Justice Herbert Volney: A UNC Candidate

Herbert Volney
Herbert Volney
Election Eruption
PM: Has the UNC interfered with the independence of the Judiciary?
A storm has erupted in the election campaign over the resignation of a judge and magistrate to run as candidates for the United National Congress (UNC).

Kamla welcomes Justice Volney
Hours after his resignation from the Judiciary, UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar last night confirmed Justice Herbert Volney would contest the St Joseph seat on a UNC ticket.

Volney screens at Rienzi today

Would UNC law sink candidate Volney?
Justice Herbert Volney’s decision to leave the bench for the election fray has prompted discussion on a relevant stipulation in the constitution of United National Congress (UNC). Article 19 says that “no person shall be elected to hold any office in the party or to represent the party at any level who has not been a member for at least 12 months.”

Judges ‘should stay independent’
Archie, in his two-page statement, observed: ‘It would be wholly improper for a sitting judge to even entertain any private discussion with any political party or group, either generally or in preparation for a transition to representative politics.’

UNC St Joseph front runner hits ‘govt of the day’
Former Supreme Court judge Justice Herbert Volney has expressed serious doubt that the “government of the day” will maintain respect for the independence of the judiciary “given recent signals of future intent.”

CJ: No politics in the judiciary
Chief Justice Ivor Archie (CJ) yesterday assured the national community of his unswerving commitment and that of the judges of the Supreme Court to an independent and impartial judiciary.

Judiciary statement

8 thoughts on “Justice Herbert Volney: A UNC Candidate”

  1. Regardless of what the PNM or Unity Coalition does the voice of the people will be heard loud and clear on May 24th.

    True Trini’s Creed

    I believe in God, the father/mother almighty
    I believe in sweet T&T
    I believe that the voice of the people is the voice of God
    (my Mother told me so)
    I believe that the hands of Percy are the voice of the people
    I believe that there is such a thing as “gone too far to turn back now”
    I believe that people who have been nominated and find themselves in an untenable position will do the right thing and decline or speak out, no matter what the consequences
    I believe that there is such a thing as “it’s time has come”
    I believe that unity is desirable, achievable, and inevitable
    I believe that a woman shall lead the way forward
    I believe that desperation and loyalty combined will not overcome good sense and self control in the run-up to Election Day
    I believe that we have done it before and we will do it again, and again, if necessary.

  2. This fella citizenship needs to be revoked and then deported. And by the way he only take out citizenship to get the judeship position. T. and Caicos rejected him. Judicial independence is a overated feel good statement that has no vailidity.Only foolish people buy that talk.

  3. Can anyone tell me where this man is from ?? and I’ve read on the blogs he was responsible for Brad Boyce being let off ?

  4. Here we go again. It is clear that the coalition has won already. There is now no need for a general election. It’s 1986 all over again and we are now going to get the government we deserve -again, the second time around. How lucky we are! We should pray to the God of men and thank him for this blessing he has seen fit to bestow upon us.

    We are in so much trouble as a nation that the only thing that will save us is a natural disaster, a disaster on the scale of all disasters put together. What will come the day after the 24th will be close, but not good enough. We expect them to fizzle and fall flat, it is a disaster designed to fail. Designed d to be a disaster! We need the real thing. No whishy-washy diaster for me (us), only the real thing will do. We have learned to live in the Devil’s yard, without actually becoming the Devil. Or have we? I wonder. I digress. I apologize to those who will take this the wrong way, so soon after Haiti. Haiti, i’m sorry. T&T, i’m not.

    We have become too complacent, too arrogant, too narcisistic, too greedy, too dirty, nay, nasty!! to disrespectful, too mingy -when last youh heard that?- too damn lazy, too fat, too stupid, too, too, many things which at the end of the day, add up to one big fat load of too-too.

    A monument could be built to all the negatives of this society, a place where the best and the brightest once flocked to, has become a jump-off point, transhipment point, a dumbing ground for cheap goods and weekly 75% discount sales, 75% off everything, 75% off, on everything!? This is not from a going out of business sale, this is a regular like clock work sale… I digress, that is for another time.

    There was once so much hope for us as a people, once. Now, there is so much hurt, so much pain, so much hunger, that over 300,000 citizens of this land do not have a nutrient rich meal in their belly by one(1) pm in any given day. Where children must remove their shoes to walk to school in the wet months, and suffocate from the dust and smoke in the dry ones. Yuh thought ah was going to say in the summer months, summer months, what the firetruck really happen to we?

    We have no leadership, at any level, the opposition has been ineffective to say the least. We need someone to “rise” to the ocassion and save us from the 25th of May. And the grouping of piranha exhibited on the rising sun platform ain’t it, no way. They are the government we ahve no choice but vote for, until Dr. Rowley can wrest reins of leadership “Patrick’s Nasty Movement” and return one of the best managed political parties in the free world to good governance. I am sorry, but I cannot seem to bring myself to the mindset that the COP, UNC, NJAC, TOP is sweet and will deliver the goods as promised. Drunk or sober, I would love to believe, I would love to rise to the ocassion and enter into the moist mindset of change, but no amount of V, v,v,v,v,v vilifanna crosses -no, a,a,a,aa,a,a whu,whu,whu,whu wasn’t going to say viagra- will change my mind.

    The people who will form the “new government” are already so irrelevant that we will not see anything new, but more of the same, arrogant disconnect from the people, same arrant nonsense, same raping of the people’s purse, the same disregard for our culture,for our children’ for the elderly, for the environment, for education, for Tobago, for the “small-man…”

    The small-man always carries the cross, always has to bear the burden of the myopic decisions of our “leaders” who make decisions while driving forward, while sitting in the back seat, looking into the rearview mirror. Yes here we go into the tomorrow of change, change from a man who has become so far removed from the needs of the people that he actually believes that he is right, even when he is wrong. A man who can be accused of being not only guilty of taking bad advice, but guilty of doing so over and over again, and again, and again… Then his neophytes, take up where he left off and lay it on real thick, real nasty, real arrogant. Every Minister that Manning likes the people hate, every decision they make on behalf of us, we the people, we the small-men, is done with contempt, with a sense of let them eat cake. The emperor’s new clothers is far more important.

    Too many billions of dollars have been wasted by governments, we now have a society devoid of discipline, has no tolerane and production comes via the imports. Two (2) Trillion Dollars TTD have passed through this land -do the math- the remnants of the salts still linger in the bowel of the beast, what else then would the parasites to come find to use to regurgitate for the hungry sycophant hoard?

    Leadership in Singapore -an island smaller than Tobago- have always used this country as a good example, no, the best example, the best example of what not to do, and who not to do it with. We are so crass and small-minded that we have one group of citizens steadfastly working in high-rise buildings, hell bent discovering fire and the other, in secret underground labs trying to inventing the wheel…

    More next time…maybe

  5. I believe that Patrick Manning and the PNM have had their time in charge of the country and there are good and bad things about that. now i think it is time for the PM and the party to step down and let someone else run the country. There are too many issues for Mr Manning to deal with and it would be in the best interest for him to step down and let someone else (UNC) show him how to run the country. It is what the people want not what the politicians want. The UNC Have to make sure that they get the right policies and target the main areas that are at fault.

    1. Thank you lord for sending an upright citizen like Volney! More like him is what we urgently need to rid this beautiful land of Trinidad & Tobago of the weeds like Manning and Calder Hart and so much more corruption. Everyone want to damage his character, but not looking at themselves… what is happening now is far worst that anything anyone in the UNC/ People’s Partnership has done or will ever do! Fix Crime, give water to all, don’t only build buildings and fix roads… Build the people of the nation! Together WE WILL RISE! Numbered are those days, on May 24th, WE VOTING FOR JUSTICE! We voting for Change! The people’s Partnership! Kamla 2010.

  6. MR voleny i am proud of what you did.i belive you will make a
    change for the betterment of this country.

  7. Mr Volney you still give me a sense of hope,you also showed me faith still exist in some people not only in me,far to long people in general loses faith give up easily and miss there blessings,just as God about to bless them they give up.

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