PM’s legal debts

Newsday Editorial
September 30 2009 –

PM Patrick ManningATTORNEY GENERAL (AG) John Jeremie did not exactly admit it on Monday in the Senate, but in our view he seemed to be trying to make a case for debt-forgiveness for the half-million dollars owed by Prime Minister Patrick Manning as unpaid legal costs to the State. Mr Jeremie said Mr Manning has so far paid $555,000 out of a $1.15 million debt incurred in 2002 when he lost his High Court bid to stop the defection of the then-Opposition MPs Dr Rupert Griffith and Dr Vincent Lasse to join the former UNC government.
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Louis Lee Sing pushes for compulsory national service

Use money from URP

By Corey Connelly
September 29 2009 –

Louis Lee SingExecutive chairman of Citadel Limited, Louis Lee Sing, yesterday suggested that the monies allocated to the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) be directed to the proposed National Compulsory Service initiative.

“If ever you had an opportunity of killing two birds with one stone, that is it,” he said while delivering a comprehensive presentation on the company’s proposal for compulsory national service.
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Discourse and diatribe

By Raffique Shah
September 27, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Raffique ShahIt is depressing, to say the least, watching men and women who hold high offices, eschew discourse in favour of diatribe as they engage each other in matters of national interest. The latest salvo fired by Attorney General John Jeremie as he responded to statements by the Law Association, is a case in point. Clearly, the AG believes he and his colleagues in government are being targeted by political opponents, which is why he must descend into the gutter to snipe at the “enemy”.
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The President’s 2009 Republic Day Message

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Address to the Nation by His Excellency Professor George Maxwell
Richards TC, CMT, Ph. D, President of the Republic of Trinidad and
Tobago, on the Occasion of Republic Day, Thursday 24th September,

President Professor George Maxwell RichardsFellow Citizens

At the outset, let me wish you all a happy Republic Day, 2009. These greetings go also, to the diaspora and to all who have adopted our beloved country as their own.

This Republic Day comes at a time when convulsions are taking place, all over the world. And we have not been spared. While the world-wide economic downturn has not, so far, impacted us, as severely as it has other countries, we must maintain caution, lest our decisions, in this regard, move us into crisis, even as there are indications that the situation is easing, in other parts of the world.
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Caroni Villagers Condemn Property Tax and Call for its Withdrawal

By Stephen Kangal
September 23, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

HouseThe Caroni Assembly of Villagers during their meeting held on Tuesday evening at the Vishnu Boys College in Caroni condemned the proposed high level of property tax as being unprecedented, unduly harsh and oppressive in the taxation annals of T&T. It was held as being “punitive, disruptive, draconian, illegal and onerous in its implications” according to the text of the Resolution that was adopted unanimously at the end of the Public Forum, a copy of which is attached.
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Govt to pay Maha Sabha $3M for radio licence delay

By Sacha Wilson
Published: 23 Sep 2009 –

Satnarayan MaharajThe State has to pay the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, which operates Central Broadcasting Services Ltd, close to $3 million in damages for its unequal treatment and delay in granting them a FM radio broadcasting licence.

Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh awarded compensatory and vindicatory damages yesterday by way of a video conference at the San Fernando High Court.
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No to Increase in Property Tax!

By Sylvan N. Wilson
September 20, 2009

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

HouseThe Government and in particular the Minister of Finance have been attempting to justify their murderous property tax by arguing that the value of properties has changed since 1948. They have astutely deciphered that properties have increased in value over the last sixty-one years.
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Archie buck dem up

By Raffique Shah
September 20, 2009

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Chief Justice Ivor ArchieAS I listened to Chief Justice Ivor Archie deliver his address at the opening of the new Law Term, I was transported back in time-42 years ago, to be precise. The CJ must have been a little past toddler stage then, and most of his fellow-judges not yet born or barely older. It was my first Carnival after two-years of military training in frigid England. As a “carnival peong” who had missed out on Sniper’s classic “Portrait of Trinidad” (1966), I jumped straight into however many fetes I could “play myself”. And the tune we partied most to? An infectious double-entendre titled “Archie Buck Dem Up” by a little known (for me, anyway) Bajan group called the Merrymen.
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PM’s Veto Unfathomable

By Onika James
September 19, 2009 –

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

HousePrime Minister Patrick Manning’s veto of Carla Brown-Antoine for the post of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Government’s “retrograde step” to set up a Ministry of Justice are “dark clouds” over the Judiciary and the administration of justice, Law Association president Martin Daly SC warned yesterday.

As he criticised Manning’s “exercise of the constitutional veto” of Brown-Antoine as DPP, Daly praised Chief Justice Ivor Archie’s “wonderful dissertation” in the defence of the independence of the Judiciary.
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