Horror in Sea Lots, Protests, Reporter Fired


By Alexander Bruzual and Janelle De Souza
February 25, 2013 – newsday.co.tt

ProtestIn one horrifying moment yesterday morning, the lives of a 28-year-old mother and her two young daughters were tragically ended when they were hit by a motor vehicle which was reportedly driven by a member of the TT Police Service (TTPS).

At about 9am, Haydee Paul, 28, and her daughters Akasha and Shakira Paul, eight and seven years old respectively, had just left the Central Market in Sea Lots, where they had spent the majority of the morning shopping.

They had safely crossed the Beetham Highway and were walking along the pavement of the westbound lane, in a group with three other persons towards their Sea Lots home, when the group was suddenly hit by a metallic beige-coloured Toyota Corolla motor vehicle.
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11 thoughts on “Horror in Sea Lots, Protests, Reporter Fired”

  1. On Sunday 24th February Darryl Heeralal wrote: “So listen right and I make no apologies…definitely not. woman and children get bounce and dead so the niggas from Sea Lots decides to riot just as the niggas on the Beetham, Laventille and Maloney do and then the government will have to give them handouts and the politicians who gain from the nigga support will act up…meanwhile the rest of the hard working law abiding Africans and Indians will continue to get salt and live in fear of the rioting niggas…time we arm ourselves shoot them in dey facking head and plant cabbage on them…”

    On Monday 25th February he wrote an apology: “On Sunday 24th February I made comments about the unfortunate and horrific accident at Sea Lots which took the lives of two children, their mother, a fourth woman and injured two others. My statements can only be described as racist, insensitive, unfortunate, uncaring and crass. And for it I apologise unreservedly firstly to the people of Sea Lots, Beetham Gardens, Laventille, Maloney and also too all those who I offended by my racist and inappropriate statements. I also wish to apologise to my friends many of whom are of African heritage and especially to my former wife and daughter both of who share an African heritage. In posting my comments I had sought to draw attention to crime, urban poverty and fear in the society. However, I definitely misspoke, spoke of time and in so doing I have brought irreparable harm, damage and unnecessary pain by my vile words, to those who were impacted by the accident in this their time of grief. My statements were particularly unfortunate and distasteful especially coming in the midst of the sorrow, hurt and pain caused by the accident and the plight of the people of Sea Lots. I take full responsibility and accept the full consequences of my actions and again apologise to all those who have been impacted by my lack of judgment and humanity.”

    1. Heeralal had too much drink and without thinking wrote on his Facebook account. When he woke up in the morning he corrected the error which cost him his job and a whole lot of embarassment. His utterance may have stemmed from his coverage of these areas where he observe “nigga” behaviour. A “nigga” is someone who is loud, arrogant, racist and very demanding. It does not mean African people are “niggas” it means that a small percentage of them due to a low level of education exhibit the afore mentioned behaviours. And yes the government at times respond to that behaviour when they start burning tires.

      It is however an awkward situation for Heera to be in because TnT is a small nation and when you are a reporter everybody knows you. I think apologizing immediately after realizing his error is commendable.

      Note to Heera don’t drink and write….

      1. Mamoo,

        You possess the same ignorant and racist attitude as Darryl Heeralal but feel that because you can hide under the cloak of anonymity that you can get away with it.

        People of all races can be, “loud, arrogant, racist, and very demanding” but to categorize one group in such a crass and demeaning manner can only suggest a deep-rooted and irrational abhorrence for said group.

        Based on your response, Heeralal’s only issue was that he is a known journalist and not that his sentiments were ugly and uninformed as are yours.

        Your brazenness in spewing your racist ideas without care or concern about fellow readers and commentators is perhaps an attempt to exploit the volatility of Darryl Heeralal’s insensitive and ignorant comments.

  2. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, I often think of the words of my mother before I respond in any way and those words are that there are two things you cannot get back and they are a spoken word and wasted time. I feel sorry for the ex-wife and daughter of Darryl Heeralal for now they know what he really thinks of them in the deepest recesses of his heart, for the words which spewed from his warped and demented mind exposed his true character. It has now become the norm not only in politics but also in life with ordinary people that they spill their guts with all the venom and vitriol that they can sum up and then try to walk back their poisonous diatribe with the “I mis-spoke” excuse, but that excuse have become old and unacceptable, nobody is trying to excuse the behavior of the residents of Beetham, what happened was a horrific accident and my heart bleeds for those who lost their loved ones, but we are still a nation of laws and as such we have to let justice take it’s natural course, I am also not naieve to the workings of the police within the system in which they operate and their penchant for protecting their own, but the law is the law and as such law and order must prevail. But to read this incindiery blog from Mr Heeralal is nothing short of adding fuel to an already raging inferno and for a journalist he should know better.


    Professor John La Guerre
    Chairman Equal Opportunities Commission
    1st Floor, Ceramic Trinidad Limited Building
    #37 Wrightson Road

    Dear Sir,

    Racist statements being allowed in the media

    The Equality Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ECTT) is calling upon the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) to investigate the statements/ comments made by Trinidad Express reporter Renuka Singh in relation to insulting, racists and discriminatory statements made by former WINtv report Darryl Heeralal.

    According to the Express Newspaper of February 26th 2013, “commenting on Heeralal’s post, Express reporter Renuka Singh wrote on Facebook on Sunday: Darryl Heeralal isn’t known for diplomacy, but in this case I grudgingly agree..madness.”

    The ECTT is concerned that Ms. Singh who remains employed at the Trinidad Express Newspaper is well known to report on serious events that occur throughout the country and her opinions expressed henceforth in her stories can now be deemed to have an inherent racial bias.

    The ECTT further notes the swiftness in which Mr. Heeralal was immediately terminated by his parent company (World India Network), a media house which is nowhere close to nor has close to the viewership, listenership and readership of the One Caribbean Media Limited (CCN) of which the Trinidad Express is apart. We are therefore left to wonder what the position of the Trinidad Express and CCN is.

    The ECTT recognizes the constitutional right of a free and fair media but further sees the inbuilt responsibility of the media to report freely and fairly
    from all prejudices as well. As such the ECTT is calling on the EOC to protect the interests of the group being discriminated i.e. Afro-Trinbagonians, the
    second largest ethnic group in our country.

    According to the Equal Opportunities

    Act 2000, discrimination can be characterized as:
    1. Discrimination on the grounds of status, whereby a person can be treated unfairly due to some form of stereotyping based on their religious, ethnic, racial or gender background.
    2. Discrimination through the use of offensive behaviour directed at an individual or group, where such a person or group is humiliated, insulted or intimidated in a public place purely on the basis of their race, ethnicity, origin, social status, appearance or other circumstance.

    While the retention or dismissal of Ms. Singh remains the sole prerogative of the management of the Express Newspaper and by extension the CCN Group, the ECTT sees the supportive statement of Ms. Singh of the racial comments as a breach of a constitutional and ethical duty as a part of the media fraternity. She should therefore resign or not be allowed to report/ comment/ write as an “objective” reporter for a main stream daily newspaper.

    The ECTT therefore hopes that the Equal Opportunities Commission can act as that body of competent jurisdiction to advise/ comment on these issues of race and discrimination especially those that take place through non-traditional forms such as social media given that there are limited regulations on same in our country.

    Barrington “Skippy” Thomas
    Vice Chairman

  4. It’s good to know that Trinidad is getting more like the US every day. Perhaps there are some Trinis who would like to leave the island and live over there instead. I’m sure they would feel more at home.

  5. mamoo if you conclude heera was drunk whe he wrote all dat tata please keep in mind ‘ a drunk man words is a sober man thoughts.dont get caught up in the apology he was only trying to save his racist behind job …

    1. Kimmy he had to be drunk to write that stuff. As you know Trinis nightly medication is “white oak” and “vodka”. The N word is not a word people use today. The apology came after he sobered up. Kimmy don’t judge him too harshly his daughter is dougla. And remember the time will come when you will need some forgiveness to…

      1. mamoo dont piss on meh and tell meh it raining ..ok ..i is of mix race. Now mamoo, in case you miss the concept of my comment let me clarify… he spoke exactly what is in his mind,that is exactly how he fell about africans,
        maybe he thought when he purge himself on facebook nothing would of happend because he write it, he did not verbally speak it … stupid ignorant fool … Mamoo if you want to make excuses for him that is up to you but as for me he is a racist S.O.B. ps Mamoo i need forgiveness every day ,every minute and every second of the day ,ah constanly asking God to forgive me all my sins today ,yesterday and tomorrow, “presumtious sins” as a matter of fact ah typing this and asking for forgiveness for calling the man a S.O.B.

        1. Kimmy I don’t want to beat this horse any further, but making a statement like that does not mean he is racist. Most Trinis is the color black, have either curly or straight hair. So making such a statement does not carry the same weight as if a white man use the “N” word. Historically the black man suffered from the KKK, slavery, arphatied, historical oppression from the white man. Look at the movie “Mississippi Burning”.

          The black man has not suffered at the hands of Indians in TnT but Indians have suffered racism at the hand of the black man in TnT. The evidence is there for all to see. Rather it has been found that black folks who live amongst Indians learn to save, spend wisely, buy land and house and generally become progressive. What fears you have on Heerlal being racist is simply a projection of your own insecurities. Kimmy stop being so judgmental and give the man ah chance..next you will be calling me racist.

          For the record there are black folks that I like and some that I don’t same as Heeralal, does that make me racist? But then there are some Indians that I like and some I don’t does that makes me racist…let me know Kimmy lad, welcome to the “shark tank”.

  6. “How reprehensible it is when those blessed with commodities insist on ignoring the poor. Better to torment them, force them into indentured servitude, inflict compulsion and blows—this at least produces a connection, fury and a pounding heart, and these too constitute a form of relationship. But to cower in elegant homes behind golden garden gates, fearful lest the breath of warm humankind touch you, unable to indulge in extravagances for fear they might be glimpsed by the embittered oppressed, to oppress and yet lack the courage to show yourself as an oppressor, even to fear the ones you are oppressing, feeling ill at ease in your own wealth and begrudging others their ease, to resort to disagreeable weapons that require neither true audacity nor manly courage, to have money, but only money, without splendor: That’s what things look like in our cities at present” Robert Walser

          Ok guys , now don’t ‘start getting all bent and out of shape,’on this here affair , or to put it differently,’get our knickers, and jockstraps ,all in a twist,’are this unfortunate comment. Let’s instead give some credit to Win TV , for taking decisive action- irrespective of what we think were their motives for so dong to -in case we forgot- a freelance reporter. 
    This is one of the unfortunate results,of ‘freedom of speech,’as it relate’s to social media , for not everyone is savvy enough to meander/ navigate  their way on dis here INformation Highway, and come out unscaved .
    Remember the confused  , simi literate , 15 year old female kid ,who because she obviously ,could not get a chance to see her  high school drop out boy friend, during the pressurized , State of Emergency, took to Facebook ,in a moment of rage , claiming she wanted to kill her Prime Minister?
     How about that sex starved ,male joker , who in a state of fit , or as Mamboo might say ,alcoholic stupor , went on Facebook , and made similar treats? The public sanction/ outraged reactions, by most law abiding Trini folks , were loud and clear ,and eventually,moved on , as should be the case this time. 
    Mind you , there is a mark distinction between a popular journalist , whose job – from an ethical standpoint – centers on objectivity, as opposed to two ,low end blokes , with no level of influence.
    The fact remain, that an ugly spector of racial prejudices,remains a not too subtle factor , in our still embryonic , and evolving democracy, but worst yet , to me , is that insipient feeling of class prejudice- and trust me when I say , this is more a reflection of such. 
    The desperate, often maligned , and poor , lower class  folks , from Beetham, Lavantille, Gonzales, Morvant, Caranege,and  Mt Dor,unfortunately don’t have a respected figure like say ,a Dr Wayne Kablalsingh , to articulate their concerns, or rather ,fight for them ,like those of Point Fortin, and so , they would invariably resort to what might be perceive by many , as goon tactics. 
    Please do not forget also , that was it not for the concerted  efforts ,of vibrant advocates, turned Trade Unionist – com Politicians, Basdeo Panday, and then partner ,Uncle RAffique Shah, the wonderful  ,hard working – yet , one time ,lower class folks- scattered across Central , in places  such as Caroni, Couva, Carapichima, California, Cunupia, Chagurnas, Tabaquite , and such , would not have likewise made advances , as they have , to date.
    Fast forward to 2013 , and they have a female Prime Minister, where 30 years ago , she might just be ….., well,we shudder to think what- but a different story, for another occasion , Si? 
    Let’s therefore allow the  tentacles of democracy to spread , and the beautiful flowers of peaceful coexistence to bloom in T&T , eeeeh?
    As a ‘Global Humanist,’turned budding ‘Digital activist,’myself, all I desire  is visionary ,as well as accountable stewardship, by our political , and economic leaders, some empathy , and concern for the needy ,by our more previliged elites, adherence to basic rules of laws , and overall civility , by the masses, coupled with a dedication to duty (irrespective of how insignificant) via a sense of new patriotism , and the fervent hope that one day ,we can see equal playing filed Socio -Economic-com Political justice,for all citizens.
    Care to guess , what would be the fall outs,from such? You bet- win/win ,long term , Sustainable Development , for our present day underachieving , though ,(human/ natural)resource ladened country. 
    Long live the Republic of T&T, and may all our people prosper. 
    Luv Humanity! 

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