What is the deal with Flow?

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Flow Cable (Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited)What is the deal with Flow cable TV these days? Several of their channels are too pixelated and they keep breaking down. Anyone else having these problems? Many people are also having problems with their analog decoder boxes that broke down for days.

I know from experience that when you call Flow about a problem they, more often than not, claim it is the first complaint they got about it. Apparently they tell this to other callers with similar complaints as well. For example, I called them once about a problem and had a friend who had a similar problem call them a few minutes after. He got the same response about it being the first time that Flow got such a complaint.

What I think they are doing (and I believe different internet suppliers do this too) is trying to minimize the extent of problems in the minds of those making reports. It’s all poor service and dishonesty. With thousands of people experiencing this latest break down for days, they can no longer hide the fact that they have problems with their ‘service’.

A. A. H.

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  1. I am one of the thousands of Flow subscribers whose decoder boxes shut down last weekend with the L-01 error code on display on my screen. Like the thousands I called the Cable Company, on Monday demanding an explanation.

    Like the thousands I was told, very coldly and without much explanation, that my boxes have expired and they need to be replaced. Like the thousands, I foolishly left my home on a public holiday to visit the Flow office in San Fernando only to be met with lines the likes of which I have never seen before.

    Like the thousands I returned home with the promise from Flow that the situation may have been rectified and the boxes may now work. Like the thousands I gullibly reconnected the boxes to find out that they still did not work.

    However, unlike the thousands I have said to myself, “Enough is enough with Flow!” Unlike the thousands, this morning (September 22) I informed Flow I that I no longer want their poor service and I made the decision to switch “directly” to their competitor. I have already paid the installation fees and am now awaiting for their service to be connected.

    Unlike the thousands, I demand value for my hard-earned money and I will no longer accept sub-standard service from Flow or from anyone else.

    This is my call to all Trinbagonians. Hop on the bandwagon. It is time we, the consumers, say no more to what passes for service in our country. It’s time we break out of our complacent attitude and demand value.

    Larry Khan
    New Grant

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