Mouth Open and PNM Loyalty Jump Out

By Stephen Kangal
February 06, 2011

Stephen KangalSenator Corinne Baptiste-McKnight has telegraphed by her irresponsible conduct displayed in the Senate on Tuesday last that her erstwhile loyalty to and decades-old, politically-partisan support/membership of the PNM, of which I am privy, takes precedence over discretion and good sense as well as the mask that she wears as an “Independent” senator. This is the cue for His Excellency The President to intervene to repair the initial error, revoke her appointment and replace her with a true, legitimate and genuine Independent Senator.

It is clear to all especially MP’s and Senators that the PP Government, as others before have done, has elevated and given the stamp of approval as official Government policy to the composite package of proposals contained in its 2010 elections manifesto. Additionally as AG Ramlogan correctly posited Bills represent and constitute the empirical evidence of the official policies of Government even though they originate in the policy framework of the governing party.

On what politically partisan considerations therefore can the ” Independent” Senator McKnight denigrate the PPG of not having consistent and cohesive policies, refuse to participate in the consultative and democratic proceedings of the JSC in flagrant violation of her senatorial remit and to which the Bill is referred and eulogise the PNM Opposition for demonstrating consistently superior and more cohesive policy positions than the Government? That is showing your concealed balisier “mehendi” hands, Honourable Senator McKnight.

I worked with Senator McKnight for twenty-two years in the T&T Foreign Service. I have known and being the victim of her consistent and publicly-expressed PNM loyalty and devotion that is incidentally her constitutional right. I cringed when she, as a known and self-proclaimed PNM loyalist was appointed a commissioner of the EBC. Having gotten away with “murder” of the concept of “Independent” in the EBC, His Excellency President Richards proceeded to appoint and re-appoint her as an Independent Senator in 2007 and 2010 respectively.

Senator McKnight has clearly abdicated her “Independent status” that she never possessed. It is timely that she speak to the President. Please offer your resignation to terminate years of your “Independent” masquerade in the Senate.

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  1. “Senator McKnight has clearly abdicated her “Independent status” that she never possessed..”

    The Prez should do the right thing and send this Senator into political oblivion…

  2. This is ridiculour! In the world of politics no one is truly independent. There are times when the office holder can and will support some policy agenda of the governing regime and other times that proposed by the opposition. That’s why they are called independent. At least, that’s how it works in mature democracies. Is it a rubber stamp individual you are seeking? Show some growth.

  3. So what? There are those who open dem mouth and unc jump out. Does their continious loyalty warrant a news article? No.

  4. The pot calling the kettle black. These people are laughable. Somehow or the other they believe that we are deaf, dumb and blind, and have no memory or attention span. To hell with that. Go around the world and see which society practises more tolerance of others. The proof is in the pudding.


    “The PM was rated as follows: Excellent-12 per cent, Good-31 per cent, Fair-38 per cent, Poor-14 per cent, Extremely Poor-5 per cent.”
    The above quote was taken from the lead story on the approval rating of the PM. This shows that she has received an overall approval rating of 81%, yet the headline reads “Kamla’s rating falls.” it is most unfortunate that this level of journalistic indifference to the truth is being practiced by a reputable paper whose tag line is “Guardian of Democracy.”

    Further as if to want to show that the Pm is not performing the Guardian writes that her closest rival is Jack Warner and bases that position on one factor, handling of traffic. To quote the Guardian, “Her closest rival on performance is Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner, who received a good rating of 35 per cent for handling traffic congestion. ”

    The headline is a very unfair one to the Prime Minister and the PP Government. Further, what statistics on the PM”s performance is the paper using to come to a conclusion that is reflected in the headline. As far as I know this is the first poll conducted by the Guardian of this nature about the PP government.

    I would hate to think that there are sinister motives behind the select interpretation of the poll results. What would have been the results if the Guardian had taken the trouble to place before the people the following things which the PP Government and the PM have been engaged in.

    The PP govt has started to work. In the last few days look at what has happened:

    1. Sod turning for 700 houses in South Trinidad
    2. Sod turning for 47 Km highway to Point Fortin

    3. Announcement that Cabinet had approved $750 million for road repairs
    4. Announcement that $520 million is to be spent to complete overpasses at Grand Bazaar

    5. $59 million Highway By pass in St Helena being built
    6. UWI South Campus to be built in Debe

    7. $2 million first prizes for six competitions for Carnival 2011
    8. $2 billion US dollar industrial complex for La Brea announced by Minister of Energy (Newsday February 9th 2011.) “As part of its continuing emphasis of investing in the downstream energy industry, Energy Minister Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan has revealed Government’s plan to invest in a US$2 billion dollar ammonia downstream derivative plant. She said the announcement for the ammonia plant and downstream derivative would be made shortly. The Minister was speaking at the commissioning ceremony of Air Liquide’s new $400 million Air Separation Unit (ASU) at Caribbean Drive, Point Lisas.”

    9. School in Balmain to be built by Minister Gopeesingh
    10. Biche High School to be opened after ten years

    11. Vasant has begun to dig ponds for agriculture
    12. 610 leases handed out to Caroni workers.

    13. Ministry of teh People have doubled many grants to alleviate poverty
    14. Agricultural Development bank has cut lending rates to between 3 to 5 percent down from eight percent

    15. Ministry of Agriculture has revamped subsidies to include farmers who never benefited before
    16. $50 million US Dollar (TT$320 million dollars) loan from IDB to assist in neighbourhood upgrading. Poor people to benefit.

    17. MOWT has started to revamp operations at Licensing Office
    18. Four New water taxis commissioned

    19. Ten Motor Vehicle Access centers to be built as part of decentralization
    20. Minister Karim has announced that his Ministry’s Head quartets will be built in Central Trinidad.

    21. Caribbean Business Forum to be held in June in conjunction with the Commonwealth Business Council.
    22. Major crime legislation brought to Parliament including amendment to Capital Punishment.

    23. URP has got going
    24. CEPEP is on the move
    The PM has been very humble to admit her missteps. There has been no trace of arrogance in her leadership style. She deserves fair treatment.

  6. Trini_patriot …. more promises delivered by the PP government.

    Promises delivered
    • Laptops to every Secondary Entrance Assessment student
    • Property tax rescinded
    • The expansion of Gate is being addressed
    • A Ministry of the People has been established
    • The Water and Sewerage Authority has embarked on a repair programme of all disrupted water mains.
    • The minimum wage has been reviewed and stands at $12.50 per hour
    • A Life Fund for children undergoing surgery has been set up
    • The reviewing of laws and institutions to address white-collar crime

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