Gunmen kill four from one family

By Geisha Kowlessar
February 23 2010 –

Heavily-armed gunmen stormed a house in Gonzales, early yesterday morning and executed four family members, as they lay sleeping. Among them were three siblings.

ViolenceThe victims were identified as:

• Asha Roberts, 24
• Javon Roberts, 18
• LL Roberts, 13
• Carmen McHutchinson, 68

Asha’s four-year-old daughter, Zara Sylvester, who was also in the house at the time of the attack, was also shot. Up to late yesterday, she was listed in a stable condition at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope, Her injuries were said to be not life-threatening. Mario McHutchinson, Carmen’s 43-year-old son and stepfather of Asha, Javon and LL saved the life of his eight-year-old daughter Mikelia by jumping through a window and hiding in some nearby bushes when the gunmen opened fire. Asha’s 23-year-old sister Jehial, who also survived the attack by running into a neighbour’s house for refuge, was listed at Port-of-Spain General Hospital in stable condition after being shot.
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Massacre, Massacre!
A 68-YEAR-OLD pensioner and her three grandchildren were gunned down while asleep at their home at Gonzales, Belmont shortly after midnight on Sunday.

4 Shot Dead: 4 more escape death in Gonzales massacre
IN just under five minutes early yesterday morning, gang members walked through a Gonzales house, where room-to-room, they sought out their targets and shot them as they slept on beds and couches. In the end, four were killed and two others, including a four-year-old girl, were injured.

Slayings follow threats
ACTING Commissioner of Police, James Philbert, promised yesterday that the full force of the law will be brought to bear on those responsible for the slaying of four family members at a house in Gonzales, Belmont.

…Another family slaughtered
YESTERDAY’S slaughter of a Gonzales family was not the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago.

The execution of another family, this time in Belmont, and once again with a child and a teenager among the victims, must shock us into awareness of how hollow are the words of Government regarding violent crime.

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  1. A relative of mine had an apartment in Gonzales, he moved because he was tired of washing blood off his front steps. Life has become so cheap that men kill a woman for braiding hair? Shoot up the entire family?This kind of savagery was stuff we used to read about in the Bosnian conflict and in villages in African countries and remote parts of India. Do we envy those barbarian ppeople their kill count? May God help us.

    I have to admit though, that poverty existed in Gonzales fifty years ago, it still does. There are some parts of TnT that the politicians ignore, until they explode i abhorrent acts like this one.

    What level of slow seething anger can have this result? suppose this anger was unleashed on the higher ups and better offs in the society, instead of the poor killing the poor, do you suppose anyone important would notice.

    I hope they take notice before that happens.

    We live in a violent world, where a college professor wipes out three of her colleagues at an American University’s Faculty Meeting, and only stopped shooting when her gun jammed.
    We have reached a low point in man’s value on human life.Yet, we have more material things, worldwide, than ever before on the planet, including the ease and affordability of guns.

    We wipe out major killer diseases, so we could have people to shoot to death? Is that an advance for us humans?

  2. Watch out baby America ,for it’s a jungle out there . Unfortunately, many of us in the global village , choose to emulate the unwholesome practices, of others ,often with dire long term consequences. Say no to guns.

    World famous Vietnamese Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh once said the following:-“We are often exposed,if not first hand, then through films, reading material, and conversations, to violence, fear, hatred, meaningless infatuations.Society is full of violence and hatred, which accumulates in the collective consciousness. If in our daily lives we do not know now to abstain from damaging materials and attitudes, the seeds of violence, hatred and suffering in us will continue to be watered. We need to be aware of what we hear,see, and read every day… Do our associations and consumptions poison us?”
    What to me is even more frightening ,is the fact that such gruesome atrocities of this nature ,can hardly engender an iota of outrage from across this our blogosphere, while other emotional matters such as that involving race , and ethnic political power grabs, can dominate the discussions. One can therefore conclude that either life has lost it’s meaning, or that many of us are awaiting the attacks on the ‘right victims,’ to become concern.
    Say no common Trini selfishness ,or tribalistic power grabs,and acts of nihilism.
    Lets begin to show love beyond the narrow tribal enclaves fellow nationals, as it’s the first step towards globally acceptable,sustainable development. While we are at it , say no to drugs , cheap thrills,and seemingly easy, quick wealth- from you the deceptive ,top notch ostrich- like , head in the sand CEO ,secured in his virtual sometimes safe prisons ,to the hungry , desperate, gang banger within those infrastructure deficient , communities.

  3. I don’t blame movies, sitcoms, or music, but non other than the leaders in TNT who set the tone for something as violent as this to enter the minds of individuals who obviously do not fear local law enforcement. It all goes back to government. If the government is rotten, then society will decay. The government is rotten and it is obvious that things are not getting better. I’m tired of being outraged. The government has to go!

  4. Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu once said,”The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.”
    Part of this apathetic nature stems Curtis from either of two things, they are ignorant , or became resigned to acceptance of their subpar state as a result of being bashed in the heads for too long.
    The real question I wish to ask of you my friend is this :- Which government do you hold most responsible for the decayed conditions you feel certain our country is presently in, is it that of the clueless,idea deficient , arrogant PNM governments that held sway most of the time since 1962, the disjointed 1986, marriage of convenience, NAR government, that fell to waste , since it never had a chance to succeed as a result of the actions of typical Trini ‘competitive political Man Rats,’ or the brief 1995 to 2001 ULF/UNC government, where opportunities were squandered, that thus made it virtually impossible for most voters to have faith in it ever again, irrespective to how much of a whitewash is made to it’s tarnished image?
    Since you are already aware of one of my favorite pet peeves, let me stretch your logic a bit and try to make some sense out of nonsense , as the wise one used to say.
    A questionable shoot out massacre occurred in one of our more dangerous crime ridden communities , and that’s an obvious indication that individuals across the nation ,possess “no fear of local law enforcement,” but in 1990 a similar one took place in our Parliament , Police Headquarters, and around the city by a Bker led pro Islamic bunch of tugs ,but that is a reflection of what again, as both him, then personal lawyer, and later our former AG/ Chief Whip could laugh all the way to the Central Bank ,and Privy council two decades later, which essentially made us look like stupid idiots?

  5. I blame all of the leaders who have either not attempted or have failed miserably to attack crime. How can any of them brag about the state of the country in any sense with so much violent crime amongst less than two million people? Until this is dealt with, the PNM will never maximize their revenue generating potential nor will they be able to capitalize on resources.
    Plain and simple, these so called tough guys are idiots. If they don’t know the value of life, then the government needs to take their lives especially in situations like this. The country must be rid of these thugs that hurt us all in more ways than one.

  6. It is the movies, videos and simulated violence, as well as the easy availability of guns. All over the world,people are pulling out guns and shooting for the smallest thing. You accidentally bump someone in the supermarket, and it could end your life. People trample each other at sales and do not stop as someone’s head pops open. Men tie another behind their truck and pull him down the road until his head breaks off. A gunman goes to his wife’s office, and shoots her, and three other strangers. One goes to an infant school and shoots twenty two children. None of this happened in Trinidad.

    One can justifiably criticize the party in power in any country for whatever is wrong with the economy, with the quality of education, and such, but the evil that is in the heart of man, cannot be managed by any government, except to pursue them with every means possible.

    Look at the state of Israel, allegedly sending thirty people to kill a HAmas leader- using passports from France, Britain and Australia- all based on stolen identities, and continuing to deny that they know anything about it.

    Its the state of the world.

    We have to begin to believe that human life is worth something. The government though, could be justly blamed for not making life in prison the penalty for having or selling an illegal gun.
    Violence must cease to be the language of public discourse. A review of death penalty countries would show that they have the most murders, and are often war mongering- the USA is a prime example.

    Psychologists would tell you that after watching violent movies, even mild people, react violently to aggravating situations. Years ago, this was demonstrated in the movie ROOTS.

  7. Is it fair to say that Curtis is most perturbed about the state of our country , with respect to the huge percentage of “violent crime amongst less than two million people.” He also wants our government to go for the juggler of these so called tough guys criminals that preys on the innocent , and sometimes complicit , and to eventually hang from captain to cook,even as the much adored British Privy council abolished this system decades ago.
    Let me see if I understand you well , as I too translate this your fine globally sophisticated , progressive thinking. Cousin Balgobin Ramkisoon is free to cut off his neck, jump into the Carioni river if he wants , or poison his wife and 6 kids in frustration if he wants as a result of loosing his TT$400,000 pension buyout to the crooks and bandits in the HCU, and the financial cavalier CEO Harry Harnarine , runs free to his expensive Florida mansion,and off shore bank savings , while we castrate and send to the gallows the young man that robs the liquor store for 15 dollars , and a bottle of Vat 19 rum. The fine business savvy folks from this austere financial institution should be forgiven , as the pro Bantustan PNM government might be a tad racist , or better yet “neemakharams,” for bailing out Clico Insurance Obama style ,while leaving HCU employees and clientele victims ,to rot, yes?

    When Uncle Baseo , along with his wife gets convicted for their unscrupulous deeds , e should wgive him a pat on the wrist , and free passage to his retirement home with his Scottish based daughter , as opposed to loosing him in jail , as we are fearful of his racial discriminatory , political prosecution and injustice accusations , but cut off the hands like they do in Taliban region Kandahar ,when some illiterate 16 year old steal an apple from a Guyanese apple vendor, correct?
    You and others were free to hop and a plane or hide in the luggage compartment en route to Canada or USA in 86 ,because you felt that crime , and lawlessness was getting out of hand in T&T , but think that police should suck it up as part of their national service ,remain in this country and toil forever under trying circumstances , after what occurred to them, and murdered colleagues, by foreign inculcated Islamist bandits , and the failure of respective governments since ,to address their needs , including the conduct of an independent Commission of Enquiries, in keeping with any civilize ,democratic society on this planet.
    You instead choose to think that the solution to our crime problem is to import every foreign so called expert that come to the fore, while dismissing locals Police law enforcement officials as incompetent, lazy , corrupt and uncaring bastards , even as many are still suffering the two decade traumas , as well as indignity of that day, and never had a chance to garner some closure , and our country ,the deserved global respect.
    The funny thing is that behaviors that these guys would deem intolerable in their new found haven, is what they think should remain the norm in the land of their birth. To think that they choose to characterize me as the unreasonable bohemian thinker. Poor Curtis is still seeing crime through the eyes of PNM, UNC , Manning , Kamela , and Basdeo tainted glasses, and seriously hold the medieval viewpoint, that any of these leaders can pull out a magic wand ,and wish crimes to disappear,without first addressing the root causes, or address the discrepancies of justice for the rich as opposed to the poor. I too Curtis “..have a dream that one day…”
    Continue to love country over self.

  8. I note for the record, that Bernard Keric, whom the UNC wanted to hire as a Crime Fighting Advisor, he beig a retired NYC top cop,was convicted and sentenced to four years in jail last week, for crimes against the US government. Ha, Ha, Ha.
    Visions of crime differ based on who is looking. I wait to see the Government put Ish Galbaransingh’s hotel in Chaguaraamus u for sale as part of the proceeds of crime.They better hurry, as if the UNC, under whatever new name, gets into power, all dat gone to the waste basket.

    Nonetheless, I am stunned that hair-braiding- a cottage industry, took the lives of four people. We stupid, you hear?

  9. I am wondering what Linda really knows about Ish Galbaransingh to suggest that “his hotel” in Chaguaramus should be put up for sale.Let the justice system do its work.The government is presently in a legal battle with Galbaransingh and others to make their case. Let us not rush to judgement and indulge in making inflammatory remarks.
    The list of fraud and corruption perpetrated by the present government is a lot longer! I hesistate to indulge in this type of “tit fot tat”, but people do not realize that what Galbaransingh is accused of stealing is miniscule compared to his worth. Have you considered that he is probably putting up a fight to prove his innocence?
    Are you going to call for accountability and prosecution of members of the present government, based on the numerous accusations being made by the Media and others against the government and the PM?
    Are you going to call for the prosecution of Duprey based on the alleged accusations against him in the Clico affair?
    The point is that T&T is embroiled in corruption. Bobol has become engrained in the culture.It pervades all aspects and age-groups. It has morphed into more crimes, many of a violent nature. The challenge is how to change this unfortunate course of criminality which has engulfed the nation and for which this present government is to a great extent, responsible.

  10. Nothing inflamatory about that. All their cohorts in the US have been tried, convicted, jailed, forced to make restitution, and apologise. Property has been confiscated.

    Now, if two people are seen committing a crime, and one is tried in court and found guilty, but the other is involved in a lot of delaying tactics, hoping that the government in power will be changed before the matter really comes to court, is that staller less guilty or better at manipulating the system in his favour?

    No matter how many lawyers are bought off, no matter how many justices(McNicholls) are dragged before the court themselves,on foolish charges, in an attempt to call off the dogs, the fact remains that their partners in crime, in the good old USA, have been tried and convicted. I do not know why the government of Trinidad and Tobago has failed to use the same evidence, to convict Ish, Bas and Carlos. Maybe we have to feed the system until all the lawyers are fat, or dead. That money, however, could build hospitals, equip schools and health centers, and provide wider educational materials. Their crime against the people, continues to punish the people.

    as for the hotel, its on the main road into Chag, inside the gates, painted pink.Been there.

  11. If the government changes and I doubt that very much, I do not believe that it would be in the best interest of any new government to stay any charges against Ish, Steve or Bas. To do so would be political suicide.Let the court saga play itself out. The mistake was made when the government of T&T decided to rely on the USA to take over the presecution of Ish and Steve.

  12. When exactly would this guy T-Man learn the most important lesson as far as driving on this here information highway?One of these is to know your limitations. T-Man ,a sugar cane donkey cart driver have no place entering a blind mule into the Honda Indy Toronto Pro racing,or one time honest modern Waller Field ,Frankie Boodram races, close to where the PM is about construct his spiritual house,in one time bushy Arima, was it 56 years ago?

    You see T-MAN ,that’s the difference between folks like your self , and others such as world famous novelist V.S. Naipaul .
    You both choose to develop selective amnesia two weeks after you leave your country of birth ,for distant shores.Now if you want to join the ranks of the progressive , socially conscious, globalist,then ‘that’s a horse of a different color,’ and you certainly have the fine examples of some of us other modern ‘blogerspheric drivers.’
    It looks like psychology is not your forte as well T-Man. How could a personal advisor of the UNC concede defeat before the battle even begins? “Oh ye of little faith!”
    I thought that the wild spending , corrupt PNM was vulnerable, and although Mr. Kingmaker Jack Warner could not deliver a goal , much less a first round qualifying victory, for our Soca boys , he had shown in Kamela’s victory, that he had what it takes ,to finally drive a stake into the collective hearts of this party by a Kamela led UNC ,so as to bring back 1995 to 2001 good governance.
    Now back to the real hot button issue of the day , and an area that T-Man expertise would come into play since migrating in 1986 . I am talking about Canadian women ice hockey , and let’s throw in girls high school track and field cross country races. These nutty yanks sorry losers, have notting on your party freaks gals,when it comes to your beers and chain smoking cigars on ice , ehhhhhh?
    I was waiting for one of them to mimic the victorious American female soccer player Brandi Chastain and rip their ugly tops off, and show us some real skin, but we’ll have to wait for another day.

  13. Something must be done. I find it hard for people to continue to keep living like this in fear. This seems nationwide. When will the pain of remaining the same outweigh the fear and consequence of change? There is a better life to be had for Trinibagonians. This may be a newsflash for some, but that life starts in TNT by holding leaders accountable for not crushing offenders of violent crime. These “people” must feel because they do not hear. Violent offenders do not hear the law, and the law does not hear the community. The leaders are responsible and need to wake up!
    I have spoke about the need for expatriates to come home, but why would they? The TNT Government must like it that way. They don’t want new ideas to infiltrate the nation. They only want more dysfunctional communities to govern as political saints. Only uninformed or uninterested people would continue to support madness. TNT seems to rival the worse neighborhoods in the United States. At least in the U.S., you have a chance at being reasonably protected. TNT is in a state of madness and something must be done.

  14. You are again loosing me Curtis , with these over simplistic , very subjective ,and even prejudicial commentaries relating to a certain segment of our society. As a former law enforcement officer myself , I too , like you , share your concerns and affirm my belief that violent crimes are an unwelcome reality in our country, and must be dealt with in a forceful, and expeditious manner, if we are to make any semblance of progress as a nation.
    However I do not want us to stop there my friend, and so by my examples , tried to underscore a point to you,that seems impossible to convince you of. The negative impacts on societies for failing to tackle white color crimes are likewise devastating.
    When individuals embezzle, indulge in bribe taking, cheating tax payers , and all other forms of frauds ,they too undermine the quality of life of our people ,force us to waddle in dysfunctional communities, tarnish the image of our country , are psychologically harmful to individuals , instill fear , hatred and anger ,and are in the long term economically destructive ,thus causing us to under underachieve and remain politically ungovernable.
    You cannot therefore address one without equally dealing with the other, unless you want us to end up like a mini Nigeria as far as reputation goes. Join me in support of a ‘level playing field justice system.’ Therein , each and every creed and race can find an equal place, perhaps then God , whosoever he is ,can then bless our nation.
    Your overemphasis solely on violent criminals are astounding indeed.
    I hope that I was able to get through to you, as I sense that your heart is in the right direction.
    Let’s continue to keep them honest. In my next response I would address this unfounded comment about alleged safety in US neighborhoods that many are led to believe exist.

    1. What is prejudicial about what I stated? White collar crime is damaging, it isn’t life threatening in the way that street crime is. If someone steals money from a company or government yes I may be affected, but I will have the opportunity to in some sense recover. Street crime isn’t so forgiving. Individuals who loose their lives from that can never comeback. I understood what you were driving at, but chose to ignore it because I personally do not believe that it is as relevant.
      TNT is part of the global economy and therefore it is the government that is hindering development, investment, and squandering precious resources. It is twice as bad when they aren’t protecting the people that they are robbing. Maybe that’s a little drastic. It is twice as bad when they are failing to secure safety for the average citizen while that citizen is not even reaping the rewards of the investment in the potential of the country.
      I believe that the community is dysfunctional because of accepted destructive social norms. For example, just because a person may be uneducated and poor, doesn’t mean that that individual must be less humane. Wealthy commit murder also. That crime isn’t only reserved for the poor and downtrodden.
      Perhaps it is an over emphasis to you, but if I had to choose between being a victim of either crime, I would choose the “white collar” crime. Scientist state that one of the characteristics of life is the response to stimuli. Every organism when confronted with a physically damaging event will choose life. Perhaps that is one reason why so many people have left TNT to not return. It’s because they choose to live even if they are poor. A poor life (although I’m not advocating for such a life) is better than no life ah tall!
      Yes people get killed all over the world with the U.S. not being the exception. However, there is not any way that you can compare the two. The population of some counties in the U.S. exceeds that of the country of TNT and the culture is different. Perhaps Mrs. L could speak to that providing some examples from her personal experiences. There is no room for this level of violence in the tropical paradise we all know and love. If someone were to leave TNT and go to New York City, then yes they probably wouldn’t see much difference especially if they went to Brooklyn which has a high Caribbean population. It would be more of the same fused with some of the worse that the United States has to offer. However, they may think that they are in heaven if the wound up in a Washington D.C suburb. Strong government spending, tourism, and business investments without fear that your house could be invaded overnight by thugs may contribute to such a high quality of life.
      I am still trying to figure out what is prejudicial about wanting that sort of lifestyle in TNT. What is prejudicial about not wanting thugs to believe that they can get away with murder and government official to think that they can get away with not being held accountable for a corrupt and crime ridden society?
      I am fed up and I personally want action and accountability. I’m not trying to be a trouble maker, but my people (all decent people of TNT) deserve better right now. How can anyone not think so.

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