Cops ‘Protest Action’ – No Love Lost

No Love Lost

By Suzanne Mills
February 11, 2011 –

PoliceIf Social Welfare Association head, Sergeant Anand Ramesar is representative of police intellectual force in TT, I’ve heard enough. Let´s throw in the towel at once, surrender immediately to the bandits, but Jah spare us the cruel and unusual punishment of Sergeant Ramesar’s ad-libs: “We will down tools, no retirees for desk work, “no bikes for cops” and his newest, “Take back the $1,000!”
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The Limitations of Multiculturalism in Trinidad and Tobago

By Selwyn R. Cudjoe
February 09, 2011

Part I – Part IIPart III

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeIt was an amazing thing. One week after I offered my reservations about the Government’s multiculturalism initiative, David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, made a scathing attack against his country’s approach to what he called “state multiculturalism” at the Munich Security Conference. In doing so, he echoed Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who, in October 2010, called for “the end of multiculturalism” in her country.
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Re-Examining the “Sex” of God

And “His” Servants

By Corey Gilkes
February 09, 2011

BibleYes, that’s what I said. As if the articles on monogamy and extramarital relationships weren’t scandalous enough, I gone now and dive cross the line into blasphemy with talk about the sex of god. In our society – which for the most part retains a romantic, anti-intellectual attachment to the bible and things religious – merely asking questions such as why “god” is referred to in gender-specific terms is in many people’s minds as heretical as challenging the authenticity of the bible. Maybe we’ll argue THAT some other time but for now, examining god’s sex is bacchanal enough.
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Keith Smith has died

Keith Smith receives the Hummingbird Medal
Keith Edmund Bernard Smith receives the Hummingbird Medal (Silver)
from the President of T&T Professor Emeritus George Maxwell Richards
for his role in Journalism at the 2009 Independence Awards

Veteran journalist Keith Smith has passed away. He lost his battle with cancer at 3.05 this morning.

Smith’s career as a journalist spanned more than four decades. The Keith Smith Column, in the Express, widened his audience, making him a household name.
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Mouth Open and PNM Loyalty Jump Out

By Stephen Kangal
February 06, 2011

Stephen KangalSenator Corinne Baptiste-McKnight has telegraphed by her irresponsible conduct displayed in the Senate on Tuesday last that her erstwhile loyalty to and decades-old, politically-partisan support/membership of the PNM, of which I am privy, takes precedence over discretion and good sense as well as the mask that she wears as an “Independent” senator. This is the cue for His Excellency The President to intervene to repair the initial error, revoke her appointment and replace her with a true, legitimate and genuine Independent Senator.
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Comedy and shame at the commission

By Raffique Shah
February 05, 2011

Raffique ShahAS proceedings of the Commission of Enquiry into the 1990 attempted coup wax warmer from day to day, I cannot help but feel a sense of shame. I am shamed by the political manure that is unearthed, by the stench that emanates from the mouths of politicians past and present. Indeed, I sense the discomfort, the bemusement, of chairman Sir David Simmons and his commissioners, as they listen to tales of intrigue, allegations of betrayal and acts of cowardice during one of the biggest crises this country faced since independence.
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1990 20/20 Vision

By Suzanne Mills
February 06 2011 –

1990 Attempted CoupHindsight they say is 20/20 and so I wonder if the police who disobeyed the order of the TT government to attack the Muslimeen with full force later felt any regret.

They may not have been pained by guilt pangs over their cowardice and treachery, but with time, surely they had to see how incredibly, colossally stupid and shortsighted they had been. With the passage of years, revenge for a reduced salary must have tasted less sweet when they realised they’d forfeited the population’s respect that July. The army was seen as saving the day.
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