as it may, I speak also as a servant of the Most High. I am a Negro, by seedline of the tribe of Judah, moreover of the royal House of David, as are most of my Negro brethren scattered as prophesied to the four corners of the earth — this land IYERE (Hebrew for “providence” among other meanings) certainly included. This land is “promised land” in Scriptural terms, as indeed is ALL of the Americas. Far from the destiny foreseen by such as FEM Hosein, the destiny for this land, as it is written, is for the “heathen” to be swept off the land. By PLAGUE, by SWORD, by PESTILENCE, by BEAST, by HAIL and STORM, by HUNGER, etc. That process has already begun, with Covid merely one mechanism.

    (That word, “heathen”, btw is an anglicized form of a Hebrew word, HAT-HA-TAN, that has a simple meaning: it is the word of description for a people that comes to another people’s land, like an invasive species, and seeks to evict from the land the true owners, and/or to enslave the true owners. It is not a term, in its Hebrew meaning, of belief or religion. Thus Columbus, when he came here in the name of Catholic Christianity was nonetheless HAT-HA-TAN. The indo-Aryan brahminists, when they invaded India and set up what now they call hindutva, likewise are by Hebrew definition, a HAT-HA-TAN people. They are being swept off the land there, as we speak. It will be an extended process, not overnight. Covid is mere stage in that process. More is to come. The meek shall inherit the earth. The HAT-HA-TAN are the Edomite and Ishmaelite sons of Abraham, notably Aryan in one formation — indo-Aryan as well as euro-Aryan– and as well Ishmaelite/Arab in another formation that spread religion by conquest and the sword, just as the euro-Aryan spread religion in the Americas by conquest, the sword, and by dogs of war; see

    My point: the matter is already written. The only question is how the unfolding shall be. Just as the Israelite sons of Abraham were swept off the land for disobedience, as written, so too now the Edomite and Ishmaelite sons of Abraham, with their various allies and confederates, are to be swept off the lands that they invaded as HAT-HA-TAN, and where their behavior has been noxious at worst. At its (Victorian) best, it tried to uphold fair-play principles of justice and morality, well exemplified in the game of cricket. But power corrupts, and ultimately the center could not hold. Therefore, the Anglo-Saxons too are being brought down. Check the covid statistics: USA at the top, India second; it is not a coincidence.

    Be all that as it may, I do not advocate merely sitting back and waiting and watching to see prophecy play itself out. The Negro here in this land, and elsewhere, is under moral obligation to resist the wicked imposition of the HAT-HA-TAN. We are in the situation of our forefather, David, contemplating the challenge of Goliath. Our Father, the Most High, expects and requires us to resist, and to summon up every ounce of indignation at the ongoing affront that is what the HAT-HA-TAN in this land has made of the Eric Williams education legacy. Our four hundred years of servitude are most certainly over. The affliction shall not arise a second time.


    Genesis 15-13-14. “And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;
    14 And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.”

    Nahum 1:7-9. “The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.
    8 But with an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of the place thereof, and darkness shall pursue his enemies.
    9 What do ye imagine against the LORD? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.”

  6. PS. As a factual post-script to what I just posted, here is the verbatim text of the “Indian Policy” to which I referred. I commend it for perusal by the Minister of Education and indeed our Prime Minister. May they have the belly and the backbone to confront and slay this dragon that most certainly still exists, whatever the denials by such as Dinesh Rambally.

    Item 6: “Education is the key to success, so our teachers must focus their attention on our children and forget the rest. Get involved in correcting examination papers because you can make a difference there. Our SEA papers correcting groups are very strong and have been working quite well, we must keep this up in order to maintain top placement and scholarships. Remember to keep UWI under close watch.”

    The highlighted phrase, “Our SEA papers correcting groups” is illuminating. To whom does it refer is the question for forensic investigation. I am sure the Minister of Education, who is clearly no dimwit, likely has a very good idea. The only question is whether she has the moral mettle, and the political smarts, to wrestle with, and slay this dragon.

    As the Most High was with David for him to slay Goliath, may He also be with this Minister, to take on this monster. (To judge by Rambally’s unavailing response to Prof Lewis’ article, that dragon is not to be feared. Truth has nothing to fear, however much falsehood seems for the moment to hold sway.)

    2 Samuel 5:21-25.
    “And there they left their images, and David and his men burned them.
    22 And the Philistines came up yet again, and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim.
    23 And when David enquired of the LORD, he said, Thou shalt not go up; but fetch a compass behind them, and come upon them over against the mulberry trees.
    24 And let it be, when thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt bestir thyself: for then shall the LORD go out before thee, to smite the host of the Philistines.
    25 And David did so, as the LORD had commanded him; and smote the Philistines from Geba until thou come to Gazer.”

    1. Re the point about certification:

      Let me quote further from the “Indian Policy” published in facsimile in Issue #123 of the Sunshine newspaper ca. Sep. 2015:

      Item 5: “Our doctors must look out for each other and the interns. Assist our interns in their [exams]. Remember exams are not important, but certification is. We must continue the practice of tubal ligation on niggas after the birth to their monkeys, and put little effort into neonatal care, keep them in the minority”.

      This item admits another ongoing crime, now in the medical sector. It says to “continue the practice of tubal ligation on niggas”, implying that it has been an ongoing practice.

      That case of the botched caesarean operation that was in the media some few years ago — indo doctor, Negro patient — may be looked at under this light. How does a doctor slice open the skull of the unborn baby by “accident”? Even an unsupervised intern would know to feel for the hard skull before slicing. Therefore, a hypothesis of “accident” being incredible, the alternative of deliberate malpractice has to be at play, and we see it here — smoking gun — laid out in Item #5 of the Indian Policy.

      If Prof Lewis is concerned, from the constitutional angle, about the rights of Negro children as to indo misbehavior designed to limit educational opportunity for Negro youth, he might want also to let his mind play on medical malpractice by indo doctors calculated with malice aforethought to limit Negro births.

      I do not use hyperbole when I say that the indo HAT-HA-TAN in our midst are at WAR with the Negro. That is the literal, objective TRUTH of the matter. It also happens to be biblical truth as prophesied (Deuteronomy 28:47-51, elsewhere).

      We for our part are so blinded by “here ev’ry creed and race” ideology, that we are prepared to deny the very evidence of our senses. See-no-evil. hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil. It provides perfect cover for the miscreants in our midst, and condemns us before the Most High as moral cowards that loveth a lie.

      It is time for us to wake up!


      Deuteronomy 28:47-51.
      “Because thou servedst not the LORD thy God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things;
      48 Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which the LORD shall send against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all things: and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, until he have destroyed thee.
      49 The LORD shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth; a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand;
      50 A nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old, nor shew favour to the young:
      51 And he shall eat the fruit of thy cattle, and the fruit of thy land, until thou be destroyed: which also shall not leave thee either corn, wine, or oil, or the increase of thy kine, or flocks of thy sheep, until he have destroyed thee.”

  7. Well written and most appreciated yoruba!
    As for your question about the former minister Anthony Garcia, read the article below, carefully, and tell me if you see what i see,in realation to LOYALTIES…

    Also, i wonder if african trinidadians will ever pay attention to the obnoxious mindset of indians who seem to have a “shadow policy” anytime africans speak out against injustice for their group, its always the raymonds, the dineshes, the sheilas, etc, and there is an arrogant pride in attacking the african fight for justice. At what point will the supposed “allyship” be questioned?
    Pay attention to what these indian writers say is the true PURPOSE (psychology, politics) of the strategic outrage

    Hindu Nationalism and the (Not So Easy) Art of Being OutragedThe Ram Setu Controversy | Request PDF

    The Politics Of Manufactured Outrage | Madras Courier

    Also youruba, theodore lewis’s article mentions how the samsung school modernity was chosen by the then unc/pp gov’t, to given to two indian schools, one lakshmi girls, and one to Iere,
    However, do you remember when the then Japanese PM did a visit? Do you remember that then minister Surujrattan rambachan took the Japanese PM wife on a school tour? Guess which schools? I remember hearing talk of intrducing some programmes as well…

    1. Inconvenient:

      Thanks for yours… insightful and learned as always… Our people can’t even begin to imagine the depth of the wickedness that confronts us, such is our innocence, and insouciance. So it is a good thing you do to investigate this phenomenon of hindutva in all its variegated dimensions — cultural, religious, sociological, political, etc — and to educate us. Looks like you have a database system to help you to find useful correlates whenever these behaviors manifest.

      Re Garcia, I see your point… But I’ll leave it there…

      Re your point about the Rambally’s etc. that are trotted out to do a dance of denial, to a beat of (simulated) outrage, I quite agree. I say they must simulate outrage, because they are the guilty party, conscious of guilt. Therefore, they must lie, deceive, cover up, bluster, threaten, etc. ad nauseam, hoping that their victim tucks tail and runs. (This may also be called “fabricated outrage” — the term of academic art that seems to have taken hold in the literature you cite. I was not aware either of the term or the literature. So I am happy, as always, to learn a new thing.) Here in T&T they have had a remarkable run of success.

      I think we are now at a turning point.

      The success of their war strategy — we are at war, and have been for at least the last forty years, except the Negro victim has been insouciant about it, psychologically unable to confront, let alone slay the dragon ripping us apart. Even the social decay in the hotspot communities has been fabricated, the outcome of deliberate strategic aggression. It was the same in the U.S. with the calculated introduction of crack cocaine in the Negro ghettoes. The matter has been investigated and documented by such as the suicided author/columnist of the San Jose Mercury News (his name escapes me at the moment). Here in T&T, a similar heroic role has been played by Daurius Figueira. But who, really, in this bury-the-head Republic is taking the bit by the horns. We are at war, and our generals in that war don’t seem even to acknowledge that there is a war, and the real well springs of it. So yes, the instigator of that war has thus far succeeded brilliantly at it. But they know they are at war. It is we who don’t. Such as Prof Cudjoe can see the monster, but somehow psychologically must deny it at the same time, and pretend it doesn’t exist. The monster for its part, must maintain a war strategy founded on a simulated denial — that not only is there no war they have been zealously prosecuting for decades, but that they are and have been somehow victims of the opponent they ceas elessly aggress against. Therefore, QED, when such as Prof Lewis expose certain facets of that war, however mild and muted the expose, they must simulate outrage.

      That said, the prophetic dimension of what is going on assures me their time is up. The rest is the unfolding. Most of it is up to the Most High, but we must, like David, at the least show indignation, and be ready at the least to sally forth to battle.


      1. Thank you yoruba!

        I also wanted to point out the piece of history uncovered in prof. Theodore Lewis’s article. Do you realize that the apatheid agitation by the indian community wasn’t just trinidad? As i pointed out a while back with “the keenan report on education” (1869) sir patrick keenan pointed out that indians emphatically rejected the idea of sending their children “to be housed with creoles of the african race…it would be a violation of our sacred laws”. So, it turns out according to lewis’s article you provided they wanted apartheid there too, makes sense, same religion, culture and mentality! I suspect their significantly less numbers is why it didn’t take. It’s racism, plain and simple! Oh, and this undermines the innocent,helpless, voiceless, indentured narrative…they had enough of voice,social and political power within 25 years of arrival to heap scorn and racism on africans!

        Yoruba, search for “African & Indian Consciousness” by Dr. Tony Martin, Marion O’Callahan et al, it’s free in pdf i believe. You won’t be disappointed! Just remember what Dr. Martin said about the africans’ mistake of “Benign neglect”

  8. Africans didn’t make Indians flabby, dhal-belly and diabetic. Some injuries are self-inflicted. The pipeline of excellence from Tranquility and Bishops Junior (et al) to QRC, Bishops etc to Howard, London and Oxford (or the e equivalents) and back to leadership positions in Trinidad and Tobago was not sabotaged by Indians. We didn’t take this away from you and won’t (and can’t) stop you from building back.
    Dr. Rowley, Prof. Lewis, Ms. Gadsby-Dolly- you can build African prestige schools and usher in a new era of African academic and intellectual achievement– maybe even dominance. It won’t work if you simply break Indian schools and hope that, as a result, the African prestige schools will build themselves.

    1. LIES!
      Institutionalized racism in education, which the indian community is a major, committed player, has wreaked havoc on african progress. These are some examples of how devious the anti-black, anti-african racism that dominates the indian community, can manifest itself in the education system and state power via politics.

      Racism at Torrib Trace Presbyterian School

      Trinidad and Tobago Instiute of Technology: A Racket Exposed

      In Defense of African Children?

      Afro-Trinbagonians, Racism and the Education System

      Challenges That Face UWI

      Race Matters

    2. “Africans didn’t make Indians flabby, dhal-belly and diabetic) Mambo 5.
      When the level of discussion and debate is reduced to this type of baseless and derogatory diatribe, it is a signal to cease and desist.
      Commentators, especially Inconvenient Truth, somehow turns every discussion into an African vs Indian debate involving the Caste system and Hinduism. What could be an excellent forum for the intelligent exchange of ideas has turned into a racial back and forth signifying nothing.

      1. Tman (Siewdath),
        If race & religion are the root issue for persons sucha as yourself, mamoo, mitra et al, hidden beneath pretenses of “intelligent exchange of ideas”, why should the focus be any different?
        If chief justice Ivor Archie, e.g. , is being incessantly, publicly denigrated, harassed and gang-attacked by indians, spear-headed by “hindus”, because he is an african, and because they desire to have him replaced with and indian, in furtherance of a “hindu” and “indian supremacy agenda in the judiciary and courts, why would i as a commentator, focus on the flimsy, thinly veiled, legal technicalities that the indian controlled media bombard the public with as an excuse? Ohhh, i understand, you, and others of your mentality, want a cat to chase your diversionary mice! No more games! That is how the rot festers! Blatant acts of anti-black anti-african racism being coded as “UNC Vs PNM”, while the talking heads “exchange intelligent ideas, as rome burns! eh eh !No more!
        If you are committed to to a religious, racist agenda, that will be the focus.
        First wave of the destructive anti-black anti-african racism in education from those in state power, was after 1986, Second wave 1995, Third Wave 2010-2015. The damage from 1986 was never repaired, the roots of that evil grew into what it is today.
        I have no interest in watching the wizard of oz, i’m looking at the man behind the curtain!

        Cro Cro – Corruption In Common Entrance

  9. We already have Prestige schools which enroll the vast majority of African students who are Catholics. I attended one of them.

    1. Yes, siewdath, we know that you went to pres., and that gives you the confidence to bend african ears better than mamoo. You are still obviously pretentious, and playing “good cop”, to mamoo’s “bad cop”. Two sides of a coin.
      Same agenda.

      1. I suspect that you can competently broaden your commentary to include many other topics of interest other than Indians, Hinduism and the Caste system.
        Your obsession with these topics seems enduring, self-destructive and neurotic. One wonders about the motivation for this very developed solitary area of interest. It almost seems like a vendetta or focused objective to satisfy some dark desire to get equal for a valid reason?

  10. I may very well be neurotic and obsessive, but, at least i’m honest, straightforward with my intent, and provide credible sources and information to support my arguments.

    1. Any informed scholar or amateur student knows that Youtube is not an acceptable source for valid or reliable support for a thesis or informed essay or paper.

      1. Lol
        You are so dishonest… did that video have anything to do with academia, research or a thesis? You don’t have to earn a doctorate to understand concepts and apply them to basic discussions. If i provide video evidence to show exactly what i speak about exists, and isn’t malicious propaganda (like yours), are you saying it has to be graded by a professor to see it’s merit? What a clownish argument! So all the world’s leading universities and intellectuals should delete their lectures/content, and disengage with youtube according to tman? Please!That video, is meant to show the hate hidden behind your narrative. Simply put, you are a conniving racist, and i’m not going to pretend that you aren’t what you are, out of a desperation for dialogue.

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