Cops were alerted about ’90 uprising

1990 Attempted CoupCops were alerted about ’90 uprising
The police were alerted by Jamaat al Muslimeen insurgents that they were going to blow up Police Headquarters on the afternoon of July 27, 1990. This was disclosed by Jamaat member Jamaal Shabazz yesterday as he gave evidence before the commission of enquiry into the attempted coup d’etat at the Caribbean Court of Justice in Port-of-Spain, i “The police were alerted. There was ample time, if they followed instructions, to evacuate the building,” Shabazz told the commission. He said he found out after the coup the Jamaat had more car bombs which could have had a much more devastating effect but which they did not use. Shabazz told the commission Jamaat leader, Yasin Abu Bakr, was a former police officer and personally knew some senior police officers with whom he kept in contact.
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