Berlin 2009: Usain Bolt’s 200m WR 19.19

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10 Mins Video Clip: Usain Bolt New 200m World Record 19.19

Usain Bolt breaks 200m world record in time of 19.19sec in Berlin

• Sprinter shaves 0.11 seconds off his own world record
• Bolt breaks second record in a week

Usain Bolt’s extraordinary world championships continued as he broke his own 200m world record, running in a time of 19.19sec that slashed 0.11sec off the time he set in Beijing last year. Earlier this week he ran a time of 9.58sec to break his own 100m world record by exactly the same margin.

“I can definitely say I didn’t expect that because I was a little bit tired,” Bolt said after the race. “I said ‘Let’s try because people are really looking out for this’. I said ‘It won’t hurt to try’. So I tried really hard and now I’m really tired.

“Maybe next time I should just run the 200m or the 100m alone,” he added. “My form was going backwards. I wasn’t running upright. It wasn’t a good race but it was a fast one.”
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‘I aim to become a legend,’ says Usain Bolt as he smashes 200m world record
• Jamaican sprints into history in 19.19 seconds
• ‘Sir Usain Bolt’? That would be very nice’

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17 thoughts on “Berlin 2009: Usain Bolt’s 200m WR 19.19”

  1. Congratulations, Jamaica.
    Now, since the Committee in germany is investigating the South African female runner who “came out of nowhere” to set new world records in the women’s 800m.- they are checking to see if she really is a woman- I am strongly recommending that they check Lightning Bolt to see if he has any cheetah blood in him, or maybe antelope.

    What a run! Watching these young people push back the concept of what is achieveable is a oy.

    Perhaps the young South African woman would help redefine what a woman is, if the battery of tests she is supposed to undergo does not break her spirit first.
    I am glad that BolT never bothered with the blather
    of Blatter.
    Didn’t Bolt bolt out of nowhere about four years ago?

  2. I air my concern and concur with my immediate writer on USain Bolt’breaking of both 100m and 200m World record events. I hope now that the hype has subdued, it’s time for the World especially the Anti Doping Agency to verhemently instigate investigations in not only what Bolt did, but why all of a sudden 3/4 of the jamaicans seems to be performing wonders.

    Trust me, I am proud to be black and associated with Bolt’s success, but when a human being defies the laws of speed and gravity, I don’t care whether blue or black, pink or red, it’s just fair that everything possible be done to find out why and how. No one has ever done what Bolt has within a space of 12 months, coming from nowhere, except that he was a 200 world Junior champion. The human physiology by virtue of it being what it’s, does not concur with Bolt’s very sudden development considering the fact that and please, that’s my opinon, he has fast/middle twitch fibers not capable of doing what he’s doing.

    Unless the Human Physiology that we all know is and has been so wrong until the coming of lightening bolt. Otherwise, it begs every question by everyone to even investigate the entire jamaican team thoroughly much as I love the little innocent giggles from the little 100m winner kid, Sherry Ann Frasier.

    Otherwise, if Bolt’s performance it that real, then the only competion he has and I don’t mean this in bad taste, is “Moonshine Flash,” the world horse recorder holder at 400 yards because, he is far way beyond the capabilities of any other human beings past or present.

    Otherwise, I am proud to be part of this history in making and it’s my prayer that it stands the test of time. God bless yer all.

    Former Chief National Coach

  3. I just truly need the opinion of all these IAAF doctors/Professors of medicine who have been there so long especially that no woman has ever even come close to the 400m world record that in my opinion, will stand the test of time, unless the young girl from South Africa Semenya, decides to drop down into 400m. I think we should in future consider races for cheetahs so that we might know which is the fastest and greatest of all cheetahs because the human speed notion, is being put to test.

  4. Wamuzanga, you mised the sarcasm I attempted to direct to the White World Critics of the performance of African diaspora athletes.

    I draw your attention to the fact that the had never heard of kip Kino either, and they disqualified Abe Belika of Ethiopia, after he won at tehe Rome Olympics, running barefoor. Thier attitude is the same as “If an African connects with his/her spiritual self, it must be witchcraft”.
    If an African knows the lost wax method of making metalware, he/she must have learned it from some Greek or Roman who came there.
    No one has yet claimed that Yao Ming took growth hormones to achieve his very symetrical 7’6″ physique.I am a fan of Yao’s too.
    Anything an African does still surprises the European, because deep inside, they expect nothing.

    No one but the creator knows whta the human physique is capable of, until it has been done, and detractors are left in the dust! All talk about particular muscles is just rubbish. The muscle that matters is the human heart, and the brain that powers it.

    For years, we thought that African American runners, with superior training facilities,and supposedly better food. were better. Now we see.Yam, dasheen and cassava are natural foods, that are good for you.

    Now, did Venus nad Serena Williams take drugs? and Tiger Woods? Give us a break.
    Next thing you will hear is that Barak Obama did something illegal to give him an edge over the almost senile McCAin. Some people never give up!

  5. We all congratulate Bolt and are sincerly hope that all is well as far as his records and performances are concerned, but we must be cautious…remember Florence Griffith-Joiner, Ben Johnson,Marion Jones,Tim Montgomery, Justin gatlin, C.J. Hunter. Kelli White…….and the list goes on!

  6. The drug testing done after the 2008 Olympics was the toughest ever. It caught a number of European athletes, not a single African or Caribbean, or African-American athlete was disqualified.By now, they have inspected Usain Bolt from every angle, except perhaps the colour,odour and texture of his excreta. But, they never give up. They could have dismissed McDnald Bailey as an abberation, and Jesse Owens,but since 1960, they have had to rethink athletics, and are squirming under the onslaught of athletes from the African diaspora. You see it too, in World Cup Soccer.Last time in Germany, nine of the French eleven were African. Oh, Bliss.

  7. Ah the folly of a Trini , even their compliments ‘ must be taken with a grain of salt cousin Bolt , for they’ll give you a cup of water and turn round and kick down your bucket, thus leaving you in thirst . What exactly are they attributing to the global running successes of Yardee brothers and sisters , as well as others across the Diaspora? Yes, the food they eat, the elite gene pools of Africans , and doping . Notice very little consideration is given to the systematic structural policy that was created in the wake of initial grateful Jamaican success stories , who understood their national responsibilities to give back by mentoring , and proudly waving the flag which encouraged upcoming others to strive to emulate them , as they too try to elevate themselves on to the world stage. Don Quarry won a Gold and Silver in the 76 Montreal Olympics and he came home and started a running Sports Academy , and with the help of his government we saw a myriad of proud winners since.
    Trinidad and Tobago won a Gold in the same period , and we made Crawford a Minister of Sports, name a plane after him, and wine and dine him for a month. Last Olympics he had to beg St. Vincent Olympic Committee for a press pass to go to Beijing, and no one even on this board found that to be a problem . Wendell Mottley won Silver some time before ,then became a St Anns political MP with a bright PNM future until someone -perhaps his then wife – mysteriously shot him in his knees , and we know the end result of his career thanks to Manning . Mc Donald Baily won something at one time, but died in obscurity, perhaps no one outside of our resident blogging Historians knows who he is.
    The Kenyans and Ethiopians have done the same like Jamaica since their early success , by building on the backs of early giants since Mexico in the case of the former. Today, every long distance race are theirs for the taking no matter what obstacles are placed in their way , even as Kenyan kids walk 100 miles to school daily ,and most of their parents engage in inter ethnic political battles, and economic struggles.
    Ever since 1979 , when Trinidad and Tobago staged and won the netball competition, along with New Zealand and Australia at the Jean Pierre Complex, and every angry , disgusted Caribbean sore looser fan booed each time our once powerful , and grand Calypso Girls touched the ball, I always tried to figure out why Trinis were so hated by others across the region , even with all their attempts at generosity .
    I just finally got a clear understanding, and hope that most of us on this bloggersphere can figure it out as well , or perhaps we are so vain to really care anyway.
    T-Man ,let me translate your subtle swipe at any form of national art or sporting investments , as you are one that sincerely believe that the only effort worth pursuing as a policy is that of academic, where scholarships to foreign universities , and eventual brain drain are the eventual end goal. We won’t investigate if the social / psychological price some of our kids and families have to pay might be so steep that some have to resort to cheating , (buying exams) and sometimes suicides as many deprive themselves of wholesome recreations ,and much needed important life skills to sustain them throughout later life.
    We would therefore follow your lead and rain on the parade of cousin Bolt ,while speculating whether the Jamaicans are also sporting cheats like the few Black Yankee win at all cost misguided, and the then young ,naïve Jamaican Ben Johnson that sold his soul to Canada , who kicked him to the curb once he became a useless national disgrace-the initial victim of conniving sporting and medical elites.

  8. As a former Caribbean person I am extremely proud and full of admiration for Usain Bolt, but I also remember Merlene Ottley, the famous Jamaican “Queen of Track”.
    She won 14 World Championship medals between 1983 to 1997 —more than any other athlete, male or female — however, her failure to win many golds in major international competitions earned her the nickname “the Bronze Queen” in racing circles. She has won a total of three gold, three silver and eight bronze medals in the 4 x 100 m relay, the 100-m, and 200-m races. In 1999, during a meet in Lucerne, Switzerland, a urine sample submitted had returned positive for the banned anabolic steroid nandrolone. Her ‘B’ sample also contained higher than normal levels of the substance. Ottey was subsequently banned by the IAAF from competing in the upcoming twenty-seventh Olympiad in Sydney, Australia in 2000. She also pulled out of World Championships in Seville, Spain.

  9. Neal,
    You are obviously not aware of the number of Jamaicans who have lost their athletic scholarships from American colleges because of the ues of steroids and banned substances.
    Look, there is no doubt that Blacks have proven their superiority in almost all athletic challenges. No one has to be convinced of that.But there are a few cheaters out there from just about every country in the universe.

  10. I hear you loud and clear T- Man, and concur. This sport like numerous others certainly has it’s share of problems when it comes to doping , and Jamaicans are guilty in many instances one can be sure as long as they too are prepared to adopt in desperation , the ‘win at any cost mentality,’ favored by others.
    Hopefully our own nationals won’t travel down that pathway . We can only do our part as parents, leaders, mentors particularly for the younger impressionable minds , and should never fail to inculcate into them sound values of the merits of honesty , hard work ,and the futility in quick fixes in all aspects of life , and the reasons are obvious by now one would think.
    According to the wise ones- Like cousin Bolt , “ the night can run as much as it wants , but the day would finally catch up with it.”
    Perhaps it’s time I write that much delayed book I have been talking about as a tribute to the wise lady , as her admonitions served me in good stead through the decades, and just might be useful to others -in and out of sports- that care to listen . And no , I have absolutely no intention of walking along our illustrous and expensive Piarco Airport , or across our city and peddle it in similar fashion to the once important. relevant Dr Morgan Job, like if I am a hungry natty head Hasley Crawford Stadium Nuts vendor during an overpriced concert for a Yankee or Yardee musical artist.
    Who said we don’t support the art , and sport in our dear country? I stand corrected.
    The man or woman that can make me hate Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country ,ain’t born as yet.

  11. You two Nay Sayers, T-man and Neal need to do some research on ALL the athletes who were banned for the use of ANYTHING, including women taking male hormone therapy. Then compare the percentage to Caribbean athletes.We are winners. If we eat more of the foods that produce natural stimulants, we are not “taking” anything but food.
    Did you watch that thirty something Bahamain woman win at the Manchester games?

  12. Like T-man and Nel,I find I have something else to say. The government of TnT gets lambasted more than any other, when it invests in sports. Look at all the sniping stadia being built hee and there. I think they did about six for the Youth World Cup of socce. We do not see sports as serious, but as recreation.
    When the Soca Wrriors were to be rewarded, others sniped that into the dust. When Lara was offered a house, that was sniped into the dust too. Every rural cricketer wanted a house as well.
    The ethnic divide in athletic abilities rears its ugly head every time. So,our golfer registers as a Canadian, our pool serves to get Suriname a medal,but the big one named for our swimmer, is still unfinished; and any coach paid full time to coach, by the government, gets what for from a hostile media, as if he was sitting around scratching his arse and eating doubles all day.
    e are not serious about any of the arts, including the art of playing sport to a high degree.

    Our people need a re-educating in that area.

  13. I totally agree. In fact, American colleges are responsible for training most of our athletes from Ato Bolton to present day winners.The solution is not to give away houses etc. and proudly claim these athletes only when they are successful, but to create excellent sports programs for the youth with paid coaches and training facilities.I must admit though that the government is slowly moving in this direction. I attended an elementary school track meet in Tobago at the Dwight Yorke stadium( a fantastic facility) and was amazed at the abundance of talent that little Tobago has to offer.The schools in Tobago actually use this track and field on a regular basis. The results are beginning to show.Look at the Bronze medal won by Josanne Lucas from Tobago in the 400m at the World championships.

  14. By the way, Rennie Quow, the 400m Bronze medalist at the World Championship is also from Tobago.

  15. Darn , what did I do to deserve this ? I have absolutely no doubt that I am now in trouble , when I found myself being lumped together with “former Caribbean” cousin T-Man, as of all things a “Nay Sayer,” by who else- our resident Historian Ms. L. How sad ,after all I have done to cultivate a squeaky clean and decent image .No offense T- Man , for you are a good soul as well, if one is prepared to dig deep with a pitch fork like my grandmother used to utilize searching for ‘bend yam’ for us to eat and sell from our garden in unmentionable quarters across our Twin Republic many moons ago when kinky head folks use to still contribute to feeding the nation. Just kidding !
    I told you cousin Usain , a Trini is a unique creature , sometimes when they tell you to lie down , you have to get up and run , and vice versa , naturally. We have mastered the are of giving a 6 for a 9. ‘What you see often ain’t what you get’ necessarily. Put differently, what we say and write to the many uninitiated and naïve many across the globe might appear to be vitriolic rants by my fellow citizens of life in our country , when it actuality it’s really due to our deep sense of love laced with submerged guilt as to our fine fortunes.
    Take politics for example. In the 80’s when your half white and Lebanese Edward Seaga and the Obama equivalent Manley were virtual CIA orchestrated enemies ,a dog from the opposing political camp could not cross from Tivoli to Trenchtown if it wanted to live longer than it took for you to take off your shoes after a race -while showboating for a million dollar sporting contract-where urban ghettos prevailed, poverty was a way of life, and domestic wars were the norm.
    It would however , in sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country , as we a more peaceful non maroon like folks would never play that kind of destructive game my friend. I told you we invented not only steel pan , but piccong . How about this . Political rivals Panday and Manning, on the surface might fool a few into believing that they hate each other, but PM Manning would breach legal protocols , and embarrass judicial circles as he gives a heads up to high end Judicial pals of the distinguished Opposition leader on a pending “ racially motivated prosecution.” Both camps would then score huge political points later- irrespective of the outcome – as either guardians of democracy , or victims of racial genocidal shenanigans- at the expense of millions of tax dollars in trials and appeals to London Appeal Court, while our financially burdensome CCJ Judges slumber in obscurity, and our country and it‘s 1.3 millions look like ‘booboolees’ for the world to see. Don’t worry I will pen a future book on what those words signify one day before a Swede , or Chinese editor / publisher can grab credit for thinking this up like the Japanese did for our Pan.
    As our resident blogging historian reminded us, “ we are winners,” irrespective of who won. You can take your running heroes, we have much more beautiful women than you can ever dream of , and most importantly , are indeed the smartest folks in the world. Need we say first ever Black Miss Universe , and Nobel Literature Prize winner? Belmont Hero Stokley Charmaicial went to the Bronx Science NYC as a kid and opted for Howard over Princeton , Harvard, or Yale and so created the Black Power Movement that help liberated sleeping Americans from the throes of Jim Crow plantation Slavery. Pan Africanist CLR James , George Padmore,- now don’t get me started ! Most importantly, unlike some of the sporting cheats , our noble academics are honest as they choose to go to London , New York , Paris , Adelaide, Amsterdam , Toronto and former USSR province Georgia , for education . In short we avoid Germany like a plague,and hopefully you can see why.

  16. hey all you non-biological beleivers pls give usain a break, have you people ever taken a good look at the map of jamaica. That tiny dot of a country One answer to our legacy, is hard work. It was hard work why sugar cane industry was so prosperous in the carribean in the beggining when we were enslaves and working for acceptance and daily survival of a plate of food, it was hard work why Bob marley was so recognised over the world, it was hard work when Donnold quarry won 200 meters, it was hard work when merlene otty won 200 meters so all you doubters back off usain. May God bless and keep him.

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