Cops were alerted about ’90 uprising

1990 Attempted CoupCops were alerted about ’90 uprising
The police were alerted by Jamaat al Muslimeen insurgents that they were going to blow up Police Headquarters on the afternoon of July 27, 1990. This was disclosed by Jamaat member Jamaal Shabazz yesterday as he gave evidence before the commission of enquiry into the attempted coup d’etat at the Caribbean Court of Justice in Port-of-Spain, i “The police were alerted. There was ample time, if they followed instructions, to evacuate the building,” Shabazz told the commission. He said he found out after the coup the Jamaat had more car bombs which could have had a much more devastating effect but which they did not use. Shabazz told the commission Jamaat leader, Yasin Abu Bakr, was a former police officer and personally knew some senior police officers with whom he kept in contact.

…Jamaat member claims: NAR cover-up in drug find at Piarco
The alleged murder of Woman Police Constable Bernadette James after she saw former National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) national security ministers Selwyn Richardson and Herbert Atwell in a room at Piarco Airport with cocaine on a table was a major cause of the 1990 attempted overthow of the Government by Jamaat al Muslimeen insurgents.

…Shabazz: Drug problem justified Jamaat revolt

…Cop’s death no accident
THE death of a woman police constable during an anti-terrorism exercise in Tucker Valley in 1987, was no accident, according to a high-ranking Jamaat al Muslimeen member

…Henry stands by her statement
Former National Alliance for Reconstruction minister Gloria Henry said yesterday that she stands by her statement that she saw former prime minister Patrick Manning speaking to a group of youth men on July 27, who she later recognised as Muslimeen insurgents after the Parliament was stormed.

…Manning spoke to Jamaat
FORMER National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) minister Gloria Henry yesterday maintained seeing Patrick Manning, on the afternoon of July 27, 1990, speaking to a group of young men who turned out to be Muslimeen insurgents at the Parliament entrance before leaving.

…Bakr set to testify
THE MAN behind the July 27, 1990 attempted coup is, next week, expected tell all about the planning of the insurrection and execution of plans to overthrow the duly elected government, when he testifies at the commission of enquiry established to investigate the circumstances surrounding the event.

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  1. The first rule of any serious investigation ,is always to enquire , who benefits as a result of a particular crime? Nuff said on that. Now folks , pray tell what is the true purpose of this revelation that is being conveniently filtered here, especially about affairs we either know already,or suspected?
    A message to the power brokers , and their grateful , selectively placed minions ,that are the perpetrators of this useless distraction. We the people ,do not care who was involved, which heads still alive, will roll, whose party would be destroyed , and even if it warrants a sudden election, due to the ensuing crisis.
    What we the people wish to see is action, on every creature that had a role to play in his undemocratic action. The police, religious leaders, politician in and out of power ,corporate business entities, custom officials , Judicial forces?
    It matters not to any true patriot, for the souls of the murdered victims seeks some sort of rest , if such is possible, and families of those alive request justice.
    Our country has never regained it’s stature as a serious players across the region , and world at large , due to the fact we have bungled the entire process , especially in the aftermath of the coup attempt. 21 Years for a Commission of enquiry , is a major travesty. We won’t now stand by and have politically motivated social bandits , run roughshod over the sensibilities of our people again , as was done by two respective leaders led by Patrick Manning , and Basdeo Panday. Most importantly, we still have the symbol of a living ex President, and Prime Minister , who alone of all the political leaders today was the victim. The people of Tobago deserves an answer, as we are certain those from San Fernando , and Couva would have, had their representative form big brother Trinidad been the victim. Justice we demand, and as my wise Grandmom would say, ‘where it hang, let it swing,’ yes?

  2. Police firm on 40% pay hike call

    ‘Army should have attacked’
    Retired Brigadier Carl Alfonso said yesterday, notwithstanding the fact that the hostage crisis was resolved peacefully, he still regretted that there was not “some form of firefight” with the Muslimeen insurgents.

    Alfonso tells of fridges, TVs at soldiers’ homes
    ‘Army captain led juniors on looting spree’

    Soldiers looted

    Shabazz still in dark of weapons’ source

    US experts played role in negotiations
    EXPERTS from the United States of America, who were based at the Hilton Trinidad in July 1990, played a key role in the negotiations which unfolded at the Red House, chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the attempted coup, Sir David Simmons, revealed yesterday.

  3. Smart: Three women saved my life
    Red House workers lied to Muslimeen insurgents about ex-AG

    Smart tells of smart escape
    FORMER attorney general Anthony Smart yesterday spoke of his smart escape from the Red House, hours after the Jamaat al Muslimeen stormed Parliament taking hostage then prime minister Arthur NR Robinson, other Cabinet colleagues and parliamentarians on July 27, 1990.

    Colonel defends firing rocket into TTT
    Former captain of the Support and Services Battalion Colonel George Michael Clarke yesterday challenged the testimony of former colonel, now Brigadier, Carl Alfonso that soldiers wanted a firefight…

    Soldiers wanted lawbreakers to know army was serious

    Army meant business

  4. Brown: One of options was blow up Red House

    I was against an Amnesty
    AN AMNESTY was not an option for the Commanding Officer of the TT Regiment, during the 1990 insurrection, as the military had a firm hold on the situation.

    ‘…Privy Council made wrong call’
    Former Major General of the T&T Defence Force, Ralph Brown, said following the July 27,1990 attempted coup he wondered whether the judges presiding in the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) would have freed the 114 Jamaat members.

  5. Smart: Jail, hang Jamaat
    FORMER attorney general Anthony Smart did not sign-off on the controversial amnesty document which was despatched to the Red House in July 1990, he revealed yesterday as he defended the NAR government over criticisms that it failed to hold an inquiry into the events surrounding the 1990 insurrection.

    Smart: Richardson was no drug dealer
    Former National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) national security minister and attorney general Selwyn Richardson was no cocaine dealer, no thief and no dishonest person.

    …Smart: Police did not rise to the challenge

    Bakr to testify today
    JAMAAT leader Yasin Abu Bakr is due to testify today at the commission of inquiry into the 1990 insurrection.

  6. Dookeran: No need to ‘settle’ with Muslimeen
    Reconciliation with former Jamaat al Muslimeen insurrections who staged a bloody attempted takeover of the government in July 1990 is not necessary, acting Prime Minister Winston Dookeran says.

    Deputy PM Essential
    There should be a clause in the Constitution where whenever the Prime Minister is unable to report for duty, there is an “automatic identification” of who shall perform such duties (as Prime Minister), Acting Prime Minister Winston Dookeran said yesterday.

    Soldiers did not loot supermarket—Brown

    …’Army didn’t loot Tru Valu’

  7. Brown is a liar and all the bravado hindsight was not in the offing at the time and place.
    I was the coordinator for which the timing was initiated- not even in Hollywood could Manning have ever spoken to anyone. The assault was guns blazing from my word go simultaneous on 2 targets. How on earth anyone could have spoken to anyone let alone PManning. That’s a total lie.

  8. It can be said he Selo never acted against Ministers involved in the drug transshipment & laundering but no Selo was clean. His inaction may have came from suppression of evidence by uncooperative departments.

  9. Brown idea about wanting to blow up TT is true he also wanted to blow up the Red House as there was a conspiracy to kill Robie and hand the PM ship to AS

  10. Why did WD retire from the negotiations? Mayers Smart was emphatic when they said they didn’t want an coolie PM. Dooki speak up Now! U & Canon confided in me on separate occasions.

  11. Gloria Henry’s fantasy: In Hollywood they stop the real to enact the American or the hero’s fantasy of compassion e.g. someone might kiss his dream girl or his wife on the way out our construe political correction make a statement-but in real life situation guns blazing bombs blowing up shit, the real keeps on rolling. This woman’s bitterness yet to subside and she is killing herself with it. No one stopped to talk to PM otherwise he would have been dragged inside.

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