Businessman’s Pfizer claims ‘fake news’, says Police Commissioner

Loop News, June 03, 2021

Clint ArjoonFake news.

This is how Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has described claims by Clint Arjoon, president of the Fyzabad Chamber of Industry and Commerce, regarding the alleged entry of Pfizer vaccines into the country.

On Wednesday, Arjoon alleged that the vaccines were brought into the country and were being administered to citizens via a private facility.

In a statement on Thursday, Commissioner Griffith said he ordered an investigation into the claims.

The investigation, he said, commenced with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service contacting the businessman.

He said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Investigations and Intelligence), Mc Donald Jacob, reached out to the businessman personally.
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13 thoughts on “Businessman’s Pfizer claims ‘fake news’, says Police Commissioner”

  1. Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
    June 3rd, 2021

    Report of Pfizer drug brought in privately and illegally and being distributed – Fake News
    Within the last 24 hours, a business representative made a very serious claim, stating that he knew for a fact that the Pfizer drug entered this country and was being distributed to citizens.
    If this allegation was accurate, then it meant that a very serious crime had taken place.
    Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, wishes to remind all citizens that it is the responsibility and obligation of the TTPS to investigate any matter that may be deemed serious, especially if it involves a major criminal act and one that can affect lives during the course of this act, and an official report may not be required for the Police to ignite such an investigation.
    This incident was one such circumstance, and the CoP immediately directed that this report be investigated, because if the accusation was accurate, it meant that certain persons would have been arrested for importation of a drug without requisite approval from the Food and Drug Division.
    The investigation commenced with the TTPS contacting the said individual, who made the public statement on Wednesday that the drug entered the country and was being administered to citizens via a private medical facility. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Investigations and Intelligence), Mc Donald Jacob, contacted the businessman personally, who was unable to provide any shred of evidence, data, documentation, or witness, to verify that his statement had any merit.
    He also claimed that he passed on information to the Director of Foods and Drug Division. When the Director was contacted again, he confirmed that it was solely hearsay statements, with the initial businessman, stating “that he heard so”.
    A senior administrator in the said medical facility where the businessman claimed that the drug was received and being distributed, also had absolutely no knowledge of the matter.
    In summary, the statement made by the individual that made headline news, lacks merit, and is deemed to be false as there is absolutely nothing to substantiate his claim, which has been deemed baseless.
    The Commissioner of Police welcomes any citizen to conduct their civic duty and bring forward information of any possible action to the relevant authorities for investigation so the relevant action can be taken.
    However, the CoP also wishes to remind all, that citizens should be mindful and have a degree of responsibility when public comments are made, and not done based on rumor, third party comments, he say she say gossip, hearsay all amounting to rum shop talk, as it can cause a waste of Police time, but more importantly, can cause undue fear throughout the nation based on what was said.
    So a degree of reasonability and not being reckless is strongly advised.

    Corporate Communications Unit
    June 3rd, 2021

  2. Somehow I believe Clint more than the CoP. Why a certain health minister was asking a certain top business leader to help get Pfizer shots into the country…..when it reach the media there was denial all around… it’s just the way this country operates…

  3. “Somehow I believe Clint more than the CoP”. ……Mamoo

    Mamoo, lately I find that you were making sense when you write but that statement is an indication that you believe this guy because he is Indian and you want to stand united with him.
    Let me explain one major reason why this Arjoon man is full of
    what comes out from underneath. Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and most manufacturer s of the covid vaccine products were afforded the go-ahead from FDA as an emergency measure to curtail the spread of the virus. In other words, their authority to administer the vaccines were based on it’s intended effectiveness. These manufacturers are yet to determine what the full after effects may cause long term. This is the reason why you can only get them through government to government and NOT privately administered and sold. So when Arjoon LIED about his statement, he is doing just that LIEING. These products are process and administered GOVERNMENT TO GOVERNMENT, NOT GOVERNMENT TO PRIVATE. Arjoon wants to make money NOT a teller of truth. These vaccines will at some point be available privately but not till these studies and conducted and verified by the FDA.

    1. Read my full contextualization, Kian. There were reports of the Health Minister asking businessmen to source the vaccine. When it came to the media he quickly shut it down. Obviously they must have come to him. Besides why would he tell such a big lie when he have evidence as such.
      Personally I find nothing wrong, if you can get the vaccine through whatever connections…that is how things are being done in the country today.

      1. One of the most common flaws in our society, is that we lack protocol when it comes to matters requiring serious attention.
        We ALL should be grateful that there is a vaccine that can protect us from one of the most dangerous virus we have seen in our lifetime. This is a time when LIFE is the most precious
        advantage we can experience. THERE ARE THOSE AMONGST US WHO PUT MONEY ABOVE ALL ELSE and Clint Arjoon appears to be one of them. It is also unfortunate that our media lacks the ability to impart information in a way that educate rather than separate us. This incident will NOT BE NEWS if the media did not intend to make a spectacle of it. It is also unfortunate that we side with our political instincts rather than a learned understanding of the matter.

        1. What Mr. Clint said was not to create a raucous. It was simply so that if people are able to access the vaccine it will be easier to use their means to get the vaccine. However it was blow out of proportion. The police make the man out to be a liar within the hour of his release of information…

  4. I am astonished by the degree of illiteracy that passes for news in our country. While this blog is not an official establishment for publishing information, it is however, a reflection of how promulgated news and information affect the lives of our “learned” citizens. Our media can be classified as an advertisement for hearts and minds and NOT as a medium by which one can be truly informed. This story is one such advertisement. It lacks research, truthfulness, information and the purpose for which media claims – integrity. As a matter of fact, it is not just the media, it is almost all of our institutions that are lacking in integrity and purpose.

    I recently read where a soldier was granted a hearing before a magistrate and won a case for ‘discrimination’ in a ‘civil’ court room. I WAS TOTLLY INCENSED by this story. What the heck is our constitution coming to? I thought. I did not read where this magistrate was given authority (by the Defence Act of 1962) to deliberate in military affairs. But he gave a verdict in a civilian court on military justice. WHAT MADNESS!!!!! Where is the command structure of the Defence Command, giving leave to this soldier to operate as a civilian?. THIS UNDERMINES MILITARY DISCIPLINE AND STRUCTURALLY DESTRUCTIVE TO THE PERFORMANCE OF THE MILITARY TO PERFORM AND FUNCTION UNDER THE TERMS OF THE DEFENCE ACT OF 1962. Are we going to get to the point where a NCO’s order to a soldier is challenged in civilian court anytime the soldier feels aggrieved?? The soldier takes a oath to defend the country under the command of military rules and regulations, which is different from civilian control. This, to me is a travesty. Who is in charge? Does anybody know what they are doing? What happens in the time of life an death when the military officer has to issue fatal orders to a soldier to defend the country. Does he has to seek legal counsel to do that? THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!!

  5. The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki said recently she didn’t want the White House briefing room to become “a forum for propaganda.” It seems like a few of the journalists are trying hard to make the Covid briefing sessions here in T&T like a forum for propaganda. One journalist, from the Express (which seems to be on a propaganda blitzkrieg these days), asked a question about a news item that was highlighted in the Express under the headline “Stop using this drug to treat Covid patients”. The Express goes on to quote the “doctor” who was giving that advice, “Trinidad and Tobago can see a reduction in the number of people dying from Covid-19 on a daily basis if the drug—Azithromycin—is immediately stopped, says Dr Ravi Ramjanak. Ramjanak is a consultant in obstetrics gynaecology and pelvic reconstructive surgery.” So here is a doctor claiming that doctors in T&T are actually causing Covid stricken people to die by giving them Azithromycin. The credulous minded, would of course object to such treatment, or their families would, because they believe this piece of news is coming from a “credible” source, the Express. The explanation by Dr. Parasram was illuminating and really shows the incompetence of the journalist, the Express and the doctor who made those claims. I am not a medical doctor, but let me try to explain this in layman terms.
    1. Firstly, the WHO has not announced any medical cure for Covid 19. Some doctors in T&T and the UNC were promoting hydroxychloroquine as a cure early on, in fact they were buying up the drug until there was a shortage in T&T, but this was debunked eventually. T&T follows the WHO guidelines for Covid 19.
    2. Doctors treat secondary ailments that may arise from Covid 19 which is a viral infection. You may get a bacterial infection as a secondary ailment. Antibiotics are used for bacterial infections.
    3. Doctors use their medical knowledge and experience to treat whatever other medical issues that may accompany Covid in particular situations.
    4. I would ask, did medical research verify a causal connection between azithromycin and the cause of death in Covid patients? What are some of the studies that have investigated this? Here are some of the studies. An April, 2021 study that recommended the use of azithromycin for elderly Covid patients A March 2021 study that said azithromycin did not decrease recovery time in Covid patients. A January 2021 study that researched the effect of the combination of hydroxycholorquine and azithromycin on Covid. It cautioned the use of azithromycin, I believe this is the main study that was used to harvest the Express headlines about the reduction in the number of deaths. A July 2020 study that recommends the treatment of azithromycin for Covid patients.
    These points show that the Express, its journalist, and the “consultant in obstetrics gynaecology and pelvic reconstructive surgery” are undermining treatment of Covid patients.. So it is not T&T’s medical doctors who should be brought to task for endangering the lives of Covid patients, it is the Express, its incompetent journalist and the equally incompetent and unethical doctor who basing their comments on simplistically interpreting complex medical research which is very nuanced, and picking out from these studies those that can be sensationally twisted to have propaganda value, not scientific value. Science doesn’t work like that, it requires calm rational analysis of empirical studies.

  6. So Clint Arjoon reports that he knew that the Pfizer vaccine was brought into the country and is being distributed. The police investigated the claim and found that it was fake news. The CMO said IF there was any Pfizer vaccine in the country it was brought in illegally because there was no request for approval received by the appropriate medical board. So what’s behind all of this? The Leader of the Opposition, Kamla Persad- Bissessar, is calling for a Commission of Inquiry into this Government’s management of the virus in Trinidad and Tobago. I think if the facts are reviewed there needs to be a Commission of Inquiry into the Leader of the Opposition for undermining and sabotaging the Government’s management of the virus. This episode with the Pfizer is a case in fact. Why would someone claim that there is the Pfizer vaccine in T&T if it is fake news, a lie? Well because among UNC constituency there is the feeling that the Astra Zeneca and the Sinopharm vaccines are no good, the Pfizer vaccine is the vaccine of the elite, it’s like Nike, the others are no name brands, Pfizer is the “white people’s vaccine” so it must be superior. So people will ignore the vaccines that are available and wait for the Pfizer vaccine. Of course they wouldn’t wait if they know Pfizer vaccines are not on the horizon, they will not be available in the near future, so along comes Arjoon to give the fake news that they are in the country, and available. It doesn’t matter if you have to do a little bobol to get it, that’s how things are supposed to work. The fake news means that those who believe will wait for the Pfizer vaccine and will endanger the lives of themselves, their families and the population in general waiting for it. And that sort of undermining is what has been happening all along while we have this Covid situation. Remember when the UNC was saying puncheon will cure it, sunlight will cure it, hydroxychloroquine will cure it and all of them were buying up the drug so that there was a shortage of it. Open up the borders, no lock down, bring people back to work. Some of them questioned the usefulness of wearing masks. It has been one long undermining of the WHO’s position on the Covid 19 virus. It seemed as if they were getting their advice from Fox news and you know who. Now the leader of the opposition is trying the new political strategy developed by you know who. Deny what you have done and accuse the other guys of doing it. Boris Johnson started off his response to Covid 19 by talking about “herd immunity”, which meant in those days if enough people got infected then although many would die, eventually you would get to the 70% needed for herd immunity. Many people would die but at least businesses would remain open. As a matter of fact, it has been claimed by the Daily Mail that he recently said (April 21, 2021) that he would rather see bodies pile up than order another lockdown, a statement which he denied but which caused great controversy. Those statements of Boris Johnson have more similarity to Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Her statements and undermining of the Government’s management of the Covid 19 have been and continue to be, dangerous. The opposition is there to point out the faults of Government policy and to suggest better policy, not to undermine responsible Government policy. Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s undermining and sabotage have resulted in many UNC supporters getting Covid 19, falling seriously sick and many dying. Covid 19 does not discriminate. Supporters of all political parties can get Covid, get and fall seriously ill. But when UNC supporters are lying in their beds, seriously ill from the disease, they begin to remember, and to think about the advice Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the UNC had given them, and to wonder why they listened. So at this point the UNC knows its supporters are wondering, and are asking questions, and the UNC leadership knows it has to misdirect their supporters attention, it has to find a scapegoat, it has to point at those doctors and nurses who have been bearing the heaviest sacrifice, and working tirelessly to help those who are afflicted by Covid, it has to blame them to find a scapegoat for the UNC’s own responsibility for its life endangering advice. And it has to try to blame the Government by creating absurd conspiracy theories that further endanger their own supporters and the population in general. Hence Clint Arjoon’s ridiculous fake news, and the propaganda blitzkrieg by the Express newspaper. Look out for more conspiracy theories, fake news and plain old lying.

    1. Birdie, I could’nt have said it better. What is practiced in our country is NOT journalism. It is mauvis langue disguised as “freedom of the press”. One does not have to be a theorist to notice that our media is in total cahoots with the UNC. There is hardly a day that goes by without them telling us how “Kamla blast Rowley”. You will surely get the criticism from Kamla but not the essence of the subject matter. And that is what is wrong with our local media. At one time in our history, it used to be that we had award winning journalists like Ken Gordon, but today, fake news rules the roost and the reporters write for their constituency – the UNC. As for the commission of inquiry? Kamla has given us more reasons to investigate her than the distribution and administration of the covid virus. There is a very strong resemblance between the UNC and the current GOP in the United States. They both depend on fake news for relevancy. And its tiring to watch and have them twisting every issue into bogus reporting.

  7. Mr DPP, surely there’s something you can charge this Arjoon POS with….

  8. Saturday June 12, 2021 could be thought of as our January 6, 2021. It showed the leader of the opposition, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, trying her best to incite the population to as she calls it, a 1990 coup. Her words are eerily similar to the other leader who said, and I quote from his speech, “turn your cameras please and show what’s really happening out here because these people are not going to take it any longer… Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore and that’s what this is all about…We will not let them silence your voices. We’re not going to let it happen, I’m not going to let it happen…” As a result, it is alleged that thousands of people stormed the Capitol and tried to overthrow the election results. As journalists asked about the 400 doses of Pzifer that arrived on Saturday I believe, they seemed genuinely puzzled. Many ideas made their appearance on social media, Pzifer for the 1%, for the Government, for …fill in the blank. However we were informed that the vaccines were sent from the national security of the US to the national security of T&T. My question is – is there a message in that? I am sure those who seemed so genuinely puzzled knew the answer, they were just puzzled by the fact that it did happen. My second question is – what is the connection between the UNC’s top pro-fessional who seems to be setting the tone of the UNC’s responses to events, and Alexander Dugin, who has been described as Putin’s brain?


      In guyana, it is widely knon that the UNC BANKROLLED foreign (US, Canada, russia) interference in guyana’s elections last year. In the US e.g. bribing political parties is legal, and code-named “lobbying”, where interested persons “donate” money to a “super pac” or a “charitable foundation” under the contol of the party’s exec or individual politicians, and you hire a “lobbying firm”, that essentially is the “middle man”, that then whispers into the ears of the president about the agends. The firm was allegedly paid US$30 MILLION to lobby the then US Government to assist and back the then guyanese opposition PPP/C return to government.
      They did the same thing in 2010 and were successful

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