Departing on arrival day

By Raffique Shah
May 31, 2021

Raffique ShahIn the event that you may have just awakened from a Rip shocking it might seem to you, it’s not just T&T; the world is at war…has been for almost one and a half years.

Just so you get right, we have already lost more than 400 lives in the war against Covid-19, with many more wounded, tens of thousands dislocated. Globally, some 3.5 million souls have returned to God, or wherever such poor buggers go, and mankind’s forces have suffered an estimated 170 million light-to-moderate casualties.

You might well be convinced that I am reeling out some kind of sick joke on you, because when you look around, you see Trinis looking as easy as Sunday morning, or more appropriately, Jouvert morning, what with everyone wearing masks.

Well Breds, that is part of the problem, and none of them is part of the solution. Which is why I shook you awake, you being brethren from way back when, from the Black Power revolution, I thought I would awaken your spirit, stir your patriotism, seek your assistance. You see, today is Indian Arrival Day, which, as you may recall from your more active life, was a day on which the Jahaji Bhai would celebrate the arrival of Indians in T&T as indentured labourers in 1845. It was all part of finding their roots, just as descendants of African slaves were given Emancipation Day to mark the freedom of their ancestors here from bondage.

Well Breds, I so damn vex this Arrival morning, I feel like departing pronto, heading for anywhere else in the world that makes more sense that this mad house that is T&T. You know me. Since you went off to the hereunder (narrator points to a tombstone in the cemetery where he was ‘conversing’ with an unseen entity), numerous attempts have been made to bring the two ethnic groups in this country together. And every time they seemed to be getting there, some election would enter the scene, and it was ‘apan jhat’ all over again.

By now yuh boy near decrepit with the ravages of life, fed up with the divide and more so the divisiveness, not to add the dividers, ah looking like ah old, torn-up arithmetic copy book. When elections, the lure of office, pulled them together, the spoils of office tore them apart in short order. So I just looked in from the outside, yawned, and went back to slumber.

Until Covid struck! When the potency of this virus dawned on me, and we found ourselves going to war, having to fight the enemy not just in the North, the South, the East and the West, as General Patos rallied us, but up in the sky and even down in the Earth, so dangerous is this virus, Breds, you lucky you dead when you did! All now I couldn’t talk with you. Is sealed lead coffins dey burying you in, Dread.

Anyway, it was clear for anyone to see that the nation had to unite to fight this beast. Well yuh boy happy. Ah say what man couldn’t put together, Covid will do. So ah rock back and ah watching them, Government and opposition.

Apan jhat, same jhat…but now is pressure on them. Breds, would you believe these primitive politicians still find the time to fight more than unite. Dey clawing each other like jammettes on George Street. With that attitude, how could they muster the moral fortitude to ask their supporters to unite? Everybody calling for national unity—priest, police, criminals, white man, black man…

Breds, ah shame. Is who get vaccine first, who beg the Indian Prime Minister first, who see the virus first…like bloody children playing one-up. Big editorials in the newspapers calling on the politicians to ‘unite in the interest of the nation’ and other lavish terms. Dey ‘ent have editors or commentators to study. Dey flinging mud at each other like long-time mud wrestlers. People dying, yuh boy wrote, politicians lying. Dey ‘ent even see dat, far less read it.

So I thought, you know what? Let me rally dem boys from 1970, men and women who not only experienced the spirit of national unity, but lived it, made the word into flesh, in a manner of speaking. I thought if we could unleash the vengeance of Moko in their rear-ends, maybe, just maybe, we could get them to at least live with each other if not love one another.

Way yuh t’ink?

I t’ink yuh mad, Dread. And today, of all days? It go have men there who want to go back to Bojpur or Rangatoon. If yuh find their corresponding numbers on the opposite side, dey will dress fancier dan King Cophetua and Queen Nefertiti. I departing, Breds. And I eagerly await your arrival…we go talk…

34 thoughts on “Departing on arrival day”

  1. Shah your bipolar is showing in this article. Your appeal for political unity gives it all away. Rowley understanding of unity is to divide and conquer.

    His address to indo Trinis “ He said: “No one should retreat inwardly at this moment, but, instead, go beyond the narrow-mindedness of individual self-interest and identity politics. At this point, this state cannot constitute a divided society, for there is a common enemy out there. The mindset of every citizen, without surrendering ancestral strengths, should be: I reject partisanship and accept, above all, my personal responsibilities to my nation.”

    He added: “To do otherwise is to perpetuate victimhood and finger-pointing, causing us all to become protagonists and antagonists in our nation’s unfolding tragedy. It is now all a matter of Trinidad and Tobago’s survival”

    Rowley is a jack***. As Eric would have said let the donkey bray. At a time like this he should have had the most positive unifying comments to make. Instead it is in the DNA of the PNM after 58 years of nationhood to continue the tribalistic approach to nationhood.

    I was surprised that Grenada had enough vaccine to share with TnT. Trinidad used to be the leader of the Caribbean but our hands are stretched out to anyone who can drop a vaccine. I assure you if KPB was in charge this level of humiliation would not have happened. Look at how Guyana is moving ahead This young Indo Guyanese President is streaming things ahead at a very fast pace.

  2. This is the ridiculousness of the indian politicization of race and culture in T&T. There is no logical comparison between the celebration of the emancipation of ENSLAVED AFRICANS (not african slaves Mr. Shah) and the celebration of the arrival of indians. This act of ONLY awarding indian trinidadians a national holiday to mark their arrival to trinidad by the then first indian run government, should have politically disqualified the UNC from serious consideration beyond racist members of their community. Africans have been in trinidad and the entire western hemisphere for AT LEAST 345 years before 1845, the spaniards,portugese, irish, french,english and chinese all arrived pre-1845, but in 1996, one year after gaining office on the backs of african voters, the “Hindu”, indian UNC government twisted a holiday given the previous year by the PM patrick manning run PNM government in 1995, to celebrate all ethnic groups titled “Arrival Day” to INDIAN arrival day. This vulgar act set in motion the indian, UNC politicization of government primary school classrooms. Since then, blatant fabrications and falsifications of T&T social and political history are peddled to african and other children to demonize african people and the PNM in the mind of the youth. Indian arrival day is inherently an anti-african, racist UNC political advertisement every year…to children. The fact that africans were excluded from national ethnic arrival holiday allocations by an indian government and neither NJAC=UNC or any supposed african organizations ever protested it and petitioned for equality, says plenty about the mind state of african trinidadians.

    This is the type of characters that are given carte blanche to “educate” african children on trinidad indian history every year since 1996.

  3. “ Well Breds, I so damn vex this Arrival morning, I feel like departing pronto, heading for anywhere else in the world that makes more sense that this mad house that is T&T.”

    When Kamla was in charge there was an exodus from foreign countries to come home and built sweet TnT. A friend of mine pack lock stock and barrel and came back. Rowley became PM within a year he fled TnT back to Canada. He said to me he was afraid because crime increased in the area where he was staying.

    Here is my life philosophy: “one life to live, live it peace”. I didn’t chose where to be born but I don’t have to live there. I have moved many times in life and it doesn’t bother me one bit. If I don’t like where I am in a bad neighbourhood, I am gone. Some people believe that abuse is acceptable, they suffer spousal, racial, job discrimination, housing discrimination and is treated as a second class citizen in their country of birth. In the 1970s many left TnT and came to Canada and the US same as in 1988. Today those people are doing exceptionally well in foreign nations. They have homes, jobs and treated with respect. They don’t have to put up with scumbags wearing government apparel. Or suffer the insult or abuse of a mentally derange PM. Will things get better in TnT, yes for the 1% and the Chinese and PNM supporters. That has always been the modus operandi of all PNM to create hardship for the people.

    The level of hatred this government have for the people is manifested in their out of control tax regime, their incredible ability to borrow, borrow and borrow. TnT is drowning in debt at a staggering $125 billion and growing, $75 billion of that came in, in the Rowley years. Imagine the government borrowing to pay government employees and loans taken.. Plus they have to repay loans at high rates of interest. The Chinese are now feeding off the treasury as big projects are going to them. Local contractors have to “suck salt” and hope for the best. Unemployment is growing with Venes taking little money for hard work. If you live in an Opposition area nothing for you. There has been more business closure and empty mall across TnT. If you can’t change it then move to Grenada. The Grenadians love Trinis, open a lil business and watch life turn rosey, more importantly get them hooked on doubles. …..or better yet a roti shop near the tourist resort will yield many rewards.

    1. Lol!

      These are the friends that Mamoo (stephen) said returned because of Kamla? Listen carefully to mamoo unwittingly expose the obnoxious racist mentality of indians who only feel “Trinidadian” enough to move back and invest, when an indian is prime minister.

      Trinidadian couple caught in ‘biggest’ Orlando drug bust
      Trini couple caught in ‘biggest’ Orlando drug bust

      Is it possuble they returned because they perceived their criminality would be supported? Also, watch them pose with then kamla appointed ambassador to US Dr. Neil Parsan, who coincidentally happens to be chandradesh sharma’s nephew, and consul general in miami Dr. Anil Ramnanan…posing with esteemed import/exporters famous with the F.B.I. .Ah yes, UNC UNC UNC

      1. You love Kamla so much you not easy. If you ask me bout Rowley there isn’t much I can say except that he is the best wajang this nation ever had. When in doubt he does call Kamla name also. Why you black brothers obsessed about a beautiful Indian woman?….????… I see lust in your eyes Inconvenient Ramlall.

  4. Indian Arrival Day or some variant of it is celebrated in at least ten countries of the world including Martinique, Fiji, Mauritius, Jamaica. Guyana, Suriname and our neighbour Grenada. It is celebrated to recognize the contributions Indian immigrants have made to the societies they live in. Why
    Inconvenient is bothered by it being celebrated in T&T seems odd. The Africans have always had Carnival and Emancipation Day.

    My general view is that more holidays is better for society since it makes people happier.

    On racism in T&T, this is going to be a permanent situation since for the most part T&Ts history one race has been able to secure the resources of the country for their supporters and have entrenched them in the most unproductive sectors of the economy such as Police, Army , Civil Service and State institutions. Although this may seem a blessing, in fact they and their descendents become so accustomed to a life of leisure and privilege they become de-skilled and are unable to earn a living through honest means and instead resort to crime and corruption to support their pleasure seeking lifestyle.

    However all is not lost forever. My hope is that maybe sometime in the future, a new leadership may arise from among the younger generation who will realize more is to be gained by building a country based on merit and ability, rather than race and political affiliation.

    1. Finally, another Hindutva plagiarist from Wikipedia. What does the fact that there is co-ordination between indians in fiji, mauritius and other countries of similar demographics and history, have anything to do with the substance of the indian arrival day criticism? It seems odd that highlighting racism and unfairness would bother Mira Maharaj at all…or is it? What does carnival and emancipation have to do with an unfair awarding of a day of arrival, to EXCLUSIVELY indians? Why not give a day of arrival to africans as well? Because it would expose ethnic seniority on the island and the entire region! African arrival 1500’s (at least), indian arrival 1845!You see? Your mindset won’t allow you to fathom how ridiculous it is for the indian community to percieve that what is owed to the african in the caribbean and americas, somehow extends to them simply because they voluntarily migrated to the same territory AFTER the african experience was outlawed, and were legally recognized human beings, paid a salary for 5 years with land and opportunity incentives to stay in T&T, and undermine africans economically, socially and politically. Indians had legal organizations representing their interests to their employers and England! Also, the fact that Mira could put forward the rationale for indian arrival day as “The Africans have always had carnival and emancipation day” exposes the issue… ENVY & a Warped competitiveness with the african! Although, trying to propagandize the narrative “It is celebrated ti recognize the contributions indians have made…” In reality, everyone else looked on for the past 25 years to witness a co-ordinated effort by the indian community to steamline the holiday with ahistorical anti-african narratives that seek to demonize and scapegoat africans and the PNM as oppressors of indians. Also, the downplaying of african experience of enslavement and sub-human status, by dishonestly implying that indian indentureship was somehow different to chinese, portugese and irish indentureship and as bas as, “almost” as bad as or worse, which are all lies! When the PP/UNC/COP/NJA were in power 2010-2015, ahistorical “reenactments” of indian arrival day, falsely depicted, and fabricated newly arrived indians (untouchables) from india, crying and bawling from the ships that brought them from india (where they were running away from), and received uncaringly and abusively by AFRICAN constables! I will NEVER forget those malicious, racist, slanderous UNC state fabrication of the character of african people. They don’t deserve that malice! Look at the below example of a “presbyterian”, “christian” “professor” , telling the public, at an event held by NJAC=UNC, that racism STARTED because AFRICANS scorned Indians because of language, culture, religion etc. Mind you, this professor mentions nothing about induan racism and brahmanism (“Hinduism”) and the anti-african, anti-black racism a.k.a “The caste System”, that ironically his family voluntarily converted from to the presbyterian church. The fact that he could propagate this at NJAC’s bottom kissing event, exposes what is thought of them and why NJAC=UNC cannot be trusted…3 years before gaining state power in 2010!

      NJAC’s Indian Arrival Day Observation

      Racism in Hinduism

      The Indian caste system is based on racism

      The Untouchables’ Rejection of Hinduism & its Relation to Racial Ideologies

      1. Anyone interested in truth can look up images of indian arrival. You will not find naked men and women chained together by their necks, waist, hands and feet as africans were. You would find fully clothed, luggage toting free men and women with jewellry and their humanity and dignity intact and secured. Unlike africans, indians who signed up for indentureship, were purposefully fleeing persecution in their homeland, india, where they were ALL regaded as less than human in the brahman-ist (“hindu”) hereditary racial hierarchy a.k.a “The Caste System”. “Caste”, an english, portugese derived word references the actual “hindu” term “varna”, which literally means colour, and implies race and racial lineage encoded in surname, birthright ascribed jobs and privileges or complete lack thereof. Nothing under the indentureship system came even close to the life of low castes and worse untouchability and is ridiculous to even imply. Why then the dishonesty from the indian community and their organiztions, faculty etc in hiding the fact that indentureship provided a much higher standard of living than their oppression in india by religious law via caste hindus in general? The indentureship system was literally an escape FROM enslavement and oppression in their homeland by their own people, to a comparative paradise, offering what the varna hierarchy (“caste system”) in “hinduism” denied them, but all low-castes and untouchables CRAVE…UPWARD MOBILITY!It is blatant dishonesty, not genuine ignorance that fuels the lies about indentureships role to indians!

        The truth:
        The Bandit Queen aka Phoolan Devi (True story, not fiction)

        India Untouched: Stories of a People Apart

      2. The love you have for Hinduism and Indians is incredible. Inconvenient Ramlal the master of copy and paste. Seems as though that is all you really good at reposting the same thing over and over and over. ……what a waste of human life…

    2. I find it amusing the way Miitra Maharaj says “my view is…” as if he’s an independent thinker esposing views that are unique to the dishonest, sat maharaj, unc propaganda that he was raised and breast suckled on. Oh, and mitra, don’t for a second mistake now for the 1950’s through 1970’s, where that nasty caste-minded dogwhistle about “…their pleasure seeking lifestyle” implying “evil” and “deserving” of death goes unnoticed outside your religious community! Imagine the twusted, dishonest mind that would say that because africans are the majority of civil servants’, those institutions are the most unproductive and are “unable to earn a living through honest means and instead resort to crime and corruprtion to support their pleasure seeking lifestyle”. How does Mitea explain T&T’s public healthcare being indian dominated and with abysmal performance? Law and judges are also “entrenched” almost exclusively with indians, and the legal system is INFAMOUSLY CORRUPT and unproductive! How does mitra explain that? In fact, if “de-skilled” africans are prone to crime and corruption, according to mitra, what excuse do indian doctors, lawyers, judges, etc who commit all manner of fraud, steal land, deal drugs and guns, have for their criminality ? Oh please! Bhadase Sagan Maharaj, boysie singh & the pulool brothers, Naresh Boodram a.k.a “Dole Chadee”, Sat Maharaj STOLE his father-in-law, infamous criminal Bhadase Sagan Maharaj’s illegally gained empire of land from bhadase’s family. You have the nerve the smear african civil servants with crime?
      Hey mitra, are these trinidadians pleasure seeking civil servants?
      Trinidadian couple caught in ‘biggest’ Orlando drug bust

      Trini couple caught in ‘biggest’ Orlando drug bust

      The african narrative, is that illegality has no colour or race.
      The commoh indian narrative is that crime is a race, and it is dark skinned, with indigenous african features.

      1. Your expectations of Indians are very high Inconvenient Ramlal and it shows by you continuing to highlight the few miscreants amongst us. We are obviously the quintessential race in this planet, the one you desire to be like. There are 1. 3 billion Indians on this planet the second highest population of people in the world. It is not unusual that Inconvenient Ramlal would possess a high level of love for us. The computer you are posting from the microprocessor was developed by Vinod Dham an Indian.

        I enjoy the unique relationship that exist between my African brethren and myself. I am in no way putting down anyone here. Inconvenient Ramlal is very much right in highlighting the bad so I am simply highlighting the good. Peace and love to all.

  5. ….and over and over and over! What? Consistency bothers you? Your deflection is as impotent as usual. Indian achievements have absolutely nothing to do with the substance of the criticisms i made, and mamoo knows this but cannot dispute my points.The links i provide are for reference and education, and i” post the relevant ones 1,000 more times or as i see fit. At least be more than a piece of filth and admit that it’s not about a lack of variety, but the fact that you hate those inconvenient truths! Oh, and mamoo, where do all the minerals used for all modern tech devices come from?Hmmmm?
    Keep reading!

    The ‘Model Minorities’ owe a huge favor to the Civil Rights Movement
    Smashing the Myth of the Model Minority

    Black Lives Matter: Holding Indians up as a model minority isn’t helping

    South Asians in the US must support #BlackLivesMatter, but first undo your own anti-Blackness

  6. Mamoo is morally and spiritually incapable of understanding my points. I don’t care mamoo…i do not give a damn how many degrees earned or wealth attained!! The content of your character STINKS to high heavens! The lying, the racism, the fraudulent nature of your arguments disgust, not impress me! You are a liar, a fraud and a racist, hateful, garbage human being!

    America Wasn’t a Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One – The New York Times

    How the Civil Rights Movement Influenced U.S. Immigration Policy | USCCB

    1. I think you need help Inconvenient Ramlal or maybe you are beyond that. You are the only one on this board filled with blinding hate for everyone who dares to disagree with you.
      When a man says he don’t care he is bearing some heavy wounds that have stolen his ability to care. For some strange reason you are projecting your hate on Indian people. You don’t have to kill someone to be a murderer, all you have to do is hate them. I wonder why the projection, are you an ugly man who was rejected by an Indian woman? That can generate the level of hate you have…. the sad reality is that you have condemned your own soul, judge not that you be not judged. The same rule you used to judge others, is the same rule you will be judged by.
      But as you said you don’t care hmmmm.

    2. It was a huge day for Guyanese nationals living in Liberty Ave. U.S. The famous street was co-named “Little Guyana Ave.”. I have been to the famous Liberty Ave many many times, mostly for shopping and who could escape Trini food from the famous Singh’s Roti shop, always a line up there. The food is low price so much so it is better to turn down your pot and join the line usually extending outside the food place.

      For inconvenient Ramlal the one who like to accuse Indians of being rac**t. It was Linden Sampson Forbes Sampson Burnham who unleashed a wave of terror against Indians in Guyana. As a result over 300,000 Indo Guyanese fled. Like the PNM who only taking care of their constituents, Burnham made sure his people were fed as the army delivered food during the regular blackouts. He stole every election (sounds familiar) and used the army to suppress all and sundry who dare to oppose him.

      The Wismar riots were the starting point of Burnham reign of terror. Indian villages were attacked by army people disguised as bandits who entered home breaking down the door mostly at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. Do you all remember the Manning years when he made a deal with Abu to kidnap over 300 prominent Indian businessmen. The DNA is the same.
      Wismar is one of the saddest chapters in Guyanese history, yet it would be applauded by Inconvenient Ramlal.

      It is hard press to not go to a nation and not find Indo Guyanese. I remember attending a function in Toronto and it was a special day in a park where 38 families from a village name Belleview in Guyana relocated to Canada. The organizer was a short Indo Guyanese man who came and looked out for everyone. He made sure and checked to see if any was missing. Then there was a man whom I spoke to, he show me the place where the bullet entered his hand. He said the mob came to his home his mother lay over him and covered him with a blanket, his father and mother died that day he escaped with hands bleeding and was raised by his grandmother.

      Presently in TnT we are seeing a repeat of Guyana history. Sadly it should not be so we are all brothers and sisters regardless of race.

      1. You’re not the only one who’s visited “little racist indian guyana” at liberty avenue. For those who are unfamiliar, apart from singh’s, it’s just indian guyanese businesses, residents, along with the white and non-africans that the indian guyanese rent to. Liberty avenue’s indian guyanese area is extremely racist and practices housing and rent discrimination to africans.Singh’s roti shop only had an african security guy at the door, while all of the kitchen staff, cashier and even bartender are indian. Why not go all the way and have indian security and indian customers ONLY as well?However, african trinidadians, carry other carribbeans and non-caribbeans and popularized and validated it. What african trinidadians should know and pay attention to, is that indian politicians in guyana and trinidad, use state money to patronize these indian only neighbourhoods via grants and laundering state money via indian contractors, businessmen. It is anti-black anti-african racism! As for guyana, the willingness to lie about social and political issues is even more disgraceful than ” the UNC”.

        Racism (In Guyana) Does Not Cut Both Ways

        Understanding how race, politics and power works in Guyana

  7. Kidnapping in trinidad began in the late 90’s by drug dealing associates of then drug kingpin nankissoon boodram aka “Dole Chadee”, whose brother was kidnapped and his head delivered in a rum case box. Then kidnappings became a regular occurence after naresh boodram was hanged for his crimes, and pay attention, all of nankissoon’s front businesses and fortune that was in the names of many indian businessmen, were usurped and these former front owners for naresh boodram’s laundered drug empire assets, believed that they could essesntially get off scott free with his fortune and not give it to his family and hid drug business associates in latin america. Well, they were wrong! Nankissoon boodram, the drug kingpin who ordered a black family’s massacre, his family member, hired his latin american illegal narcotics trade associates, to kidnap THE FAMILIES/FAMILY MEMBER of these stewards of boodram/chadee’s assets for ransom of what they stole. THAT is the core and root of kidnappings in trinidad in the early 2000’s , indians, predominantly “hindus”, hiring africans and corrupt police, to kidnap other predominantly “hindus” because of disputes over illegal narcotics trade, money laundering for said trade and theft. As the kidnappings became coomon, there were “copycats”, as indians, predominantly “hindus” began orchestrating fake kidnappings as an attempt to extort money from their family memers. One infamous case was “balram maharaj” (Alladin John), whose WIFE was eventually convicted of hiring africans to kidnap her husband to extort money from him…he died accidentally of diabetes complications as they held him, and subsequently dismembered his body to hide the evidence.The indian community snd their leaders however, promoted these kidnappings for years as “proof” of african/PNM “racism”

    Trinidad and Tobago Woman Sentenced for Her Role in Kidnapping Scheme | OPA | Department of Justice


    Life and death of a Caribbean drugs baron | The Independent | The Independent

    Convicted killer insists ‘I was not guilty’

  8. No confidence ‘farce’ No coalition Minister ‘racist and greedy’ enough to side with PPPC bullies

    Charandass’s reasons for betrayal all racial

    A critical look at the despicable events, products of bizarre and caricatured human behaviors and attitudes, that have inundated Guyana over the past two decades

  9. LIES!

    “Wismar massacre” is textbook hindutva fabrication of history in order to validate, rationalize and foment racism against “other”, which, in the case of guyana and trinidad is the dark skinned african. Person of this political, religious philosophy are akin the rabies infections, it creates an aggressively unreasonable, dishonest, intolerant, deviously hateful, scornful, racist mentality towards dark skinned africans in particular, and would do and say ANYTHING to achieve their goal of domination, subjugation and enslavement…Lying, cheating, stealing, murder, medical abuse, infanticide etc. It is persons of this mentality, well organized through likeminded social, political and educational institutions, that thirst for State Power. Anyone interested in the truth about guyana’s history, and not the blatant lies told by mamoo,the read

    Report: Wismar, Christianburg, Mackenzie Disturbances -1964 | Guyanese Online

    The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana: Gibson, Kean: 9780761824695

    Sacred Duty: Hinduism and Violence in Guyana: Kean Gibson: 9789768082275: Books

    1. There was and is no racial cycle of oppression against our beloved Afro Guyanese or Afro Trinis. Rather there has been many stories that I have heard from Indos in Guyana as well as Trinidad.
      Is it true that Burnham stole election after election and used the army to rig elections?
      Is it true that Eric Williams fixed the election boundaries in Trinidad where 25% of land mass house the majority of seats?.
      Is it true that Burnham stole lands from Indians gave it to Africans and years later the land remained empty nothing grown.
      Is it true that 75% of government jobs in Trinidad went to Africans?
      Is it true that racial discrimination was practiced in promotion against Indians in Trinidad and Guyana?
      Is it true that 80% of government housing went to Africans in Trinidad?
      Is it true that 300,000 most Indo Guyanese fled Burnham racist policies.

      The facts are there for all to see. Racism against Indos is part of the tribalistic world view.
      We are better together rather than like Inconvenient Ramlal pulling junk out of his racist mind….Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…


    Forbes Burnham was hero to african guyanese, but he was not a racist enemy of indian guyanese. Forbes Burnham experienced firsthand the despicable and dangerous racism of the jagans and their supporters after they were elected to office. As a genuine african leader, he distanced himself from his former party contolled by racist, devious minded hindutva loyalists and formed a new alliance with the portugese et al. Burnham realized when he became PM, that the racist, cultish, johnny-come-lately immigrant indian population was unwilling to build a racially equal society with africans, because they were intent on re-creating the horrific “caste-system”/ abusive racial hierarchy with africans at the bottom. He understood that the racist indian population, that lusted after the brutal enslavement of his ethnic group, had an unfair, colonially (white) orchestrated population majority, and based on the election rules would have lost. Forbes Burnham, refused ti play the fixed chess game that the europeans who enslaved, colonized and deliberately disenfranchised allowing them to immigrate to the newly emancipated african blooded, african sweated, african payless worked territory. He chose to rig elections and prevent the rise in power of those that he predicted would racially abuse his ethnic group. Burnham never stole land from indians or abused them in any way. What he did do is prevent them as an organized group from attaing POLITICAL, STATE control. This was one of the reasons induans fked guyana to other african run territories. Another reason for all ethnicities of guyanese migrating under burnham’s rule, was INDISCIPLINE. Forbes Burnham wisely aimed at fortifying guyana from international control and exploitation by insisting that guyana ban imports and make what they need as a country. This is of course impossible while on a steady diet of british and american media, which ironically are also an import. The only racism burnham practiced, was not racism at it’s root, burnham simply prevented or in hindsight delayed the electoral majority racist community, from gsining the political means to do what they have done from 1992, when burnham’s african successor called fair elections, and what UNC did 1995-2001, and 2010-2015. The reality that burnham faced 70 years ago still exist today….the indian community, is institutionally and communally racist against africans because of their dark skin and african features. Their spiritually guided moral compass is rooted in “the caste system”, which is anti-african anti-black racism.The religious, social, economic and political institututions in indian communities train the minds of their youth in devious, unpatriotic forms of anti-african racist ideologies, and africans cannot change that. While it was wrong to artificially maintain power, it was morally sound to the way he protected guyana from what they devolved into under hindutva, indian leadership. Guyana IS an ethnocratic, narco, apartheid state. Under burnham, just like PNM, indians were supported in thriving economically, socially and politically, but were denied STATE POWER! The claims of violence and other forms of racism against indians by forbes burnham are LIES!These lies would be akin to claiming fidel castro was racist to the white cubans he denied power to. Just because someone is a thief, doesn’t excuse falsely accusing them of murder.Also, the same european run nations, that claim burnham’s election rigging was wrong 50 years ago, assissted and facilitated the rigging of guyana’s election last year in order to oust the incumbent african headed COALITION PNC-APNU, because of their back-alley oil deals, made with the then opposition PPP/C and the financial backing of the UNC , who are cashing in as we speak, on their US$32 Million dollars investment, paid to US “lobbyist” firm Mercury, that is under investigation by the FBI, with russia ties to trump. Essentially, the UNC’s stolen money from 2010-2015, bankrolled the lobbying of foreign nations, to intervene and assist in the rigging of 2020 guyana elections, to return racist, despotic, drug dealing indian politicians to power. These are the same people guilt tripping african guyanese for not “playing fair” in the inherently corrupt history of indian immigration into guyana for the purpose of robbing the newly emancipated, from enjoying democracy in the first instance. African guyanese, just as african mauritians, indigenous fijians and african trinidadians were first intentionally wronged by their former masters, by purposefully importing known religiously racist indians to “rig” the future emerging democracy in these territories. Always remember THAT when judging forbes burnham.

    Racism & hatred of Blacks in Guyana will doom the nation’s economic plans

    Western diplomats all know that Jagdeo ignored extrajudicial killings and give protection to a narco-trafficker


    ABCE “Three Blind Mice” racism and hypocrisy!

    PPP/C hires firm named in probe into Russia’s meddling in US elections

    Foreigners arrested, deported for alleged election related conspiracy AFC Kaieteur News

    1. The religious, social, economic and political institututions in indian communities train the minds of their youth in devious, unpatriotic forms of anti-african racist ideologies, and africans cannot change that….inconvenient Ramlal

      You are doing what is commonly called “projection”. You are projecting your own upbringings and insecurities on others, in this case your obsession with Indian children. The next stage of your mindset is “delusion”. You will see all Indians as destroying black people. If you are not there you will soon be there. As you said “you don’t care”.

      Sir please come back to reality, nobody is buying your garbage. Yes we do have differences but my desire is to see all succeed in life. When the black man succeeds we all applauded. No need to project your hatred on others. As Michael Jackson said “I am starting with the man in the mirror, I am asking him to change his ways”.

      1. Hehheh, “Projection”

        Please show us examples of religious, social and economic institutions among enslaved descended christians or islamists in the caribbean or anywhere on planet earth. You see, i always give reasonable, sound references from indians to validate my points, mamoo just throws his faeces and hopes it sticks…THAT is “projection”

        Sugar Aloes – Reflections

        Another “anti-indian” calypso…Right? Not so?

        KAISO BOY!

    2. “The reality that burnham faced 70 years ago still exist today….the indian community, is institutionally and communally racist against africans because of their dark skin and african features.”
      Most Indo Guyanese whom I have met over the years and been friends with them do not fit your descriptive. In fact many feel sorry for those who perpetuated the hatred and attack on their people. Many don’t trust Africans because of the experience they had in Guyana during the Burnham years.

      No they are not consumed with hatred against Africans. One lady said they take indian children and skin them alive, raped Indian woman and push objects into their body, one indian girl jumped in the latrine to escape rape and today she remains a non-functional human being unable to have a relationship with any man. So traumatized she was.

      In Trinidad it is different about 20 % of the population is mixed. I have been to functions with Guyanese Indians and there are hardly any Africans there. And I have been to functions with Africans and it is hard to find an Indian. Being Trini this surprised me a bit, but then I thought given the history of Guyana no wonder such deep divisions still exist.

      Guyana history of racism runs deeper than in Trinidad. But we can go down that route because tribalism exist as a potent force in both nations. Lets hope good sense prevail and we don’t fall for the dictum of the likes of Incovenient Ramlal. We are better together. Yes we say things but at the end of the day tribalism and violence destroys good relations.

  11. Look in the mirror, and stop deflecting blame! Stop Lying!
    This is what forbes burnham was up against & who you really are:

    Forbes Burnham dealt with a community like THIS!

    Breaking India’s Unjust Caste System

    South Asian anti-black racism: ‘We don’t marry black people’ – BBC News

    This is the character that demonizes forbes burnham, and has guilt tripped africans to denounce him. SICK!

    1. Linden Sampson Forbes Burnham took Guyana from being a wealthy nation to becoming the second poorest nation in the Caribbean family of nations. Haiti was number one.
      He was known as a very selfish man in the likes of Mugabe, Amin, Sani Abacha, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Jose Eduardo dos Santos…..
      Burnham campaign of terror resulted in over 300,000 Indo Guyanese fleeing Guyana. He was one of the worst despots the Caribbean encountered.
      The trade union movement funded by the CIA and MI6 propelled him to power. This was because of Jagan wife Janet leaning to Communism.
      If Indians were strong followers of the caste system and Hinduvta they could have easily obliterated Burnham and his regime…so what you are promoting is utter garbage. Flush that down the toilet. The Indians were and still is the majority in Guyana. And if they were a violent race things would have been different.

  12. “If indians were strong followers of the caste system, and Hindutva they would have easily oblierated Burnham and his regime…”- Mamoo

    Yes but they are followers of the caste system and hindutva, which is merely organized, intolerant, violent racism. “Obliterated” You have an admiration of the violence, but it fools you into believing that africans are 2,500 year wary and oppressed untouchables in india where they dominate the police and army. Also, “The indians were and still are the majority in Guyana. And if they were a violent race…” Yes but they HAVE been and ARE violent as a community towards africans! That is the problem! The denial, the deceptiveness! Mamoo is confusing electoral majority or race-soldiers for actual trained military personnel or just warriors. The reality, i like reality, is that many indians in guyana, just like trinidad, have a culture thst is well DOCUMENTED, through decades of experience within african communities, police and investigative reports, of HIRING africans to do violence against other africans…the reverse doesn’t exist! Ask raffique shah about bhadase Sagan Maharaj, the big badjohn, who would give his community/political speeches on platforms, while liberally using N***** to describe africans and PNM… he had AFRICAN henchmen guarding anf protecting him.
    These are only secrets to the deaf and blind. Truth is indians, syrians, chinese and whites weaponize economics, politics and the deep self hatred africans have for themselves, others who look like them, their infatuation with non-african phenotype/straight hair and it’s consequence of increasing disloyalty to the group. The reason why burnham dies in power, is because he understood these issues and managed them well. Then anti-black, anti-african racism and malice in indian communities, doesn’t translate to “toughness” mamoo, just a deviously intolerant mind. There are no indian street gangsters independent of the african soldiers they corrupt and employ (sheron, dole chadee etc). Guyanese africans are equivalent to palestinians.
    “IF” Itheye were violent? HAHHAAAAAH!

    Voice of the Diaspora Dr. Kean Gibson Interview

    Hindutva-ites are obsessed with propagating the narrative that they are inherently innocent and non-violent like gandhi pretended to be, while demonizing ‘the other’ as violent!

    1. Most Indians don’t agree with the caste system. The caste system died when Indians left India, of course there were still some vestiges of it, but not as entrenched as it is/was in India. The system continued in India because the poor did not own the land that they lived and worked on. It is much like England serfdom. They were always beholding to the rich and unscrupulous land owners.

      Hinduvta which Inconvenient sings so much about has nothing to do with the Indian population in the Caribbean. “ Hindutva was articulated by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in 1923. It is championed by the Hindu Nationalist volunteer organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and other organisations, collectively called the Sangh Parivar.” The RSS is a trained and structured organization. No such organization exist in Trinidad or Guyana. Hinduvta is basically an India based ideology. To say such exist in the Caribbean is a demonstration of misguided thinking.

      Indians in Guyana and Trinidad has been the majority but has not used political power as Africans have. Most Indians have been concerned about their land, that they will kill for…When an Indian heads the government Africans benefit more than most other people group. Kamla had 22 Cepep projects in Laventille, Rowley came and reduced it to 2. She had the sea bridge working well with the Galicia, Rowley came and shut it down, businesses in Tobago suffered tremendously. Government employees 80% Africans got 25% raises in five years of Kamla administration and became eligible for government housing. The Arima, Point Fortin Hospitals were built in PNM constituencies by the UNC . The state of the art Carenage Health Center built by the UNC. El Dorrado Nursing School opened by the UNC, 80% of those going there for nursing are Africans from across the Caribbean. The Rowley led administration built nothing in Opposition areas and a few things in PNM areas. In fact they came and shut down several NESC centers. Several were built by the UNC in PNM areas. Unemployment under Kamla was an incredible 3.5% the lowest in the Western Hemisphere.

      Inconvenient most Hindus strongly believe in Karma, that is the law of sowing and reaping. As such they avoid violence and seek to live peacefully. Yes there are those who dirty their hands for the mighty dollar but doesn’t Africans do the same?

      UNC constituencies are starved for funds because the PNM has destroyed the TnT economy. Those blights are fulling their pockets and not thinking about the national good. The 1% cut the salaries of the Cepep workers by 33%.. they were a bit over minimum wage. Yes it’s cuts for all whilst they full their pockets.
      With the deficit over $125 billion and growing…the future under the African leader Dr. Rowley is bleak. But they can’t elect Kamla because you know she tief… or is it really because she Indian? No proof of tief unlike Rowley Landate and other mischief.

      Anyways Inconvenient carry on you on a roll, here I get off the train. Keep selling your bake and salt fish. I notice no one is bothering with you and for good reason. We must love each other because we in the same boat, does not mean we must be blind to wrong doing.

      1. “Most indians don’t agree with the caste system,,,” – Mamoo

        LIES! That is precisely the one thing that most agree on.

        To understand the brazen dishonesty of that lie, imagine if someone said “most islamists don’t agree with abstinence from pork and alcohol” why is that a ludicrous statement? Because it’s religion!

        Racism in Hinduism

        Why I decided to reject Hinduism | openDemocracy

        The roots of Indian racism – The Hindu

        Basic Facts about Vedic Racism |

      2. “The caste system died when indians left india…” Mamoo LIES!!!

        An american researcher, morton klass, lived with and studied the indian community in trinidad over half a century, and documented how their communities were stratified by caste. ALL of the political leaders of the UNC, DLP etc were considered brahmins/”uppercaste”/higher varna

        Bhadase Sagan Maharaj -Brahmin
        Rudranath Capildeo – Brahmin, V.S. Naipaul-Brahmin
        Kamla- Brahmin

        Why lie about indians being “caste-minded”? Because “the caste system” is infamously racist, and if “hindus” and indians admit this, they will lose african political, economic and social support. It is therefore easier to lie, and manipulate the minds of already uninformed non-“hindus”, about “the caste system”, to be something external to “hinduism”, or “died out”. These are blatant lies that deny the fundamental ideology of the belief system. Sat Maharaj infamously said you have to be born a “hindu”… his shining moment of honesty! In other words, you MUST have an acknowledged racial lineage according to “hinduism” and everyone is born with one, but “hindu” lenses and rules must apply. You cannot “become” a ” hindu” without being classified as a specific “race” according to “hindu” rites.

        Brahmin higher varna/”uppercaste”/Master Race
        Ksatria ”
        Vaisha ”

        Shudra Lower Varna/” Lower Caste”-Slaves to all 3 above

        Untouchable No Caste/ No humanity/ Demons

        Europeans who join, are classified within the top 3, mixed-raced in between, and africans at the bottom.

        This ideology cannot “die out”, because it is according to gandhi “the spine” of “hinduism”, and is promoted in religious literature and festivals that are publicly revered in trinidad .

      3. “Most hindus strongly believe in Karma…” Mamoo
        This imbecile unwittingly proved my point, the concept of “Karma” in the “Hindu” context (not traditional buddhism), is also inextricably related to one’s skin color/race/varna/”caste” .
        According to trinidadian author, Rabi Maharaj, in his book “Death Of A Guru”, he was BORN INTO a prominent Brahmin family in trinidad, and his father was a well known and respected pundit. Rabi, was trained as a child to follow in the footsteps of his father as a pundit. Rabi admits to “the caste system” being practiced among T&T “hindus”, along with child sacrifice, and reveals that they will NEVER ADMIT IT outside of the community (dishonesty), just like mamoo vehemently denying hindutva and “casteism” (racism) are practiced in the caribbean. Mamoo didn’t realize how far down the rabbit hole i’ve been…probably thought he could gaslight me into sel doubt. Go ahead mamoo, try and discredit the trinidadian, brahmin , “hindu” author and obliterate whatever credibility you perceive you have left. Rabi Maharaj, also reveals his fear of TOUCHING the skin of a dark skinned indian, because as a brahmin, his inherently “good karma” would have been “polluted” by the dark skin of the indian beggar. i.e. DARK SKIN=BAD,polluting Karma, and White Skin=Good (brahmin) Karma. Therefore, the indian beggar’s poverty, was a manifestation of the “bad karma” inherent in his dark skin, and would have to be reborn consevutively over a myriad of lifetimes, to increase his “good karma”=lighter skin and ascention through the ranks of the race/varna/ “caste” hierarchy (“caste system”), until one day being a white skinbed brahmin. African people should be vigilant of deceivers that aim to trivialize and simplify ideologies out of context. Karm does not mean “reap what you sow” in the judeo-christian/islamic moral context. It literally means no charity or sympathy for others, because karma dictates they DESERVE what is happening to them, and they need to accept their e.g. oppression, suffering, poverty etc and if they faithfully obey and serve the superior races/higher varnas/uppercastes (brahmin, ksatriyas, vaishyas), without question or challege, they would through consecutive rebirths trancend the karma.
        Mamoo LIES!

        Death of a Guru: A Remarkable True Story of one Man’s Search for Truth: Rabi R. Maharaj, Dave Hunt: 9780890814345:

        An actual, admitted untouchable, exposing the LIES!
        Dr. Velu Annamalai Lecture

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