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Mystery Hotel

Performing Arts Centre under construction
Performing Arts Centre under construction

T&T’s Newsday Editoral
Friday, May 2 2008

In giving his reasons for firing Diego Martin West MP Keith Rowley as Trade and Industry Minister, Prime Minister Patrick Manning offered one piece of hard evidence: a design plan for the Performing Arts Centre which included a 60-room hotel. But it now seems that this evidence cannot stand.
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Arnold Rampersad’s Storied Odyssey

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
May 02, 2008

Arnold RampersadThree decades ago I met Arnold Rampersad when he joined the African American faculty at Harvard University as a professor. At the time I was an assistant professor at Harvard, having received my doctorate from Cornell University and having taught previously at Ohio University. In those early years I could not foresee the heights to which Professor Rampersad would reach in the academic world.

I remember only too well the day that Professor Rampersad journeyed to Brown University to meet with George Houston Bass, the literary executor of the Langston Hughes estate and a professor of theater arts at Brown University, to consider the possibility of writing a biography on Langston Hughes. I had known Bass somewhat having spent a year at Brown as an adjunct Associate Professor.
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The killing continues….

Six murders in 24 hours

ViolenceSIX people were killed between Wednesday night and yesterday morning at Carlsen Field, Bournes Road in St James, Carenage and Barataria.

Devon “Banka” Kerr, 26, was killed at Bournes Road.

He had his daughter in his hand and saved her by throwing her in bushes as he was being shot.
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