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“We Voting PNM” by Terri Lyons – PNM ad

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“Ah Cyar Vote Fuh Dat” by De Fosto – PP ad

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Justice Herbert Volney: A UNC Candidate

Herbert Volney

Herbert Volney

Election Eruption
PM: Has the UNC interfered with the independence of the Judiciary?
A storm has erupted in the election campaign over the resignation of a judge and magistrate to run as candidates for the United National Congress (UNC).
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“Too Old to Party”

Mrs. Penelope Beckles

Mrs. Penelope Beckles

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
April 29, 2010

Oskie, my perennial nemesis, was mad like hell. He say he ain’t voting for PNM no matter if they kill him so I had to ask him the inevitable question:

“Boy, why so mad at the PNM? Wha’ dey do yo so’?”

“Do me? Is what dey do you?”
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